Code of Federal Regulations

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U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1970

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Page 282 - SUBTITLE A Office of the Secretary of the Interior SUBTITLE B Regulations Relating to Public Lands I Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior II Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior Title 44 Public Property and Works III Department of State IV Business and Defense Services Administration, Department of Commerce V Library of Congress VII Department of Housing and Urban Development (Community Facilities) VIII Economic Development Administration, Department of Commerce...
Page 278 - Chap. I Federal Power Commission II Tennessee Valley Authority III Delaware River Basin Commission IV Office of Water Resources Research, Department of the Interior V Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, Department of the Interior VI Water Resources Council Title 19 Customs Duties I Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury II United States Tariff Commission III Business and Defense Services Administration, Department of Commerce Title 20 Employees' Benefits I Bureau of Employees...
Page 65 - Use of equivalent prices. If for any reason a price quotation required by this part for computing class prices or for other purposes is not available in the manner described, the market administrator shall use a price determined by the Secretary to be equivalent to the price which is required. APPLICATION OF PROVISIONS 1009.60 Producer-handlers.
Page 150 - Powers. The market administrator shall have the following powers with respect to this part: (a) To administer its terms and provisions; (b) To receive, investigate, and report to the Secretary complaints of violations ; (c) To make rules and regulations to effectuate its terms and provisions; and (d) To recommend amendments to the Secretary.
Page 81 - July 30, 1964] 1097.45 Computation of the skim milk and butterfat in each class. For each month, the market administrator shall correct for mathematical and for other obvious errors, the reports of receipts and utilization of each handler and shall compute the pounds of butterfat and skim milk in Class I milk and Class II milk for such handler.
Page 216 - ... and from country plants is distributed on routes in the marketing area ; (b) A country plant during any of the months of October through March from which not less than 50 percent, and during other months not less than 40 percent, of the receipts of milk at such plant from persons described in...
Page 71 - MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 1032.100 Effective time. The provisions of this part shall become effective at such time as the Secretary may declare and shall continue in force until suspended or terminated pursuant to 1032.101. 1032.101 Suspension or termination. The Secretary may suspend or terminate this part or any provision thereof whenever he finds that it obstructs or does not tend to effectuate the declared policy of the Act. This part shall, in any event, terminate whenever the provisions...
Page 120 - From the nonfat dry milk price, deduct 5.5 cents, multiply by 8.5 and then multiply by 0.965. 1035.52 Butterfat differentials to handlers. For each one-tenth of one percent that the weighted average butterfat test of producer milk which is classified in each class for each handler is more or less than 3.5 percent there shall be added to or subtracted from, as the case may be, the price for such class a butterfat differential calculated by the market administrator as follows: (a) Class I milk.

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