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Boys' Institute of Industry. Forty-one volumes for Station S. Charles P. Bowditch. Manuscript list dated January 22, 1772, ‘‘ of all that have been and still are members of this Fire Club : Instituted March 5th 1753 '' (Boston); also his “On the age of Maya ruins.” Allen A. Brown. One hundred and eighty-three volumes for the collection of music. Dr. Francis H. Brown. Seventy volumes of miscellaneous literature. The Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. The continuation of Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Collations and notes. No. 6. Miss Susan E. Daggett, through Rev. Dr. George A. Gordon. Manuscript note book of Thomas Prince, for deposit in the Prince Library. Col. Charles W. Folsom. One hundred and thirty-seven volumes, chiefly material relating to the Civil War, for the Twentieth Regiment Collection. Mrs. E. G. Gay. One hundred and forty-six volumes, miscellaneous literature. Kaiserliches Patentamt. Ten thousand six hundred and sixtyone numbers of Patentschriften. Charles E. Goodspeed. Letters of Hugh, Earl Percy, from Boston and New York, 1774–1776. Boston, Goodspeed, 1902; and Thoreau, The service; edited by F. B. Sanborn. Boston, Goodspeed, 1902. (No. 288 of a limited edition of 520 copies.) Great Britain Patent Office. One hundred and forty-nine volumes of specifications and drawings. Grier, William D. One hundred and forty-seven volumes of miscellaneous English literature. Grover, Rev. R. B. Sixty-six volumes of miscellaneous English literature. Augustus Hemenway. The Essayes or Morall, Politike and Militaire Discourses of Lo: Michaell de Montaigne . . . First written by him in French and now done into English. By John Florio. London, 1603. This is the first English edition and of especial interest to Shakespeare scholars. The copy is in excellent preservation in a modern Levant morocco binding by Alfred Matthews. It is said to have belonged to King James I. of England, and has his autograph signature on the title-page, and a verse in the autograph of the king inserted in one of the fly leaves. Mr. Hemenway also subscribed for a copy, for the Library, of the “ Investigations at Assos,” published under the auspices of the Archaeological Institute of America. Thomas Wentworth Higginson. Fifty-one volumes relating to the history of woman, for the Galatea collection. Archer M. Huntington. Thirteen volumes, fac-similes of rare Spanish works, from originals in Mr. Huntington’s library. The Secretary of State for India, seven volumes. W. Alleyne Ireland. A valuable card catalogue consisting of about twenty-five hundred titles of magazine articles relating to colonization.

Mrs. Henry P. Kidder. Seventy-five volumes, among them Winsor's Memorial History of Boston, four volumes; Sparks’ Works of Benjamin Franklin, nine volumes; and Drake's Town of Roxbury. Thomas E. Kirby. Illustrated catalogue of the art and literary property collected by the late Henry G. Marquand. (Two hundred and fifty copies printed.) George B. Knapp. A collection of 145 medals and coins belonging to the late Arthur Mason Knapp, and supplementing an earlier gift of medals. Thomas W. Lawson. Two copies of The Lawson History of the America’s cup ; a record of fifty years. Boston (privately printed), 1902; with portraits, plates, maps, and plans. Mrs. John A. Lewis. Major John Mason’s A Brief History of the Pequot War. Boston, 1736. A heautiful copy in a modern Levant morocco binding. Although published almost a hundred years after the events narrated, the work is of the first edition, printed from the original manuscript, and edited by Thomas Prince. To be added to the John A. Lewis collection. Duc de Loubat. Codex Fejérváry-Mayer. Fac-simile of an old Mexican picture manuscript in the Liverpool Free Public Museum. Codex Vaticanus, No. 3773. Eine altmexikanische Bilderschrift der Vaticanischen Bibliothek. Erläutert von Dr. Edward Seler. The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (under the law enacted by the Legislature). The Massachusetts Vital Records, as far as published (seven towns). Issued under the auspices of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Estate of Caroline D. Murdoch. Two hundred and thirty volumes, including a number of early Boston almanacs, school books, histories, etc. Charles K. Needham. Autograph letter from Daniel Webster to Edgar Needham, June 26, 1838, relating to a speech made by Webster in Faneuil Hall in 1826. New England Methodist Historical Society. Six hundred and twenty-two volumes chiefly relating to Methodism, and containing some sets of periodicals. Mrs. Humphry Ward, Tring, England. Two copies of “Milly and Olly,” for the Children’s Room. * Samuel D. Warren. A descriptive catalogue of paintings, pastels and water-colors collected by the late Mrs. S. D. Warren of Boston. Édition de luxe. A catalogue of Oriental and European porcelain and pottery, belonging to the late Mrs. S. D. Warren. Edition de luxe. Miss Lilian Whiting. Eighty volumes, including Schlosser's History of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, eight volumes, Letters and Correspondence of John Henry Newman, Life of Cardinal Manning, etc.

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From Andrew Carnegie, through Mr. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, for the purchase of books for the

Galatea Collection, the sum of . o e . $100 00 From Mrs. John A. Lewis, for the purchase of books, the sum of . e o & © e o . 172 63.


Abramson, William . . . . . 1 Photograph.
Ames, Winthrop . . . . . . 251 Photographs.
Birchall, Frank W. . . . . . 11 Photographs,
Chamberlain, Mrs. M. L. . . . 34 Plates.
Cowing, Miss Grace G. . . . . 20 Prints.
Curtis and Cameron . . . . . 10 Photographs.

Dadmun, L. E. . . . . . . 3 Photographs.
Furness, Miss Laura . . . . . 15 Plates.
Gay, Frederic L. . . . . . . 4 Prints.
Goodspeed, Charles E. . . . . 6 Etchings.

Keyes, Miss Alicia M. . . . . 1 Magnifying Glass.
Knapp, George B. . . . . Medals and Coins.
Libbie, Frederick J. . . .

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2 Photographs. Macurdy, Miss Theodosia E. . 1 Photograph. Massachusetts Historical Society . 1 Portrait (framed). Murdoch, John . e 1 Photograph. Museum of Fine Arts 1 Photograph. Olke, Mrs. von . . . 2 Photographs. Parker, Mrs. William L. 1 Medal. Perry, Thomas Sergeant. 1 Japanese Printing Block. Scott Stamp and Coin Co. 30 Plates. Shuman, A. . . . 1 Photograph (framed). Thorpe, W. G. . 1 Photograph. Tufts College o 4 Photographs. Whitney, James L. . 13 Photographs. Whitney, Miss Maria. 1 Photograph.


Vols. | NOS.

Abbot Public Library, Marblehead . & e e te 1
Abbott, Samuel W., Newton Centre . e se te e 1
Aberdeen Public Library . e e g t f
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia . so 1
Academy of Science of St. Louis e * o e & 1
Acorn Club, Hartford . te g o e e e e 1
Actors' Church Alliance, Boston Chapter , § e to 1
Actors’ Fund of the United States of America e e 1
Actuarial Society of America, New York City . te se 1.

Adams, Charles Francis . go o it. o o
Admiral Dewey Reception Committee, Washington .
Advance, San Francisco e e 1902–03 subscription
Advertisers’ A. B. C. Office, London . e & o g
Aeltesten, Die, der Kaufmannschaft von Berlin, Germany,
Agassiz Hall, Alta, Cal. . & to g so so *
Agram, Hungary, Königliches Statistisches Landesamt
Aguilar Free Library, New York City © to g
Alabama. Agricultural Experiment Station
— Department of Archives and History
Albany Medical College g &
Alden, William H. o g * d *
Alexander, Mrs. Lucia G., Florence, Italy
Alexander and Co. e :- to o g
Alfred University, Alfred, N. Y. & e te
Alkaloidal Clinic, Publishers of, New York City
All Souls’ Church, Washington . g & e g e
Allegheny County Workhouse and Inebriate Asylum,
Claremont, Pa. * & g & e e & &
Allen, Edward G., London .
Allen, Mrs. L. G., Waverley
Allen, Willard G. & g * & g
Alliance Publishing Co., New York City .
Allison, Dr. H. E., New York City
Allyn & Bacon g & ve e
Altona, Germany. Handelskammer .
Amberg, Emil, Detroit to se e
American Academy of Arts and Sciences .
American Antiquarian Society, Worcester o
American Anti-Vivisection Society, Philadelphia
American Art in Bronze and Iron, Publishers of
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association to Promote the Teaching of Speech
to the Deaf, Philadelphia to e so e & so
American Baptist Home Mission Society, New York City,
American Baptist Missionary Union . o t &
American Bar Association, Philadelphia . to
American Bible Society, New York City . to & &
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions,
American Citizen, Boston . o 1902–03 subscription
American Climatological Association, Philadelphia
American Congregational Association g
American Contractor, Publishers of, Chicago
American Dramatists’ Club, New York City
American Geographical Society, New York City .
American Institute of Architects, Brooklyn Chapter
American Institute of Architects, Washington e
American Institute of Homoeopathy, New York City
American-Irish Historical Society . e to . .
American Iron and Steel Association, Philadelphia .
American Laryngological Association * e e †
American League for Civic Improvement, Springfield, O.,
American Medical Association, Chicago e
American Medico-Psychological Association
American Microscopical Society o a * * e
American Museum of Natural History, New York City
American Numismatic and Archaeological Society, New
York City . & à * * e * g
American Peace Society e so * o e
American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.
American Purity Alliance, New York City & e
American Seamen’s Friend Society, New York City .

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American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani-
mals, New York City te to o e e * &
American Society of Civil Engineers, New York City
American Society of Mechanical Engineers g w
American Statistical Association § o g
American Street Railway Association, Chicago
American Telephone and Telegraph Company .
American Unitarian Association o & te so &
American Warehousemen's Association, New York City .
American Water Works Association, New York City
American Writing Paper Company, Springfield, Mass.
American Young Men's Christian Association, Spring-
field, Mass. t e to e e * e
Amerikanische Turnzeitung, Milwaukee
1902–03 subscription
Amerikas Westnesis, Boston e 1902–03 subscription
Amherst College . o g e o e t
— Library . e o § & e te
Among the Clouds, Mt. Washington, N. H.
1902–03 subscription
Amsterdam. Bureau municipal de statistique t g
Amsterdamsche Almanak, Publishers of . so
Anderson, Willis S., Detroit
Andover Theological Seminary .
— Library . o so e to
Angus & Robertson, Melbourne .
Anna Ticknor Library Association
Anonymous . g e de *
Antwerp. Conseil Communal e
Appalachian National Park Association
Appleton, D. and Co. © ë d
Appleton, Mrs. William C. .
Appleton, William S † g e to e so &
Argentine Republic. Biblioteca del Museo Nacional,
Buenos Aires. te * > & d e e s
— Direccion General de Estadística . * & to e
— Ministerio de Obras Públicas. Direccion de Vías de
Comunicacion to g e e
— Oficina Meteorológica
Arizona. Governor o g e e
— Agricultural Experiment Station . e
Arkansas. Agricultural Experiment Station
Arlington Mills . & § g {} so
Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago
Art Club of Erie, Erie, Pa. . e g e
Art Club of Philadelphia
Art Institute of Chicago . to
Art Students' League of New York
Asch, J., Gadsden, Ala. * o e &
Asociacion Salitrera de Propaganda (Chile)
Associated Charities of Boston so
Associated Charities of Cambridge
Associated Charities of Lynn . e io g to i.
Association of American Physicians, Philadelphia . *
Association of Chambers of Commerce of the United
Kingdom (London) g o in to e o
Association of Engineering Societies, Philadelphia .
Association of the Bar of the City of New York
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fé Railway System
Atkinson, Hon. Edward, Brookline to so & e
Attwood, Mrs. Lydia B., through James W. and Charles
H. Bartlett, Executors g g to & $ *

1 broadside

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