Piscatory Eclogues: With Other Poetical Miscellanies

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A. Kincaid and W. Creech, 1771 - 151 pages

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Page 59 - What recks it them? What need they? They are sped; And when they list, their lean and flashy songs Grate on their scrannel pipes of wretched straw ; The hungry sheep look up and are not fed, But swoln with wind and the rank mist they draw, Rot inwardly and foul contagion spread; Besides what the grim wolf with privy paw Daily devours apace, and nothing said. But that two-handed engine at the door Stands ready to smite once and smite no more.
Page 58 - That to the faithful herdman's art belongs! What recks it them? What need they? They are sped; And when they list, their lean and flashy songs Grate on their scrannel pipes of wretched straw; The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed...
Page 3 - Ceyx bed, Had left her young birds to the wavering sea, Bidding him calm his proud white-curled head, And change his mountains to a champian lea; The time when gentle Flora's lover...
Page 7 - Sire, went footing flow, His Mantle hairy, and his Bonnet fedge, Inwrought with figures dim, and on the edge Like to that fanguine flower infcrib'd with woe. Ah ; Who hath reft...
Page 128 - Whose presence, as along she went, The pretty flowers did greet, As though their heads they downward bent With homage to her feet. And all the shepherds that were nigh, From top of every hill, Unto the valleys loud did cry, There goes sweet Daffodil.
Page 121 - With that she dashed her on the lips So dyed double red ; Hard was the heart that gave the blow, Soft were those lips that bled.
Page 27 - One day (as chane't) he spied that painted boat Which once was his : though his of right it were, He bought it now again, and bought it deare. But Chame to Gripus gave it once again, Gripus, the basest and most dung-hill swain, That ever drew a net, or flsht in fruitful main, xv. Go now, ye fisher-boys, go learn to play, To play and sing along your Cbauius...
Page 58 - Enough of such as for their bellies' sake, Creep and intrude and climb into the fold? Of other care they little reck'ning make, Than how to scramble at the shearers' feast. And shove away the worthy bidden guest; Blind mouths! that scarce themselves know how to hold A sheep-hook, or have learn'd aught else the least That to the faithful Herdman's art belongs!
Page 53 - Thelgon, my pipe is whole, and nets are new : But nets and pipe contemn'd, and idle lie : My little reed, that late so merry blew, Tunes sad notes to his...
Page 79 - Pomp on the city, plenty o'er the plain. Or by the banks of Isis shall we stray, (Ah, why so long from Isis' banks away !) Where thousand damsels dance, and thousand shepherds play? Or choose you rather Theron's calm retreat, Embosom'd, Surrey, in thy verdant vale, At once the Muses' and the Graces

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