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intentions of embarking immediately for and Representatives in General Court aisee Europe.

bled, and by the authority of the same, That Lord Macartney has, it is said, during the whosoever shall commit adultery with a mare short ftay he made in India, accumulatid ried woman, and be thereot convicted before 42,000l. Iterling. With this sum he is con. the fuperior Court, both of them shall be tent; and to thew that he has gained it fair- severely punished, by whipping on the paly, he has given to the Court of Directors, ked body, and stigmatized or burnt on the upon oath, a full and clear ttsteinent of the forehead with the leiter A. on a hot iron ; fame.

and cach shall wear an halter about their The Swallow packet lest Bengal the 16th neck on the outside of their garments during of Auguft. The only passengers on brard their abode in this State, that it may be vie were Lord Macartney, Mr. Moore, and Capt. fible: and as often as either of them Thall be Church of the 102d regiment. She brings found without halters worn as aforesaid, the agreeable news of all the Company's they shall, upon information and proof of China ships having arrived safe at Madras, the same, made before an affittant of Justice and failed tor China.

of the Peace, be by bim ordered to be whipi, By the Swallow we have the follow- not exceeding thirty stripes." ing authentic intelligence :

13. By a late account from Lyons in The British inhabitants of Calcutta, at a France, we have information of a robbery public meeting convened by the High She- of a moft extensive nature having been com siff at the request of the Grand Jury, to milted on the night of the zoth of Decemtake into consideration Mr. Pitt's India ber last, in the house of Mcflrs. Finguerlin Regulation Bill, came to several resolutions, and Scherer. It conlilled all of specie, and the principal and subítance of which were, amounted to the value of 16,000l. Bills

1. That the clause which compels the have been industriously circulated through Company's servants to deliver on oath an the various adjoining countries, in order to inventory of their properly, on their return detect the oftenders, hoine, is grievous and oppressive.

14. A new species of fraud has been coma 2. That the exection of a new tribunal for milled upon the Bank. A person had paid trial of offences, and depriving them of the ten pounds in caih to the cashier, and reright of trial by jury, are violations of the ceived as usual a square bit of paper, with great charter of curl bersies; and that the the number, date, and words, ien pounds. fending British lubje Ets rending in India to This document ought to have been carried be tr.ed in England for ofiences committed immediately to the clerk to make out the there, is highiy dangerous to the security of note; instead of which he took it home, their persons and fortunes.

and curiously altered it to one hundred, and 3. That it is injurious to ibe Company's returning, obtained the note for that sum. servants en be dismiled or recalled at the Extraci of, a Letter from York, Jar. 13. pleasure of the Crown, which is (in oiher “ During the filling of the General Quarwords at the will of the Minister.

ter Session of the Peace at New Malion on 4. That the admitting as evidence by the Tuciday la lt, a moft alarming accident hapCommissioners, ail writings transmitted poned by a center beam, which supported from the East-Indies to the Court of Direc- the floor, giving way, and part of the floor tors, is fubversive of the established rules of fell in; the court being much crouded, it is evidence, and dangerous to his Majelly's supposed, three hundied people fell into Subjects returning from India.

the arca upwards of twelve feet. We are That therefore they will endeavour by all happy to inform the public, that no lives legal and constitutional means to obusin a were lult, but several people were much repeal of the clauses in the laid Al which bruised, and ten persons received fractures inpose these and other hard thips upon of their legs and arms. Moit providentially them: And that the preparing such petition for the magistrates, a beam supported that and all other necellary measures to be taken part of the court near the bench; but the be left to a Select Coinmilce of fifteen attornies, suitors, &c. who fat at the table, chosen by the Meeting;

with their backs to the bar, went dowti. 10. Jaires Murray, for forging the pro- The Counsel, Clerk of the Peace, his depu. batc of a scaman's will; Thomas Harris, for ty, and altoinies who lat on the opposite lide theep-ftealing ; George Willon and Josaph of the table, under the bench, escaped ; but Leonard, for house-breaking; Thomas Ship. remained in fulpence, when they were ley, for stealing property out of Dr. Warren's obliged to be taken out of the windows by dwelling houle; Michae! Druit, for forgery ; ladders. The building was looked upon and Charles Seymour, for robbing his matter as an exceeding strong one, not having been of a bank bill for 481. were executed oppo. built above inny years, and was one of fire the debtors door at Newgate, according the belt couri-houses in the North Riding. to their sentence.

On cxainination it appears that the beam An All against and for the punishment of Adul- which gave wav, though of oak, was quite

te y in Connect, pajled in lay 1984. decayed. -li moft providentally happen" Be it enacted by the Governor, Council ed, that though there was a great concourse of people about the court-house, no person ridges, who was appointed in it executor was under when it fell in "

and residuary legatee. On his cross exami19. The accounts which were received Darion by Mr. Erskine he varied in many from the Continent by the mails of Saturday particulars, as did some other of the witnetare equally shocking with those that our own ses of the prosecution, and it was proved, coasts afforded by the late storms. Several that he had sworn directly contrary to the vefsels were loft between Dunkirk and Havre, evidence he now gave in a cause depending but the coast of Holland has been more fatal in Doctors Commons, to try the validity of to many Dutch; the coast being literally the will; several other witnelles however Artwed with wrecks.

were called in confirmation of his evidence, 16. The Cefsion ended at the Old Bailey, and about half past ten at night the prosecuwhen senteoce of death was passed on seven tor finilhed his case. The prisoners counsel convicts : 24 were ordered to be transported; then began their defence, which lasted till 34 to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour past four Sunday morning, when the eviin the house of correction ; fix to be whip. dence given by the attorney and some others, ped; two imprisoned in Newgate ; and were flatly contradicted in certain very ma16 discharged by proclamation.

terial circumstances, and several witnesses Amongit the prisoners capitally convicted were examined as to che relationship and af. at this felhon was John Hogan, a mulatio, fection between the decealed and the wife from the Madeiras, for the wilful murder of of Mr. Nathaniel Goodridge, and a great Ara Hunt, a servant to Mr. Orrell, in Chara number of respectable persons teftified the latte-itrect, near Portland Chapel, on Sun- universal good character of the prisoners. day the 26th of June lait, in a most mock- The Judge, notwithstanding his great fatigue, inz manner, by cutting her throat in three fully fumined up the evidence, with obserdifferent places, quite through the wind- vations on it, and the jury in about five mipipe, ftabbing her in the breast, breaking nutes after, and without going out of court, oze of her arms, fra&uring her skull, beato pronounced a verdict of Not Guilty. ing in one of her eyes, and other mortal The capital convicts whose executions have Younds and bruises, of which she languished been respired, have further received his a short time, and died. It appeared on the Majesty's mercy on the following condition trial, that the prisoner was a porter to a of transportation, viz. five to Africa for lechairnaker of whom Mr. Orrell had bought ven years; thirty-nine to parts beyond seas, fone chairs, and sent them by him; that as his Majrity shall think it fit, for seven be got acquainted with the deceased by the years, and six for their natural lives; and print of a ribbon, and often vifited her on five women on condition of being kept to á Sunday during the absence of the famly; hard labour in the house of correction, ihrec that on the day he committed the fact, as he of them for twelve months, and two for fix acknowledged to a woman with whom he months. cohabiced, and who, about a fortnight since, 18. An arret has passed the seal of France, was d:scovered providentially by a cloak of in virtue of which all foreigners, of any reliMrs. Orrell's, which by the desire of the gior whatever, will be enabled to seitle in personer she had pawned in the Borough, he France, and purchase land, &c. as natives. kad attempted to force the deceased to fub- This is done with a view to encourage fcDit to his unchalte defires, which the relift- reign manufactories, and will certainly be ing, he therefore, perpretated the horrid the means of improving the kingdom. The murder. And

Droit d'Aubaine is entirely given up by the This morning John Hogan was taken French Monarch. from Newgate in a cart, and executed on a His most Christian Majesty in Council has gibbet erected opposite Mr. Orrell's house. allo illucd out another arrer, by which all tojut before being turned off, the prisoner reign arusts and manufacturers are invited bored four times to the populace, and, in to come and settle in his dominions, and an audible voice, conlelled himself guilty bring with them as many hands as they f the murder, for which, he said, he had please, also their tools, &c. allowing them been juftly condemned to die.

great privileges, among those an exemption At the above setlion also came on the trial for three years from all personal taxes; they of Meli. Goodridge and Evans, on an indiet. are not subject to the militia law, nor at any Desat for forging the will of Mr. Thomas time to have soldiers billeted on thein. They Savieil, formerly of Saffron-hill, tailow- are allowed to import stock they have by chandler, with intent to defraud Mr. Da- them at a reduced duty, &c. me Slark, of Newgate-itreet. The case 20. The Judges heard the further argu. was opened by Sir Thomas Davenport, ments of Counsel on the case of George counsel for the prosecution, and con- Coombes, who was tried about two years cinued upwards of two hours. Witnesses since for the wilsul murder of one Allen, rewere then called to support the charge. The ferred to them at the last Admiralty fofions chief of these was an attorney, who proved, by Mr. Justice Nares. The case was part that at the instigation of the prisoners he heard lait Michaelmas term in the Court of made the will in favour of one of the Good. Exchequer, and adjourned,

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Mr. Garrow inlifted that the prisoner, at of conduct which may be most conducive to the time he pulled the trigger of the gun, the public advantage, and to that lasting conwhich gave the deceased his mortal wound, nection between the fifter kingdoms, lo es. was locally standing upon the ground, and sential to the prosperity of both. not in the jurisdiction of the Court of Ad

Gentlemen of the House of Commons, miralty; and that therefore the offence should

" I have ordered the Pub:ic Accounts and have been tried within the body of the

other neceffary papers to be laid before you. county. Dr. Scott in reply maintained, that the

The principle which you have so wisely estamind went along with the offence, which blished, of preventing the accumulation of was completed when ihe deceased received

the national debt, will, I hope, appear alreathe wound, and not before.

dy have proved successful; and I entertain Next morning at the Admiralty Sessions, no doubt that your wisdom will persevere in the Judges gave their opinion, and he was measures which in their operation promise executed on Monday following.

such beneficial effects. His Majesty relies 24. From the late returns made to the Tax. with confidence upon your grant of such supoface, it appears that England and Wales

plies as are necessary for the public service, contain houses and cottages which are ex- and for the honourable support of his Goempted from the Window-Tax, on account of poverty, to the amount of 284,454 ; and

My Lords and Genilemen, the number of houses which puy ine Wine dow-Tax amounis to 714,916 ; which to

“ A fyftematic improvement of the Poo gether make 999:370 houles in the king- lice, and a vigorous execution of the laws are dom.

essential, not only to the due collection o The public prints from different parts of the public revenue, but to the security of prithe kingdom give accounts of no fewer than vate property, and indeed to the protection forty sudden deaths since the commencement of society. The frequent outrages which of the present year. Death is cominon but have been committed in some parts of the so many momentary diffolutions in such a kingdom, will particularly call your atten. fhort time is hardly on record!

tion to this important object. Extract of a Letter from Dublin, Jan. 25. “ It is unneceffary for me to recommend

• This lay his Grace the Lord Lieutenant, the Protestant Charter Schools to your proopened the Sellions of Parliament with the lection, or to enumerate the happy effects following speech.


may be derived from your continued My Lords and Gintlemen,

attention to the linen or other manufactures“ Ir is with great fausfaction that in to the agriculture, and to the fisheries of this cbedience to His Majetty's commands, I kingcom ; and to such measures as may animeet you again in Parliament.

You will, 1 nete the industry, extend the education, and am persuaded, give your u:most attention to improve the morals of the people. the various objects of public concern which “ It will ever be my ambition to promote require your confideration. Your natural so- the real interells of Ireland, and to contri. licitude for the welfare of Ireland, and a just bute by all means in my power towards eftasense of her real interests, will direct all your blithing its future prosperity on the surelt and deliberations, and point out to you the line most lasting foundation."


Dec. 30.


fier of his Majesty's Royal Court in the Ife HE dignity of a Viscount of the king of Guernsey.

dom of Ireland to the Right Hon. Ed- 34th Regiment of Foot. Lieutenant Col. mund Sexten Pery, by the name stile and ti- Charles Hastings, from the Half-pay of the tle of Viscount Pery, of Newrown-Pery, 720 Regiment, to be Lieutenant-Colonel, near his majesty's city of Limerick.

vice Robert Hoyes. The Honourable Richard Anneley to be Miss Gunning to be Maid of Honour to one of the Commillioners of his Majesty's her Royal Highness Princess Augusta. Revenue in Ireland.

Robert Adair, Esq. to be Surgeon General Edward Cu, ke, Esq. private Secretary to to his Majesty's Forces, vice David MiduleMr. Orde, appointed Clerk of the House of ton Commons of Ireland, in the room of Tho- Surgeon Jolin Hunter from Hals-pay, to mas Ellis, Esq.

be Aniftant Surgeon-General. George Paldwin, E!4. to be bis Majesty's The Rev. Ms. Blackball, B. D, Senior Confol-General in Egypt.

Fellow of Emanuel College, Cambridge, to Jurbua G 1 elin, jun. Esq, (upon the re- the Rectory of Loughborough, Leicesterthurt, lignition of bus Fuites) to be Clerk or Gref. worth gool. per Annum.


, y ,

Camden, to Miss Molesworth, fole for Cumberland, to Miss Grace Peele, of daug'iter and heiress of the late William Pap-cattle. Molesworth, Esq. and niece to Lady Lucan. Lt. Francis Loveday, of the navy, to Mi's

At Mount Denson, in Nova Scotia, Capt. Drake, of Lillingstone-Lovell, Oxfordshire. Dalrymple of the 42d regiment, to Miss Mr. Wm. De-la Cour, of Walbrook, Martha Willet Miller,

merchant, to Mrs. Power, of Crutched Capt. James Robertson, of the late 86th Friars. regiment, to Miss Rebecca Elisabeth Wrax. Henry Isherwood, of Windsor, Esq. to all, hiter to Nathaniel Wraxall, Esq. Miss Style of Eton. Member of Parliament for Luggerthall. John Crofton, Esq. Captajn of a company

Charles Lamb, Eq. of Rye, in Suflex, to of lovalids in Guernsey, to Miss Elizabcia Miss Boys, of Hawkhurst, in Kent.

Wadsworth, daughter of Mr. Christopher John Thomas Ellis, Esq. of Wyddiall Wadsworth. Hall, Hertfordshire, to Miis Heaton, only The Rev. H. Hawes, Fellow of Na daughter of John Heaton, Esq. of Old Bur. College, to Mits. E. Brown, daughter of Ed. lington-street.

ward Brown, Elq. of Walcot in LincolnA: King's Langley, Herts, the Rev. Ed. Thire. ward Burn, of Birmingham, to Miss Char- At Chudleigh, P. G. Gluhb, Esq. undere dette Wingfield, of King's Langley.

Theriff of Cornwall, to Muis Matthew. The Rev. Mr. Tarn, rector of Dean, near


Dec. 17.

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the navy.

Sir Clement Trafford, late of Dunton Hall,

in the county of Lincoln. the South of France, Lady Louisa Ver.

2. Gerrard Goebell, Esq. aged 63, for

merly a sugar refiner. 18. At Naples, Capt. William Merrick of

David Levy Solomons, a Jewish Rabbi,

in the routt year of his age. 20. At Thornbrook, in the parish of May

Ar Slindon in Suilex, the Right Hon. bole, Catherine M. Kutchson, aged 104. James Bartholomew Ratclyffe, Earl of New25. At Oswestry, in Shropshire, Mr.

burgh. Thomas Vernon, an eminent Land-Surveyor,

3. Mr. John Strother, an eminent Packer, and Agent to several families in that neigh- in Old Broad-Itreet, near the Royal-Exbourhood.

change. 29. David Middleton, Esq. Serjeant Sur- At St. Alban's, in his way to London, the geon to his Majesty, and Surgeon-General to Rev. James Bond, D. D. Chaplain to the the Army, in the 81st year of his age. late Bishop of London.

At Hanover, in the 74th year of his age, The Rev. Sackville Auftin, A. M. Rector
William Best, Esq. late of King-street, St. of Weft-Wickham in Kent, and of Heritad.
, many years Secretary in his Majer-

Kaines in Suflex.
IT's German oflice.

Mrs. Elizabeth Currit, in Duke-street, Lia 37. At South Scoke near Grantham, the verpool, inged 100 years. Rey. John Harrison, aged 86.

James Buchanan, Esq. one of the Com31. In Queen-street, Dr. Blittenberg, millioners of the Customs in Scotland. M.D.

In Clarendon-itreet, Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Amphlett, wife of the Rev. Mr. Mrs. Montgomery, fitter 10 the late and lita Amphlert, of Droiewich.

aunt to the present Duke of Argyle, and la che 846h year of her age, Mrs. Stur

relict of William Montgomery, E'q. , reliet of the Rev. Mr. Sturges, Prebend At St. Stephen's Grun, Dublin, Mrs. a Chancellor of Winchester, and filter of Mary Smyth, widow of James Saytli, the present Bishop of London.

Esq mother of Sir Sketha!un Smyih, At the Lunatic Asylum, York, Mr. Samuel Bart. and fifter to the Counters of Brandon., formerly of Drury Lane Theatre.

At Glapwell, in Dertyihire, Mirs. HulJan... Mr. Richard Payne, aged 97; he lows, wife of Brahizon Hallows, Liq. had been Clerk in the Bank 73 years.

4. Mr. Maxwell, Apothecary, Flect-street. K


Eraup, Mac,


Lady Fleetwood, reliet of Sir John Flee:- About this time at Wootton, near Woodwood, of Marton-Sands, Cheshire, and mor stock, aged 73, the Rev. Joko Banks, Reco ther of Sir Thomas Fleetwood.

tor of that parish, and formerly of New Col. James Burleigh, Esq. Alderman at Cam. lege Oxford. bridge.

11. Mr. Vaughan, who many years kept Lately, Mr. William Gates, Ironmonger, tho Royal-Oak almost adjoining to Wettin Great Queen street, Lincoln's Inn Pields. minister-hall.

5 At Knightsbridge, Mrs. Weichsell, aged Sir Timothy Waldo, Knight, at Clapham. 41. She had been a capital singer at Vauxhall Arthur Anneļy, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn above 25 years.

Fields. 6. Henry Hurt, Esq. formerly a silver- At Liverpool, Thomas Molyneux Seel, smith in St. Paul's Church-yarul.

Esq. only son and heir of Thomas Seel, Esq. John Tempest, Esq. Misjor in the horse. At Bath, Dr. Kerr. gwards, in the 36th year of his age,

Lately at Tottenham, Mr. Peter Pooley, . In Denmark- ftreet Holborn, Mr. Ca- esteemed the first tennis player in England. leh Jeacocke, aged 80, formerly a baker' in 12. Lady Brudenell, in Upper Grosvenor, High-ftreet St. Giles's, and many years pre- street. sident of the first difpuring society, at the Mr. Mather, Plumber, one of the common Robin Hood Temple-har. He was one of courcilmen of Cripplegate ward. the Directors of the Hand in Hand Fire office, Daniel York, Esq. attorney at law 2! and bad retired from bafiness fome years. Thrapston, Northamptonshire. In 1765 he publiMed a pamphlet entitled, The Right Honourable Lord Dacre.

A vindication of the moral character of John Luther, Esq. who represented the the Aponie Paul from the charge of infin- county of Effex in three Parliaments. cerity and hypocrisy brought against it by Ac Bath, in the 26th year of his age Lord Bolinbroke, Dr. Middleton, and others.” Murdock James, Esq. barrister at law.

13. Mr. Christopher Pridham, furgoon, At Huntingdon, Mr. Manina, a native of

at toeness. Italy, and for some years principal perfor. The Honourable Mrs. Hervey, relict of mer on the violin a! Cambridge.

the Hon. Thomas Hervey, Esq. decealed. Mrs. Plumptre, wife of Dr. Russel Plump- At Spartholt House, near Wantage, Berks, tre, King's Professor of Physic at Cambridge. the Lady of General Gabbit, only daughter

The Rev. Thomas Goochi, Rector of Rif. and heiress of the late Seymour Richmond by in Suffolk.

Esq. 8. At South Majling, near Lewes, in con- At Litchfield, aged 70, Mrs. Lucy Por sequence of a fall, Esther the wife of Willi. ter, daughter of the wife of Dr. Johnson. am Kemp, Esq.

Lately at Dunton Baflet, Leicestershire Lady Henrietta Hope, sister to the Earl of William Willay, in the 1020 year of bu Hopeton.

age. Mrs. Clayton, of Tyler street, Carnaby- * 14. At the Rev.Mr. Hemming's, in Glov. market, relict of_Clayton, Esq. her death cester, Mrs. Gulliford, after of Robert Al. was occasioned by her shawi catching fire on sop, Esq. deceased. Christmas-sav.

Mr. William Wailing, attorney at law, i In the 76th year of his age, the Rev. Ria St. James's-walk, Clerkenwell. chard Easton, Vicar of Grantham, Rector of *At South Lambeth, Mr. Michael Arne Woolfthorpe, and Prebendary of Salisbury an eminent composer, only fon of the late and Lincoln.

Dr. Arne.” For an account of him, see ou 9. Mr. James Rudge, Attorney, of Crom- Magazine Sept. 1704, page 231. hall, Gloucestershire, one of the coroners of Mr. Archer, of Petter-lane, optical an that county, and a Proctor of that diocese. mathematical iostrument maker.

Ac Canıbridge, Mrs. Streaker, a maiden 15. Mr. Abraham Fernandez Nunez, for Jady, who in her youth had been celebrated merly an eminent merchant. for her beauty and accomplishments.

Lately at Cork in Ireland, the Rev, James At Stebbing, in Eliex, Farmer Bench, aged Delacour, author of the Prospect of Pucily, 52 years ; and next day his mother, aged and other pleces. 98.

Lately in Hampshire, Lały Dorothy Child, Mr. Edward Boutflower, in Gray's 100. aunt to Sir James lilney Long, Bart.

The Rev. Mr. Thomas Brome, Rector 16 Sir Hugh ("weií, of Orielton, Bist. of Ilip, Northamptonshire.

Lord Lieutenan', Cuftos Roculorum and lice Lately Jolun Booth, Esq. a: Hull.

pretentative of the county of Pembroke. To, Ac Reflelleigh, Berkshire, Mrs. At Parii, M. Ele de Beaumont, well Lenthall, Relict o: John Lenthal, Lla. kaown for his literary talents,

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