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cause a loss to the manufacturer. Soon- The wholesaler and retailer may vioer or later the government inspector will

late the law also unintentionally by refind out who are manufacturing or sell- lying solely upon the representations of ing impure food or drugs, and the pub- the manufacturer. lication of their names as manufacturing Many cases have been brought against or selling impure articles must necessarily dealers who did not manufacture the arinjure their business. The dealer pur- ticle themselves, and yet the article was chasing such article will soon find that offered for sale contrary to National and it is cheaper for him to purchase from State laws. Under the National Pure them who comply with the Pure Food Food and Drug Act, if such dealer, when and Drug Laws, and the consumer will he had purchased the article, had resoon learn not to deal with one whom

ceived a guarantee from the manufacthe United States or State authorities turer that the article was made and lahave found guilty of violating these beled in accordance with said act, he laws.

would not have been punished, but Second. No manufacturer, wholesaler through ignorance of the law he had not or retailer can afford to have the gov- demanded or received this guarantee. ernment or the State prosecuting him, Thus we may readily see that too and thus place himself in a position to much attention can not be given to the be fined or imprisoned. That they may publicity of our Pure Food and Drug have been innocent of any wrong doing laws, in order that only those who wilwill not protect them. If they violate fully and knowingly violate the law may the law they are equally guilty in the be punished. eyes of the law with the men who wil

The consumer should also know when fully, maliciously and premeditatedly he buys an article, that it is a proper break those laws, although in the former

food or drug and is what it is reprecase their punishment may not be so sented to be, and should insist upon buysevere as in the latter case.

ing from only those who comply with A violation of the law may also arise, all the requirements of the law, for in either because a manufacturer has inten- such cases only can he be assured that tionally violated it, as where he makes what he is buying is not deleterious to an article which he represents to be the health of himself or family. pure, but which he knows is impure and That the cases and the decisions of deleterious to health, or because he various courts in different States as they marks or labels an article as one thing arise under these laws should be pubwhich he knows in fact to be another.

lished, so that all who manufacture, sell Another case may arise where the 'or use may know them, and that no one manufacturer has innocently violated can plead ignorance of the law, are obthe law. He may believe that his goods jects which all who are interested in a are pure, when they are impure. He healthy nation and a healthy people may believe they are suited to the pur- should most heartily indorse. A publipose advertised when they are not. cation of the names of those manufac

For instance, he may be using a pre- turers and dealers who violate the law servative, such as salicylic acid or ben- and a publication of the names of those zoate of soda without in any way intend- who comply with it will assist in securing to violate the law, the use of which

ing the results desired. chemicals, however, under the conditions which he used them may be unlawful. The eminent Professor Lloyd's com

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munication in this issue characterizes the The drugs will serve their purpose.


. American Pure Food and Drug Journal's future principle, and the sterling Erring Pure Food Law violators, comideals it will support.-Editorial com- inunicate with this journal. We will asment.

sist and enlighten you on this important

subject. PERISCOPE. (Information along this column are practical hints concerning foods and drugs.)

Manufacturers of strictly pure foods

conforming to the Pure Food and Drug If you are buying canned tomatoes or

Laws will please also communicate with

this journal. peas, or anything else canned, observe the label.

Preservatives in foods are temptuous The manufacturer's name and location

license to ignore the natural life of its should be prominently printed and the

existence. It is humane to avoid its use. contents therein correspond with the description thereon.

There is a market for both artificial

and genuine goods. But label them in The legal reading matter published

accordance with the Pure Food and elsewhere in this issue will post you as

Drug Laws. to goods you have been buying contrary to the Pure Food and Drug Laws.


At Wetterstroem's (Cincinnati, Ohio) The National and State Pure Food laboratory, the chemist has collected Laws are protecting the consumers about a hundred specimens of "cod liver against adulteration.

oil” that contain no cod liver oil, "con

sumption cures” that are not consumpChoose your foods and insist upon the tion cures, and had to cut out the word genuine. Reject the counterfeit.

"cure," "rattlesnake oil" that contained

not a trace of rattlesnake oil, "mutton Accept no substitutes unless you are tallow” that never saw a sheep, and other asking for such.

"dollar a bottle" concoctions claiming

immense worth, but made out of a cent's The price you are paying for goods worth of cheap powders and salts. governs the quality you ought to get. Chemist Wetterstroem is packing the

collection in a box and will send it to Accept no inferior sort by paying su- the Ohio State Fair at Columbus. He perior prices.

made the exhibit at the request of the

State Food and Dairy Commissioner, Have your own choice, and not the R. W. Dunlap, who hopes to show the dealer's.

public some of the reforms that have

been accomplished in the drug business. Permit no longer the juggling with Many of the outright 'fakes have been

driven off the market, and other drugs to the truth. Here are some of the spec

that contained no ozone. Name of this Preserve your health, but not food- on their labels have been forced to come stuffs.

out under different labels that are closer

your health.

A certain castor oil” was found to conimens:

tain no castor oil. A "skin food” that sold for fifty cents

Many of the labels are changed to cona box, found to consist of the very cheap tions are shrewd and cunning. One la

form to the law, and some of the alteraconcoction of nine parts epsom salts and

bel read, “Guaranteed to do all that is one part borax.

promised in the circular." It now reads: Cod liver oil" contained no cod liver

“Guaranteed to give entire satisfaction.” oil, and label had to be changed to "ex- The Federal Government's regulations tract of cod liver," for some part of the forbid the use of the word "cure" and liver was used, though no oil.

the words "relief," "remedy" or "for" A certain variety of “ozone” mixture,

are now used. that contained no ozone.

Name of the

Chemist Wetterstroem found an exdrug had to be changed to conform to

pensive “elixir of life,” that was rich in the law.

promises, to consist merely of cheap "Cure for consumption, coughs, colds,

salts. etc.," read the label of one drug, but the A certain kind of castor oil remedy law forced this to be changed to read,

was found to contain only 45 per cent. "relief for," and the word "consump

castor oil, and the label was changed. tion” was omitted.

In such instances the label should read, “Here are two partly emptied bottles, “compound castor oil.” 'consumption cures,' for which a poor

Wetterstroem has a large collection of man paid $5 apiece," said Wetterstroem.

drugs in which wood alcohol is used. "That man is now sleeping in Spring

Said he: “Wood alcohol is a poison, and Grove Cemetery. The drug is an impo

its use is now forbidden in drugs in sition, especially on poor consumptives,

Ohio. Some manufacturers put wood and was really worth about ten or fifteen

alcohol into rum, and a number of deaths cents. Relatives brought the bottles to

occurred. The human body can get rid me after the man died, and I examined

of grain alcohol easily enough, but wood them. It is a shame to rob the poor like

alcohol persists in the system. We had this, and that is why I have been fighting

a hard fight to get the Legislature to kill for honest and pure drugs that do not

wood alcohol in drugs, and I have scores make false claims to mislead the poor or

of bottles of disused drugs, all containunknowing. I also analyzed a 'consump- ing wood alcohol. The drugs are now tion cure' that cost the exorbitant sum

made with grain alcohol.” of $50, and found that it, too, was an

A "catarrh cure" containing ten grains imposition.”

of cocaine is in the drug collection, but The exhibit contains samples of a

this "cure” is off the market, for the "flesh forming food". that has been

Ohio law now forbids the use of cocaine driven off the market as a fake. “Gone

in drugs. into the patent medicine graveyard,” says

Another "catarrh cure,” that sold for the placard.

$1, was analyzed and found to be made Samples of coloring matter for butter

of washing soda, and was really worth are also shown, and they indicate an im

about one and one half cents. provement in this line.

"Much has been accomplished in imIn one case of a drug the word "cure” proving the drug situation, but there is was forbidden, and a word that sounded still plenty to do," said the State chemsomething like it was substituted.



tories, the human stomach. We seize a It is related of Cyrano de Bergerac that,

telephone and say: "Bring us steak, bring when his Gascon cadets informed him us beans, bring us salmon, bring us this

or that, or the other thing.” When we they were a-hungered, he tossed before

get it we eat it, and then, perhaps after them a copy of “The Iliad.” No doubt,

thirty or forty years of such promisaside from the mere feeling that he was cuous, heedless feeding, we wonder why "doing something smart," the witty Cy- there is something wrong with us, which rano may have had a sneaking notion the doctors sometimes fail to diagnose. that "The Iliad" was quite as digestible

A little care, a little accepting of advice

from reliable sources, would obviate all as some of the breakfast foods then on

of this stored-up trouble for old age. the French market, to say nothing of

This journal proposes to do its best for contemporaneous brands of prepared cod

those of the lay people not able to analyze fish. But “The Iliad” must have ap- their own foods, who are receptive peared somewhat in the light of an ex- enough to permit it to deliver to them its traneous argument to the hungry Gas- monthly quota of reliable and vitally ser

viceable advice. It is not a paper for doccons-a thing not to be desired, and, mo

tors, chemists and food men; it wants to mentarily, far from appreciated. Had

be a paper for the people, a worth-while Cyrano lived to-day, he might have con

monthly friend which will soon be found ferred upon his cadets a real benefit by

on as many family library tables as The tossing before them a copy of The Amer- Ladies' Home Journal, Munsey's or Mcican Pure Food and Drug Journal. Thus Clure's. the ends of practical health and intrinsic The Pure Food Laws have been passed knowledge, instead of those of impracti- -to the eternal credit of the present cal sarcasm and extrinsic wit would have Congress and the men who worked so been conserved.

long and hard and admirably to "get If, before all those who hunger, as well them through." The only question now as all those who no longer hunger be- before us is one of enforcement. The cause of gastronomic bankruptcy, and government experts will do their best, who merely eat to live, some humane but, without the aggressive assistance of benefactor would toss a sample copy of the people, the Pure Food Laws, NaThe American Pure Food Journal, in- tional and State, can never arrive at that ducing them to read, mark, learn and di- degree of perfectly valid effectiveness gest-well, they would learn to digest, which the too frequently evaded necesthat's all, and whatever they digested sities of public safety demand. It is by would mean genuine nourishment for interesting the lay people in the fight for body and brain. A Golden Age, a true the enforcement of these laws, and in millennium for the human stomach would teaching them how incalculable is the have certainly set in. How little do we individual and common good to be derealize-we Americans particularly- rived from their assistance, that this how stupendous are the impositions journal will find its best and most efwhich, through our own carelessness and fectual means of attaining its high obthrough the cupidity of those who purveyject.

ject. It is because we realize how efour foodstuffs, we daily place upon the ficient an instrument it will prove in hard-working little chemists who toil so

helping to bring about the reforms of tirelessly in that greatest of all labora- which we speak that we hail the launching of The American Pure Food and guaranteed by the manufacturer, and not Drug Journal as an epochal advance by the government. If, therefore, each move in the great battle of human pro- package or container shall bear the ingress.

scription "Guaranteed by the undersign(Signed) Howard Saxby, Jr. ed manufacturer under the Pure Food

and Drug Law enacted June 30, 1906," "GUARANTEED UNDER THE signed by the name and address of the PURE FOOD AND DRUG guarantor, the object really aimed at LAW.

would be better subserved. This legend appears on packages and The protection of the people is the obcontainers in which are articles that come ject aimed at in this law. It should be under the regulative influence of the remembered in this connection that the Pure Food and Drug Law. Its object is retailers—the final purveyors of foods to assure the purchaser that the article and drugs—are a part of the people, and purveyed has been and is being manu- that they, too, are entitled to protection. factured in accordance with that act. In It is not to be expected that either groso far as this legend meets that object it cers or druggists shall know the quality is wholesome and salutary, for some of the contents of original packages. such declaration or assurance is neces- They may, however, with justice be resary for the protection of both the public quired to exact from all manufacturers a and honest manufacturers of foods and specific guarantee as to the quality of the drugs.

contents of each original package exBut unfortunately the inscription in posed for sale. If the retailers do sell question is being perverted from its or- such packages without such guarantee, iginal purpose by cunning deviations in they assume responsibility for the purity phraseology. These deviations are of the goods. If, on the other hand, the framed for the purpose of conveying to manufacturer is required to make a guarthe purchaser the impression that the 'antee, and if the goods are found to fall United States Government guarantees below the standard, in that event the the product in question, whereas the manufacturer ought to be held responUnited States Government neither direct- sible, and all proceedings by either ly or by inference guarantees anything. the State or the Federal Government To do so would not only be apart from ought to be primarily against such manthe purpose of the law, but would neces- ufacturers. sitate numerous laboratories and an army (Signed), CHARLES A. L. REED. of inspectors and other assistants. It would, furthermore, imply a state of pa

SUGAR vs. SACCHARIN. ternalism that would entirely relieve the A committee of the Seine Council of manufacturer of responsibility, a condi- Hygiene, in September, 1888, composed tion of affairs manifestly against public

of Messrs. Peligot, Gautier, Jungfleisch, policy.

Proust and Riche, declared : "Saccharin But the public is entitled to protection is not an aliment, but a medicament, and from this new kind of deception. This will find its chief use as an adulterant of can be done either by regulation or by alimentary substances." amendment to the law in which the lan- In the Conseil de Hygiene, at Hague, guage of the legend shall be definitely June 22, 1888, Dr. Dujardin Beaumetz, prescribed. This language should make as spokesman for the committee preit clear that the article guaranteed is viously annointed to investigate the use

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