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Suggestion !!

Good money is made by the Government in which you

have implicit faith and confidence.

Good goods are made by

manufacturers who are willing to stake their reputations and

money on the quality of goods they offer you through their

advertisements in this journal. There is strength in co-oppora


If any of your competitors manufacture adulterated

articles, or articles not as represented, you are in a position to

know the only way to obliterate unfair competition and to avoid

the danger of falling into the same channel, is to give people the kind of an article in accordance with pure food and drug laws. Co-operate and communicate with this journal, in time we will

have conquered pure food law violators and the product deserv

ing patronage will get it, the people's health promoted, your

sales increased and the pure food law violator banished.

The American Pure Food and Drug Journal,

Cincinnati, Ohio.


JANUARY, 1909.

No. 1.

The American Pure Food as the psychological moment for under

taking a work of vital importance in asand Drug Journal Co.

sisting the enforcement of the nation's Incorporated.

Pure Food and Drug laws. Approved by National and State Pure A wider publicity of these laws will be

Food and Drug Commissioners. given, information regarding same furDevoted to the Enforcement of the

nished and unbiased opinion rendered. National and State Pure Food

The consumers of foods and drugstuffs and Drug Laws.

most entirely depending upon the dis

pensers as to the constituent character PUBLISHED MONTHLY.

of same need no longer fear delete1002 Second National Bank Building,

rious articles. CINCINNATI, O.

Since success crowned the untiring efArticles on Pure Foods and Drugs forts of pure food advocates and legisshould be addressed to the Editor not lators, additionally-the nation's co-oplater than the 15th of each month, signed eration in this work is desired to lighten by the author.

the burden of those carrying on this Scale of Charges for Advertisements:

work, even though sacrificing their own Eight Lines and Under..

$ 3.00

self-interests. Each Additional Line. Space


Yearly Let us guard the nation's health and One-Eighth Page..

$ 7.50..

$ 5.00 One-Fourth Page.

strength and not the strength nor health One-Half Page

of the self-styled chosen few. The fuWhole Page

ture issues of this journal will endeavor Annual Subscription $2.00. to outline the many benefits to be reaped Single Copy 20 cts.

from pure foods and drugs. CommerDr. J. N. Garfunkle, Editor and Manager. cially, it will raise the standard of AmerMr. Fred. L. Hoffman, Associate Editor. ican products abroad, and the heretofore

scientifically prescribed food and remedy JANUARY, 1909.

will manifest their true worth.

25 cts


10.00 20.00 40.00

THIS JOURNAL'S MISSION. That ignorance of the law excuses no The widespread interest and urgent one is an old maxim, but is equally apneed in food legislation during the last plicable to the new as well as the old few years has led to the recent enact- laws. ment of Pure Food and Drug Laws in a The Pure Food and Drug Laws are number of States where such legislation comparatively new, and additional laws did not previously exist, and at the pres- and changes in existing laws are being ent time drastic measures are adopted in made every day. forty States and Territories of the Knowledge of these laws is imperaUnited States and Hawaii, the Philip- tively necessary to the manufacturer, the pine Islands and Porto Rico to enforce wholesaler and the retailer for two rearegulations relating to the purity and wholesomeness of food.

First. Because the manufacture or The fact that man's duty is to improve sale of food or drug products under conworldly conditions, this journal accepts ditions prohibited by law eventually



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