Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

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Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1969

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Page 118 - ... the matter be scheduled for hearing or (2) advise the applicant or recipient that the matter in question has been set down for hearing at a stated place and time. The time and place so fixed shall be reasonable and shall be subject to change for cause. The complainant, if any, shall be advised of the time and place of the hearIng. An applicant or recipient may waive a hearing and submit written information and argument for the record. The failure of an applicant or recipient to request a hearing...
Page 125 - Each of the matters of which an admission is requested shall be deemed admitted unless, within a period designated in the request, not less than 10 days after service thereof or within such shorter or longer time as the court may allow on motion and notice, the party to whom the...
Page 9 - Government matter (18U.SC 1001). (1) The prohibition against mutilating or destroying a public record (18 USC 2071). (m) The prohibition against counterfeiting and forging transportation requests (18 USC 508) . (n) The prohibitions against (1) embezzlement of Government money or property (18 USC 641); (2) failing to account for public money (18 USC 643) ; and (3) embezzlement of the money or property of another person in the possession of an employee by reason of his employment (18 USC 654) . (o)...
Page 95 - That unless otherwise expressly permitted by such contract any such assignment shall cover all amounts payable under such contract and not already paid shall not be made to more than one party, and shall not be subject to further assignment, except that any such assignment may be made to one party as agent or trustee for two or more parties participating in such financing; 4.
Page 9 - The prohibitions against disloyalty and striking (5 USC 7311, 18 USC 1918). (e) The prohibition against the employment of a member of a Communist organization (50 USC 784) . (f) The prohibitions against (1) the disclosure of classified information (18 USC 798, 50 USC 783); and (2) the disclosure of confidential information (18 USC 1905).
Page 193 - No. 5, inclusive; or which contains stones; or which is musty, or sour, or heating; or which has any commercially objectionable foreign odor except of smut or garlic; or which contains a quantity of smut so great that any one or more of the grade requirements cannot be applied accurately; or which is otherwise of distinctly low quality. 1 Red Durum Wheat of any grade may contain not more than 10.0 percent of wheat of other classes.
Page 116 - Department official, that the institution's practices in designated parts or programs of the institution will in no way affect Its practices in the program of the institution for which Federal financial assistance is sought, or the beneficiaries of or participants in such program.
Page 118 - If an applicant fails or refuses to furnish an assurance required under 8.5 or otherwise fails or refuses to comply with a requirement imposed by or pursuant to that section, Federal financial assistance may be refused in accordance with the procedures of paragraph (c) of this section. The Department shall not be required to provide assistance in such a case during the pendency of the administrative proceedings under...

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