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Cicero's Academics, De Finibus, and

Toucular Questions. By C. D. YONGE, B.A. With Sketch of the Greek Philosopher.

Offices, Old Age, Friendship, Scipio's Dream, Paradoxes, &c. Literally Translated, by R. EDMONDE. 38. 6d

on Oratory and Orators. By J. S. WATSON, M.A. Demosthenos' Orations. Translated,

with Notes, by C. RANN KENNEDY. In 8
Vol. 1. The Olynthiao, Philippic, ad

other Publio Orations. 33. 60.
Vol. 2. On the Crown and on the Er-

Vol. 3. Against Leptines, Midias, An-

drotrton, and Aristocratas.
Vol. 4. Private and other Orations.

VOL 5. Miscellaneous Orations. Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Inc

cluding Proverbs, Maxime, Mottoes, Law Terms, and Phrases; and & Collection of above 500 Greek Quotations. With all the quantities marked, & English Translations.

with Index Verborum. 68. Index Verborum only. ls. Diogenes Laertius. Lives and Opin

ions of the Ancient Philosophers. Trap

lated, with Notes, by C. D. YONGE. Epictetus. Discourses, with Enchei

ridion and Fragments. Translated with

Notes, by GEORGE LONG, M.A. Euripides. Literally Translated. 2 vols.

Vol. 1. Hecuba, Orestes, Medea, Hippo

lytus, Alcestis, Buecba, Heraelide,
Iphigenia in Aulide, and Iphigenia in

Vol. 2. Hercules Furens, Troades, Ion,

Andromache, Suppliants, Helen,

Electra, Cyclope, Rhesus. Greek Anthology. Literally Trans

lates. With Metrical Versions by various Authors.

Romances of Heliodorus, Longus, and Achilles Tacos. Herodotus. A New and Literal

Translation, by HENRY CARY, M.A., of

Worcester College, Oxford. Hesiod, Callimachus, and Theognis.

Literally Translated, with Notes, by J.

BANKS, M.A. Homer's Iliad. Literally Translated

Odyssey, Hyınns, &c. Literally Translated. Horace. Literally Translated by

SMABT. Carefully revised by an OXONIAN.

30. 6d. Justin, Cornelius Nepos, and Eutro

plus. Literally Translated, with Notes and Index, by J. S. WATSON, M.A.

Juvenal, Persius, Sulpicia, and Lo.

cilius. By L. Evans, M.A. With the

Metrical Version by Gifford. Frontispiece Livy. A new and Literal Translation. By Dr. SPILLAN and others. In 4 volo.

VOL 1. Contains Boots 1-8
Vol. 2. Booke 9-26.
Vol. 3. Books 27-36.

Vol. 4 Books 37 to the end ; and Index, Lucan's Pharsalia. Translated, with

Notes, by H. T. RILEY. Lucretius, Literally Translated, with

Notes, by the Rev. J. S. WATSON, M.A.

And the Metrical Version by J. M. GOOD. Kartial's Epigrams, complete. Literally Translated. Each accompanied by

Die or more Verse Translations seleoted from the Works of English Poets, and other sources. With a copious Indox.

Double volume (660 pages). 76. Bd. Ovid's Works, completo. Literally Translated. 3 vols.

Vol. l. Fasti, Tristla, Epistles, &o.
Vol. 2. Metamorphoses

Vol. 3. Heroides, Art of Love, dc. Pindar. Literally Translated, by Daw

SON W. TURNER, and the Metrical Version

by ABRAHAM MOORE. Plato's Works. Translated by the Erav. H. CARY and others. In 6 vols. Vol. 1. The Apology of Socrates, Crite,

Phædo, Gorgias, Protagoras, Phædrus,

Theatetus, Euthyphron, Lysis.
Vol. 2. The Republic, Timøns, & Critias.
Vol. 3. Meno, Euthydemua, The so-

phist, Statesman, Cratylus, Parte

nides, and the Banquet. Vol. 4. Philebus, Charmides, Laches,

The Two Alcibiades, and Ten other

Vol. 6. The Laws.
Vol. 6. The Doubtful Works. With
General Index.

Dialogues, an Analysis and Index to. With References to the Translation in Bohn's Classical Library. By Dr.

DAY Plautus's Comedies. Literally Trans

lated, with Notes, by H. T. RILEY, B.A,

In 2 vole Pliny's Natural History. Translated,

with Coplous Notes, by the late JOHN BOSTOCK, M.D., F.B.S., and H. T. RILEY, B.A

In vole Pliny the Younger, The Letters of.

MELMOTH's Translation revised. By the

Rev. F. C. T. BOSANQUET, M.A. Propertius, Petronius, and Johannes

Secundus, and Aristenaetus. Literally Translated, and accompanied by Poetical Versions, from various sourcea.


Quintilian's Institutes of Oratory. Tacitus. Literally Translated, with

Literally Translated, with Notes, &cong by Notes. In 2 vols.
J. S. WATSON, M.A. In 2 vols.

Vol, 1. The Annals.

Vol. 2. The History, Germania, Agri Sallust, Florus, and Velleius Pater

cola, &c. With Index. culas.' With Copious Notes, Biographical Teronco and Phædrus. By H. T. Notices, and Index, by J. S. WATSON.

RILKY. B.A. Sophocles. The Oxford Translation Theocritus, Bion, Xoschus, and revised.

Tyrtæus. By J. BANKS, M.A. With the

Metrical Versions of Chapman,
Standard Library Atlas of Classical

Twenty-two large coloured

Literally Translated by

Rev. H. DALL In 2 vols. 38, 6d. each Maps according to the latest authorities. with a complete Index (accentuated), Virgil. Literally Translated by DAVID. giving the latitude and longitude of every

Sok. New Edition, carefully revined. 39. 61. place named in the Maps. Imp. 8vo. 78. 6d. Xenophon's Works. In 3 Vols. Strabo's Geography, Translated,

Vol. 1. The Anabasis and Memorabilia

Translated, with Notes, by J. S. Was with Copions Notes, by W. FALOONER, M.A., and H. C. HAMILTON, Esq. With

BON, M.A. And a Geographical Com. Index, giving the Ancient and Modern

mentary, by W.F. AINSWORTE, F.S.A., Named. In 3 vols.,

F.R.G.Š., &c.

Vol. 2. Cyropædia and Hellenicu. By Suetonius' Lives of the Twelve J. S. WATSON, M.A., and the Rev. H.. Cesars, and other Works. Thomson's

DAL.. Translation, revised, with Notes,] by T. Vol. 3. The Minor Worki. By J. &. FORESTER.


58 Vols. at 5s. each, excepting those marked otherwise

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Agassiz and Gould's Comparative
Physiology. Enlarged by Dr. WRIGHT,

Upwards of 400 Engravings.
Bacon's Novum Organum and Ad-

vancement of Learning. Complete, with

Notes, by J. DEVEY, M.A.
Bolley's Manual of Technical Analy.

da. A Guide for the Testing of Natural
and Artificial Substances. By B. H. PAUL.
· 100 Wood Engravings.

Bell on the Eand. Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as evincing Design Seventh Edition Revised.

- Kirby on the History, Habits, and Instincts of Animals. Edited, with Notes, by T. RYMEB JONES. Numerous Engravings, many of which are additional. In 2 vols.

Kidd on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Physical Condition of Man. 38. 6d.

Whewell's Astronomy and General Physics, considered with referenoo to Natural Theology. 38. 8d.

Chalmers on the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man,


Prout's Treatise on Chemistry, Meteorology, and Digestion. Edited by Dr. J. W. GRIFFITH.

Buckland's Geology and Mineralogy. 2 vols. 168.

Roget's Animal and Vege table Physiology. Illustrated In 2 vols. 88. each Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Zoology. A

Systematic View of the Structure, Habits, Instincts, and Uses, of the principal Famí. lies of the Animal Kingdom, and of the chief forms of Fossil Remains. Revised by W. S. DALLAS, F.L.S. Ihrustrated with many hundred Wood Engravings. In 2 vols. 68. each.

Mechanical Philosophy, As tronomy, and Horology A Popular Es position. 183 Mustrations.

Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany. A complete Introdaction to the Knowledge of Plants. Revised, ander arrangement with the Author, by E. LANKESTER, M.D., &c. Several hundred Ilustrations on Wood. 88.

Animal Physiology. In part re-written by the Author. Uproards of 300 capital Illustrations. 66.


Chevroul on Colour. Containing the

Principles of Harmony and Contract of Colours, and their application to the Arts. Translated from the French by CHARLES MARTEL. Only complete Edition. Several Plates. Or, with an additional series of

16 Plates in Colours. 78. 60. Ennemoser's History of Magic.

Translated by WILLIAM HOWITT. With an Appendix of the most remarkablo and best authenticated Stories of Apparitions Dreams, Table-Turning, and Spirit-Rap

ping, &c. In 2 vols. Logg's (Jabes) Elements of Experi.

mental and Natural Philosophy. Con taining Mechanics, Pneumatics, Hydro statics, Hydraulics, Acoustics, Optica, Caloric, Electricity, Voltaism, and Mag. netism, New Edition, enlarged. Op

wards of 400 Woodcuts. Hind's Introduction to Astronomy.

With a Vocabulary, containing an Explanation of all the Terms in present use New Edition, enlarged Numerou Em

gravings. 38. 60. Humboldt's Cosmos; or, Sketch of a

Physical Description of the Universe.
Translated by E C. OTTá and W. S.
DALLAS, F.L.Š. Fine Portrait. In five
vols. 38. Bd. each ; excepting Vol V., 88.

** In this edition the notes are placed beneath the text, Humboldt's analytical Summaries and the passages hitherto suppressed are included, and new and com. prehensive Indices are added.

Travels in America. In 3 vols.

Views of Nature; or, Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation. Translated by E. C. OTTE and

H. G. BOHN. With a complete Index. Hunt's (Robert) Poetry of Science;

or, Studies of the Physical Phenomena of Nature. By Professor HUNT. New Edi.

tion, enlarged. Joyce's Scientific Dialogues. By Dr. GRIFFITH. Numerous Woodcuts.

Introduction to the Arts and Sciences. With Examination Questions.

38. 60. Knight's (Chas.) Knowledge is Power.

A Popular Mandal of Political Economy. Lectures on Painting. By the Royal

Academicians. With Introductory Essay, and Notes by R. WOBNOX, Esq. Portraite.

Lawrence's Lectures on Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, Zoology, and the

Natural History of Man. Klustrated. Lilly's Introduction to Astrology.

With numerous Emendations, by

ZADKIKL. Kantell's (Dr.) Geological Excur.

cions through the Isle of Wight and Dorsetshire, New Edition, by T. RUPERT JONES, Esq. Numerorus beautifully ewe. cuted Woodcuts, and a Geological Map.

Medals of Creation; or, wirst Lessons in Geology and the Study of Organic Remains; including Geological Excursions. New Edition, revised. Co. loured Plates, and several hundred beautifra Woodcuts. In 3 vols., 78. 8d. each.

Petrifactions and their Teachings. An Illustrated Handbook to the Organio Remains in the British Ma. leum. Numerous Engravings. Br.

Wonders of Geology; or, a Familiar Exposition of Geological Phenomena. New Edition, angmented by T, RUPERT JONES, F.G.8. Coloured Geological Map of England, Plates, and nearly 200

beautiful Woodcuts. In 2 vols., 78. Bd. each. Morphy's Games of Chess. Being

the Matches and best Games played by the American Champion, with Explanatory and Analytical Notes, by J. LÖWEN. THAL. Portrait and Memoir.

It contains by far the largest collection of games played by Mr. Morphy extant in any form, and has received his endorse

ment and co-operation. Richardson's Geology, including

Mineralogy and Palæontology. Revised and enlarged, by Dr. T. WRIGHT. Upwarda

of 400 Nlustrations. Schouw's Earth, Plants, and Man; and

Kobell's Sketches from the Mineral Kingdom. Translated by A. HENFREY, F.R.S.

Coloured Map of the Geography of Plants Smith's (Pyo) Geology and Scrip

tare; or, The Relation between the Holy

Scriptores and Geological Science. Stanley's Classified Synopsis of the

PrincipalPainters of the Dutch and Fle

mish Schools. Staunton's Chess-player's Handbook. Numerous Diagrams.

Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the Chess-player's Handbook. Con taining all the most important modern Improvements in the Openings, Illustrated by actual Games; a revised Code of Chess Laws; and a Selection of Mr. Morphy's Games in England and France. Bl.

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History of the World, from the earliest time, alphabetically arranged. By J. W. ROASE. Double volume, 206. ; or, ball

bound, 108. Och Lowndes' Bibliographor's Manual of

English Literature. New Edition, en. larged, by A. G. BOHN. Parta I. to X. (A to Z). 38. 6d. each. Part Xl. (the Ape pendix Volume). 58. Or the 11 parts in

4 vols., balt morocco, 21. 28. Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs. With

English Translations, and a General Index, bringing the whole into parallels, by H. G. BOHN. 6s.

Blair'sChronological Tablos, Revised

and Enlarged. Comprehending the ChroDology and History of t World, from the earliest times. By J. WILLOUGABY Rossz. Double Volume. 108.; or, hal:

bound, 108.6d. Clark's (Hagh)' Introduction to

Heraldry. With nearly 1000 Illustrations. 18th Edition. Revised and enlarged by J.R. PLANCHE, Ronge Croix. 58. Or, with all

the Illustrations coloured, 168. Chronicles of the Tombs. A Collec

tion of Remarkable Epitaphs. By T.J.

PETTIGREW, F.R.S., F.S.A. 68. Handbook of Domestic Medicine. Po

pularly arranged. By Dr. HENRY DAVIES. 700 pages. With complete Index. 68.

Games. By various Amateurs and Professors. Comprising treatises on all the principal Games of

chance, skill, and manual dexterity. In ? all, above 40 games (the Whist, Draughte,

and Billiards being especially comprehensive). Edited by H. G. BOHN. Ilustrated by numerous Diagrams. 68.

Proverbs. Comprising all Ray's English Proverbs, with additions ; his Foreign Proverbs; and an Alphabetical Index. 68.

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Smith's (Archdeacon) Complete Col

lection of Synonyms and Antonyms. 68. The Epigrammatists. Selections from

the Epigrammatic Literature of Ancient, Mediæval, and Modern Times, With Notes, Observations, Illustrations, and an Introduction. By the Rev. HENRY PHILIP DODD, M.A., of Pembroke College, Oxford. Second Edition, revised and considerably enlarged; containing many new Epigrams,

principally of an amusing character. 6s. Wheeler's (W. A., M.A.) Dictionary

of Noted Names of Fictitious Persons and Places. 58.

Humphrey's Coin Collector's Ma.

Wright's (T.) Dictionary of Obsoleto

nual. A popular Introduction to the Study of Coins. Highly finished Engravings. In 2 vols. 108.

Index of Datos. Comprehending the principal Facts in the Chronology and

and Provincial English. In : vols. Bs. each ; or half-bound in 1 vol., 103. 6d.

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