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In 5 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Vols. 1 and 2 contain Autobiography, 13 Books; and Travels
in Italy, France, and Switzerland. Portrait.

Vol. 3. Faust, Iphigenia, Torquato Tasso, Egmont, &c. Trans-
lated by Miss Swanwick; and Götz von Berlichingen, by Sir
Walter Scott, revised by Henry G. Bohn. Frontispiece.
Vol. 4. Novels and Tales; containing Elective Affinities, Sor-
rows of Werther, The German Emigrants, The Good Women,
and a Nouvelette.

Goethe's Works.

Vol. 5. Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, a Novel, translated by R. D. Boylan.

Gregory's (Dr.) Letters on the Evidences, Doctrines, and Duties of the Christian Religion. 3s. 6d.

Guizot's History of Representative Government, translated from the French by A. R. Scoble, with Index. 38. 6d.

History of the English Revolution of 1640, from the Accession to the Death of Charles I. With a Preliminary Essay on its causes and success. Translated by William Hazlitt. Portrait of Charles I. 38. 6d.

History of Civilization, from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. Translated by William Hazlitt. In 3 vols. Portrait of Guizot, &c. 3s. 6d. each.

Hall's (Rev. Robert) Miscellaneous Works and Remains, with Memoir by Dr. Gregory, and an Essay on his Character by John Foster. Portrait. 38. 6d.

Heine's Poems, complete, translated from the German in the original Metres, with a Sketch of Heine's Life, by Edgar A. Bowring. 38. 6d.

Hungary its History and Revolutions. With a copious Memoir of Kossuth, from new and authentic sources. Portrait of Kossuth. 38. 6d.

Hutchinson (Colonel), Memoirs of, by his Widow Lucy; with an Account of the Siege of Latham House. Portrait. 3s. 6d. James's (G. P. R.) History of the Life of Richard Cœur de Leon, King of England. Portraits of Richard and Philip Augustus. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

History of the Life of Louis XIV.
Louis XIV. and Cardinal Mazarin. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Portraits of

Junius's Letters, with all the Notes of Woodfall's Edition, and important additions; also, an Essay disclosing the Authorship, and an elaborate Index. In 2 vols, 38. 6d. each,

Lamartine's History of the Girondists, or Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution, from unpublished sources. Portraits of Robespierre, Madame Roland, and Charlotte Corday. In 3 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

History of the Restoration of the Monarchy in France (a Sequel to his History of the Girondists), with Index. Portraits of Lamartine, Tallyrand, Lafayette, Ney, and Louis XVII, In 4 vols. 38. 6d. each.

History of the French Revolution of 1848, with a fine frontispiece containing Portraits of Lamartine, Ledru Rollin, ( Dupont de l'Eure, Arago, Louis Blanc, and Cremieux. 38. 6d.

Lanzi's History of Painting: a revised translation by Thos. Roscoe, with complete Index. Portraits of Raphael, Titian, and Correggio. In 3 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Locke's Philosophical Works, containing an Essay on the Human Understanding, an Essay on the Conduct of the Understanding, &c., with Preliminary Discourse, Notes and Index by J. A. St. John, Esq. Portrait. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Life and Letters, with mon-Place Books, by Lord King, Index. 3s. 6d.

Extracts from his Com-
New Edition, with a General

Luther's Table Talk, translated and Edited by William Hazlitt. New Edition, to which is added the Life of Luther, by Alexander Chalmers, with additions from Michelet and Audin. Portrait, after Lucas Kranach. 38. 6d.

Machiavelli's History of Florence, Prince, and other Works.

Portrait. 3s. 6d.

Menzel's History of Germany.

Portraits of Charlemagne,

Charles V., and Prince Metternich. In 3 vols. 3s. 6d. each. Michelet's Life of Luther, translated by W. Hazlitt. 3s. 6d.

History of the Roman Republic, translated by William Hazlitt. 3s. 6d.

History of the French Revolution, from its earliest indications to the flight of the King in 1791. With General Index. Frontispiece. (646 pages.) 3s. 6d. Mignet's History of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814. Portrait of Napoleon as First Consul. 38. 6d.

Milton's Prose Works, including the Christian Doctrine,
translated and Edited, with Notes (many additional), by the Right
Rev. Charles Sumner, D.D., Bishop of Winchester, and General
Index. Portraits and Frontispiece. In 5 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

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Mitford's (Miss) Our Village. Sketches of Rural Character, and Scenery; New and Improved Edition, complete. and Engravings on Steel. In 2 vols. 3s. 6d. each. Neander's Church History, translated from the German; complete, with General Index. In 10 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Life of Christ, translated from the German. 3s. 6d. First planting of Christianity, and Antignostikus. Translated by J. E. Ryland. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

History of Christian Dogmas, translated from the German, by J. E. Ryland. In 2 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Memorials of Christian Life in the Early and Middle Ages (including his Light in Dark Places), translated by J. E. Ryland. 38. 6d.

Ockley's History of the Saracens, revised and enlarged, with a Life of Mohammed, and Memoir of the Author, by H. G. Bohn. Portrait of Mohammed. 3s. 6d.

Ranke's History of the Popes, translated by E. Foster. Portraits of Julius II., Innocent X., &c. In 3 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

History of Servia and the Servian Revolution. With an Account of the Insurrection in Bosnia. Translated by Mrs. Kerr. To which is added, The Slavonic Provinces of Turkey, from the French of Cyprien Robert, and other sources. 3s. 6d.

Reynolds' (Sir Joshua) Literary Works, with Memoir.

Portrait. In 2 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Roscoe's Life and Pontificate of Leo. X., with the Copyright Notes, Appendices of Historical Documents, the Episode on Lucretia Borgia, and an Index. Three fine Portraits. In 2 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the Magnificent, including the Copyright Notes and Illustrations, and a new Memoir by his Son. Portrait. 38. 6d.

Russia, History of, from the earliest Period, compiled from the most authentic sources, including Karamsin, Tooke, and Segur, by Walter K. Kelly. Portraits of Catherine, Nicholas, and Mentschikoff. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Schiller's Works. In 4 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Vol. 1, containing History of the Thirty Years' War, and Revolt of the Netherlands. Portrait of Schiller.

Vol. 2. Continuation of the Revolt of the Netherlands; Wallenstein's Camp; The Piccolomini; The Death of Wallenstein; and William Tell. Portrait of Wallenstein.

Vol. 3. Don Carlos, Mary Stuart, Maid of Orleans, and Bride of
Messina. Portrait of the Maid of Orleans.

Vol. 4. The Robbers, Fiesco, Love and Intrigue, and the Ghost-
Seer, translated by Henry G. Bohn.

Schlegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of Life and the Philosophy of Language, translated by A. J. W. Morrison. 38. 6d.

Lectures on the History of Literature, Ancient and Modern. Now first completely translated from the German, with a General Index. 38. 6d.

Lectures on the Philosophy of History, translated from the German with a Memoir of the Author, by J. B. Robertson, Esq. New Edition, revised. Portrait. 38. 6d.

Lectures on Dramatic Literature, translated by Mr. Black. New Edition, with Memoir, carefully revised from the last German Edition, by A. J. W. Morrison. Portrait. 38. 6d.

Lectures on Modern History, translated from the

last German Edition. 38. 6d.

Esthetic and Miscellaneous Works, containing Letters on Christian Art, Essay on Gothic Architecture, Remarks on the Romance Poetry of the Middle Ages, on Shakspeare, the Limits of the Beautiful, and on the Language and Wisdom of the Indians. 38. 6d.

Sheridan's Dramatic Works and Life. Portrait. 3s. 6d. Sismondi's History of the Literature of the South of Eu

rope, translated by Roscoe. A New Edition, with all the Notes of the last French Edition. The Specimens of early French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Poetry are translated into English Verse by Cary, Wiffen, Roscoe, and others. Complete with Memoir of the Author, and Index. Two fine Portraits. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each. Smith's (Adam) Theory of Moral Sentiments; with his

Essay on the First Formation of Languages; to which is added a
Biographical and Critical Memoir of the Author by Dugald
Stewart. 38. 6d.

Smyth's (Professor) Lectures on Modern History; from the irruption of the Northern Nations to the close of the American Revolution. New Edition, with the Author's last Corrections, an additional Lecture, and a complete Index. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Lectures on the History of the French Revolution. New Edition, with the Author's last corrections, and Index. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each.

Sturm's Morning_Communings with God, or Devotional Meditations for Every Day in the Year. Translated from the German. 38. 6d.

Taylor's (Bishop Jeremy) Holy Living and Dying. Por

trait. 38. 6d.

Thierry's History of the Conquest of England by the Nor mans; its Causes, and its Consequences. Translated by Willis Hazlitt. Portrait of Thierry and William I. In 2 vols. 38. 6d. each

Thierry's History of the Tiers Etat, or Third Estate, in France. Translated from the French by the Rev. F. B. Wells. 2 vols. in one. 58.

Vasari's Lives of the Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. Translated by Mrs. Foster. In 5 vols. 3s. 6d. each.

Wesley's (John) Life, by Robert Southey. New and Complete Edition. (Double Volume). 58.

Wheatley on the Book of Common Prayer. Frontispiece.

38. 6d.


Bohn's Historical Library.

Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, 58. per volume.

Evelyn's Diary and Correspondence, with the Private Correspondence of Charles I. and others during the Civil War. New Edition, revised and considerably enlarged, from the original Papers. Now first Illustrated with numerous Portraits and Plates engraved on Steel. In 4 vols. 58. each.

"No change of fashion, no alteration of taste, no revolution of science have impaired, or can impair the celebrity of Evelyn. His name is fresh in the land, and his reputation, like the trees of an Indian Paradise, exists, and will continue to exist, in full strength and beauty, uninjured by time."-Quarterly Review (Southey).

Pepys' Diary and Correspondence. Edited by Lord Braybrooke. New and Improved Edition, with important Additions, including numerous Letters. Illustrated with many Portraits.

In 4 vols. 58. each.

Jesse's Memoirs of the Court of England during the Reign of the Stuarts, including the Protectorate. With General Index. Upwards of Forty Portraits on Steel. In 3 vols. 58. each.

Memoirs of the Pretenders and their Adherents. New Edition, with Index. Six Portraits. 58.

Nugent's (Lord) Memorials of Hampden, his Party and Times. Fourth Edition revised, with a Memoir of the Author, and copious Index. Illustrated with twelve fine Portraits. 58.

Strickland's (Miss Agnes) Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest. From official records and other authentic documents, public and private. Revised Edition. In 6 vols. Now Completed. 58. each.


Bohn's Library of French Memoirs. Uniform with the STANDARD LIBRARY, 38. 6d. per volume. Memoirs of Philip de Commines, containing the Histories

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