NASA Data Requirement Descriptions: DRD's for Acquisition of In-house and Contractor Technical and Management Data

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1970 - 756 pages

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Page 307 - MIL-STD-881 2 draft) . (11) Related resources. The labor, materials, and services required to perform work. (12) Work breakdown structure. A product-oriented family tree division of hardware, software, services, and other work tasks which organizes, defines, and graphically displays the product to be produced as well as the work to be accomplished in order to achieve the specified product. (13) Work package. A delineation of work required to complete a particular job. It may be established at any...
Page 302 - Contractor of over fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) of the type described in paragraph (d)(l) above, the Contractor shall, within one month following completion of the work under such subcontract: (1) Obtain from an official having authority to execute such subcontract on behalf of the subcontractor a letter certifying compliance by the subcontractor with the paragraphs of this "New Technology...
Page 248 - Items, (11) avoiding unnecessary redocu mentation by Inclusion of existing documents or abstracts therefrom. (g) Level of effort anticipated. (Quarterly/ monthly rates and estimated disclosure output rates are desirable.) (61) [Reserved] (62) Where Standard Form 33 (Solicitation, Offer, and Award...
Page 300 - IV (paragraphs (a) through (p)) of this clause in each subcontract he awards under this contract where the performance of research, experimental, design, engineering, or developmental work is contemplated and shall set forth in each subcontract the identification of the prime contract and the identification and mailing address of the Contracting Officer. (2) As to each subcontract of any tier for which the...
Page 262 - I, certify that I am the Secretary of the corporation named as contractor herein; that , who signed this contract on behalf of the contractor, was then of said corporation; that said contract was duly signed for and in behalf of said corporation by authority of its governing body, and is within the scope of its corporate powers.
Page 215 - Final Report. The Contractor shall submit a final report which documents and summarizes the results of the entire contract work, including recommendations and conclusions based on the experience and results obtained. The final report shall Include tables, graphs, diagrams, curves, sketches, photographs, and drawings in sufficient detail to comprehensively explain the results achieved under the contract. The final report shall be submitted in copies, plus a reproducible copy.
Page 458 - ... Include, and shall not be construed to Include authority to Issue change orders. (1) During the performance of this contract, if the NASA Project Manager requires a change, either an increase of decrease, in the Information or reporting requirements, or both, specified in said Appendix or In (g) or (h) above, such change shall be effected by the Contracting Officer under the "Changes" clause of this contract, and any equitable adjustment therefor shall be determined and accomplished pursuant...
Page 262 - IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the day and year first above written. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, By JOSEPH W.
Page 294 - List only those documents (specifications, standards, bulletins, manuals, etc.), which are applicable to paragraphs within the body of the Specification. Within the body of the Specification, reference to those documents shall be made by reference to their basic document number or other appropriate designation.
Page 113 - The Air Force gives us this definition— 'Configuration Management: The formal set of procedural concepts by which a uniform system of configuration identification, control and accounting is established and maintained for all USAF systems equipment and components thereof.

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