The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas

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Bruce G. Trigger, Wilcomb E. Washburn, Richard E. W. Adams, Frank Salomon, Stuart B. Schwartz, Murdo J. MacLeod
Cambridge University Press, 1996 - 976 pages
Publisher description: The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Volume II: Mesoamerica (Part One), gives a comprehensive and authoritative overview of all the important native civilizations of the Mesoamerican area, beginning with archaeological discussions of paleoindian, archaic and preclassic societies and continuing to the present. Fully illustrated and engagingly written, the book is divided into sections that discuss the native cultures of Mesoamerica before and after their first contact with the Europeans. The various chapters balance theoretical points of view as they trace the cultural history and evolutionary development of such groups as the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztec, the Zapotec, and the Tarascan. The chapters covering the prehistory of Mesoamerica offer explanations for the rise and fall of the Classic Maya, the Olmec, and the Aztec, giving multiple interpretations of debated topics, such as the nature of Olmec culture. Through specific discussions of the native peoples of the different regions of Mexico, the chapters on the period since the arrival of the Europeans address the themes of contact, exchange, transfer, survivals, continuities, resistance, and the emergence of modern nationalism and the nation-state.

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A large scale treatment of pre-Colombian life in South America. It's a co-operative book, edited by Mr. Salomon, who has a bias towards historians from the managed ecology school. An interesting and informative read. Read full review


The Colonial Condition in the QuechuaAymara Heartland
an THIERRY SAIGNES Institut des Hautes Etudes de IAmerique
The Earliest South American Lifeways
AM University
Warfare Reorganization and Readaptation at the Margins of Spanish
Destruction Resistance and Transformation Southern Coastal
Native Peoples Confront Colonial Regimes in Northeastern South
The Republic of Indians in Revolt c 16801790
Andean Urbanism and Statecraft C E 5501450 518
Andean Highland Peasants and the Trials of Nation Making during
The Prevalence and Persistence of Senorios Naturales
Indigenous Peoples and the Rise of Independent NationStates
2J Andean People in the Twentieth Century
Lowland Peoples of the Twentieth Century
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