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ER Grace the Duchefs of Beaufort of

Ha daughter.

Lady George Cavendish of a daughter.

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N Tuesday, May 9, at Bunbury, in Cheshire, Mr. Samuel Brookes, farmer, of Tiverton, in the fame parish, to Mifs Williams, of Manchester, a younger daughter of Mr. Richard Williams, late of Tiverton.This young lady, who is esteemed a diftinguished beauty, fome time fince attracted the regard of a young gentleman, nephew to Sir Francis Molineux, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, who became perfectly enamoured with her. He being called abroad, was feized with a fit of illness in Italy, whereof he died foon after his return to his paternal feat in Essex, about three or four months fince. He bequeathed from his nearest relations to this young lady the whole of his fortune, amounting to fixteen thousand pounds, exclufive of jewels, plate, &c. to an immense value, and a perfonal estate of four hundred pounds per


Lord Macleod, to the Hon. Mifs Forbes, eldest daughter of Lord Forbes.

At Abergavenny, Captain Harris to Mifs Margaret Jones.

At Bromley, Kent, the Rev. Richard Waddington, rector of Cavendish, to Mrs. Wright, widow of the Rev. Mr.Wright of Great Waldingfield.

At Winchester, the Rev. Jofeph Martin, rector of Bourton on the Hill, in Gloucesterfhire, to Mifs Sturges, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Sturges.

The Rev. John Margerum Clofe, of Ipfwich, to Mifs Lawton, daughter of Robert Lawton, Efq.

James Lynde, Efq. Lieutenant of the North Hampshire militia, to Mifs Gee, of Great Ruffell-ftreet, Bloomsbury.

Dr. Adair Crawford, Phyfician of St. Thomas's hofpital, to Mifs Eleanor Stone, filter to Mr. Stone, of Thames-street.

Edward Seymour Bifcoe, Elq. nephew to his Grace the Duke of Somerset, to Mifs Sufannah Harriet Hope, daughter of the Rev. C. Hope, minister of All Saints, Derby.

At the Cape of Good Hope, James Henry Caflamajor, Efq. to Mifs Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of Major James Campbell, M. P.

James Wickins, Esq. of Lyndhurst, in the New Foreft, to Mifs Peachy, daughter of Wm. Peachy, Efq. of Gofport.

John Schaw Stuart, of Greenock, Efq. to Lady Maxwell, widow of Sir James Maxwell; bart.

The Countess of Roseberry of a daugia

JUNE 1786.

John Fonblanque, Efq. to Mifs Frances Caroline Fitzgerald, youngest daughter of Col. Fitzgerald.

Harry Wilfon, Efq. to Mifs Kennet, daughter of the late Alderman Kennet.

Sir William Molefworth, Bart to Mifs Ourry, daughter of the late Paul Ourry, Esq. Commiffioner of Plymouth dock-yard.

At Korksley, near Colchester, Henry Richards, ajutant of the 3d reg, of dragoon guards, to Miss Sadler, only daughter of the late William Sadler, gent.

Martin Whish, Efq. one of the Commif fioners of Excife, to Mifs Harriet Tyffen, of Park-ftreet, Grofvenor-fquare.

Mr. Erafmus Lloyd, Sheriff of Worcester, to Mrs.!Ward, relict of Dr. Ward, of Ludlow. Lord Viscount Malden, to Mrst Stephenfor, of Harley street.

The Rev. Robert Burt, chaplain in ordinary to the Prince of Wales, to Miss Gascoyne, of Sunbury.

The Rev. Mr. Newton, of Witham, to Mifs Mary Todd, of Iflington.

At Skulcoats, near Kingston upon Hull, Jofeph Robinson Pease, Efq. banker, to Mifs Twygge.

Francis Gregor, of Trewarthywick in Cornwall, Eq. to Mifs Mafterman, daughter of Wm. Matterman, Efq. of Restormel Park.

At Salisbury, the Rev. Dr. Price, Canon Refidentiary, to Mifs Wroughton.

Dr. James Ford, jun. of Jer.nyn.street, to Mifs Fell, of Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Col. Smith, Secretary to the American Embaffy, to Mits Adams, only daughter to Joha Adams, Efq. Minifter from the United States of America to this Court.

The Rev. Aaron Wickens, of Great Dunmow, to Mifs Catherine Clapion.

James Drake Brockman, of Beachborough, in Kent, Efq. to Mifs Tatton, only daughter of the Rev. Dr. Tatton, late Prebendary of Canterbury.

Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart, of Battle Abbey, in Suffex, to Mifs Vaffal, of St. James's, Weftminster, who is poffeffed of 7000l. a year.

The Right Hon. Edmund Earl of Cork and Orrery, to the Hon. Mary Monckton, of St. George's, Hanover-fquare.

G. Palmer. Efq. commander of the Perfeus' frigate, to Mifs Smith, daughter of Richard Smith, Efq. of his Majesty's navy.


Major Law, late of Bengal, to Mifs Eliz. Hornby, daughter of Wm. Hornby, Efq. late Governor of Bombay.

At Plymouth, John Knapton, Efq. to Mifs Stephens, daughter of Dr. Stephens.

John Williams, of Castle Hill, Cardigan. fhire, Efq. to Mifs Jones, fifter to Wythen Jones, of Llanidloes, Efq..

At Bristol, Mr. John Mongoe, of Keynfham, to Mrs. Haynes, widow :-What is remakable, the lady is near 18 ftone, and 60 years of age, and Mr. Mongoe 18 years of age, and about 6 ftone.

Richard Clay, Efq. of Nottinghamshire, to Mifs Nelly Crook, youngest daughter of Robert Crook, Efq. of Beaconsfield.

The Rev. Mr. Brown, rector of Swell, near Stow, in Gloucestershire, to Mifs Collier, daughter of Edward Collier,.Efq. of Blockley, Worcestershire.-The bridegroom is faid to be turned of 70, while the bride is not quite 18.

Lieut. Blunt, of the Welch Fufileers, eldeft fon of Colonel Blunt, to Mifs Wyche, daughter of John Wyche, Efq. of Salisbury.

Philip Thickneffe, Efq. jun, to Mifs Eliza. beth Peacock, of Bath.

The Rev. E. White, A. B. vicar of New


ton-Valence, and rector of Greatham, Hants, to Mifs Blunt, of Maryland.

Capt. Monro, of the Houghton Eaft-Indiaman, to Mifs Elizabeth Munro, of Barford,

Dalhoufie Watherfton, Efq. member for Bofton, to Mifs Walker, only daughter of the Rev. Thomas Walker, of Tileshurst, Berks.

William Finch, jun. Efq. of Heath, to Mifs Priestly, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Priestly, of Birmingham.

Mr. Pett, furgeon and apothecary, Shaftefbury, to Miss Pretor, daughter of Simon Pretor, Efq. banker, of Sherborne.

The Rev. Mr. Tweed, rector of Capel St. Mary and Little Wentham, in Suffolk, to Miís Powell, only daughter of Richard Powell, Efq. Collector of Excife at Ipfwich.

Mr. Charles Francis Bedwell Mead, to Mifs Elizabeth Bedwell, of Fairford, Glouceftershire.

Jofeph Haycraft, Efq. of Deptford, to Mifs Weftbrook, only daughter of brook, Efq. of Cookham.


Capt. Kenneth M'Kenzie, of the 78th reg. to Miss Houston, of Fortrofe.

Humphry Mortimer, Esq. of Exeter, to Mrs. Bate, a widow lady, being his 4th wife.


MAY 16.

THertford, Mr. Arthur Mackereth, aged 67; and on the fame day, at Amblefide, in Westmoreland, Mr. John Mackereth, his brother, aged 76.

19. George Carnagie, Efq. Advocate, youngest fon of the late Sir James Carnagie, of Southesk, Bart.

21. Mr. Levy Barfailles, aged 93; upwards of forty years Chief Rabbi of the Jews Synagogue.

22. Charles Price, Efq. one of his Majefty's Juftices for Glamorganfhire.

23. Mr. Peacock, Student of Catherine Hall, Cambridge.

James Hervey, Efq. of Hill Hall, Bedfordshire, aged 80.

Thomas Richardfon, Efq. of Tottenham High-Crofs, aged 90.

Lately, at Amblefide, in Weftmoreland, the Rev. Ifaac Knipe, M. A. Minifter of Amblefide, and Master of the German School there.

24. At Warwick, Richard Clutterbuck, Efq. Juftice of the Peace for Northumber


Lately, aged 80, Mrs. Denton, relict of Mr. Denton, and mother of Captain Denton, the of Wettoreland Militia.

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Lately, the Rev. John Bainbrigge, Rector of Broadchalk, in Wiltshire.

26. At Stoneleigh, in the County of Warwick, the Right Hon. Edward Lord Leigh, Baron Leigh, of Stoneleigh, and Baronet. His Lordship was born the ft of March, 1742, and took his feat in the Houfe of Peers, March 15, 1764. He was, in April 1767, appointed Lord High Steward of Oxford. His titles are extinct.

Lately, in Switzerland, Lady Margaret Beckford, daughter of Lord Aboyne.

27. Mr. William Lee, Printer, at Lewes. At Langley, in Kent, in her 86th year, Mrs. Anne Berkeley, relict of the celebrated Bishop of Cloyne,

Lately, the Rev. William Bonnin, Vicar of Priftlewell, Effex.

28. The Rev. Tilleman Hodgkinfon rector of Sarfden, in Oxfordshire, and Prebend of Landaff.

Jofeph Wathen, Efq. of New-house, in the parish of Stroud, Gloucestershire, one of

25. Mr. John Baldoc, Merchant, of Sife- the most confiderable Woollen Manufacturers Lane.

in that County.

29. Mrs.

29. Mrs. Baker, wife of the Rev. Mr. Baker, rector of Burnet.

30. Philip Bell, Efq. in St. Paul's ChurchYard.

and Philadelphia, daughter to W. Reveley, of Newby in Yorkshire, Efq. Upon the death of his grandfather (Sir Hugh Smithson, of Stanwick, Bart.), which happened in the

31. At Dumfries, in Scotland, Charles year 1729, he fucceeded to the title of Baronet, Stewart, Efq. of Shambelly.

Lately, at Holbeach, in Lincolnshire, Thomas Newell, in the 106th year of his age.

At Norwich, Mrs. Goodall, relic of the late Henry Goodall, D. D. Archdeacon of Suffolk, and Prebendary of Norwich cathedral. The Rev. Thomas Halftead, rector of Irftead, with the vicarage of Barton Turf annexed, both in the County of Norfolk.

At Leicester, aged 64. the Rev. Mr.Haines, vicar of St. Martin's and All Saints in that town.

The Rev. Jofeph Cardale, B. D. rector of Houghton Conqueft, in Bedfordshire.

In a very advanced age, John Hancock, Efq. Senior Fellow of King's college, of which fociety he was admitted in the year 1720.

Suddenly, as he was reading over the funeral fervice and interring a corpfe in the church-yard at Tolland, in Somersetshire, the Rev. Mr. Morley, of Elworthy, in that County.

The Rev. Mr. Heald, rector of Northrepps and Beeston St. Lawrence, both in the County of Norfolk.

June 1. At Glasgow, Scotland, Donald Campbell, Efq. of St. Catherine's.

Mrs. Richardfon, wife of Mr. Rowland Richardfon, of London-street,

2. Captain James Onway, at Poplar, aged 98.

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Dillon, Efq. of Belgart, near Dublin, in the 70th year of his age.

3. In France, Captain Peter Murdoch, of the late 77th Regiment.

4. Mr. Huffey, upwards of forty years porter to his Grace the Duke of Leeds.

5. The Rev. Mr. Bourdillon, of Churchftreet, Spital-fields, in the 83d year of his age.

At Basingstoke, the Rev. Mr. Metcalfe, in the 4th year of his age, many years Curate of Christ Church, Oxford.

Mrs. Paterfon, wife of John Paterfon, Efq. of New Burlington-street.

The Rev. John Row, of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and Chaplain to St. Thomas's Hofpital.

6. At Bath, George Monkhouse, Efq. Mrs. Dare, wife of Mr. Gideon Dare, in Cockfpur-street.

7. Mrs. Potts, wife of J. Potts, Efq. of the Custom-Houfe.

Hugh Duke of Northumberland. His Grace was the fon of Langdale Smithson, Esq. EUROP. MAG.

and to his grandfather's estate; and upon the death of his relation, Hugh Smithfon, of Tottenham, Efq. he came into the possession of other eftates in Yorkshire and Middlesex; and alfo fucceeded his relation as Knight of the Shire for the County of Middlefex, which he reprefented in three Parliaments. Upon the death of his father-in-law Algernon Duke of Somerfet, whofe daughter he had married, he fucceeded to the title of Earl of Northumberland, (upon his daughter's marriage) w th the remainder to her husband, and their iffue, after the Duke's death.-The reafon of his creation was as follows:

The Duke's mother (whofe third husband was the Duke's father) was daughter and fole heirefs of Joceline, the laft Earl of Northumberland, which title was become ex. tinct. Being fo great an heirefs, fhe was married three times while a minor; first, to the Earl of Ogle, who died a short time after, leaving no iffue. She was next married to Thomas Thynne, of Longleate, in Wilts, Efq. but he was affiffinated in Pall-Mall, by fome ruffians. hired by Count Conigfmark, whofe object was to marry the widow. Her third husband was the Duke of Somerfet, and she was still a minor, as was also the Duke, by whom she had the above Algernon; who fucceeded his father, as Duke of Somerfet, and poffeffed all the Percy estates.He married Mifs Thynne, grand-daughter of the first Lord Weymouth; and by her had one fon, and one daughter. The fon died unmarried; and the daughter married, in 1740, the above-mentioned Sir Hugh Smithfon, the late Duke of Northumberland

The title of Somerfet going to another branch of the Seymour family, the title of Northumberland was revived to the Duke's daughter, in confideration of her descent from the daughter of Joceline, the laft Earl of Northumberland. The Percy eftate also fettled in her, together with feveral baronies, fuch as Percy, Lucy, Poynings, Fitz-Payne, Bryan, &c

The Duke of Somerfet dying in 1750, Sir H. Smithfon immediately took his feat in the House of Lords, as Earl of Northumberland. In 1752 he was appointed one of the Lords of the Bed chamber to the late King. In 1757 he was inftalled a Knight of the Garter, at Windfor.-In 1762, he was appointed Lord Chamberlain to the Queen, and a Privy Counsellor; alto Lord Lieutenant of the Counties of Middlefex and Northumberland. In 1763, he was appointed Lord PPP Lieutenant

Lieutenant of Ireland. In 1766, he was created Duke of Northumberland. In 1778, his Grace was appointed Master of the Horfe, which he refigned in 1781.

On the 5th of December, 1776, died the late Duchefs of Northumberland. It was her birth-day; and she was interred in her family vault, in St. Nicholas's Chapel, WestminsterAbbey. She had completed her 60th


They had two fons and one daughter, viż.

1. Hugh E. Percy, now Duke of Nor thumberland; born August 14, 1742; first married to Lady Anne, third daughter of the E. of Bute, by whom he had no issue, and from whom he was divorced in 179. His Lordship married again in May 1779, Mifs Frances Julia Burrell, now Duchefs of Northumberland, third daughter of the late Peter Burrell, of Beckenham, in Kent, Efq.

2. Lord Algernon Percy, who, in confe quence of his father, the late Duke, having been created Lord Lovaine, Baron of Alnwick, in 1784, with the remainder to his fecond fon, is now a Peer of Great Britain, by that title, and makes a vacancy of Member for the County of Northumberland. His Lordship was born January 21, 1750, and married in June, 1775, to Miss Isabella Susanna Burrell, fecond daughter of the above-mentioned Peter Burrell, Efq.

3. Lady Elizabeth, born in 1744, and died in 1761. She was buried in St. Nicholas's Chapel, Westminster-Abbey.

The late Duke was alfo Prefident of Middlefex Hofpital, and Westminster Difpenfary; a Vice-Prefident of the Small-pox Hofpital, and a Trustee of the British Museum. He had no places at Court, having refigned the last he held in 1781.

9. The Rev. Mr. Ellins, rector of Abbots Morton, in Warwickshire.

About this time, Mr. Kennedy, formerly of Drury lane Theatre, He cut his


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12. The Lady of Barwell Browne, Esq. of Wolverton, Hants.

At St. John's College, Oxford, Richard Green, D. D. F. R. S. Rector of Bell Broughton, Worcestershire, Rector of St. Nicholas, in Worcester, and Commiffary to the Bishop of that Diocese.

Lately, at Woolwich, Ifabella Dryden, aged 105 years. She had been twice to America fince he was 85 years of age, and retained her feufes to the last.

13. At Rotherhithe, in the rooth year of his age, Mr. William Trundle, a wealthy farmer, It is remarkable, he had lived in the fame houfe 82 years, and feen a complete change of all the inhabitants in his parish.

At Park, near Ayr, William Logan, late of Camlary, Efq.

At Southampton, the Rev. Mr. Ledgold, many years Vicar of South Stoneham.

14. Anthony Norris, of Barton Turfe, in Norfolk, Efq. many years Charman of the Norfolk Seflions.

The Rev. Ephraim Megoe, M. A. Rector of Spexall, in Suffolk, Vicar of Worstead, in Norfolk, Senior Canon of Norwich, and perpetual Curate of St. Martin's at Oak, and St. John's Sepulchre, at Norwich.

15. Sir Richard Betenfon, Bart.

16. The Rev. John Oliver, Rector of Tuddenham and Icklingham St. James, in the 64th year of his age.

Lately, Wollerton Pym, Efq. of Willowbridge, Staffordshire, formerly Lieutenant General of the 64th regiment.

17. Edward Umfreville, Efq. Coroner for Middlesex; author of the Office and Duty of Coroners. 2 vols. 8vo.

At Monks Eleigh, Norwich, Mr. Robert Ellifton, fenior, uncle to the Rev. Dr. Elliston, Matter of Sydney College, Cambridge, leaving a widow to whom he had been married 56 years; but what is ftill more remarkable, he had lived 86 years in the fame house where he was born. His death was occafioned by a fall down stairs.

At Hardwick in Oxfordshire, James

10. Thomas Browne, Efq. of Drayton Coulthard, Efq. formerly of Lincoln's Inn. Green, Middlesex.

Mrs. Cox, widow of the Rev. Archdeacon Cox, and daughter of General Parlow.

11. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Webb, one of his Majefty's Juftices of the Peace for the County of Kent, great nephew of the famous General Webb, and last of that ancient family.

The Rev. Thomas Wintour, M. A, rector of Westwell, in Oxfordshire.

In his 73d year, Sir James Hereford, Knt. a Justice of the Peace for Herefordshire.

Lately, Mifs Conftantia Dalton, daughter of Robert Dalton, of Thurnham Hall, Lancashire.

18. Francis Wright, Efq. Banker, in Henrietta-street, Covent-garden.

The fame day, at Gloucester, John Atherton, Efq.

20. In the Fleet, Lieutenant George Fall, Commanding Officer of one of his Majesty's forts on the coaft of Africa.

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