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Parkes's Elementary Chemistry.

38. 6d.
Political Cyclopædia.

In 4 vols, 38. 6d, each.

Also bound in 2 vols. with leather backs. 158. Shakespeare's Works, with Life, by CHALMERS. In diamond type. 38. 6d.

or, with 40 Engravings. 5s. Uncle Tom's Cabin. With Introduc

tory Remarks by the Rev. J. SHERMAN. Printed in a large clear type. Ilustra

tions. 38. 60. Wide, Wide World. By ELIZABETH

WETHEBALL. Illustrated with 10 highlyfinished Steel Engravings. 38. 6d.


Miller's (Professor) History Philoso

phically considered. In 4 vols. 38. 6d. each.


Bohn's Historical Library. UNIFORM WITH THE STANDARD LIBRARY, AT 5s. PER VOLUME. Evelyn's Diary and Correspondence. Jesse's Memoirs of the Pretenders

Illustrated with numerous Portraits, &c. and their Adherents. 6 Portraits.

ID 4 vols. Pepys' Diary and Correspondence. Nugent's (Lord) Memorials of

Edited by Lord Braybrooke. With im- Hampden, bis Party, and Times. 12 portant Additions, including numerous Portraits.

. . In 4 vols.

Strickland's (Agnes) Lives of the Jesse's Memoirs of the Reign of the Queens of England, from the Norman

Stuarts, including the Protectorate. With Conquest. From official records and General Index. Upwards of 40 Portraits. authentic documents, private and public. In 3 vols.

Revised Edition. In 6 vols.


Bohn's Library of French Memoirs. UNIFORM WITH THE STANDARD LIBRARY, AT 3s. 60. PER VOLUME, Memoirs

In of Philip de Commines,

History of Lonis XI. Portraits.

2 vols. containing the Histries of Louis XI, and Charles VIII., and of Charles the Bold. Memoirs of the Duke of Sully, Prime Duke of Burgundy. To which is added, Minister to Henry the Great. Portraits. The Scandalous Chronicle, Secret In 4 vols.



Bohn's School and College Series,

UNIFORM WITH THE BTANDARD LIBRARY. Bass's Complete Greek and English

Parallel References in the margin ; also a Lexicon to the New Testament. 2s.

Critical Introduction and Chronological

Tables, Two fac-similes of Greek MonuNew Testament (The) in Greek.

scripts. (650 pages.) 38. 60.; or with the Gresbach's Text, with the various read- Lexicon, bs. Inga of Mill and Scholz at foot of page, and


Bohn's Philological and Philosophical Library.

(EXCEPTING THOSE MARKED OTHERWISE). Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy to Z). 38. 6d. each. Part XI. (the Apof History. Translated by J. SIBREE, M.A.

pendix Volume). 58. Or the 11 parts in

4 vols., balf morocco, 21. 28. Herodotus, Turner's (Dawson W.)

Smith's (Archdeacon) Complete ColNotes to. With Map, &c.

lection of Synonyms and Antonyms. Wheeler's Analysis and Summary of.

Tennemann's Manual of the History

of Philosophy. Continued by J. R. MORELI, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

Translated by J. M. D), MEIKLEJOHN. Thucydides, Wheeler's Analysis of. Logic; or, the Science of Inference. Wheeler's (M.A.) W. A., Dictionary A Popular Manual. By J, DEVEY.

of Names of Fictitious Persons and Places. Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual of Wright's (T.) Dictionary of Obsolete

English Literature. New Edition, en. and Provincial English. In 2 vols. 58. larged, by A. G. BOHN. Parts I. to X. (A each ; or half-bound in 1 vol., 108. 6d.


Bohn's British Classics. UNIFORM WITH THE STANDARD LIBRARY, AT 38. 6d. PER VOLUME. Addison's Works. With the Notes Burke's Speeches on Warren Hast

of Bishop HURD, much additional matter, ings; and Letters. With Index. In and upwards of 100 Unpublished Letters. 2 vols. (forming vols. 7 and 8 of the Edited by H. G. BOHN. l'ortrait and 8 works). Engravings on Steel. In 6 vols.

Life. By PRIOR. New and Burke's Works. In 6 Volumes.

revised Edition. Portrait. Vol. 1. Vindication of Natural Society,

On the Sublime and Beautiful, and Defoe's Works. Edited by Sir Wal-
Political Miscellanies.

TER SCOTT. In 7 vols.
Vol. 2. French Revolution, &c.
Vol. 3. Appeal from the New to the Gibbon's Roman Empire. Complete

Old Whigs; the Catholic Claims, &c. and Unabridged, with Notes; including, Vol. 4. On the Affairs of India, and in addition to the Author's own, those of Charge against Warren Hastings.

Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander, Vol. 5. Conclusion of Charge against and other foreign scholars; and an ela

Hastings; on a Regicide Peace, &c. borate Index. Edited by an Englisb Vol. 6. V iscellaneous Speeches, &c. Churchuman. In 7 vols.

With a General Index.

VIII, Bohn's Ecclesiastical Library. UNIFORM WITH THE STANDARD LIBRARY, AT 58. PER VOLUME. Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History. Sozomen's Ecclesiastical History, With Notes.

from A.D. 324-440 and the Ecclesiastical Philo Judæus, Works of; the con- History of Philostorgius.

temporary of Josepbus. Translated by Theodoret and Evagrius. Ecclesias, C. D. Yonge. In 4 vols.

tical Histories, from A.D. 332 to A.D. 427 Socrates' Ecclesiastical History, in and from A.D. 431 to A.D. 544.

continuation of Eusebius. With the Notes of Valesius.


Bohn's Antiquarian Library.


Bede's Ecclesiastical History, and

the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Boethius's Consolation of Philoso

pby. In Anglo-Saxon, with the A. S. Metres, and an English Translation, by

the Rev. S. Fox. Brand's Popular Antiquities of Eng

land, Scotland, and Ireland. By Sir HENRY

ELLIS. In 3 vols.
Browne's (Sir Thomas) Works,
Edited by SIMON WILKIN. In 3 vols.

Vol. 1. The Vulgar Errors.
• Vol. 2. Religio Medici, and Garden of

VOL 3. Urn-Burial, Tracts, and Corre-

Chronicles of the Crusaders. Richard

of Devizes. Geoffrey de Vipsauf, Lord de

Chronicles of the Tombs. A Collec

LIVE of Remarkable Epitaphs. By T.J.

Early Travels in Palestine. Willi-

vald, Sæwulf, Benjamin of Tudela, Man-
deville, La Brocquiere, and Maundrell ;
all unabridged. Edited by THOMAS

Ellis's Early English Metrical Ro-

mances. Pievised by J. O. HALLJWELI.. Florence of Worcester's Chronicle,

with the Two Continuations : comprising
Annals of Englisb History to the Reign of

Edward 1.
Giraldus Cambrensis Historical

Works : Topography or Ireland; Histry
of the Conquest of Ireland; Itinerary
tbrough Wales; and Description of Wales.

With Index. Edited by THOS. WRIGHT. Handbook of Proverbs. Comprising

all Ray's English Proverbs, with additions ; bis Foreign Proverbs; and an Alphabetical

lodex. Henry of Huntingdon's History of

the English, from the Roman Invasion to Henry 11. ; with the Acts of King Stephen,

&c. Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of

Croyland, with the Continuations by Peter of Blois and other Writers. By H. T. RILEY,

Keightley's Fairy Mythology. From

tispiece by ''tuikshank. Lamb's Dramatic Poets of the Time

of Elizabeth; including his Selections from

the Garrick Plays. Lepsius's Letters from Egypt, Ethio

pia, and the Peninsula of Sinai. Mallet's Northern Antiquities. By

Bishop PERCY. With an Abstract of the Eyrbiggla Saga, by Sir WALTER SCUTT.

Edited by J. A. BLACKWELL. Marco Polo's Travels. The Trans

lation of Marsden. Edited by THOMAS

Matthew Paris's Chronicle. Ip 5
FIRST SECTION : Roger of Wendover's

Flowers of English History, from the
Descent of the Saxons to A.D. 1235.

Translated by Dr. GILES. In 2 vols.
SECOND SECTION: From 1235 to 1273.

Witb Index to the entire Work. In

3 vols. Matthew of Westminster's Flowers

of History, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain ; to A.D. 1307. Translated

by C. D. YONGE. In 2 vols. Ordericus Vitalis' Ecclesiastical His

cory of England and Normandy. Trans. lated with Notes, by T. FORESTER, M.A.

In 4 vols, Pauli's (Dr. R.) Life of Alfred the

Great. Translated from the German, Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs. With

Englisb Translations, and a General Index, bringing the whole into parallels, by H.G.

BOHN. Roger De Hoveden's Annals of Eng

Lisb History; from A.D. 732 w A.D. 1201.

Edited by H. T. RILEY. In 2 vols. Six Old English Chronicles, viz. :

Asser's Life of Alfred, and the Chronicles of Ethelwerd, Gildas, Nennius, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and Richard of Ciren.

cester William of Malmesbury's Chronicle

of the Kings of England. Translated by

SHARPE. Yule-Tide Stories, A Collection of

Scandinavian Tales and Traditiona. Edited by B. TEORPL



In Eng

Bohn's Illustrated Library.

(EXCEPTING THOSE MARKED OTHERWISE). Allen's Battles of the British Navy. Flaxman's Lectures on Sculpture.

Revised and enlarged. Numerous fine Numerous Illustrations. 6s.
Portraits. In 2 vols.

Gil Blas, The Adventures of. 24 Andersen's Danish Legends and

Engravings on Steel, after Smirke, and Fairy Tales. With many Tales not in any 10 Etchings by George Cruikshank. (612 other edition. Translated by CAROLINE

pages.) 68. PEACHEY. 120 Wood Engravings.

Grimm's Gammer Grethel; or, GerAriosto's Orlando Furioso.

man Fairy Tales and Popular Stories. lish Verse. By W. S. ROSE. Twelve fine Translated by EDGAR TAYLOR. Numerous Engravings. În 2 vols.

Woodcuts by Cruikshank. 38. 6d. Bechstein's Cage and Chamber Birds.

Holbein's Dance of Death, and Bible Including Sweet's Warblers. Enlarged Cuts. edition. Numerous plates.

Upwards of 150 subjects, beautiAll other editions are abridged.

fully engraved in fac-simile, with Intro

duction and Descriptions by the late With the plates coloured. 7s. 6d.


2 vols. in l. 78. 60. Bonomi's Nineveh and its Palaces. New Edition, revised and considerably

Howitt's (Mary) Pictorial Calendar enlarged, both in matter and Plates, in

of the Seasons. Embodying the wbole of cluding a Full Account of the Assyrian

Aiken's Calendar of Nature. Upwards of Sculptures recently added to the National

100 Engravings. Collection. Upwards of 300 Engravinys.

(Mary and William) Stories Butler's Hudibras. With Variorum

of English and Foreign Life. Tuenty beur

tiful Engravings. Notes, a Biography, and a General Index. Edited by HENRY G. BOHN. Thirty beau- India, Pictorial, Descriptive, and tiful Ilustrations.

Historical, from the Earliest Times to the ; or, further illustrated with Present. Upwards of 100 fine Engravings 62 Outline Portraits. In 2 vols. 108.

on Wood, and a Map. Cattermole's Evenings at Haddon

Jesse's Anecdotes of Dogs. New EdiHall. 24 escquisite Engravings on Steel,

tion, with large additions. Numerous fine from designs by himself, the Letterpress Woodcuts after Harvey, Bewick, and others by the BARONESS DE CARABELLA.

; or, with the addition of 34 China, Pictorial, Descriptive, and highly-finished Steel Engravings. 78. 6d.

Historical, with some Account of Ava and King's Natural History of Precious the Burmese, Siam, and Anan. Nearly

Stones, and on lue Precious Metals. With 100 illustrations.

numerous Illustrations. Price 6s. Craik's (G. L.) Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties, illustrated by Anec

Kitto's Scripture Lands and Biblical dotes and Memoirs. Revised Edition.

Atlas. 24 Mups. beautifully engraved on With numerous Portraits,

Steel, with a Consulting Index. Cruikshank's Three Courses and a

; with the maps coloured, 7s.6d. Dessert. A Series of Tales, with 50 hu- Krummacher's Parables. Translated morous Illustrations by Cruikshank.

from the German. Forty Illustrations by Dante, Translated by I. C. WRIGHT,

Clauton, engraved by Dalziel. M.A. New Edition, carefully revised. Lindsay's Lord) Letters on Egypt, Portrait and 34 Ilustrations on Steel, Edom, and the fioly Land. New Edition, after Flasman.

enlarged. Thirty-sis beautiful Engrov

inys, and 2 Maps. Didron’s History of Christian Art;

or, Christian iconography. From the Lodge's Portraits of Illustrious PerFrench. Upwards of 150 beautiful out- sonages of Great Britain, with Memoirs. line Engravings. Vol. I. (Mons. Didron Two Hundred and Forty Portraits, beau has not yet written the second volume.) tifully engraved on Stecl. 8 vols.


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