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the atomic hypothesis. I trust I have succeeded in proving to the careful student that the symbols and formulæ of chemistry might be used with propriety and advantage, even if the atomic hypothesis were swept away.

In Parts II. and III. I was much assisted by Mr. E. Francis, F.C.S., Demonstrator of Chemistry in the Medical School of this Hospital. It is a pleasure to me to take this opportunity of thanking him for his valuable help in this and in many other things.


Christmas, 1871.

C. W. H.

THE following List comprises most of the apparatus required for performing the experiments described in the present work, and may be purchased by the set of Messrs. JACKSON and TOWNSON, 89, Bishopsgate Street Within, who will also forward more extended lists of apparatus and pure tests, on application, by post.


Packed in a Case, 178.

1 Holder for Retorts, Tubes, or Flasks.

2 Hard Glass Retorts, 4-oz. and 12-oz. capacity.

2 Hard Glass Receivers, 4-oz. and 12-oz. capacity.

1- Spirit Lamp with single jet, 2-oz. capacity. 2 Hard Glass Flasks for boiling, 4-oz. and 8-oz. capacity.

1 Hard Glass Flask with jet for washing precipitates, 12-oz. capacity, or for burning Hydrogen as generated, or as Marsh's Arsenic Apparatus.

2 Gas Cylinders with ground edges.
2 Ground Glass Plates for the Cylinders.
3. Bottles to hold gases.

1 Hard Glass Tube for preparing Oxygen Gas.

1 Test Tube Stand with 12 holes.

12 Test Tubes, each 5-in. long.

1 Test Tube Cleaner.

2 Analytical Glass Funnels for Filters.

1 Brass Blowpipe.

1 Tripod to support a sand-bath or flask for digestion, or retort for distillation.

2 Wire Triangles for tripod.

2 Iron Dishes for sand-baths, 4-in. and 54-in. diameter.

3 Porcelain Evaporating Dishes, 2, 3, and 44-in. diameter.

3 Porcelain Crucibles, and Covers, and 1-oz. capacity.

3 Hessian Crucibles, +, 1, and 2-ozs. capacity. 1 Mortar and Pestle.

3 Cork Borers for perforating Corks.

12 Assorted Corks for Flasks, Tubes, &c. 1 Round File for enlarging holes in Corks.

1 piece of Wire Gauze.

1 ditto of Platina Foil.

1 ditto of Platina Wire.

1 ditto of Copper and Zinc, united, for Galvanic depositions.

1 Iron Spoon for Fusions.

2 Glass Stirring Rods.

3 Tubes for the reduction of Arsenic according to the forms of Berzelius, Clark, and Rose.

2 Bent leading Tubes for fitting up Flasks, &c., for preparing Oxygen, Hydrogen, and other gases.

8 Bent and other Tubes for leading and washing Gases, also as Syphons.

A piece of Wood Charcoal for Blowpipe.


Packed in a Case, 268. 6d. Includes the First Set with the extra Apparatus Undermentioned.

1 Stoppered Hard Glass Retort, 4-ounce capacity.

1 Hard Glass Flask, 10-oz. capacity.

1 Pipette or Dropping Tube.

1 Woulffe's Bottle with three necks, for washing Gases, &c.

1 Spoon with Cap, for Charcoal, Sulphur, &c., when deflagrated in Oxygen.

3 Bohemian Beaker Glasses for Hot Solutions, 4, 6, and 10-oz. capacity.

1 Metal Spirit Lamp with double current and arms to support sand-bath, dishes, crucibles, with Hot Plate and 2 rings. Where Gas is obtainable a Bunsen's Gas Lamp with Arms and Rings may be substituted for the Spirit Lamp above-mentioned.

1 Thistle-headed Glass Safety Funnel to introduce Acid in the preparation of Gases. 1 Chloride of Calcium Tube for drying Gases. 1 Berzelius' Blowpipe with moveable Platina jet, to prevent Oxidation, and Hornmouthpiece (instead of Brass Blowpipe as contained in former set).

1 pair of Crucible Tongs.

Sheet of 100 Re-agent Labels with Symbols.

Packed in a Case, 528.

Includes the Second Set with the following additions.

1 Box of Scales and Weights, with glass pans. 1 Graduated 2-oz. Glass Measure.

1 Gas Receiver, 20-oz. capacity, with brass cap, stopcock, bladder-ferrule and jet, for holding or conveying Gases into Bladders, Balloons, &c.

1 Pneumatic Trough, 1-gall.

1 Thermometer, graduated on stem to 400° Fahr., to pass through corks into flasks, &c., in Wood Case.

2 Hydrometers for ascertaining the density of fluids, taking 1000 grains of distilled water at 60° Fahr. as standard, one for fluids lighter than water, as spirits, &c., 700° to 1000°, one for heavier fluids, 1000° to 1850°.

1 Solution Tube for holding the fluids for Hydrometer during immersion.

1 Graduated Test Measure, 1000 grains in 100 divisions.

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