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Probate Building.

Building new offices in basement and painting same; repairing and easing doors; building new wardrobes, shelving and casing ; general repairs on plumbing.

62–64 Pemberton Square.

Repairing gutters and conductors, and putting up one new conductor, new smoke pipe, and covering boiler and smoke pipe with asbestos covering ; general repairs on plumbing, and heating apparatus; new plastering and painting.

Charity Bureau and Wayfarers’ Lodge.

One new dormer window, and repairing all others; painting iron fence, fire escapes, conductors, and painting various rooms throughout building, also all window sashes; installing new boiler-grate; repairs on boiler setting, and general heating apparatus; fitting up new room in basement, new flooring and timbers; new sheathing and painting same.

Faneuil Hall and Market.

Repairing steam heating system, and general repairs on electric lighting, painting of vestibule, and repairs on toilets.

Quincy Market.

Work begun on the installation of new convenience station, to include 9 closets, 4 urinals, sinks, etc.; old windows removed and 24 four-light windows put in, necessitating new weights, cords, stop beads, and hardware for same : new treads and risers to steps to two basement cellars; also new sliding doors, new plank flooring and timbers to two basement stalls, also new foundations for same; iron girders substituted for brick partitions removed.

Lancers' Armory.

General repairs on building; new roof of tin painted on both sides; entire new plumbing system installed, including new toilet-rooms complete, shower baths, urinals, new sinks, bowls, new ventilation, and new Terrazzo floors; new maple floors in halls, corridors and side rooms; painting of ceilings, walls, stairways, and halls throughout the building; entire new electric wiring and combination fixtures installed; walls repainted, etC.

Smith School, Joy Street.
Repairing water-closet, and new urinal and new stove and
Shop, Wareham Street.

Repairs to steam piping, new return and blow-off pipes, also new valves and new grates for boiler.

Old Town Hall, Brighton.

Connecting conductors to drain pipes; new wash bowl in toilet-room; installed new steam-heating system for building.

Old Franklin School.

Making new entrance in rear to basement; installed new steam boiler, and connected blow-off with drain ; general repairs on electric lights.

Charlestown City Hall.

General repairs on steam piping, and new linoleum laid in COurt-room.

South Boston Court House.

Arranged to remove ward-room upstairs, with new entrance from Dorchester street, new stairs, flooring timbers, etc.; new electric light system in ward-room and court-room ; repairs on hot-air furnaces and extension of piping to heat ward-room, and painting interior of ward-room; also new gratings on windows.

Brighton Court House.

Increased hot-water radiation in judges' office, put on new storm windows and general repairs on plumbing. & o | Jamaica Plain Court House. General repairs on plumbing, repairs on doors, etc., in court-room, and new closet in basement for janitor; put on new storm windows and overhauled large filing C2S6S.

East Boston Court House.

General repairs on plumbing, and new brickwork over boilers.

Vine-street Church and Chapel.

New hot-water heating plant installed to heat chapel; new hard pine flooring laid; repairs on roof and new copper gutters and conductors put on ; readjusting of entrances and partitions, making separate rooms, and painting entire interior of chapel, which was leased to Thomas G. Stevenson Post 26, G. A. R.; also changing over of electric lighting system.

Dorchester Court House.

General repairs on steam piping.

City Building, Dorchester.

Building new fence around lot.

Old State House.

New brick sidewalk entirely around building; general repairs on plumbing and steam-heating system.

Second Brigade Headquarters.

Fitting up of new headquarters at 120 Tremont street, including new desks, tables, carpets, hat-trees, window seats, etc., and general carpenter work and painting of same ; also the renovation of the electric lighting apparatus.

TWard-room, Ward 2.

Roof newly shingled with extra quality cedar shingles; new saddle boards, new conductors; all windows overhauled and refitted with cords and weights; gutters releaded at joints; clapboards renailed; new flooring and timbers laid in attic for storage-room; resetting of columns in lower floor, supporting girders under second floor, and new plates set on same ; general repairs on plumbing and steam heating; new thresholds to doors and doors eased; also new maple floors laid in rooms occupied by the G. A. R. Post.

Armory Building, Ward 3.

New addition in rear and general renovation of the old building; including general carpenter and mason work; building new drill hall, social-room and rooms for officers of the company; also new plumbing and steamheating system, including toilets, shower-baths, etc.; also entire new electric wiring and fixtures throughout the building; new plastering, painting, etc.; new iron beams, columns, etc.; reslating of roof, three new ventilators and conductors, and new main entrance with iron stairways; resetting of stone base, building washed down and repainted, and new fence on street side of building.

Ward-room, Ward 8.

After completion of new building, installed new cellar drainer to prevent flooding of basement; also changed pitch of the soil pipe, and altered steam-heating system and electric lighting.

Municipal Building, Ward 16.

New building, corner of Columbia road and Bird street, fast nearing completion, plastering being done, and heating apparatus installed ; the building is piped for gas and wired for electric lighting; a thorough system of plumbing, with toilet-rooms, shower-baths and swimming pool; building is fitted up for purposes of Branch Library, gymnasium, and also for use as a ward-room on street floor, all apparatus being of the most approved style.

New Roacbury Court House.

This building was completed and accepted July 26, 1902, and the keys of same turned over to Judge Solomon A. Bolster by His Honor Mayor Collins. It is substantially built, as described in annual report of this department for 1901, and is well plumbed, lighted and heated, and will care for the demands of the district for a number of years to come.

Auditing Department Vault, City Hall.

This underground vault has been fitted up complete with the latest approved steel-constructed filing and document cases, and electric lights installed in the same.

A general financial statement of the Public Buildings

Department for year 1902–1903 is as follows:

General expenses
County Buildings

Ea:pended as follows :

Public Buildings $204,899 50

Ward-rooms 11,024 92
Armories & 21, 192 43
Architect Division 5,494 82
Ambulance Station . 7,388 33
County Buildings 44,119 33



Amount carried from 1901–02, $219,459 87
Amount of loans granted for

1902–03 258,000 00

Eajoenditures and Transfers on same.

Armory Building, Ward 3 $20,703 55
Massachusetts Historical Society

Building g © 150,000 00
Municipal Building and Site,
Upham’s Corner . to 83,901 94

Municipal Building, Ward 23 . 20 81
Ward-room and Gymnasium,

Ward 8 * to & te 10,556 60 Ward-room Ward 17, Recon

struction . o e & 2,232 80 Ward-room Ward 15, Recon

Struction se e * to 1,500 00 Court House, Roxbury District,

Enlargement of . {o 69,062 94


Amount transferred to other

departments * se & $486 06 Amount unexpended (carried

forward to next year) 138,995 17

Expended on General Appropriations
Expended on Special Appropriations

Total Expenditure of Department

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