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Be never discouraged

The true and the wise, While others are waiting,

Secure the rich prize : No object of terror,

No word of alarm, Shall hinder their progress, Ör stay the strong arm.

Be never discouraged,

If you would secure The earth's richest blessings

And make heaven sure, Yield not in the battle, Nor quail in the blast; The brave and unyielding Win nobly at last.

Be never discouraged
By day and by night
Have glory in prospect

And wisdom in sight;
Undaunted and faithful,

You never will fail, Though kingdoms oppose you And devils assail.


LET us do good. How sweet the thought,
We have the wretched blest-
Threw smiles upon a clouded brow,
And sunshine in the breast!

To know we've dried a single tear,
And made one moment bright –
Or struck a feeble spark to cheer
The darkest hour of night-

Will give to us more joy at last
Than Cæsar's triumphs gave;
The memory of such deeds will live
In worlds beyond the grave.

Then in the littlę sphere we move,
Let kindness touch the heart;
While every word shall lead to love
And happiness impart.

William G. Crosby.



WHO hath not hoped for immortality?

And what is immortality?-to be

Awhile remembered, when the heart is cold,

And o'er the nerveless hand hath crept the mould

Of the damp sepulchre? to be heralded

By the loud trump of Fame, when life hath fled,

Until even its echo hath gone past

And perished in the abyss of ages? No!

It is to live while memory shall last,

Shrined deep within the heart - the ceaseless flow

Of centuries only adding to the sum

Of the world's gratitude! 'tis to become
The embodied soul of genius!--such a one,

As the eye gazeth on-even WASHINGTON.

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