Mikela: Memoirs of a Maasai Woman

Front Cover
iUniverse, 2004 - 235 pages
"...the tumultuous life and struggles for freedom and survival of Mikela, a young Tanzanian woman of the Maasai tribe... Untangling the chains of her violation and bad memories... Mikela is an epitome of a victim of sexual abuse...her experience speaks for millions of women still treated as objects..."

Barry Chukwugekwu Eneh
Lecturer, Ohio Dominican University Mikela is a young and vivacious beauty with a unique artistic talent. Her nightmare starts in the open plains of the Tanzanian Maasailand where she experiences female circumcision. The saga of tradition and ensuing events force Mikela to embark on a blinded journey, one that would eventually take her across two continents.

As she journeys through life, the emotional scar of female circumcision and later rape, continue to haunt Mikela. Scared by her violation and bad memories, Mikela is unsure about her own emotions as her world seems to be spiraling down an endless dark tunnel.

Can Mikela survive the streams of tragedies? Can she overcome the challenges and daily torment by her own life's experiences? Can pure and undefiled love fuel her enough to survive? Is her love for Maasai and Parisian art sufficient to cleanse her mind of the emotional scare of female circumcision and rape?

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