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With penalties on him who fall be That pow'r, whose blest possessors may with found

ease Illegally to risk his being drown's;

Kill, cure, deal bliss or mis'ry as they And heavy fines on all the lawless dames

please ; With unitampt cork who ventare un the That power, which if exerted in our cause, Thames.

Will from the sternett critic force applause. But for our author May that potent Whoe'er would know where that same art,

power lies, Animal magnetism, its aid impart ;

Let him but view his lovely neighbour's eyes.

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*Hursday, Feb. 9. being appropriated to with rolls of ribbon to match the robe, ore

the celebration of her Majetty's birth-day, namented with feathers and diamonds. the fame was observed at St. James's with Though the Prince of Wales was drelled the usual folcmnities. The morning was in one of the most captivating and superb ushered in with the ringing of bells; and at suits that perhaps ever decorated the human noon the Park and Tower guns were fired. figure, yet, cxccpting, his Royal Highness's Their Majestics, the Princetics, and several dress, few of the nobles were so fine as they of the younger branches of the family, ar. have appeared on former occasions of a rived soon after. An elegant Court early similar nature. The ladies, in general, far afsembled to pay the usual marks of loyalty outfhone them in appearance, as far as apand aficction. Among these were the fo- pearance depends on outward ornament. reign Minifters, the Bishops, the great Of. Their cloaths were rich, but more gay and ficers of State, and a numerous meeting of light in their effe&t than has been usually the nobility and lushionable world.

the case on a winter birth-day. The decon The King was dressed in brown velvet, rations of their heads were chicfly feathers richly embroidered with gold and hilver. and flowers, and their petticoats were beauHis Majesty seemed highly chearful. tifully hung with gold and flver spotted

The Queen appeared in very good spirits, gauzes, muflins, and crapcs, and gracefully both at the Drawing-room and in the even- adorned with scolloped-edged ribbons, ing. Her Majesty was drelied in a beautiful chains, wreaths, borders and iafieis of fine laurel-green fattin, trimmed with a rich Dresden, Mechlin, real Lace, and gold and einbroidered crape, in coloured fouis, &c. filver, and fancy sprigs of elegant flowrets. which appeared io be executed in a file A scolloped ribbon, in the Vandyke style, truly superb and elegant.

was observable as an eilential conftituent of The Prince of Wales was in a rich dress feveral of their ornamen:s, and it gare the of filver on a garter-blue ground, of a very

look of those who had adopted that species curious manufacture; the seams were orna- of decoration an elegant and beautifel mented with an embroidery that appeared up d'oeil. like thread-lace, and gave a beautilul relief

BALL. to the brilliancy of the suic.

In the evening the Ball-room was highly The Princess Royal's dress was a robe of lemon fattin, with the body of the fame, fplendid, and exhibited a display of fine the petticoat trimmed with gold gauze,

women, such as no Ccurt in the universe

can equal. The Prince made his appearance placed around in large puffs, with some few

a little before nine o'clock, and conversed flowers; her head ornamented with white

with several ladies with all that grace and feathers, and one black, on which were placed a number of diainonds in the moft affability which make his Highnefs's cha

racter ; Lady Augusta Campbell in particuclcgant manner.

Jar was honoured by his attention. Their The Princess Augusta was dreffcd like her

Majellies and Princesses, preceded by Lord biter, except in the trimming of her coat, which was plaited in itripes, and had a molt

Salisbury, and attended with all the forra beautiful effcct.

of Siale, entered soon after. The King and The Hon. Miss Townshend's was the most Queen feparately addreffed crery Lady elegant and belt fancicd diefs ainong the

within the circle assigned to the dancers, lodies that appeared in the Ball-room; the during which period a prelude was played, train and sleeves of the gown were coloured

composed by Mr. Stanley, and some ailo of

Mr. Handel's music. med spotted like the leopard's skin; the hody black velvet; and the coat, which was

As soon as their Majesties were seated,

the niinucts commenced, and were dances of white fartin, (legürtly intermixed and bordered with ribbons of the same as the

in the following order : train, and cillcrent sprigs of laurel leaves The Princess Roval His Royal Highness taid on the coat. The head-dreis iuterinixed The Princels Augufla tbc Prince of Wales


Lady Anguda Campell}Earl of Morton

wonder to our fair countrywomen, who be

held with admiration the venerable beard Lady Susannah Stewart

of this great Plenipo. Lord Galway Lady Maria Finch

Scarce a lady appeared in the Court Ball. Lady Car. Waldegrave } Lord St. Alaph

room who did

not display a beautiful Lady Eliza Chichester

bouquet.- The Princesses were the leaders in H. Miss Har: Thynne Lord Stopford

this appendage of dress. Hon. Miss Townshend

Miss Vernon
Ho. Mr. Edgcumbe

A general spirit of economy seems preMiss Gunning

valent at present throughout the nation, even Miss Grace Frankland Mr. Edwards

in the article Carriages, for we never reMiss Broughton

member to have seen so few as were sported Earl of Morton Miss Tyrell

to-day. Miis Gideon

The Prince of Wales's was without excepMiss Dundas Lord Galway

tion the inoit magnificent of the whole exOn the conclusion of the minuets, fix hibition, viz. a blue-grounded landaulet, couple stood up to country dances, in the with red, carmelite, stone, and straw co. following order :

lour stripes, a sky blue and orange border Prince of Wales,

Princess Royal. and plated edging, carriage garter blue with Lord Morton,

Princess Augufta. red, and straw-coloured mouldings and Mr. Edwards, Lady A. Campbell. gilt edging; the hammercloth garter blue, Lord St. Asaph,

Hn. Miss Townshend. richly trimmed with scarlet, lilk and gold Lord Scopford,

Hon. Miss Thynne. fringe, gold embossed tafels, and bound Hn. Mr. Edgcumbe, Hon Miss Howe. with a broad gold lace, the handles of the

The ball terminated betsveen twelve and hind carriage fluted and painted in spaces. one, after which their Majelties and the The Duke of Marlborough launched a new Princetes retired. The Prince remained coach, as did Sir George Howard, the Hon. Come little time in conversation with the Mr. Pratt, and a variety of other persons ; ladies, and on his withdrawing, the compa- but as they were chiefly on the mode of Dy began immediately to depart ; but it was neatness, it will not be material to mention Dot till near three next morning that the them. Court was entirely cleared.

Admiral Darby's carriage, with himself So numerous was the company who went and two ladies in it, were overturned to the Ball-room, that the apartment was near the Palace ; but fortunately no other crowded before the King and Queen enter. injury was done than foiling the ladies ed, and soon afterwards Lord Aylesford dressés. found it neceffary to give directions that no Towards night the streets in the neighmore perfoos should be admitted, and that hourhood of the Court were illuminated : ibe door should be lockcd. This novel or- St. James's-treet was chiefly to be diftin. der was obeyed in a most uncourtly man- guished ;-all the subscription houses were Der by some of the yeomen, who pushed luminated, but Weltjic's in particular de the gentlemen back, that happened not to serves attention. It displayed an expanse have come in time, with great rudeness, of various coloured lamps over the front, in

The most remarka-le person at the ball the centre of which the diadem was formed, was the Ambassador from Tripoli, attended and on the sides c. R. appeared on lamps by his Page of Honour and Secretary; all of a lesser Gze. All her Majesty's tradel of them were dreiled in the habits of their men, the Opera-house, Theatres, Mansioncountry, and appeared much delighted and house, and other public buildings, united in afton ihed at the crowd of beautics that sure this proof of respect, pounded them; nor were they less objects of

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The Sound is that narrow strait which feparates the kingdoms of Sweden and Dere mark, and forms the entrance into the Baltic Sea. This pass is commanded by a Isong fort

$ 2

Vienna, Jan. 9. The Emperor published on the occasion of the Treaty of Allianceles an Ediet a-new prohibiting all Games of tween his Most Christian Majelty and the CHANCE, by which he not only confirms his Republic, was most brilliani. The fuur former decrees on that subject, but adds a reigning Burgo-masters, and the rest of the penalty of 300 ducats (about 150l.) for every Magistrates of this city, and several others one who is convicted of gaming, either in of the Province, were present. The various public or private ; and the like sum for every emblematic devices, expreffive of the grati. possessor of the house where it is practised'; tude of the inhabitants, were much adone third to the treasury, another to the mired; many suitable toalts were drank on officer who apprehends the culprit, and the the occasion. A medal * excculed with great remainder to the informer, whose name shall talte has been truck to commemorate this be kept secret; and if any of the gamefters festival. A gold one has been lent to Ver. Thall inform, besides the reward, they shall sailles to be placed in his Majesty's cabinet be exempted from all punishment.

of medals, and iwo others of the same me. Extraat of a Letter from the Hague, Feb. 6. tal have been presented to the Duke de Vau.

“ The fete given at Amsterdam by some guyon, formerly Ambassador here, and to of the principal merchants of that city to the the Marquis de Verac; the other guests had Marquis de Verac, the French Ambassador, cach a silver medal given them.".




Axminster, Jan. 23.

it by an advertisement which appeared in ON

N Saturday lalt an unfortunate fire hap- the papers about two years ago, for one of

pened here, which destroyed fifteen or such a name; and ravirgiruced the pedigreo Sixteen dwellings. It was first discovered, back for near three hundred years, is found about four o'clock in the afternoon, in a to be the rigbi neir; belides the eitate bere back-house.

is a large suin of money in the locks; and Llanfair, Montgomeryshire, Jan. 30. Yes- we hear he has fouled sool. a year on his terday at noon an accident happer.ed in this attorney; he had two brothers in very low neighbourhood exactly himilar to that which circumstances, but on entering into potief. alarmed the inhabitants Build was fion of the eltate he settled 10,000l. on each some years ago. About a mile from hence, of them; and is said to have done many gebetween this town and Machynlleth, the nerous things. ground (with a considerable part of the iurn- Birmingham, Feb. :0.

On Saturday was pike road) has given way almost perpendio committed to Chciter-castle, a man for the cularly quite into the river, which has left a murder of his wife on Wednesday evening, dreadful charm of at least one hundred and The poor woman had five children by a for. fitty yards.

mer huiband, the eldest of which was but Chelmsford, Feb. 3. We learn from Wal- five years old ; and she was preparing some tham-Abbey, that a cooper about that place, papes for their supper when he came home, about eighty, is gone to take possession of and Iwcaring ihey should not cai any more 3000l. a year'; he came to the knowledge of at his expence, threw the woman down at Elsincur on the Danish fide, which enables the King of Denmark to demand a toll of all Thips that pass into, and out of, the Baltic.-Can a more powerful argument be adduced, to prove the fuperiority of the commerce of this kingdom over all the nations of Europe, than is furnished by this list?- The ports of Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Daoizick, and Prusia, are nearly all within the limits of the Baltic Sca. They can therefore have no trade with the other parts of the world without palling the Sound. -- Yet we see that British villels engaged in the Baltic trade alone, far exceed the whole body of commerce carried on by the greatest of the Northern powers.

Description of the Medals ;---"A woman, representing Holland, seated on a throne, the Batavian lion by ber fide, armed with foven arrows, a symbol of the Belgic union, alluding to the peace concluded with the Emperor; Holland offering the olive to a nympa of the Escaut; Renown appears in the air, blowing a trumpet, and streamer ornamenied with the Fleur-de-Lys. In the center is a garland, forming a civic crown, supported by two hands, with several other symbolical figures. On the exergue is

Duplici fædere salva.

The Legend,
8 Nov. pace Romano Imperatore.

10 Ejusd. fædere cum Rege Galliæ initis. On the reverse is a Mercury with his attributes, and the following inscription :- Grati animi monumentum illuftriamis hujus difficillimi negotii profesiis dications quibufdam civibus are Çatoribus diftelodamenhbus. MDCCLX X X v1."


across a fool, and pressing with his knees

of an eminent banker, for the security of upon her belly broke her back, and other. which the gentleman gave her his note : It wile mangled her in a moit shocking man- happened not many days after, one of the per, so that she expired in a short time af- notes, value 1001. reached London for pay, ter.

ment, when a letter was directly sent down, Brillol, Feb. 11. About four o'clock on requesting immediate information from Tucluay morning the inhabitants of this city whom the said note Wis received, which were alarmed by one of the most awsul and being duiy forwarded, with other particutremendous thunder storms ever remember- Jars, it appears, that the deceased had lately ed, and the terrors were heightened in no been clerk io á capital hop-factor in London, trifling degree by its proximity, the distance and alout 13 months agn, availing himkif being so imail ihat scarcely two seconds of the absence of his maiter, he eloped with dapted between the flaihes of lightning and notes and cash to the amount of 1200l, and the fucceeding thunder claps.

The tower notwithstanding repated advertisements, has of the venerable church of St. Mary Red- never been till this time heard of. More cliff received confiderable injury.

than 500l. it seems has been diffipated ; and The la meitorm was very severely felt in thus, by an act of Providence, ihe remains Bath, and in other parts of Somerset; and der will, it is hoped, revert to the hands of seems to have been general, as it was very

the owner. Seven w«eks have now expired vinderit al Derby,

Leicester, Worcefer, since the body of the fupposed culprit has Reading, &c.-A mill that food on an been commitied to the carth; and on Wed. eminence a few miles from Salisbury was seti nesday last a gentleman arrived here froin Da fire by the lightning, and reduced to London, who had been many years particualtes.

larly acquainted with him, for the purpole A letter from Chester, dated Jan. 12, of having him taken out of the grave, in says, " Aboui twelve months ago a person order, it possible, to prove the identity of c2016 here for the purpose of reliding in this his person, and yeiberday he let out for Pari of the C-untry, and took a house at Bromborouzli, the place of the interment, Childer Thornton, a village on the Liverpool to go through ihe disagreeable part of the road, a fow miles from this city, which he buliness. It fecins that he had changed his furnished in a moderate itile, and engaged name, and his hand-writing of the hignature a wojn of this place to serve him in the of the will, as tcftator, is lo much altered, capacity of a housekeeper : He had not been that the gentleman cannot swear to it. in this acuation more than nine imonths, be- Extrait of a letter from Chester, Jan. 24. fore he was attacked by a violent indispoli- “ Friday lalt the body of the man who tion, which carried him off in about thirty some time ago died at Childer Thornton. days. Immediately on the approach of fick and who was said to have cloped from Dels he made his will, and left the whole of London, with property belonging to his his personal property to his faid housekeep- malter, eminent hop-factor, to the er, although an entire stranger to him. A amount of 1,2001) was taken out of the fort time after his decease the woman came grave, and positively sworn to by a persoa to this city, and very properly lodged 14 who came for that purpose." bank-notes (amounting to 6:01.) in the hands

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JAN. 21.

cealed themselves, called all hands froin the THE HE Sessions of Oyer and Terminer and yawl, which lay along-lide, to the number

Gaol Delivery, for the Admiralty, of about twelve, armed with piftols and was held at the Old-Bailey, when two pri- cutiales, feized the matter and crew of the foners were trięd, viz. William Shaw Hines, Swift, took them out to sea, and putting for piratically foizing, taking, and failing them in a boat, left them to shilt for themaway with a cuiter or vessel called the Swili, selves. - Immediately after his trial he rein the service of the Customs, on the 6th of ceived sentence of death. March, 1781. It appeared on the trial, that 27. The Ambassador from Tripoli was the pritoner belonged to a smuggling yawl, presented to his Majelly, when he delivered commanded by one Knight, and being de- his credentials, and was most graciously reScried by the Switz cruizer, in the Muller, ceived. He brought over with him as a about three leagues from the coast of Elsex, present to the King, from the Bey his master, kave chace, came up with and hailed the a very rich saddle, with stirrups of steel Malter on board : the Swift proceeded to double gilt, the breast-plate of embossed take the cargo of the yawl on board, when gold, and a bridle of curious workmanship. Hines finding that the crew of the yawl were Mr. Charles Price, alias Patch, late a superior to those in the Swift, buc bad con- kceper, formerly an attornev

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who was apprehended on the 14th instant at Address was unanimously voted to his Grace Mr. Aldus's, a pawnbroker in Berwick. the Lord Lieutenant. ftreet, for forging the Bank of England's A letter from Botton, dated Dec. 1, fars, Dotes, hanged himself on the 24th in Tothil- " Late last Friday evening, after a long defields Bridewell, there being only ten days bate, the Honourable the Senate negatired from his apprehension to his dissolution, the Bill sent up from the Lower House, re When the keeper of the prison cut himn pealing all laws respecting the Refugees of down, he found in his breast three letters ; every description." one addressed to the Directors of the Bank, Feb, 3. This morning were taken from whercin he confessed every thing concerning New gate, ivo conviets under sentence of the forgery, as well as the manner of putting transportation (about 50 of whom had been off the nutes ; another to his wife, written capically convicted, and received his Main a most affecting ityle ; and one to the jelly's mercy on that condition), and being keeper of the prison, thanking him for the put in waggons, set off on their journey to humanity he had lhewn him. The Coroner's Portsmouth, where they are to be put on Inqueti brcught in their verdict Self-Murder, board the Firm. and he was put into the ground in the fields, 7. About twenty minutes past three and a itake driven through his body. He o'clock this morning, a fire was discovered was 52 years of age. - His first attack on the by a constable on his duty at Aldermanbury Bank was about the year 1780, when a watch-house ; he immediately went into forged note had been taken there, so com- Balinghall-street, where he found the flaines plece in all its parts, the engravings, the fig- issued from a part of Guildhall; he rooz natures, the witer-marks, &c. that ii palied and knocked for some time before he coud through various hands unsuspected, and was rouse the watchmen, and on their opening not discovered c. 1 it came to a certain de- the gates, it was discovered that the Chainpartment in the routine of that office, and berlain's old dwelling-house_(which was through which no forgery can pass undiíco- under repair) was burning. The Gre caught vered. Tliis occafioned a confiderable the Chamberlain's office, which, together alarm, and noies upon notes flowed in about with the house, in a short time were totally the Lottery and Christmas times, without contumed; and we are sorry to add, but the leatt potlibility of tracing out the first few of the Chamberlain's books are faved. negovator. lar ous consultations were held, Luckily the Treasury received no damage. various plans laid, and innumerable were The house of Mell. Wakefield and Bell rethe eforis of detection, but in vain-they ceived considerable damrge. were traced up to one man from every quar- The Guildhall of the City of London was le:, always disgutid, always inaccellible; first insured in the year 1776 for 5000l. and a id, we will veniure to pronounce, the forger the Surveyors belonging to the Sun Fire would have remained much longer a secret Office, the next day made a report of the hut for the unwearicd alienuon and cool dainages done by the fire amounting ia collected plans of Mr. Clark, a public ofli- 3000l. cer at Bow-itreet. Mr. Price engraved his The Chamberlain at a Court of Common own plates; he wanc his own paper, with Council aflured the Court, hat nothing the water-marks, and he was his own nego. very matcrial was lost in the above fire that tiator, thereby confining a secret to his own reipected the accounts of the City; but that breat, which he wildly deemed not safe in the books of the entry of freemen were the breast of another; cven Mrs. Price had destroyed, which may prove of great inconnot the least knowkidge or fufpicion of his venience, because they have frequently been proceedings. The counterfeited copper-plates admitted as evidence by Lord Mansfield were found under ground, in a field near and the Lord Chancellor. Tottenhan-couil-road, the turf being re- Their High Mightineiles the States-Geneplaced upon the 'por.

ral of the United Provinces have appointed There were found in a box belonging to March the ift to be observed over all their Price, two artificial notes, very curiously dominions as a day of falling and prayer. executed in imitation of nature. Thele, it

At the Court at St. James's. the 13th day of is obvious, he nocasionally wore as a part of

February, 1766, the various modis of his disguise; and by

P R E S E N T, which difguile he rad moft astonishingly, The KING's Moft Excellent Majesty in fuch a length of time, cluded justice.

Council 31. A debate took place on the 19th inst. in the Irish House of Commons, upon a

SHERIFFS appointed by his Majesty in

Council for the Year 1786. motion of amendment to the Address of his

Berkshire. William Poyniz, of Midgham, Majesty, made by Mr. Flood ; but Mr.

Esq. Orde afsuring the House, that nothing in the

Bedfordshire. Matthew Rugely, of Pollody Speech or Address tended to revive the com

Esq. miercial resolutions, the original motion

Bucks. Thomas Wilkinson, of Westhorpe, paited without alteration ; alter which an



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