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as more than one district, except the county of Cook, which shall constitute three districts, each embracing the territory contained in the now existing Representative Districts of said county. And on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, A. D. 1870, the members of the first House of Representatives under this Constitution shall be elected according to the apportionment fixed and announced as aforesaid, and shall hold their offices for two years, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified. § 15. The Senate, at its first session under this Constitution, shall consist of fifty members, to be chosen as follows: At the general election held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November, A. D. 1870, two Senators shall be elected in districts where the terms of Senators expire on the first Monday of January, A. D. 1871, or where there shall be a vacancy, and in the remaining districts one Senator shall be elected. Senators so elected shall hold their office two years.

§ 16. The General Assembly, at its first session held after the adoption of this Constitution, shall proceed to apportion the State for members of the Senate and House of Representatives, in accordance with the provisions of the Article on the Legislative Department.

§ 17. When this Constitution shall be ratified by the people, the Governor shall forthwith, after having ascertained the fact, issue writs of election to the sheriffs of the several counties of this State, or, in case of vacancies, to the coroners, for the election of all the officers, the time of whose election is fixed by this Constitution or schedule, and it shall be the duty of said sheriffs or coroners to give such notice of the time and place of said election as is now prescribed by law.

§ 18. All laws of the State of Illinois, and all official writings, and the Executive, Legislative and Judicial proceedings, shall be conducted, preserved and published in no other than the English language.

19. The General Assembly shall pass all laws necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this Constitution.

§ 20. The Circuit Clerks of the different counties having a population over sixty thousand, shall continue to be Recorders (ex officio) for their respective counties, under this Constitution, until the expiration of their respective terms.

§ 21. The Judges of all Courts of Record in Cook county shall, in lieu of any salary provided for in this Constitution, receive the compensation now provided by law until the adjournment of the first session of the General Assembly, after the adoption of this Constitution.

§ 22. The present Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook county shall continue to hold the Circuit Court of Lake county until otherwise provided by law.

§ 23. When this Constitution shall be adopted, and take effect as the supreme law of the State of Illinois, the two-mill tax provided to be annually assessed and collected upon each dollar's worth of taxable property, in addition to all other taxes, as set forth in Article 15 of the now existing Constitution, shall cease to be assessed after the year of our Lord 1870.

24. Nothing contained in this Constitution shall be so construed as to deprive the General Assembly of power to authorize the city of Quincy to create any indebtedness for railroad or municipal purposes for which the people of said city shall have voted, and to which they shall have given, by such vote, their assent prior to the 13th day of December, A. D. 1869: Provided, That no such indebtedness, so created, shall in any part thereof be paid by the State, or from any State revenue, tax or fund, but the same shall be paid, if at all, by the said city of Quincy alone, and by taxes to be levied upon the taxable property thereof: And provided, further, That the General Assembly shall have no power in the premises that it could not exercise under the present Constitution of this State.



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§ 25. In case this Constitution and the Articles and Sections separately submitted, be adopted, the existing Constitution shall cease in all its provisions; and in case this Constitution be adopted, and any one or more of the Articles or Sections submitted separately, be defeated, the provisions of the existing Constitution, if any, on the same subject, shall remain in force.

§ 26. The provisions of this Constitution required to be executed prior to the adoption or rejection thereof, shall take effect and be in force immediately.

Done in Convention, at the Capitol, in the city of Springfield, on the 13th day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy, and of the Independence of the United States of America the ninety-fourth.



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