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1Museum of Fine Arts . o & e g
Musical Age, Publishers of, New York City .
Mutual Life Insurance Company, New York City
Myers, Irene T. . & e e to & e
Nashville. Board of Health
Nashville Banner te
Natick, Town of . e e so o &
National Academy of Sciences, Washington
National Arts Club, New York City . o & o &
No. Association of Manufacturers of the United
tates e & o e e e o e -
National Association of Wool Manufacturers
National Bank of Commerce in New York
National Board of Trade, Philadelphia . & o o
National Council of the Congregational Churches of the
United States o g e so & e so o
National Educational Association e e to o
National Educational Institution of the United States
National Irrigation Association, Chicago . o
National 9konomisk Tidsskrift, Copenhagen . so
National Provisioner, Publishers of, New York City
Natural Science Association of Staten Island, New
Brighton . to o o & o © & o so
Nautical Preparatory School . e *
Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station
— Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics
— State Historical Society . § © g & o 6
Nebraska Independent. Lincoln 1902–03 subscription
Needham, Charles K., New Albany, Ind. . o o e
Netherlands. Bureau Central de Statistique
Nevada. Agricultural Experiment Station
New Bedford. Free Public Library .
— School Committee . o & o
New Britain Institute . o e o
New England Anti-Vivisection Society
New England Baptist Hospital . o e e
New England Catholic Historical Society . to
New England Cotton Manufacturers’ Associatio
New England Home for Little Wanderers . e
New England Hospital for Women and Children
New England Methodist Historical Society e
New England Society in the City of New York.
New England Society of Cincinnati - o
New England Telephone and Telegraph Co.
New England Watch and Ward Society
New England Women's Club . . & -> e e e
New Hampshire. College of Agriculture and Mechanic
Arts. Agricultural Experiment Station . e e
— Insurance Commissioners s e &
— State Board of Equalization
— State Library *
— State Treasurer - e © o
New Hampshire Historical Society, Concord
New Hampshire Medical Society e
New Haven. Free Public Library o * * o
New Haven Register . o e 1902–03 subscription
New Jersey. Adjutant-General & t o e
Agricultural Experiment Station
— Bureau of Statistics of Labor we e o
— Geological Survey . - e e - to 1 map
— State Board of Assessors e & o
— State Board of Health

1902-03 subscripti on

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New Jersey. State Home for Boys
— State Library . • • so
— Weather Service & &
New Jersey Historical Society o
New South Wales. Chamber of Mines
— Geological Survey e go
— Government Statistician
— Patent Office .
— Public Library e & g to § to to e
New South Wales Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and
the Blind, Sydney e * * & © e
New York City. Chamber of Commerce .
— Chambre de Commerce Française .
— Department of Education
— Department of Health e o e g * *
— Public Library. Astor, Lenox and Tilden Founda-
tions & go o * e * o . 61 sheets
New York State. Governor to e
— Agricultural Experiment Station
— Banking Department g o
— Board of Railroad Commissioners .
— Comptroller . e
— Department of Labor
— Factory Inspector s * *
— Forest, Game and Fish Commission
— State Board of Charities
— State Board of Health *
— State Board of Tax Commissioners to e to
— State Historian e & & g t g e o
— State Industrial School
— State University . •
New York Cotton Exchange e * & fo
New York Free Circulating Library for the Blind
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
New York Historical Society . jo to *
New York Infirmary for Women and Children
New York Institution for the Blind o e * se
New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and
I)umb * to ë & g * > & e
New York Labor News Co.
New York Produce Exchange g o
New York School of Journalism, Brooklyn to & fo
New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Children . * to g e to * & e te
New York Society Library
New York Southern Society to & * so & to
New York State College of Forestry, Cornell University,
New Zealand. Minister of Labour e to e
— Patent Office {e te *
— Registrar-General . e e g
Newark, New Jersey. Board of Health
— Free Public Library g e
Newberry Library, Chicago te e
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Public Library
Newfoundland. Colonial Secretary .
Newhall, Rev. George F., Stamford, Vt.
Newport. Board of Health se *
Newton, City of . to g g §
— Auditor so so
— City Engineer .
— Free Library . e e g
Niagara Falls. Public Library .

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Nichols, Dr. C. F. * o © & g g so g
Nichols Press, Lynn, Mass. e o is go o g
Nickerson, Sereno D. . wo e & e re g g
Nieuwe Courant, 's Gravenhage. 1902–03 subscription
Nijhoff, Martinus, The Hague, Netherlands

Noa, Prof. Frederic M. . to o g 2 newspapers
Noa, Prof. Frederic M., and Mrs. Jessie Noa to
Nobili, Amedeo C. e e & & * o se
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Ancient Arabic Order
Nonotuck Silk Co., Florence, Mass. . go to e
Norcross, Messrs. O. and G. H. . go te
Nordhausen, Germany. Handelskammer
North British Society of Halifax * & g
North Carolina. Agricultural Experiment Station .
— Auditor . io so to e e
— Board of Health & * to e
— Commissioner of Labor and Printing
— Corporation Commission to
North Dakota. Governor *
— Agricultural Experiment Station
Northampton, Mass. City Clerk to e o so
Northwest Territory. Department of Agriculture .
Northwestern University, Chicago . to e
Northwestern University Settlement, Chicago .
Norway. Bureau Central de Statistique .
Norwegian North Atlantic Expedition
Norwood Press, Norwood, Mass. e g so & o
Nottingham, Eng. University College Free Public Libra-
ries and Natural History Museum Committees . g
Nova Scotia. Legislative Library
Nova Scotian Institute of Science
“Now ’’ Office, San Francisco ge so o to e
Noyes, Isaac P., Washington . & . 3 broadsides
Nutting, Rev. John D., Salt Lake City . . . e i.e. * :
Nya Österns Weckoblad, Worcester, 1902–03 subscription
Oakley Country Club, Watertown * * wo §
Oberlin College . & g &
— Library te o o g g
Ohio. Agricultural Experiment Station
— Bureau of Labor Statistics . so o * & &
— Department of Inspection of Workshops and Factories,
— Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, Xenia i-
— State Board of Charity e to
— State Board of Health
— State Library
— State University go to te &
Ohio State Bar Association, Columbus wo
Oklahoma. Agricultural Experiment Station .
Old Point Comfort College, Fort Monroe, Va.
Olke, Mrs. von . so e g &
Oliver, Dr. Charles A., Philadelpia
Oliver Ditson Co. * te to
Olmstead, James M.
O’Neill, Catherine M.
Ontario. Bureau of Mines
— Department of Agriculture
— Department of Education *
– Provincial Board of Health . so o e to to
– Superintendent of Neglected and Dependent Children.
Oregon. Agricultural Experiment Station & &
—Superintendent of Public Instruction
Orvis, Christel

I broadside

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Osterhout Free Library, Wilkes-Barré, Pa.
Owens College, Manchester, Eng. e o
Oxford, Mass., Town of e e
Page, L. C., & Co.
Paine, Dr. N. Emmons,
Paine, Nathaniel, Worcester
Paine, Robert Treat
Paine, Miss S. C. © o e
Palaeographical Society, London
Palmer, Mrs. Julia to e o o e
Palmer, William K., New Rochelle, N. Y.
Paquette, Alfred J. H. o e o e
Paris. Administration Municipale
— Bibliothèque de l’Université
— Chambre de Commerce § o o & e ©
— Chambre des Négociants Commissionaires et du Com-
merce Extérieur o e e e ©
— Service de la Statistique Municipale
Parker, Francis J. e o e
Parker, G. M., Cambridge . o e
Parker, Dr. W. T., Northampton, Mass.
Parker, Mrs. William L. . o ©
Parks, Dr. Edward L. & e & * e e to
Parlin Memorial Library, Everet e - e e o
Parsons, Miss Anna Q. T.
Parsons, Prof. Frank e & o o to te e
Pasadena, California. Public Library . 2 broadsides
Paterson, N. J. Free Public Library * e o ©
Pawtucket, R. I. Department of Public Works
Peabody Institute, Baltimore . & e e
Peabody Institute, Peabody
Pearson, J., & Co., London
Peckham, Miss E. B. . e o e
Peckham, Dr. Fenner H., Providence o
Pennsylvania. State Board of Health • o
— State College, Agricultural Experiment Station
— State Library . e e e o © *
— State Penitentiary for the Eastern District e
£ennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia .
Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery . • &
Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art
Pennsylvania Prison Society
Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
Penrose, Boies . e e e to
People's Institute of New York City .
Peoria, Illinois. City Comptroller
— Public Library o O e o
Perce, Warren R., Providence, R. I. . o o e ©
Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the
Blind . e e te o e &
Pernin, H. M., Detroit o * o
Perry, Marsden J., Providence, R. I.
Perry, Thomas Sergeant * to e se e o
Perth Sandeman Public Library and Perthshire Natural
History Museum o & o o o e e o
Peru. Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Lima
Peterborough, N. H., Town of e
Peterson, Dr. C. A. • e o e e
Phelps, Edward Bunnell, New York City. e
Philadelphia, Board of Directors of City Trusts
— Bureau of Health . o e o e o
— City Controller

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Philadelphia. City Institute . to te
— Department of Charities and Correction
—Free Library . e & to * *
Philadelphia Commercial Exchange . e e so e
Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in
Medicine t e * * e * so &
Philippine Islands. Civil Service Board
Phillips, Mrs. Rufus, Cambridge, Mass.
Phillips Academy, Andover re g
Phillips Exeter Academy . g t
Philosophical Society of Washington
Phonographic Institute Company, Cincinnati
Pickering, Prof. William H., Cambridge
Pierce, George W. {o * to
Pierce, S. S., Company o § o o
Pitman, Sir Isaac, & Sons, Bath, England
Pittsburg. City Controller to * o * e
— Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Health . .
Plainfield, N. J. Public Library io to g
Pleasants, William H., Hollins, Virginia . e & e
Plymouth, England. Free Public Library and Newsrooms
Pollard, Stephen, Belmont, N. J. & e g to
Poor, Miss Agnes B. e *
Pope, Rev. Charles H. e
Pope, Dr. G. W., Washingto
Porter, Dr. William T. o *
Portland, Me. Public Library
Portland, Oregon. City Auditor
— City Clerk so o so t & e e § e
Portland Evening Express, Portland, 1902–03 subscription
Portsmouth, England. Free Public Libraries . o o
Portugal. Ministerio de Fazenda . *
Postal Record, Editor, Washington
Pottenger, Dr. F. M., Los Angeles
Potter, Mrs. R. K. o * so & te g e
Powers' Street Railway Directory, New York City .
Praeco Latinus, The Publishers, of New York City.
Pray, James S., Cambridge, Mass. . so to to
Presbyterian Committee of Publication
Preussische Central-Genossenschafts-Kasse
Price, Mrs. Annie D., Wilmington, Del.
Prince, George . se to & so
Prince School
Princeton University e e te o o o e
Progress, Minneapolis t . 2 1902–03 subscriptions
Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Massa-
chusetts . te e g * e e g t &
Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. S. House of
Deputies e e & to to e e © e
Providence, R. I. Mayor
— Board of Education e e &
— Board of State Charities and Correction
— City Auditor * o * &
— City Registrar .
— Overseer of the Poor
— Public Library e o
— Superintendent of Health
Providence Athenaeum * e *
Providence Retreat, Buffalo g g
Provident Loan Society of New York
Prudential Weekly Record, Newark
Pruyn, Mrs., Albany . * e

1 piece of music

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