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Name. Entered. Grade. Hall, Belle S. g e o * 1895 Custodian. Conley, Ellen F. . * io & 1891 C. Dale, M. Florence & * & 1895 C. {)’Neil, Thomas J. © * o 1902 Janitor.


Reed, Mrs. Elizabeth T. to g 1873 Custodian.
Griffith, Mary E. to to g 1886 C.
Donovan, Mary G. § 4, so 1891 C.
Brick, Mary L. . & e g 1899 D.
Kellogg, Grace E. to e e 1898 D.
Halligan, John F. * g & 1902 Janitor.


Sheridan, Margaret A. e • 1875 Custodian.
McKirdy, Alice E. e o o 1896 C.
Hynch, Emma F. Ç o & 1885 C.
Meehan, Margaret F. . o & 1893 D.
Driscoll, James S. e g o 1901 Runner.


Swain, Mary P. . g g & 1877 Custodian.
Riley, Nellie F. . e & to 1878 C.
Albert, Katie F. . e go to 1892 C.
McEttrick, Alice . * o ū 1902 -
Kenney, Thomas H. . o to 1897 Janitor.


Davis, Mrs. Eliza R. . & t 1877 Custodian.
Barton, Margaret S. . e e 1885 C.
Forbes, George W. te e to 1896 C
Riley, Mary E. . § © o 1896 C
Mooney, Katharine G. e e 1885 C.
Millmeister, Rebecca . & e 1899 D.
Riley, Mary E. . to * to 1891 D
Kelly, William D. © e e 1898 D. Runner.
Prout, William C. o & g 1902 D. { %
Sullivan, Daniel J. {o o e 1898 Janitor.


Morse, Carrie L. . * o e 1890 Custodian. Henderson, Irene E. . © & 1898 D. Runner. Woods, Eugene B. to e to 1898 Janitor.


Station. Grade.
Lower Mills Reading Room.... IIill, M. Addie . . . . . . . . . . D. Special.
Roslindale Reading Room. . . . . . Murray, Grace L. . . . . . . . D. Special.
Stackpole, Freeland E. . . . . . Janitor.
South End Reading Room... . . . . Cross, Laura M.
Mattapan Reading Room. . . . . . . Capewell, Mrs. Emma G., D. Special.

Neponset Delivery Station. . . . . Barnes, Charles D.
Mt. Bowdoin Reading Room... Fairbrother, Mrs. Eliz. G., D. Special.
Wetherald, Isabel E.
Allston Delivery Station . . . . . . . Howe, W. A., & Co.
Ashmont Delivery Station. . . . . Weymouth, Clara E.
Dorchester Sta. Delivery Sta. . . Sexton, Mrs. Annie M.
No. Brighton Reading Room... Muldoon, Katherine F...D. Special.
Crescent Ave. Delivery Station.. Smith Brothers.

Mt. Pleasant Delivery Station. . Witherell, Anna M. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D.
Broadway Extension Reading | Stewart, Cora L. . . . . . . . D. Special.
Room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barnett, Florence

Upham's Corner Delivery Sta. . Rolland, Ezra N.
Warren St. Delivery Station. . . . Smith, H. De Forrest.
Roxbury Crossing Delivery Sta. Yeaton, E. Christine. . . . . D. Special.
Boylston Delivery Station. . . . . Peirce, George L.
Ward Nine Delivery Station . . . McGrath, Amelia F. . . . . . . . . . . . . . C.
Industrial School Delivery Sta. Guerrier, Edith.
Andrew Square Reading Room. Marshall, Jeanette M. . . . D. Special.
Buckner, Thomas. . . . . . . . . . Janitor.
Orient Heights Reading Room. McDougall, Helen M. . . . D. Special.

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Bates Hall. — Officers in charge : Samuel A. Chevalier, Edward B. Hunt, Lindsay Swift. Assistants: Frank C. Blaisdell, John Murdoch, William G. T. Roffe, Edward Tiffany. Central desk: "John H. Reardon, David L. Williams. Care of reference books: Frank J. Hannigan, Charles A. Hardy, Fernald Hutchins, Kenneth McKenzie, Paul J. Schnabel. Collector of slips : Edward H. Gallagher, Thomas G. Goodwin, Louis L. K. MacNeil, Victor A. McInnis. Runners: Arthur E. Cufflin, Frank E. Lodge, James L. Sullivan, John A. Sullivan.

Issue 3Department. — Officers in charge : Frank C. Blaisdell, Pierce E. Buckley, Samuel A. Chevalier. Receivers of books: Fred W. Blaisdell, Thomas F. Brennan, George H. Connor, Michael McCarthy, Jr. Deliverers of books: Fred W. Blaisdell, John F. Conners, John H. Reardon. Care of indicator: Fred A. Beckford, Michael J. Conroy, James L. Maguinness. Assistants at indicator: Charles H. Annable, Thomas H. Guinan, Augustus F. McAloon, George H. Quinlan. Care of slips: Fred A. Beckford, Daniel J. Ford, Otto A. Heimann. Desk attendants: Daniel J. Ford, Frank J. Hannigan, Harry F. Mayer, William J. Mulloney. Care of tubes: Charles D. Campbell, Joseph A. Maier, Matthew Muckensturm. Care of carriers : Fred A. Beckford, Michael J. Conroy, John H. Glover, Fernald Hutchins, Peter V. McFarland, Joseph A. Maier. Bookcase attendants: Howard C. Blake, Augustus F. McAloon, Frank T. Sullivan. Runners: Howard C. Blake, Walter M. Broderick, Richard Brown, Edward E. Bruce, Henry W. Buhler, Timothy J. Conners, Arthur E. Cufflin, Michael J. Downly, William J. Ennis, Daniel J. Ford, John H. Glover, Richard J. Haberlin, Frank P. Hagerty, Lucius S. Hicks, Joseph Kolsky, Walter J. Lambert, Frank E. Lodge, William T. McIlvana, D. Clifford Martin, Matthew Muckensturm, Joseph A. Murphy, Max H. Newman, Sylvester P. Russell, Frank T. Sullivan, Nelson G. Trueman. Children’s Library attendants: Margaret C. Daly, Lillian E. Ethier, Maud M. Morse, Marion L. Owen, Joanna Zaugg. Extra attendants: William P. Hemstedt, Edwin F. A. Benson, Howard C. Blake, John S. White.

SPECIAL LIBARIES. — In charge of Barton Zibrary : Marian L. Chamberlain, Francis W. Lee, Edward Tiffany. Assistants : Joseph H. D. Barbour, James L. Doyle, Michael J. Meehan, Paul J. Schnabel. In charge Fine Arts Department: Frank A. Bourne, Marian L. Chamberlain, George Gibbs, Jr., Walter Rowlands. Assistants : Charles A. Doyle, John L. McKiernan, William C. Maiers. Extra assistants : Edwin F. A. Benson, Richard J. Haberlin, Augustus F. McAloon, Peter V. McFarland, Joseph A. Murphy. Music room : James L. Doyle, Lucius S. Hicks, John L. McKiernan, Michael J. Meehan, James A. Pitts.

Newspaper Room. — Thomas F. Brennan, George H. Connor, Frank J. Hannigan, James L. Maguinness, Kenneth McKenzie, Albert J. Plunkett. Newspaper files: Fred A. Beckford, Lucius S. Hicks, Harry F. Mayer, Morris J. Rosenberg.

Patent Room. — Walter F. Hannigan, James L. Maguinness, Albert J. Plunkett.

Periodical Room. — John F. Conners, Daniel J. Ford, Albert J. Plunkett.

JRegistration. Desk. — John J. Keenan, Matthew T. Keenan.

JReplacement of Books. – John F. Lucid, Michael McCarthy, Jr., Joseph W. Ward.

Statistical Department. — Frederic Serex, Horace L. Wheeler. Coat Room. – Edward E. Bruce.

JElevator. — James W. Warren.

* Branch Libraries. Wovember 1 to May 1.

JBrighton Branch, 2 to 10 P.M. – In charge : Lydia E. Stevenson, Ellen F. Conley; assistant: Charles N. Cunningham.

Charlestown Branch, 2 to 10 P.M.–In charge : Edwin F. A. Benson, Edwin L. Drowne. Janitor : Thomas Smith.

Dorchester Branch, 2 to 10 P.M. In charge : William J. Kennedy, Mary E. Griffith, Mary L. Brick.

East Boston Branch, 2 to 10 P.M. – In charge : Robert J. Kissock, Everett F. Matthews. Janitor : Charles F. Taylor.

Jamaica Plain Branch, 2 to 10 P.M. In charge : Katie F. Albert, Nellie F. Riley; assistant : Mary A. C. Berran. Janitor.: Thomas H. Kenney.

JRoacbury Branch, 2 to 10 P.M. – In charge : Dorothy Puffer, Mabel L. Harrington, Ellen R. Scott; assistant: Gertrude L. Connell. Janitor : William Monahan.

South Boston Branch, 2 to 10 P.M. – In charge : Alice B. Orcutt, Joseph Baker. Janitor: Thomas Saunders.

Station C, 2 to 6 P.M., 7 to 9 P.M. – In charge : Alphild A. Olson.

Station P, 2 to 6 P.M., 7 to 9 P.M.–In charge : Cora L. Stewart; assistant : John Binda.

Station S, 2 to 6 P.M., 7 to 9 P.M. – In charge : Margaret T. Campbell. o

* With the exception of the West End Branch, which is open Sundays throughout the year. Here certain members of the regular week-day force serve Sundays, their compensation being for seven days per week.



The following list of gifts has been prepared by the Chief of the Ordering Department:

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There have been two large collections of books included in the gifts of the year, and a number of single books of unusual importance and interest. The following are noted, alphabetically by givers, as representing the most notable of the year. The Anna Ticknor Library Association. A collection of books numbering 2,885 volumes, used by the Association to carry on the work of the Society to Encourage Studies at Home. The Executive Committee of the Association decided to discontinue their work in April, 1902, and it was voted to give the books and some other material to the Public Library, the gift to be known as the Anna Ticknor Collection. The collection as a whole is particularly strong in English literature and the Fine Arts. Anonymous. The Complete Works of Rembrandt, in six folio volumes, by Wilhelm Bode, Director of the Royal Gallery, Berlin. (Two volumes still to appear.) This monumental work is a complete survey of Rembrandt’s known pictures, over five hundred in all, gathered from the different collections of Europe and America, with their history, their detailed description and their reproduction by heliogravures, arranged in chronological order. Anonymous. La Sorellaccia; a legend as related by the mountain people in the country about Boscolungo. (Published at Boston.) Folio. This is a photographic reproduction of a unique copy in manuscript done by Francesca Alexander at Florence in 1877. The text is in English and Italian. Mrs. William C. Appleton. Fifty-two volumes, including some early Boston imprints. & Boston Browning Society. An autograph letter of Robert Browning, also a letter written to Henry W. Longfellow, by F. J. Furnivall, in 1881, five volumes and four periodicals containing articles relating to the Brownings. Boston Philatelic Society. One hundred and fifty-eight volumes relating to postage stamps.

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