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publications. A few of the additions made the past year to: this collection are as follows: F. C. Penrose. An investigation of the principles of Athenian architecture. New and enlarged edition. London, 1888. W. Froehner. Verrerie antique, description de la Collection Charvet. Le Pecq, 1879. Anciennes dentelles belges formant la collection de feue Madame Augusta B" Liedts et donnée .au Musée de Grunthuus à Bruges. Folio. Anvers, 1889. Contains 210 phototype plates. Hans Baldung. Gemälde. 2 vols. Strassburg, 1896–97; also his Handzeichnungen. 3 vols. Strassburg, 1894–96. Geyling and Low. Meisterwerke der kirchlichen Glasma— lerei. Wien, 1899. Edward Stebbing. The holy carpet of the mosque at Ardebil. London, 1893. There have been purchased over eight hundred photographs at a cost of $402.37. The subjects illustrate Greek antiquities, theatres, temples, etc., California and Colorado scenery, public buildings in Germany, Hollyer prints of the works of Burne-Jones, Rossetti, Millais, Watts, etc.


To the Ticknor Collection a number of rare books have been added, among them a copy of Egidio Colonna, Regimièto de los principes . . . Sevilla, 1494; Antonio Torquemada, Jardin de flores curiosas, Salamanca, 1570; Celestina, Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea, 1539; Cöstituciós. Conn. per ordinacio deles Corts generals del principat de Cathalunya . . . Barcelona (?) c.1485. (Constitution of Catalonia, in black letter.)

A set of seventy-seven volumes of the official Spanish paper, Gaceta de Madrid, 1735–1872 (with omissions), has been ordered. These, with what the Library already possesses, make a fairly complete file.


A collection of 175 manuscript orchestral scores, representing chiefly the masters of the Italian school, has been secured. Mr. Allen A. Brown, in recommending its purchase to the Trustees, says: “It seems to me that the acquisition of such a large number of scores, most of which are unpublished, and from the very nature of things hard to find, would be well worth your serious consideration. It would enable me practically to complete the sets in full score of the works of Bellini, Rossini, and Meyerbeer, to say nothing of large additions to the works of Cimarosa, Donizetti, Paer, Paisiello, and many others. Copies such as these are rarely to be met with.”


The following fac-similes deserve mention: Codex Nuttall. Fac-simile of an ancient Mexican codex belonging to Lord Zouche. Published by the Peabody Museum of American archaeology and ethnology, Harvard University, 1902. 1 vol. Aristophanes. Fac-simile of the Codex Venetus Marcianus 474. London and Boston, 1902. Printed for the Archaeological institute of America and the English Society for the promotion of Hellenic studies. Die Dresdener Bilderhandschrift des Sachsenspiegels. Hrsg. von Karl von Amira. Leipzig, 1902. Band 1. Portulano executed between the years 1525–30. Firenze, 1902. Fac-simile, from the original in the Laurentian Library, Florence. The Bodleian Library Reproductions of prints. (Tercentenary publications.) Samuel A. Green. Ten fac-simile reproductions relating to New England.

Other purchases are as follows: One hundred volumes of genealogies, chiefly of New England families, obtained at the Whitmore sale. Fifty volumes relating to Celtic literature, bought with the fund given by the Papyrus Club in memory of John Boyle O'Reilly. Thirty-four volumes in raised type for the use of the blind. One hundred and fifty volumes of the French Yellow books (Les livres jaunes) and eighty-six volumes of the publications of the London County Council, obtained for the Statistical Department. Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo, T. 1–14; and Hagen's Atlas stellarum variabilium, Berlin, 1899–1900, for the Bowditch collection. Scott's Australian Lepidoptera, 1864–98, and Novitates zoologicae, a journal of Zoology, in connection with the Tring Museum, vols. 1–7. The variorum and definitive edition of the poetical and prose writings of Edward Fitzgerald . . . N. Y., 1901, seven volumes. The essays of Michael Lord of Montaigne. Written by him in French and done into English by John Florio. Boston, 1902. (Three vols. folio. Vol. 1 issued.) A special edition, with bibliography and notes by George B. Ives. Chamberlayne. Angliae notitia, and Magnae Britanniae notitia. 14 vols. To the serials have been added: De Gids. 1870–1888. Amsterdam. 38 vols. Jahrbuch des Vereins für niederdeutsche Sprachforschung. 20 vols. Journal of the American chemical society. 12 vols. Musik. 5 vols. The New-England historical and genealogical register, 48 vols. Società asiatica italiana. Giornale. 14 vols. The Library has subscribed to the publications of the Goethe-Gesellschaft, the Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, to the Reproductions of the 16th century manuscript maps relating to early discovery and exploration in America, undertaken by Rutgers College, and to the extensive work, translated from contemporaneous books and manuscripts, on the Philippine Islands, 1493–1803, to be published in fifty-five volumes.


The only conspicuous purchases of popular books outside the ordinary acquisitions were as follows: — (1.) For the equipment of Station C (Parker Memorial), a collection of reference books, at a cost of $225; four hundred books for Station F (Mt. Bowdoin), $435, and a special purchase of 130 copies representing twelve titles of well-known stories (chiefly for children) by Miss Alcott, Aldrich, Lang, Mrs. Stowe, etc., at a cost of $150, for the Central Library.

From the income of the Daniel S. Ford fund a considerable purchase was made, principally of the Lang Fairy books.


Increasing care is taken in the selection of works of fiction. As heretofore, friends of the Library, organized as volunteers, have given valuable assistance as readers of such books before they are passed upon by the Trustees. The number reported on during the past year was 702. Of these, 112 different works of fiction were purchased.

Of the total city appropriation spent for books, twentyseven per cent. ($6,472.94) was used for English prose fiction, of which 6,526 copies were obtained, as against 8,014 copies, at a cost of $7,868.12, the preceding year.


The following statements are taken from the report of Mr. Edward B. Hunt, Chief of the Catalogue and Shelf Depart


Number of volumes and parts catalogued and recatalogued . 51,002 Number of titles for the same . © © & g to to 33,383

These totals include the following items:

Number of new volumes and parts (Central Library) o so 23,653 Number of titles for the same . g so & e e e 16,534 TNumber of volumes and parts recatalogued . to & so 12,792 Number of titles for the same . e {} o g g o 7,445 Number of serials added . e & to to e § © 4,862

Branch libraries:

INumber of volumes catalogued . o & e © © t 9,695 Number of titles for the same . {} * e to & * 8,860

For the Coöperative index of scientific periodicals 544 titles have been catalogued by Mr. John Murdoch. From the other libraries which share this work 2,578 cards have been received.

There were printed, headings written for, and filed this year for the general and special catalogues of the Central Library, 214,856 cards; also 15,402 cards have been sent to the branches.

About three-fourths of the work in progress by the Catalogue and Shelf Departments of transferring all the books anot fiction from the fiction stack, with the necessary recataloguing and change of numbers, is done.

The department has also looked up the titles of 5,474 volumes with a view to their purchase. Since May, 1902, this work has been in change of Mr. Thomas S. Perry, and the above figures represent the number examined by the department, in addition to the work done by Mr. Perry.

Much work has been done in the preparation of a new catalogue of English fiction. In this undertaking help has been received from the Issue and Branch Departments. This catalogue is to be printed the coming year. A new Branch Finding List has been printed, and a new List of periodicals currently received has been prepared by Miss Frederika Wendté, in charge of the Periodical Room.

The new and improved linotype, when received, will increase the output of the Catalogue Department, and enable the work to go forward more regularly and evenly than heretofore.

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