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User Review  - Farree - LibraryThing

I have been putting off reading this since August 15, 2015 (or so), because I wanted a little more coverage of the Roman Empire (and I don't currently have Gibbon in my library). I got that earlier ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - romanccm - LibraryThing

This was a really good read- extremely well written and organized. Much of the history was familiar to me from elsewhere, I don't think Rosen breaks new ground here but his synthesis of the cultural ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - MiaCulpa - LibraryThing

Interesting that I had never heard of Belisaurus, Khosro the great, Narses and the like, even though I'm an eager reader of history. This book is more about history than the plague, which, to be frank ... Read full review

Review: Justinian's Flea: The First Great Plague and the End of the Roman Empire

User Review  - John E - Goodreads

Enjoyable read on the rise, life, and fall of Justinian the last great Roman emperor. Shows the confusion of the period with the rise of Christianity (and it's squabbles), the never-ending invasions ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - NielsenGW - LibraryThing

When boats arrived in Constantinople from Egypt in 541 AD, they weren’t carrying just exotic foods and trinkets. Rats and fleas from the lower holds scrambled into the new landscape, and with them ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - dmcolon - LibraryThing

Justinian's Flea is a great account of the Mediterranean region in the sixth century. Its focal point is the plague that hit the region during the reign of Justinian, which is really pretty obvious ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - jlbrownn23 - LibraryThing

An overall good story - essentially how the Plague was critical to the final collapse of the Roman Empire by weakening it at a critical moment just as it was in a resurgence (and just before the rise ... Read full review

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