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their origin from the call of Abraham, the present work contains an epitome of Church History from that period to the present time; and exhibits, in striking and interesting points of view, those great movements of Divine Providence which have been designated prophetical eras, or periods pregnant with great events, that have affected the church, both under the Jewish and Christian dispensations. The whole is illustrated by two Charts : the larger of which contains the great outlines of Scripture history, the dates of the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments, and the various accomplished and unaccomplished prophetical periods. The lesser chart exhibits a similar view of those two great series of events, represented in the symbolical visions of the seals and trumpets of the Apocalypse. The two Charts, taken together, shew the general harmony subsisting between the chronological and symbolical prophecies.

. With two short quotations—the first from a volume of very valuable Sermons lately published by the Rev. A.S. Thelwall (a work perfectly sound in doctrine and pecu


liarly suited to the times in which we live), and the other from Bishop Horsley—the Author will close these prefatory observations. Mr. Thelwall remarks, that “the continual fulfilment of prophecy before our eyes, in the progressive development of the purposes of God according to his word, is A STANDING MIRACLE, still testifying from age


age the Divine inspiration and authority, not only of those prophecies themselves, but of the whole Volume which contains them ; with whose doctrines, narrations, precepts, and manifold instructions, they are inseparably interwoven.” The passage from Bishop Horsley is the following :-“ The obscurity of the Prophecies, great as it is in certain parts, is not such, upon the whole, as should discourage the Christian laic from the study of them, nor such as will excuse him under the neglect of it. Let him remember, that it is not mine, but the Apostle's admonition, who would not require an useless or impracticable task, to give heed to the prophetic word.'

London, August 1834.



Prophetical Axioms

4 Seventh seal

The two series of events re- Abdication of Napoleon

presented by the Seals and Sixth vial

the Trumpets

5 Character of the Trumpets

Enumeration of the unful-

First trumpet, Alaric

filled Prophecies of the Second trumpet, Attila

Old Testament

6 Third trumpet, Genseric

The Vials

8 Fourth trumpet, Odoacer

The Seals

ib. The three woe-trumpets

The gradual rise of Popery Fifth trumpet, the Saracens

by four successive Edicts 9 Sixth trumpet, the Turks ..
The first seal, Constantine 12 | Sixth vial
Second seal, Gratian ... 16 Drying-up of the Turkish
Third seal, Valentinian III. 18 Empire
Fourth seal, Justinian 20 The three unclean spirits of
Fifth seal, the Reformation 24 Despotism, Liberalism,
Sixth seal, the French Revo-

and Popery


27 || Extract from a speech made

The first five vials

33 by Mr. Canning

First vial

34 Seventh trumpet

Second vial

35 Seventh vial

Third vial

37 Great Revolution

Fourth vial

39 Russia

Fifth vial

40 || Concluding remarks

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