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Brought forward . s $91,957 78

Binding, ruling, etc. . $16,827 29
Stock & © go 5,708 27
Rent . e o e 3,500 00
Electros, engraving, etc. 2,669 89
Repairs . & te 1,298 68

Sundries, miscellane-
ous expenses . e 1,286 45
Stationery . o e 794. 90
Press-room supplies . 772 81
Power and lighting . 457 59
Postage . o o 317 30
Outside printing & 222 48
Telephone . © e 142 79
Teaming . e o 139 70
Watchman o e 75 00
Water rates o & 43 14
$34,256 29

Stock o o e 351 76

— 33,904 53

Drafts for postage supplied to all departments

Additions to Plant.
From February 1, 1902, to January 31, 1903.

Type o o & $1,727 40
Office furniture e © e o 387 00
$2,114 40

Old material sold . o e & 40 00

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. $154,870 19

2,074 40 $156,944 59 13,909 40

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Assessing Department
Auditing Department
Building Department
Bath Department . © o
Board of Aldermen Contingent
Fund . e to e © e
Blue Hill Avenue Grade Crossing .
City Clerk Department e
Cemetery Department
City Messenger Department
Collecting Department . o
Clerk of Committees Department
City Council Incidental Expenses
City Council Proceedings
Court of Registration . e o
Common Council Contingent Fund.
Engineering Department
Election Department
Fire Department
Health Department.
Highways, Making of
Hospital Department
Relief Station
Boston Almshouse and Hospital,
Long Island . &
Pauper Institutions Office
Parental School . e e
House of Reformation, Rains-
ford Island © & e o
Placing Out and Office Expenses.
Boston Insane Hospital
Deer Island . o e o o
Penal Institutions Office Ex-
penses . o & &
Institutions Registration

Carried forward

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Brought forward
Library Department
Law Department
Lamp Department .
Mayor’s Department
Music Department . © e &
Overseers of the Poor Department .
Police Department .
Police Signal Service .
Liquor License . o e
Public Buildings Department.
Park Department © ©
Public Parks . e o
Public Grounds Department
Registry Department
School Department.
Schoolhouse Department
Street Department:
Bridge Division .
Ferry Division
Sanitary Division
Sewer Division
Street Cleaning Division
Paving Division . o
Street Watering Division
Central Office
Sewerage Works o o
Cambridge Bridges . c
Street Laying-Out Department
Street Laying-Out and Construction
of Highways & & e e
Street Laying-Out Sewer Assess-
ment . e o o e o
Laying-Out and Construction of
Highways e e g e
Soldiers’ Relief Department . o
Sealer of Weights and Measures
Department to © e o
Statistics Department
Treasury Department
Water Department:
Commissioner’s Office .
Income Division
Distribution Division .
Wire Department
County of Suffolk:
Superior Civil Court
Superior Criminal Court

Carried forward

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Brought forward

Number Doc.

of Copies. No.

[blocks in formation]

Annual Report, Park Department wo {o Annual Report, Collecting Department. Annual Report, Pauper Institutions Department . so to o Annual Report, Children’s Institutions Department . e * Annual Report, Assessing Department. de Annual Report, Building Department. Annual Report, Department Annual Report, Laying-Out ment . e e i. Annual Report, Insane Hospital Department. Annual Report, Overseers of the Poor Department . g e Annual Report, Institutions Registration Department & e Annual Report, Law Department * * Annual Report, Public Buildings Department, Annual Report, Lamp Department g so Annual Report, Fire Department . to o Annual Report, Soldiers’ Relief Department Annual Report, Bath Department . e & Annual Report, Statistics Department, 1900, Annual Report, Public Grounds Department, Annual Report, Statistics Department, 1901,


Street Depart

Carried forward

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