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the supplies that were desired to the full tryman wanting to cross the river, casually amount of every estimated expence ; nor got into a boat, with an intent to convey have they omitted at the same time to pro- himself over; but not knowing how to vide for the speedy reduction of the national manage the boat, he drove to sea, and actudebt by a conliderable finking fund, and to ally arrived at Calais on the Tucsday followcontinue to the agriculture, the filheries, and ing, from which place an account was rethe rising manufactures of the kingdom, the ceived last Saturday of his being safe and bounties necessary for their support.

well. * Great as these caxes are, they are libe- “ The following remarkable circumstance rally and chearfully given, in the most firm happened at Delning Lodge, near Gazeley, and lull confidence that from your Grace's in this county. Mrs. Bridgeman, wife of experience, wisdom, and affection for this Mr. Bridgeman, farmer, relident at the above kingdom, they will be found effectually to place, having for a confiderable time been answer the end proposed, of supplying the Atrongly prepossessed by dreams, that a perwhole of the public expence, and preventing son was buried in their wash-house, deter. any further accumulation of debt."

mined to examine the place; and about a The Royal Assent being given to the seve. fortnight fince employed some people for sal bills which were ready, and the House that purpose, who, after digging a confiderreturned, a vole of thanks to the Speaker, able time, found a hair trunk, or portmanfor his excellent speech, was unanimously teau, in which were contained the bones of agreed to.

a grown person, and a child of about ten April 1. At the final close of the poll weeks old, supposed to have been buriet for the borough of Lancaster, yesterday, the twelve or fifteen years, and from the singulanumbers were-For Sir George Warren, rity of their being deposied in a box, there 1166; for Mr. Lowther, 1140 : Majority is great realon to apprehend that they are for Sir George, 29.- A scrutiny being de- the remains of persons who were murdered." manded by Mr. Lowther, the returning of- 5. A letter from Philadelphia says, ficers having beard the arguments of all the “ Those who went formerly by tho denoCounsel on both sides, and having advised mination of Members of the Church of En. with their Counsel, were unanimoully of gland in this part of the world, can now be opinion, that a scrutiny was unnecessary and no longer distinguished by that name, having inexpedient, and therefore refused to grant framed a new religious system to themselves, the fame; and Sir George Warren was de- under the title of the Episcopal Church. An clared duly elected.

assembly of the Clergy of this infant church 4 Came on the election of a Governor has been held in this city, in which Mr. and Deputy Governor of the Bank of En- Wharton, late Chaplain to the Catholics of gland for the year ensuing, when

Worcester, prehded, for the purpose of reGeo. Peters, Esq. was chosen Governor, and forming the Church of England. 'They lopEdward Darell, Esq. Deputy Governor. ped off nineteen of the Thirty-nine Articles,

And on Wednesday came on the election blotted the Nicene and Athanafian Creeds of twenty-four Directors, when the follow- from the Liturgy, and expunged the article ing gentlemen were chosen :

“. He descended into Hell," from that of the Sam. Beachcroft, Esq. | Daniel Giles, Esq. Apostles.” Daniel Booth, Esq. John Harrison, Ėlq. The following malefactors were Tho. Boddington, Esq. T.Scott Jackson, Erą. brought out of Newgate, and executed Roger Brehm, Esq. Richard Neave, Esq. facing the debtors door, viz. Thomas TaSam. Bosanquet, Esq. | Edward Payne, Esq. tum and Samuel Francis, for breaking open Lyde Brown, Esq. Chrift. Pullen, Esq. the house of John White, in Holywell-itreet, Richard Clay, Esq. Thomas Raikes, E?q. St. Clements, and dealing a quantity of lilks, William Cooke, Esq. Godf.Thornton, Esq. value 200l. ang upwards. William HoughBicknell Coney, Esq. Sam. Thornton, Esq. con and Thomas Horton, for breaking open Themas Dea, Esq. Mark Weyland, Esq. the house of Mary Humphreys, in Bainbridge William Ewer, Esq. Benj. Winthrop, Esq. Arect, and stealing divers goods. CornePeter Gaussen, Esq. J. Whitmore,jun. Esq lius Croome, for breaking into the house of

A few days since the Albion Mill, on the Elizabeth Bell, in High-itreet, St. Giles's, Surrey side of Blackfriars-bridge, . began and stealing 4, quantity of lead, the property working. This mill, the largest in the of Joseph Kirkman. John Howes, for breaks world, has been created by the proprietors ing open the house of Richard Hucknell, for supplying this great metropolis with and fealing four or five fhillings in money. Hour, and of course reducing the price of Thomas Burdett, for breaking open the bread. The machinery is worked by the house of John Chancellor, at Holywelloperation of Ateam.

Mount, and stealing a quantity of watches, Extract of a Letter from Yarmouth, in Norfolk, 2101. Bank Note, &c. George Lyons and April 3.

Thomas Hopkins, for breaking open the “ Yelerday se’onighi a most extraordic house of T. Bower, in Cable-treet, Whitenary circumstance occurred bere. A coun. chapel, and stealing a pocket-book, contain






ing a sol. Bank Note, a Bill of Exchange, Twyman was examined on Sunday afternoon, &c. “And John Kilall, for robbing James but for a long time denied any knowledge of Gray, near the Spaniard's, at Highgate, of the murder, and though only twelve years of a gold watch. They all behaved in a man- age, kept to one account fo artfully that it ner that became persons in their unhappy was with the greatest difficulty he was made fituation. One dying a Roman Catholic, to confess the truth; at last he owned that was executed with his back towards the relt C. Twyman did kill Ancell, and gave this of his fellow-suficrcrs.

relation :-" Twyman was on horse-back, 13. The following molt barbarous and in and overtook the deceased about eleven human murder was committed on Tyler's on Saturday night a short distance from Mar. Green, near Godstone, in Surrey: - A vida gate church-yard, on the road to Drapers; lain, a pauper belonging to the latter place, that he first attempted to take a bag from having conceived some dillike to Mr. Burt, Ancell, and told him that he was an excisean apothecary there, meditated his deatt, officer, but Ancell, knowing Twyman, calle which he effected by attacking him sud- ed him by his name, and refused to give up denly, first knocking him down, and then his property; on this a scuffle ensued, and chopping bim about the head, face, and Twyman knocked Ancell down by a blow other parts, with a hand-bill, which he had on the head with a stout club stick. Ancell concealed for that purpose The horrid per- recovering a little, got as far as Drapers, near petrator was immediately pursued and taken. half a mile from the place he was art ftruck; When in custody, he appeared totally un- but Twyman then came up with Ancell mindful of the consequences, and seemed to again, and knocked him down a second express great satisfaction that he had so am

After this, the poor wretch got on ply gratified his diabolical revenge. Mr. his knees and begged for mercy. Twyman Burt, who was a man of unexceptionable dismounted, thook hands, and promised he character, has left behind him six children, would not frike him any more, but almost with a widow pregnant of the seventh. Soon at the same instant the blood-thirsty villain after the murder, one of the deceased's gave the unbappy man several violent blons gloves was found on the road, with his on his head, which fractured his skull, then thumb in it. One of his hands was also made him (the boy) strike the deceased sc. nearly chopped off, and his skull broken in a veral times, while he was bleeding on the Shocking manner.

ground, and afterwards Twyman walked his It appears that the above villain is between "horse iwo or three times over.the body," 50 and 60 years of age, and that under pre- Thus finished the bloody scene. tence of being maimed and decrepid, he had It is much to be lamented that this eruel for a long time received pay from the parish; murdener is not yet taken, but ftri& search is but having been represented by Mr. Burt as making after him, and every step pursued to a proper object to work for his livelihood, hinder his getting away by water ; being well and his pay being stopped, he vowed ven. known in the Isle of Thanct and on the seageance against Mr. Burt, and also against the coall, it is thought he cannot long escape the overseers. Mr. Burt's little boy was with punishment due to his crime. The deceased his father when he was murdered; was has left a wife and cight children, and the seized with terror, Thricked and ran away : murderer has left a wife and five children. his cry, however, raised an alarm, which Monday afternoon the Coroner's Inqueft fat produced the villain's capture.

on the body, and brought in their verdict 16. John Ancell, a poor labourer at Sac- Willul Murder against the said Charles ket's-hiil in Thanet, Kent, was found in a Twyman. field joining to rapers, near Marg 19. Came on the election of Six Directors with his skull fractured in a shocking man- of the East-India Company, in the room of ner, and many parts of his body terribly the fix who went out by rotation, when on bruised. The following are the particulars casting up the ballot, about ten o'clock, of this horrid affair. The deceased went the numbet were as follow : from Margate on Saturday evening about Mr. Sparks

755 cleven o'clock, when he parted with an ac


754 quaintance near the church-yard, to go home


746 to Sacket's-bill, and he was then much in


648 liquor. Soon afterwards Charles Twyman,


647 of Bromstone, near St. Peter's, was seen to


628 go the same road on hors-back, with a boy


444 who lived with him behind him; a fufpicion


417 therefore fell on the said Charles Twyman, On which the first fix were declared duly which was strongly confirmed by its being elccted. The first five, and Mr. Talem, known that there had been a dispute between were in the House list. Mr. Travers was in him and the deceased some time since, and the Proprietors litt. that Twyman had threatened to be revenged Same day the Court of Directors of the ou thc dcccarce. The boy who rode behind Eal-ludia Company granted an annuity of



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a 500l. per ann. to Lord Macartney, as a con. son, for robbing Mrs. Chapman, of Unionaderation for the unexampled integrity ard court, Holborn, of a quantity of pewier to ability displayed by that Notleman during the value of five pounds and upwards. He his adminiftration at Fort St. Gcorge. behaved with that decency which became

Same day the Court of Directors of the his untimely end. India Company made the following arrange- 20. Jonathan Michie, and John Motteaux, ment of their servants at Bengal and Madras, Esqrs. were elected Chairman and Deputy in consequence of the new India Bill having Chairman of the East-India Company. received the Royal Alleni, viz. Earl Corn- A list of the capital convicts at the different wallis is appointed Governor. General and towns for the Lent circuits only, 1986. Commander in Chief. - General Slope: re. York and city

151 Maidstone called, and to receive an annuity of 1500l. Lancaster


9 for life. - The Bengal Council to consist of Aylesbury 5 Kingston

15 Earl Cornwallis, Messrs. Macpherson, Stables, Bedford

Ely and Stuart ; — and Mr. John Shore to suc• Huntingdon

Wincheler ceed to the first vacancy in the Supreme Cambridge

Sarum Council. The system of uni in; the chief, Thetford


3 civil, and military authority to take place Bury St. Edmuod 9 Exon and city at cach Presidency; of course, Governor Sir Northampton 3 | Launceston Archibald Campbell is appointed Governor Oakham

Taunton and Commander in Chief at Madras.-Ge- Lincoln and county 8 Abingdon

7 neral Dalling also recalled with an annuity Nottinghain & town 5 | Oxford of one thousand pounds a year for life.- Derby

Worcester and city: 8 The Madras Council to consist of Sir Archi. Leicester & borough 6 Stafford

16 bald Campbell, Messrs. Daniel, Davidson, Coventry 2 Shrewsbury 3 and Callamajor.



9 Same morning was executed before the Hertford

Moomouth debtors door, ai Newgate, Henry Thomp- Chelmsford Gloucester and city 16

In all 28$

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APRIL 1786.


PILLIAM Lord Craven to be Lord Henry Crosdale, Esq. to be Lieutenant of

Lieutenant of the county of Berks. his Majesty's Yeomen Guards, vice Naina Sir Guy Carletun, to be Captain-general Garrick, Esq. religned. and Governor in Chief in and over the Pro- Bamber Gascoigne, Esq. to be Receiver. vince of Quebec, in America, vice Sir general of the Cultoms, vice William Md. Frederick Haldimand, K. B.

lith, Esq. resigned. Sir Guy Carleion to be Captain-general Lieutenant General Thomas Hall to be and Governor in Chief in and over the Pro. Colonel of the 3d Regiment of fout, vice vince of Nova Scotia, including the Islands William Siyle. of St. John and Cape Breton, in America, Major Gencral Sir George Olbarn, of the vice Joho Parr, Esq. and of the Province of 3d Regiment of Foot Guards, to be Cologel New Brunswick, in America, vice Thomas of the 711t Regiment of Fool, lase the 24 Carlcion, E!q.

baitalion of the 42d. Sir Guy Carleton to be General and Com- Thomas Irving, E [q. to be Inspector

r-esmander in Chief of his Majesty's forces in . neral of the imports and exports of Gicat the above-mentioned Provinces and Mands, Britain, vice Jobin Pelham, Esq. dec. and within the Inand of Newfoundland, The Honourable Lieutenant-general Sir

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Horssall William Howe to be Colonel of the ezd to be Lieutenanç Colonel of the 58th Regi- Regiment of Light Dragooris, vice Sir Joha ment of Foot, vice Gavin Cochran; and Burgoyne. Brevet Major Browne to be Major, vice C. Majir-General Richard Grenville, of che Horsfall.

Coldiream Regiment of Foot Guards, to The Rev. William Collier, B. D. Hebrew be Colonel of the 23d Regiment of Fout. Professor in Cambridge University, elected Gen. M*Arthur to be Governor of the into a Senior Fellowship of Trinity Colleges, Bahama Ibuds, vice Colcue Maxwei, ix the Room of Dr. Bentley, dec.



APRIL 1786.

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EPTIMUS Hodson, M. B. of Caius Col-, George Bustard Greaves, E'q. merchant lege, Cambridge, to Miss AMeck, da. of of Sheffield, 10 Miss Clay, duyhier of josThe Rev. John Camplin, jun. M. A. At Calcutta, 'Capt. William Kirkpatrick, Minor Canon of Bristol cathedral, to Miss Secretary to Gen. Sloper, to Miss Maria SeWilliams of Bristol.

ehe Rru M A.La Stamford

seoh Clav Era of Brdochonte

ton Pawson, daughter of the late George At Brinkworth in Wilts, Mr. Potter, aged Pawson, Esq. wine-merchant, of London. 21, to Mrs. Wiltshire, aged 86; the amia- The Rev. Mr. Luxmore, Rector of Queenble bride was with difficulty conducted to square Chapel, to Miss Elizabeth Barnard, the altar between the bridegroom's two daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Barnard, Fel. hsters.

low of Eton College. The Hon. Lady Horatia Waldegrave, Isaac Lloyd, Esq. of Great Marlow, Bucks, second daughter of the Duchess of Gloucester, to Miss Maria Johnstone. to Captain Conway, 2d son of Lord Hertford. John Bacon Foster, Esq. of Northumber.

At Madras, John Chamier, Esq. Military land, to Miss Sarah Beaver, daughter of the Secretary to the Presidency of Madras, to late Peter Beaver, Esq. of Farnbam. Miss Grace-Georgiana Burnaby, lister of Sir The Rev. Mr. Jones, Fellow of New William Burnaby, Bart.

College, Oxford, and Rector of WitchingRichard Long, Esq. jun. eldest son of ham in Norfolk, to Miss Springer, of LyndRichard Long, of Rood-Ashton in Wilts, hurt. Elg. lo Miss Florentina Wrey, filter to Şir William Boscawen, Esq. second son of the Bourchier Wrey, Bart.

late Gen. Gcorge Boscawen, to Miss CharAt Brussels, the Right Hon. Lord John lotte Ibbetson, daughter of the late Dr. Ib. Russel, only brother to the Duke of Bod- betson, Archdeacon of St. Alban's. ford, to the Honourable Georgiana Elizabeth Richard Remington, Esq. of the 26th Byng, second daughter of the Right Hon. regiment of Foot, to Miss Blonel, daughter Lord Viscount Torrington, his Britannic of the late Plaxton Blonel, Esq. of Dulfield, Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary at that Derbyshire.

John Barritt, confectioner at Lincoln, to The Rev. Christopher Taylor, of Blash- Mrs. Barlow, whose ages together make 134 ford, Hants, to Miss Lisle, of Moyles Court. years. This is the fourth time this couple

George Powell, Esq. of Belton in Rut- have attended the altar of Hymen. Mrs. landshire, to Miss Hartop, daughter of the Barlow's last husband was buried on the late Edward-William Hartop, Esq. of Little- same day as Mr. Barritt's last wife, about Leicestershire.

two months since. Thomas Smith Barwell, Esq. of Clarges- Mr. John Ayton, of Albion-place, to Atreet, to Miss Unwin, of Wootton-Park, Miss Eliza Esdaile, daughter of J. Esdaile, Staffordshire.

Esq. of Beccles, Suffolk Somerset Davies, Esq. of Wigmorstre, to Thomas Wildinan, Esq. of Lincoln's-ina, Miss Hammond, of Bloomsbury-square. to Miss Harding, of King's-road, Bedford

The Rev. William Stratford, of Corpus Chrifti College, to Miss Bridgeman of Inp, The Rev. Mr. Fielding, of Stratford-hall, Oxon.

Yorkshire, to Miss Rymer, of Cotham-Stubb, The Rev. William Hagairt, rector of Durham. Armthorpe in Yorkshire, and Bromley in Richard Hunt Muckelfield, Esq. of TilKent, to Miss Chambers, of Paddington. bury-hall, Essex, to Miss Calvert, daughter

The Rev. John Symonds, of Bere-court, of the late Peter Calvert, Esq. of Hadham, to Miss Jane May, of Pangbourn, Berks.

Herts. James Slantey, of Lincoln's Inn, E14. to A: Chelsea, James Hayward Poole, Elq. Mils Cornwall, daughter of John Cornwall, to Miss Lucy Anne Couilhurit, Efq. of Portland-place.

jones, Esq. to Mifs Stead, of Mil. William Mills, Esq. of South-Audley: man-ftreet, Bedford-Square. kreet, to Miss E. Digby, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Chaunter to Lady Harington. late Hon. Wrioresly Digby.





23. At Edinburgh, Col. Gavan Cochraa,

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Bucks, aged 84, one of the partners in in Castle . the fail cloth manufactory at Newbury, 24. Mrs. Reymer, widow of the late Mr. Berks.

Reymer, late an eminent druggift, of Not16. At Lisboa, Edward Mayne, Esq. tingham. This woman, whose maiden name

22. John Grayhurst, Esq.' near Mon- was Miss Alh, of Lincolnshire, had a fortune mouth.

of goool. She has had four husbands, viz. Marmaduke Browning, Esq. aged 93. He Mr. Levers, grazier ; Mr. Willington, drugo had been in the army upwards of 50 years, gift ; Mr. Footit, druggift ; and Mr. Rey: and served under the Duke of Cumberland mer, druggilt, a German. In 1780 the last at Cullodea.

husband left Nottingham suddenly; in a




month after the wife followed him, with all 2. The Rev. Mr. Borrell, sen. Rector and the calh she could raise; nothing was heard Patron of Letheringsett, in Norfolk. of her for four years, when she was brought 3. In Ireland, the Rev. Walter Shirley, by a pass, in the molt abject condition, from brother to the Earl of Ferrers. Bristol. She has since been taken care of by 4. Miss Louisa Burgoyne, daughter of the her younger son by the first husband, and late Sir John Burgoyne, Bart. died of grief in the 634 year of her

At Sioken Church, in Oxfordshire, Mrs. Lately, at High Worlal, Yorkshire, Mr. Mason, relict of John Mason, Esq. in the Marmaduke Angel, ogea 101.

sooth year of her age. 25. The Rev. John St. John, Rector of At Clare, in Ireland, Jonathan Beresford, Farley and Hartley, in Hampshire. Esq. azed upwards of 107 years. He was

Lately, in France, Captain Rumbold, of an officer in the rebel army in 1715, and the guards.

after the defeat he escaped to France, where 26. Mrs. Mac Nally, wife of Leonard he continued till the first year of the reign Mac Nally, Esq.

of George II. when his friends obtained bis At Lancaster, Edward Norton, Esq. Mem- pardon, and he afterwards lived retired. ber for Carline, third son of Lord Grantley. 5. Mrs. Kipling; widow of Henry KipAt Bath, Dr. Pollard.

ling, Esq. deceased. Lately, at Bromley, in Kent, aged 84, Alleicester, Mr. Waters, of London. He Mrs. Philippa Maria Stubbs.

had been the Northern circuit, and the day Lately, in the East-Indies, Thomas Shado belore married, at Burton upon Trent, Mils well, Esq. formerly Secretary to Lord Grani- Holland, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Holland, ham at the Court of Spain, and son of the of that place. The same morning the newJate Richard Shadwell, Esq. Chief Clerk in married couple set out for town, intending the Secretarv of Siace's Office,

10 Qeep at Leicester; but the sudden hand of 27. Al Nice, the Right Hon. Sack. death came upon the bridegroom, and before ville, Earl of Thanet, Hereditary Sheriff of the next morning he left a widowed bride, and Weitmoreland. His Lordship married Mary, was himself no more. [We cannot upon this the only daughter of Lord John Sackville, melancholy occasion but point out to our and filter of the present Duke of Dorset. readers a beautiful passage from Hervey.

28. Mr. Gabriel Gouldaey, of Clifton, " What a memorable proof is here of man's near Bristol, a Quaker, in the 81st year of " frailty in his bett citate! Look ! Oh! look his age.

“ on this event, ye gay and carelefs! The Ai Jamaica, Rear-Admiral Innis, Com- * nuptial joys were all he thoughi on, and mander in Chief of his Majesty's ships upon " such the breathings of his enamoured soul! that station, in the 85th year of his age. “ Yet a little while and I shall enjoy the ute

29. Al Hampstead, Charles Grove, Esq. " most of my wishes; I shall call my charformerly a tea-broker in the Poultry. “ mer mine; and have in her whatever my

In Charles-Atreet, Westminster, the Rev. “ heart can crave. In the midst of these Mr. Shield.

“ enchanting views had some faithful friend At Doncaster, Bryan Cooke, Esq. “ reminded him of an opening grave, and the

At Fingal, in Yorkshire, aged 83, the " end of all things, how unreasonable would Rev. Thomas Nelson, Rector of that parish " he brave reckoned the admonition !-Yet upwards of go years.

" though all warm with life, and rich in viIn New Inn, John Chalmers, Esq. former- “ fionary bliss, he was then lottering upon ly of the Island of Jamaica.

"the brink of both. Dreadful viciffitude! The Rev. John Markham, Rector of "to have the bridal feftivity turned into fuo Back wall, Somerset.

" neral solemnity! to be lipwrecked in the 30. At Rugby, in Warwickshire, Mr. Pe. very haven, and to perish in the light of ter Clare, of Chancery-lane, furgeon. He happiness.") was author of " An Essay on the Cure of Ab- Lately, on Hampstead Heath, Hugh Anfcefles by Caustic, and on the Treatment of derson, Esq. Wounds and Ulcers, with Observations on 6. In Conduit-Street, Hanover-square, fome Improvements in Surgery," 8vo. Prince Peter Gagarin, a Russian noble1779.

31. la the Fleet Prison, Martin Williams, John Parsons, Esq. Mayor of Leicester, Elg.

Mrs. Lucas, wise of Josiah Lucas, Esq. of 7. Gcorge Ross, Esq. of Cromarty, MemSt. Alban’s-street, Pall-Mall.

ber for Kirkwall. Lady Hanham, of Dean's-Court, Dorset. The Rev. Richard Green, Vicar of Rad

The Rev. Joseph Payne, of Buckland, cliffe, Buckinghamshire. brother to the Counters Dowager of North- Miss Barham, youngest daughter of Joseph ampton and Lady Frances Seymour. Foster Barham, Esq. of Bedfordshire.

APRIL 1. In Argyle-Street, William At Worcester, Nathaniel Jefferies, Esq. Campbell

, Esq. formerly Captain of a Comformerly goldsmith to her Majesty. pany in the 3d regiment of guardo.

8. Joha Pelham, Esq. of Crowburk, in Sullex.



aged 59

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