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4 wheelbarrows. 4 mats.
3 whiffletrees. 1 oil-cloth.
1 sawhorse. 4 pictures.
1 Stove.
** 1 coal-hod.
Office Deer Park. 1 cuspidore.
7 chairs. 1 waste basket.
1 roller-top desk. 1 clock.
1 small upright desk. 2 thermometers.
2 rugs. 1 looking-glass.

As a convenient reference I append the following list of the seventy parks and squares which are in charge of the Department of Public Grounds, showing their respective localities and superficial areas:


Common. — Park, Tremont, Boylston, Charles, and Beacon streets; contains 483 acres; * iron fence on Charles and Beacon street sides. Public Garden. — Charles, Boylston, Arlington and Beacon streets; contains 24} acres; enclosed by an iron fence. Fort Hill Square. — Oliver and High streets; contains 29,480 sq. ft. Pranklin Square. — Washington, East Brookline, East Newton and James streets; contains 105,205 sq. ft. Blackstone Square. — Washington, West Brookline, West Newton streets and Shawmut avenue; contains 105,100 sq. ft. JMassachusetts Avenue. — Between Albany street and Harrison avenue; contains 9,300 sq. ft. Massachusetts Avenue. — Between Harrison avenue and Washington street; contains 13,050 sq. ft. Massachusetts Avenue. — Between Washington and Tremont streets; contains 74,000 sq. ft. ; malls enclosed by an iron fence. Massachusetts Aven”, e. — Between Tremont street and Columbus avenue; contains 10,150 sq. ft. Concord Square. — Between Tremont street and Columbus avenue; contains 5,000 sq. ft. Rutland Square. — Between Tremont street and Columbus avenue; contains 7,400 sq. ft. JBerwick; Park. — Off Columbus avenue, near N.Y., N.H. & H. R.R. ; contains 3,800 sq. st. ; enclosed by granite curb. Union Park. Between Tremont street and Shawmut avenue ; contains 16,000 sq. ft. ; malls enclosed by iron fence. Worcester square. —Between Washington street and Harrison avenue; contains 16,000 sq. ft. Lowell Square. — Cambridge and Lynde streets; contains 5,772 sq. ft. ; enclosed by iron fence.

1 Exclusive of cemetery, containing 13 acres.

Park Square. — Columbus avenue, Eliot, and Pleasant streets; contains 2,867 sq. ft. Copley Square. —Between Huntington avenue, Boylston, and Dartmouth streets; contains 28,399 sq. ft. ; enclosed by a granite curb. City Hall Grounds. School street; contains 7,700 sq. ft. Square. — Harrison avenue, between Union Park and Waltham streets; contains 3,000 sq. ft. St. Stephen's Square. At the corner of St. Stephen’s and Batavia streets; contains 100 sq. ft.


Telegraph Hill. — Thomas Park; contains 234,925 sq. ft. Independence Square. Broadway, Second, MI, and N ; contains 6% acres; enclosed by shrubbery hedge. Lincoln Square. — Emerson, Fourth, and M ; contains 9,510 sq. ft. ; enclosed by an iron fence. Triangular Lot. — H, Emerson and East Third streets.


Maverick Square. — Sumner and Maverick streets.

Central Square. — Meridian and Border streets; contains 40,310 sq. ft. ; enclosed by stone curb.

Belmont Square. —Webster, Sumner, Lamson, and Seaver streets; contains 30,000 sq. ft. ; enclosed by an iron fence.

Putnam Square. — Putnam, White, and Trenton streets; contains 11,628 sq. ft. ; enclosed by an iron fence.

JPrescott Square. — Trenton, Eagle, and Prescott streets; contains 12,284 sq. ft.


Madison Square. — Sterling, Marble, Warwick, and Westminster streets; contains 122,191 sq. ft. Orchard Park. — Chadwick, Orchard park, and Yeoman streets; contains 104,492 sq. ft. Washington Park. — Dale and Bainbridge streets; contains 396,125 sq. ft. Jongwood Park. — Park and Austin streets; contains 21,000 Sq. ft. Walnut Park. — Between Washington street and Walnut avenue; contains 5,736 sq. ft. Lewis Park. — Highland street and Highland avenue; contains 5,600 sq. ft. Bromley Park. —From Albert to Bickford street; contains 20,975 sq. ft. ; three enclosures. JFountain Square. —Walnut avenue, from Munroe to Townsend street; contains 116,000 sq. ft. Cedar Square. — Cedar street, between Juniper and Thornton streets; contains 26,163 sq. ft.

Linwood Park. — Centre and Linwood streets; contains 3,625 sq. ft; enclosed by stone curb. Public Ground. — Centre and Perkins streets; contains 3,200 Sq. ft. JHighland Park. — Fort avenue; contains 114,065 sq. ft. ; occupied partly by Roxbury standpipe. Public Ground. — Warren street, James, and Regent streets; contains 1,380 sq. ft. ; enclosed by granite curb. Public Ground. – Junction of Huntington avenue, Tremont and Francis streets; contains 1,662 sq. ft. Square. — Albany street, near mall. Square. — Old Heath, New Heath, and Parker streets; contains 2,419 sq. ft. ; enclosed by iron fence. Square. — Abbotsford, Crawford, and Harold streets; contains 966 sq. ft.


Dorchester Square. — Meeting House Hill; contains 56,200 sq. ft. ; Soldiers’ Monument on this square. Eaton Square. — Adams and Bowdoin streets; contains 13,280 sq. ft. Mt. Bowdoin Green. — Top of Mt. Bowdoin ; contains 25,170 sq. ft. Richardson Square. — Between Pond and Cottage streets; contains 45,982 sq. ft. Public Ground. — Magnolia street; contains 3,605 sq. ft. Public Ground. — Dorchester Field; * contains 274,000 sq. ft. Public Ground. — Junction Adams and Granite streets ; contains 2,068 sq. ft. Public Ground. — Junction Adams and Codman streets; contains 700 sq. ft. Algonquin Square. — Algonquin and Bradlee streets; contains 1,728 sq. ft. Tremlett Park. — Tremlett street, between Hooper and Waldeck streets; contains 7,107 sq. ft. Peabody Square. — 1,963; sq. ft. Public Ground. — Florida street, between King street and Rosemont road ; contains 3,300 sq. ft. Public Ground. — Florida street; between Rosemont road and Lonsdale street; contains 2,790 sq. ft.


City Square. — Head of Bow and Main streets; contains 8,739 sq. ft. ; enclosed by stone curb and iron fence.

Sullivan Square. — Main, Cambridge, Sever, and Gardner streets; contains 56,428 sq. ft.

Winthrop Square. —Winthrop, Common, and Adams streets; contains 38,450 sq. ft. ; enclosed by an iron fence; Soldiers’ Monument on this square.

1 Property Gibson School Fund.

Public Ground. — Essex and Lyndeboro’ streets; contains 930 Sq. ft. o

Hayes Square. — Bunker Hill, Wine and Moulton streets; contains 4,484 sq. ft.


Soldiers’ Monument Lots. – South and Centre streets; contains

5,870 sq. ft. Public Ground. — Top of Mt. Bellevue; contains 27,772 Sq. ft. Public Ground. — South Conway, South Fairview, and Robert StreetS.


Public Ground. — Pleasant and Franklin streets; contains 1,900 sq. ft. Jackson Square. — Chestnut Hill avenue, Union, and Winship streets; contains 4,300 sq. ft. ; enclosed by stone curb. Brighton Square. — Between Chestnut Hill avenue and Rockland street, and opposite branch of Public Library; contains 25,035 sq. ft. Franklin Square. —Between Franklin and Fern streets; contains 1,900 sq. ft. Square. — Cambridge, Murdock, and Sparhawk streets; contains 7,449 sq. ft. * Square. — Cambridge and Mansfield streets; contains 13,948 sq. ft. Greenhouses and Nursery Grounds. – Between Massachusetts avenue and East Cottage street, Dorchester; contains 102,531 sq. ft. Storehouse Grounds. – Massachusetts avenue, adjoining location of N.Y. & N.E. R.R. ; contains 74,279 sq. ft.





BOSTON, April 1, 1903. HON. PATRICK A. COLLINS, Mayor of the City of Boston :

SIR, - In compliance with the ordinance, I beg leave to report that, according to our books, there were recorded for the year 1902– s including 472 children of parents usually o | residing out of this citv. 15,549 births 37 born § of the city, ; Boston parents. | Males, 7,936, females, ibis. 6,172 marriages solemnized in this city. 1,056 marriages of residents married elsewhere in the State. 246 marriages of residents married out of the State. 6,973 marriage licenses issued. 11,000 deaths. * 492 residents of Boston who died elsewhere. 675 still-born children.

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