Licensing of Marine Radiotelegraph Operators: Hearings...Ship Construction and Operation and Maritime Labor Subcommittee...on H.R. 1036

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Page 2 - ... to the truth of all the statements set forth in his application for such license. Any person who shall make or subscribe to any oath or affirmation authorized in this title and knowing the same to be false shall be deemed guilty of perjury.
Page 2 - ... that he will faithfully and honestly, according to his best skill and judgment, without concealment or reservation, perform all the duties required of him by law.
Page 2 - Every master, mate, engineer, and pilot who shall receive a license shall, when employed upon any vessel, within forty-eight hours after going on duty, place his certificate of license, which shall be framed under glass, in some conspicuous place in such vessel, where it can be seen by passengers and others at all times : Provided, That in case of emergency such officer may be transferred to another vessel of the same owners for a period not exceeding forty-eight hours without the transfer of his...
Page 2 - Act shall, for every such offense, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not more than $500 or by imprisonment at hard labor for a term not exceeding three years.
Page 1 - It shall be unlawful to employ any person, or for any person to serve, as a master, chief mate, engineer, or pilot of any steamer or as master of any...
Page 13 - February 5, 1937, and shall be binding on the parties for the period to and including September 30, 1937, and shall be renewed from year to year thereafter unless either party shall give written notice to the other, at least...
Page 1 - Such license shall be subject to suspension or revocation on the same grounds and in the same manner and with like procedure as is provided in the case of suspension or revocation of licenses of officers under the provisions of section 4450 of the Revised Statutes, as amended (USC, 1934 edition, Supp.
Page 1 - ... satisfied that his character, habits of life, knowledge, and experience in the duties of an engineer are all such as to authorize the belief that he is a suitable and safe person to be...
Page 2 - In each watch to be as nearly equal as the division of the total number In each class will permit. The watches shall be kept on duty successively. The requirement for division into watches applies only to those classes of the crew specifically named in the aforesaid section 2: Provided, That in the case of radiotelegraph operators this requirement shall be applicable only when 3 or more radio officers are employed.
Page 2 - Nothing in sections 229a-229h and 673 of this title shall increase the number of radiotelegraph operators at present required by law to be carried on vessels, or the type of vessels on which radiotelegraph operators are required to be carried, or to alter, repeal, modify, or affect any other statute of the United States, it being the only intent of said sections to give to radiotelegraph operators the status of licensed officers as herein provided without affecting in any way any statute of the United...

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