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Page 1 - Experts and of the commissions established by that committee, including traveling expenses, personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere without reference to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, stenographic and other services by contract if deemed necessary without regard to the provisions of section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (USC, title 41, sec.
Page 1 - To the Congress of the United States: I commend to the favorable consideration of the Congress the inclosed report from the Secretary of State to the end that legislation may be enacted...
Page 15 - Miller would be present to discuss the balance of the legislative program. (Thereupon, at 12 o'clock noon, the committee adjourned to meet again at 10 o'clock am, Wednesday, January 20, 1926.) HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON WoRLD WAR LEGISLATION, Wednesday, January W, 19%6.
Page 1 - States of America in Congress assembled, That for the expenses of participation by the United States in an international monetary and economic conference to be held in London...
Page 3 - There can be no doubt that a serious effort will be made to cope with the problem of silver as well as with other international problems of finance and economics.
Page 3 - ... of this commission, but we found that we could do it much more cheaply and better by sending one of our law officers there when needed, and we use the rest of his time in the department. VALUE AND NEED OF CONTINUING AGRICULTURAL INSPECTION AND EXAMINATIONS INTO DAMAGE CAUSED BY TRAIL SMELTER FUMES STATEMENT OF JAMES GRAFTON ROGERS, ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF STATE Mr. ROGERS. As I understand it, Mr. Chairman, the committee is interested in the question whether or not it is wise to continue the appropriation...
Page 8 - ... arises from depreciation of currencies, of money going off of the gold standard and the fact that the governments have resorted to desperate measures in order to preserve their internal gold reserves from being shipped abroad. I have watched it for two years with a great deal of interest and attention, and my judgment is that the defense of currencies is the most important single factor. It may be that a general agreeriient can be arrived at on this topic.
Page 28 - I am perfectly certain about it. Mr. BLOOM. We do not pay much more than that here. I have reserved rooms during the inauguration in March in Washington and we do not pay any more than that here in the District of Columbia. That is for three days. Mr. DUNN. At the time of the inauguration. That would be a corresponding time in London when }TOU have all these delegations.
Page 23 - Exactly, this is an estimate. Mr. BLOOM. It could not be over $33,000 but it might be under? Mr. DUNN. That is the amount which the league secretariat estimated as the probable amount that it would cost for the secretariat. Mr. BLOOM. Do we get any reports from the league for this $33,000, any printed reports, alter the conference? Mr.

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