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Did you know that you can find this book at the fiction section at your local library, and that is exactly the place where the book belong , so many author's fantasies and misinterpretation of historical evidences and facts are written on those 492 pages so that it could not possibly belong to the history/current affairs section. The author even managed to rename Nemanjic dynasty into Nemanjid dynasty ( possibly to make it sound more Albanian) so you can then imagine what he has cooked up with less known historical facts...All in all , if you do not have a stomach for similar " work of arts" -try to avoid reading the book. 

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A thorough history of an area which gets little coverage in the history section of most bookshops. Unfortunately, Kosovo has been the subject of much myth and rivalry and nationalist mythmaking; a significant percentage of the text is dedicated to debunking these - but always reliant on careful use of sources rather than rhetoric.
It strikes just the right balance between readability and meticulous detail.
I would strongly recommend this book to anybody with a general interest in European (or even Ottoman) history.

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