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of age.

BIRTHS, MAY 1786. HE Countos Fitzwilliam of a son and The Lady of the Right Hon. the Earl of heir.

Aylesford of a Son and Heir.

MAY 1786.
HE Rev. William Leeves, rector of spective heirs at law, there were great re-

Wrington, Somerletshire, to Miss joicings on the occation by the families on iWathen, youngest daughter of Dr. Wathen. both lides.

The Rev. Mr. Tomkins, of Bucknell, The Rev. Thomas Hay, of North Wal. Worcestershire, to Miss Green, daughter of sham, Norfolk, to Miss Bragge, daughter the Rev. Dr. Green, of Ashford.

of the late Charles Bregge, Elg, of CleveWalter Sneyd, Esq. to Miss Bagnt, eldeft Hill, in Gloceitershire. daughter of Lord Bagot.

At Dublin, Tho. Lyon, Esq. of Water. Sir William Twysden, Bart. to Miss Fan- castle, nearly related to the Earl of Suathny Wynch, of Upper Harley-street. more, to Miss Blakeney, litter and fole hei

Ac Warrington, Thomas Pemberton, ress of the late John Blakeney, Elz. Men. M. D. to Mrs. Davies of the same place. ber for Atheny, with a fortuae of 800l. px?

Mr.Tho. Sandford, of Witham, in Er. sex, aged 70, to his maid-Servant, 18 years Jonathan Peel, Fiq. of Church near Black

burn, to Miss Eiber Bolton, of Bolton, The Rev. Hugh Owen, to Miss Jeffreys, Lancashire. daughter of Edward Jefreys, Esq. of Major Chester, of the 35th Foot, to Miss Shrewsbury.

Etheldreda Seymour, eldeit daughter of John Jones, junior, of Llwynor, Esq. Henry Seymour, Esq. late of Hanford, Doro to Miss Stead, of Great James-ftrect.

setshire. James Stanley, Esq. of Lincoln's-Inn, to Francis Twiss, Esq. (lop of the late F. Miss Cornwall, daughter of John Cornwall, Twiss, Esq. of Norwicn) to Miss Frances Esq. of Portland-place.

Kemble, sister to Mrs. Siddoos. Rev. Dr. Price, rector of Great-Hough- Joseph Kirkpatrick, Esq. banker, of the ton, near Northampton, to Mrs. Hill, of Isle of Wight, to Miss Anne Everett, of Charlotte-Itreet, Bloomsbury.

Heyteíbury, Wilts. John Graves, Esq. Captain in the Royal The Rev. George Sayer, of Pitt in Kent, Navy, to Miss Elizabeth Sawle, youngest to Miss Wakeley, only daughter of James daughter of the late Sawle, Esq. of Bar. Wakeley, Esg. ley

The Rev. Vaughan, rector At Fakenham, Dr. Plealance , physician, Frellingheid in Suffolk, Mila Bulley

, of to Miss Sepings.

Oxlord. The Rev. Mr. Plumptre, rector of New- Mr. Thomas Reid, of St. James's-Square, ton in Cambridgeshire, to Miss Cross, daugh- to Miss Bolanquet, of York-ftreci, St. ter of Edward Cross, Esq. of Leverington. James's.

Thomas Parke, Esq. of Great James- At Lillingstone-Dayrell, Bucks, the Rev, freet, to Miss Hughes, only daughter of John Dayrell, 10 Mils Wilson, both of the the late Admiral Hughes.

Iamc place. Joleph Cripps, Esq. of Cirencester, to H. Edgell, Esq. of Standerwick, deas Mils Harrison, daughier of Benjamin Har- Beckington, io Miss Eyre, alter to Judge rison, Esq. Treasurer of Guy's Hospital. Eyre.

N. W. Lewis, Esq. of Broad-treet, to Capt. Carr-Thomas Brackenburgh, of the Mrs. Young, of Buch-Hall, Heris.

541h Regiment, to Miss Vachell, of Holo James Cooper, Esq. of Oxford-street, to les-street, Cavendith-Square. Miss Maria Rogers, of New Bond-Itreet. At Bristol, J. E. Harris, Esq. to Miss

At Alton, near Birmingham, Philip Johanna Hutchinson, daughter of the late Holmes, Esq. of Solihull, batchelor, aged E. Hutchinson, Esq. Governour of Jamaica, 86, to Miss Mary Cope, of Grove Park, The Right Hon. George Venables Ver near Warwick, (pintter, aged 64, their two non, Lord Vernon of Kinderton in the ages making exactly 150 years. As this county of Chefter, widower, wo Miss Jane match was made merely for the sake of Georgiana Fauquier, of si. Georges Hias joining fortunes, for the benefit of the re-. nover-Square.



car of Northleach, and Master of the free A

T Leaton-Hall, in Staffordshire, James Grammar-School there.
Mosely, Esq.

21. Joha Trent, Esq. of Charles-Atreets 20. Thomas Bolton Hodgson, M. A. Vi

Wiliam Hughes, Esq. of Bellhanger, in Newgate By making a breach in the wall; kent.

his companion got out first, but Mr. Holkte 22. In his passage from the Welt-Indies, being a very square bulky man, the hole was R. L. Hicks, Esq. of the Inand of Nevis: too small to admit his efcape. When his

23. The Rev. Dr. Richard Conyers, Rec- companion, who had got down safe, found tor of St. Paul's, Deptford. He was ftruck Mr. Holker could not follow him, he had with a paralytick froke in the pulpit as he the generous resolution to realcend by the concluded bis fermon.

way which he had escaped, determined that lo Duke-street, Piccadilly, Mr. Alexander if Holker could not get out, be would Ray Corcos ; well known to the lovers of the and share his fate. They both went to arts, by his works on the principles of work again, and having enlarged the hole, beauty in the human head, on the original they both escaped. Holker afterwards ree compofition of landscapes, &c.

mained six weeks concealed in London, by Edward Morley, Esq.

a woman who kept a green-stat), although lo Newman-itreet, Mrs. Porten, aged 81. hundreds of pounds were offered for his In Rathbone-place Captain Freemantle. apprehension. He afterwards escaped to

Lately, at Twickenham, Charles Ealton, France, and served with honour in the Irish Σία.

brigade, till peace deprived himn of his pay. 24. James Earl of Loudoun, at Loudoun Various were the applications made by him Castle, Ayrshire.

to the Crown for pardon, but this he never Lately, in the South of France, Thomas could obtain. Forced at lait by neccflay, he Butcall, Esq. of Greek-street, Soho.

was induced to attempt the introduction of Mrs. Beckford, of Bedford-street, Bloomf- the Manchester manufactory, ai Rouen, in bury:

which he but too successfully fucceeded, to At Barnet, in the sooth year of his age, the great detriment of this country. He Mr. Job Moriston. He had lived the last 20 lived to see the manufactory in its full viyears wholly on vegetable diet, without any gour, and to reap the reward of his inge other beverage than milk, of which he took nuity and industry. one pint every morning at breakfast, and 29. At Ludlow in Shropshire, Williara never drank the whole day afrerwards. Tolde vy, Esq.

- Tomlinson, Esq. lately returned from Lately, at Jarrow Quay, Yorkshire, aged the East Indies.

102, Mrs. Eleanor Railiton. She could Lately, at Hemsworth, Yorkfhire, Rev. walk about and read without spectacles to Richard Siringer, M. A. agod 89. He had the day of her death. been Matter of the Hospital upwards of 36 30. At Blackheath, Captain Barton, aged years.

98. He was upwards of 50 years in the 26. Mr. Sharpe, Attorney at Law. Navy.

At Kenfington, the Rev. Mr. Srillingflcet Lewis Jones, Esq. formerly prothonotary Duroford, Master of the endowed School at of the Common Pleas. Hinton Ampines, in Hants.

MAY 1. At Thoulouse, Henry Rcad, At Scarborough, Mrs. Hunter, aged 105, Esq. of Crowood, near Ramsbury, Wilifhire who retained her laculties to the latt. An At Hornchurch, in Ellex, the Reverend hour before the expired, she delired her Robert Speed, many years Vicar of that maden name (Voelj might be put upon her place. tomb-Itone, being a descendant of ihat fa- At Edmonton, Sir Evan Lecairne, of the mily, also third coulin to the present Duke Kingdom of Ireland. of Rutland, and third coulin to the Earl of In Gray's lon, Robert Saltonitall, Esq. Gainsborough.

Mr. John Bache, of Fortunes, near Wat27. Henry Peach, Esq. nephew to Lady ford. Lyttelton.

2. At Ringwood, Hants, George Lord Lately, at Chelmsford, in his 77th year, Brooke, eldeit Son of the Earl of Warwick, Anthony Benczet, one of the people called aged 14. Quakers.

Peter Morrill Bathurst, Esq. eldest Son of 28. William Davison, Esq. Hamburgh the Rev. Mr. Robert Bathurti, of Lanítón. Merchant, and an agent for lupplying his house, near Winchester. Majesty's dock-yards with timber.

3. Mr. Robert Collins, late Bookseller in Át Rouen in Normandy, John Holker, Pater-noller Row. Esq. Knight of the Order of St. Louis, and Mr. Jay, scaior, Undertaker of St. John'sIn(pector-General of the woollen and cotton ftreet. manulactories of France. The history of 4. Miss Coleby, Sempitress to the Priathis gentleman is fingular; he was formerly celics Royal and Augulta. a calenderer at Manchetter, but joining the At Findon, Rolsthire, Lady Dowager Pretender in the last rebellion, was lakea Mackensie, of Seat well. prisoner at Carlille. He was confined in In the Illand of Coll, Hugh Maclean, Esq. Newgate, and would certainly have suffered 5. Near Barnet, Auguft ne Prevoll, Esq. for his unfortunate attachment, had not be, Colonel of the both Regiment of Foot and together with his companion, escaped from

a Major


a Major-General of his Majesty's Forces 14. At Datchet, near Windlor, Peter

6. Miss Dorothy Wood, of Bath Eatton. Decolles, Esq. of the Queen's Houshold, and

At Hartshall, Gloucestershire, Mr. George a Native of Mecklenburgh. Cults, and the next day his Wife.

In the Borough, Levy, Esq. a Magi Lately, in Sir Walter Blackett's Hospital, trate for the County of Surry: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aged 100 ycars, Mrs. At Cannonbury-place, John Garsed, Elq. Margaret Hobron. She was ve first woman late of Wood-Street, Chcapside. who entered that building after its being lu Cumberland-Street, Mr. Baxter, the apened for the reception of poor Freemen's Celebrated Diver, who had acquired a geos Daughters.

teel Independence, by going down over 7. At Hartshorn, Derbyshire, John Taylor, Wrecks, or to the Boucom of different Waters Esq. who served the Office of High Sheriff in Search of Valuables. for chat Counil, in 1745.

15. At Fletching, Sussex, in the goch year, At Liverpool, William Henry Wills, Esq. of his age, the Reverend Michael Bayucs, of New Providence.

Vicar ot Ringmer and Fletching. Miss Colin Penelope Campbell, Daughter At Picktree, nzar Chester-le-street, jo the of Captain Colio Campbell, of the 35th 103d year of his age, Mr. Gco. Bell of chat Regiment.

place. Lately, at Glasgow, Alexander Boyle, Lately, at Stoney-Morton, in Worcester. Esq. Son of the Honourable Patrick Boyle, fire, the Reverend Mr. Ellins, Junior, of Snualion.

Vicai of Church-Linch, in that County. 8. Mortimer, Esq. of College-street, 16. James Möllraith, Esq. of Long-Dito Westminster.

ton, Sursy. Francis Beverley, aged 67, upwards of 50 Mr. Sibbon, Cowkeeper, at Mington. years Parith Clerk of Whitwell, in Rutland. Lately, at Melksham, Mr. William Cooke Due.

worthy, Surgeon. At Enys-House, in Cornwall, Lady Vy- 17. Arthur Edwards, Esq. of Bread-street. vyan, Reict of Sir Richard Vyvyan, lace of 18. At Lancaster, William Lindow, E:9. Trdowarren, Bart.

Richard Welch, Esq. formerly an Attorney 9. Captain George Rose at Deptford, aged in Newgate-street.

Charles Griffin Dartnall, Esq. formerly Philip Egerton, of Oulton-Park, in the Envoy to the States of Switzerland. County of Cnetter, Esq.

Ai Clapham, John Small, Esq. In Handley's Hospital, in Nottingham, 19. Ai Chippenham, Wilshire, on his Margaret Lansdale, aged 104. She has left return from Baih, Mr. Jaimes Ramsay of a Son aged 74, and a Daughter 72.

Charles-ftreet, St. James's-Square. Mr. Wills, Maiter ot the Buil's-Head Pub, John Stanley, Elq. Master of his Majelly's lic-house, Wett Smithfield.

Band of Mulcians, and Organist to ihe Lately, Captain Henry Pascal, of the Navy. Society of the Temple and St. Andren's,

Lately, John S.mpson, Esq. of Bradley, Holborn. Our Readers will find a full ju the County of Durhain.

account of this Gentleman from materials 10. -At Rocherhithe, in the 100th year of furnished by himself, together with an his age, Captain Gabriel Beavies, formerly Admirable likeness of him from an Origiin the Leghorn-Trade.

nal Picture, in our Magazine of September, The Rever nd Philip Barton, of Greate 178.4. Brickhill, Rctor of Siokc-Hammond and In the Parish-Work house of St. Paul, Bincheon, in Bucks.

Covent-Garden, M:s. Sarah Pond, Widow Mr. Mathew Clarke, of Covent-Garden of the late Mr. John Pend, so well known Theatre, to which he had belonged ever on the Turf at Newmarket, in the time of finca nistedi Appearance on the stage there, the late Duke of Cumberland. O. 30, 1755, in the Character of Osman, 20. Mr. Walt, Coal-Merchant, Northur. in Zala.

berland-street. Mr. Strplen Beaufort, Author of most 21. Mrs. Adams, Wife of Samuel Adams, of i Tulc-2-Tites in the Town and Country Esq. Magauna

Thomas Blatchford, Esq. at Northaw, 11. Benjamin Dyer, Esq. of Woburn. Herts. Court. Bloomsbury, aged 107.

Miss Pocock, eldest Daughter of Mr. Por Lately, James Wemys, Esq. of Wemys. cock, of Devonshire-treet, Queen-Square.

12. Mr. Francis Hopping, of St. Mary 24. Anthony la Maubrette, Esq. a' Native Mazdalen, Burmondsey.

of Bengal. Lately, ac Rocheffer, James Meredith, 25. Lady Margaret Compton. Esq. formerly a Purler of the Royal Navy. 27. James Keilaby, Esq. the City's Jura

13. At Parkhouse, Kent, the Lady of tice for the Boroug ot Southwark. Maj General Sir Henry Calder, Bart.

In Laystall-ftreet, Leather-lane, Mrs. Mare John Hall, Eq. O Newman-street. garet Duncombe, aged 106 years.

Lately, at kan, aged 89 years, William A'udie, Eig. of Ainflie, Belvidere.


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HARLES Thompson, of Bishop. Weas. ker. John Wilkinson the younger, of Wis

mouth, dealer. James Lancaster, of bech St. Peter's, in the' ide of Ely, CamKirby Irelith, Lancashire, dealer. Thomas bridge, linendraper and grocer. David Welch, of Ross, Mercer. Edward Hodge, Fergusson and David Mauland, late of Lonof Colyton, currier. John Hudson, of don, merchants and partners. John Dyer, Queen-itreet, Holborn, coach-maker. Wm. of Eastham, Elix, maliller. John Grave, Willon, of Welt-Parley, Dorlet, brewer. of York, grocer. John Carter, of StockDavid Williams, of Bridgwater, merchant. port, Cheshire, joiner. Samuel Whercall William Macfarlan, of Manchester, dealer. and Samuel Nefbeit, of Great Tower-Utrect; John Dodgson, of Newcastle upon Tyne, London, merchants and partners. Thomas Ipirit-merchant. Anthony Thacker, of Smith, late of Welbeck-itreet, Middle sex, Upwell, in the Isle of Ely, merchant. Tho- coach-maker. Samuel Simpson, of Wildermas Smith, of Grace-Church-street, taylor. nefs-row, Clerkenwell, broker. William John Jeaves, of Coventry, lik-weaver. Ireland, of Bond-ftreet, wine-merchant. Henry Docker, of Birmingham, draper. Luke Abbot, of Wisbech, shopkeeper. JoThomas Radcliffe, of Lighthazles, York. seph Rogers and William James, of Bristol, Thire, merchant. William Kay, of Top- merchanis. Jonathan Hudson, of Stuckcliffe, Yorkshire, dealer. Edward White, port, shopkeeper. Richard Towndrow, of of Wiiney, Oxfordihire, grocer. John Hay, Derbyshire, maliiter. Henry-Wile Proctor, John White, and Edward Lang- liam Guyon, of Broad-freet, London, mere don, of Berwick-upon- Tweed, distillers. chant and insurance-broker. Joseph DibThomas Harrison and Thomas Brewiter, of bens, of Bath, grocer. Ralph Beech, of Crosby-square, merch. John Meredith, of Newcastle under Lyme, Sraffordshire, surBath, perfumer. James Wheeler, oi Dur, geon and apothecary. Edward Keeling, Ney, Gioceltershire, currier. John Ploves- of Handey, Staffordshire, potter, dealer and of Porterton, Yorkihuc, badger. William chapman. Henry Rodwell, of ChilwellSellman, of Great Russel-itreet, Covent. ftreet, Moorfields, Middicsex, oil and coGarden, ironmonger. William Blows, of lourman. Joshua Henzell, of the Low leworth, Middlesex, market-gardener and Glass-Houses, Newcastle upon Tyne, Glassfeedsman. Clark Durnford, of Little Knight- Manufacturer. Sanuel Jultice, of London, Rider-itreet, London, chinaman. James merchant. George Grove, of Aldingbourne, Law, Waikin Williams, and Joseph Cun- Sussex, Shopkeeper. Stephen Giblon, of ningham, of Black man-street, Surrey, 10- Chapel-ftreet, ocar Grosvenor-Square, coalbacco-cutters, snuff-makers, and partners. merchant. James Beyer, of Great PolandRichard Scwell, of St. Martin's-lane, St. freet, Weltininiter, cabinet-maker. Samuel Martin-in-the-Fields, perfumer. · Buchanan Lord, of Lum, Lancashire, clothier. HenM.Millan, otherwise Millan, late of Hen- ry Copps, of Middle-Yard, St. Giles's, rietta-itreci, Covent-Garden, printer. James Middlelex, wheelwrigt:t. John Humphreys, Wenham, of Hallings, Suflex, merchant. of Tewketbury, Glouceitershire, money, Paul Stokes, late of Si. Paul Covent-Garden, scrivener. Richard Dixon, of Pontrefaćt, but now of the King's-Bench Prison, Sur- Yorkshire, grocer. Henry Angas and Thorey, dealer. William Startin, late of Tale mas Joplin, now or late of Thames Itreet, bot-court, Grace-Church-ftreet, London, London, coal-merchants and partners. Wile factor. Robert Jaques, lace of East-itreet, liam Edwards the Younger, lace of Ben'et's. Red-lion-square, Middlesex, money-scrivce Hill, London, clothier, but now of Mitner. Daniel Eccofay and Henry Tyldefley, cham, in Surrey, victualler. Juleph Bickof Gray's-Inn, Middiesex, coal merchant. ham, of Welt-Smithfield, London, innCharles Stopford, Robert Dodge, and Sa- holder. Mary Turner and Elisabeth Reymuel Dodge, of Stockport, in Cheshire, nolds, late of Blandford, in Dorsetshire, hatters. William Buck, of Mountforrel, milliners and copartners. William Dec, of Leicestershire, shopkeeper. John Waring, Andover, in Hainpshise, druggift and fare of Birminghain, japanner. Sarah Rawlins, rier. Thomas Robinson, of Stockport, of Oxford, loywoman. Henry Simplon Cheshire, co:ton-manufacturer. George and John Birkley, la 'e of Wapping-Wall, Schwartz, of Exeter, merchant. John NewMiddlelax, ship-chandlers and partners.

ton the elder, of Plimitall, Cheshire, cornWilliam Ayres, of Gray'sainn-lanc, Mid. factor. Robert Covell and James Butler ihe dlesex, callow-chandler.' Richard Thorn. Younger, of Saffron-treci, wire-workers. key, of Scockport, Cheshire, grocer. Tho. Edward Tucker, and William, otherwise mas Howe, of Bath, Somersetthire, drug, Walter Walker, of the city of Bristol, Sogitt. George Wardell, of Southampton, merleifhire, druggilla. Edward Young, of mariner. John Swiodeli, late of Stockpore, Bristol, corafactor, Cheshire, engine and carding machine-me.


Poems by Helen Maria Williams, a vols.

Poem. 4to.

By Sie

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is. 6d.

3 vols.



12 mo.

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economical and effe&ual Relief and Support 6s. Cadell.

8vo. 6d. Wilkie. The Fool, a Farce. By Edward Topham, Considerations on the Attorney Tax, and Esq. 8vo. 15. Strachan.

Proposals for altering and cqualiting ebe The Impeachment, a Mock Heroic fame. 8vo. 16. 60. Keurley 1s. 6d. Stockdale.

POLITICA L. A Poetical Epittle from the Ghost of Dr. Observations on the Commutation ProJohnson to his four friends Mr. Surahan, jeet. By Thomas Bates Rous, Esq. 8vo. Mr. Boswell, Mrs. Piozzi, and Mr. Courte- Debrea. nay 4to. 3s. Harrion.

The Efficacy of a Sinking Fund of One An Anticipation of the Review of the Million per annum, considered. Horse-Guards and the Horse-Grenadiers. Francis Blake, Bart. 8vo. Debrett. By Timothy Twaddle, Esq. Poet Laureat General Regulations and Orders for his to the Troops. 4to.

Stockdale. Majesty's Forces. 8vo. Walter. The Rape of Helen, from the of Impress of Scamen. Considerations on Coluthus. 410. 2s. 60. Egerton.

the Legality, Policy, and Operation, apo The Bumbrusher, a Farce. 8vo. plicable to the Motion made in the House Bell.

of Commons, Friday, 12th inft. By Wm. MISCELLANEOUS. Pultney, Efq. 8vo. 15. 6d. Debrett. An Explanasion of several of Mr. Hogarth's A Short Answer to Earl Stanhope's Obe Prints. 8vo.


servations on Mr. Pitt's Plan for the Reduce Juliana, a Novel, in a Series of Letters. tion of the National Debt. 8vo. 75. 6d. Lane.

Cadell. Dialogues of Lucian, translated by J. Carr, Observations on Mr. Pirt's Plan for Re L.L.D. vol. 3. 8vo. 75. 6d. Longman. duction of the National Debt. By Charles Theodofius and Arabella, a Novel. By Earl Stanhope. 410.

Elmfly. Mrs. Hainpden Pye, 2 vols.

5s. The Necessity of Founding Villages on Lane.

the West Coast of Scotland, and the Ho. Outlines of a Plan for Patrolling and brides. 8vo. Cadell. Watching the City of London, Borough of Essay on the Popularinr. of Ireland. By Southwark, and their Environs. 8vo. the Rev. J. Howlett. 8vo. 28. Richard Faulder.

fon. A Chinese Fragment, containing an En.

DIVINITY. quiry into the present State of Religion in Remarks on Dr. Prictiev's Second Let. England. 8vo. 55. Sırachan.

ter to the Archdeacon of St. Alban's, with The History of Athens. By William ' Proofs of certain Facts ascertained by the Young, Esq. 410. 155. Robson.

Archdeacon, 8vo. 25. Robson. The History of Durham. By William Plan of Coalition and Alliance with the Hutchinson, Vol. 1. 4to. il. 15.

Robin- Unitarian Church, on Principles of Mu. fon.

tual Moderation and Policy. 8vo. 18. Tales of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Rubion. Centuries, 2 vols. 18mo. 6s. Egerton. Differtations on the Origin, Nature, and

Miscellanies on Ancient and Modern Pursuits of Intelligent Beings, and on Di. Gardening. 8vo. 25. 6d. Walter.

vine Providence, Religion, and Religious Narrative of the two Aerial Voyages of Worship. By J. Z. Holwell, F. R. S. 8vo. Dr. Jefferies and Monsieur Blanchard, in 25. 6d. Dilly. Nov. 30, 1784, and January 7, 1785. 4to. Evidences of the Christian Religion, 75. 60. Robion.

Bricily and Planly Stated, by James Beattie, A Method to preserve Peach and Necta- L.L.D. 2 vols. 1200. 59. Cadell. sine Trees from the Effects of the Mildew. A Sermon Preached before the Sons of By Robert Browne. Walter.

the Clergy, May 12, 1785.

By Thomas A Manual of Chemistry; or, a brief Ac- Jackson, D. D. 4to. 15. Rivington. count of the Operations of Ckemistry, and Sermons, by J. N. Puddicombe. 8vo. 55. their Product. Translated from Mr. Beaume. Payne. 32mo. 45. Johnson.

Sermons, by William Stafford Donc, D. D. Historical and Critical Memoirs of the 8vo. 5s. Flexney. Lite and Writings of Mr. De Voltare. 8vo. Solomon's Song, translated from the He. 6s. Robinson.

brew, by Bernard Hodgson, L.L.D. Svo. 55. A Narrative of the Death of Captain Rivington. James Cook. By David Samwell, Surgeon

MEDICAL. of the Discovery. 410. 1$. 6d. Robinton. Medical Commentaries, vol. 10. for the

A Plan of Police ; exhibiting the Causes year 1785. By Andrew Duncan, M. D. of the present Increase of the Poor, and F. R. and A. S. Edin. 8vo. 6s. Munay, proposing a Mode for their future more +*+ The Continuation of the THEATRICAL REGISTER is unavoidably

poftponed till next Month.

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