Further Additional Appropriation for Work Relief and Relief, Fiscal Year 1939: Hearings Before the Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Seventy-sixth Congress, First Session, on H. J. Res 209 and 246, Making Further Additional Appropriation for Work Relief and Relief, Fiscal Year 1939

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1939 - 311 pages

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Page 130 - ... (3) Such standards respecting the character and quality of service to be rendered by air carriers as may be prescribed by or pursuant to law ; (4) The inherent advantages of transportation by aircraft; and (5) The need of each air carrier for revenue sufficient to enable such air carrier, under honest, economical, and efficient management, to provide adequate and efficient air carrier service.
Page 311 - Notwithstanding any other provision of law, and unless the head of the department or independent establishment concerned shall determine it to be inconsistent with the public interest, or the cost to be unreasonable, only such unmanufactured articles, materials, and supplies as have been mined or produced in the United States, and only such manufactured articles, materials, and supplies as have been manufactured in the United States substantially all from articles, materials, or supplies mined, produced,...
Page 130 - ... the need of each such air carrier for compensation for the transportation of mail sufficient to insure the performance of such service, and, together with all other revenue of the air carrier, to enable such air carrier under honest, economical, and efficient management, to maintain and continue the development of air transportation to the extent and of the character and quality required for the commerce of the United States, the Postal Service, and the national defense.
Page 167 - ... over the route or routes or within the territory for which application is made and has so operated since that time...
Page 448 - I would like to make it clear that that reference is to local boards as executive or administrative agencies in the WPA If we are conducting a work program it seems to be utterly impossible to conceive of such a program being operated by three or four thousand local boards as the operating agencies. I would like to make it clear at this point that the reference to boards is distinct from a point which has been discussed in the press to some extent recently as to the possibility of having boards set...
Page 130 - In fixing and determining fair and reasonable rates of compensation under this section, the Authority, considering the conditions peculiar to transportation by aircraft and to the particular air carrier or class of air carriers, may fix different rates for different air carriers or classes of air carriers, and different classes of service.
Page 201 - Authority fixes rates under section 406 of this Act, the Postmaster General shall pay compensation for the transportation of mail by aircraft at the rates provided by each such contract or, where rates have been heretofore or shall hereafter be fixed by orders of the Interstate Commerce Commission, pursuant to proceedings instituted prior to the date of enactment of this Act, shall pay compensation for such transportation in accordance with such orders as if this Act had not been enacted.
Page 228 - ... can not under the Postal Laws and Regulations properly be required of railroad companies without additional compensation, and for equipment and miscellaneous items necessary and incidental to terminal railway post offices (acts Mar. 3, 1901, vol. 31, p. 1105, sec. 1; Apr.
Page 130 - In determining the rate in each case, the Board shall take into consideration, among other factors, the condition that such air carriers may hold and operate under certificates authorizing the carriage of mail only by providing necessary and adequate facilities and service for the transportation of mail...
Page 446 - I think it will answer the purpose if the message is inserted in the record at this point. i (The President's message referred to is as follows:) To the Congress of the United States: In my message of April...

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