Selected Materials on Federal-State Cooperation in the Atomic Energy Field

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U.S.GovernmentPrint.Office, 1959 - 520 pages

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Page 20 - SEC. 184. INALIENABILITY OF LICENSES. No license granted hereunder and no right to utilize or produce special nuclear material granted hereby shall be transferred, assigned or in any manner disposed of, either voluntarily or involuntarily, directly or indirectly, through transfer of control of any license to any person, unless the Commission shall, after securing full information, find that the transfer is in accordance with the provisions of this Act, and shall give its consent in writing.
Page 64 - Byproduct material" means any radioactive material (except special nuclear material) yielded in or made radioactive by exposure to the radiation incident to the process of producing or utilizing special nuclear material...
Page 278 - No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, . . . enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, . . .
Page 183 - The absorbed dose of any ionizing radiation is the amount of energy imparted to matter by ionizing particles per unit mass of irradiated material at the place of interest.
Page 100 - ... d. a program to encourage widespread participation in the development and utilization of atomic energy for peaceful purposes to the maximum extent consistent with the common defense and security and with the health and safety of the public; e.
Page 349 - Gibbons v. Ogden, 9 Wheat. 1, 196, 6 L. ed. 23, 70, where he said: "We are now arrived at the inquiry, What is this power? It is the power to regulate; that is, to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed. This power, like all others vested in Congress, is complete in itself, may be exercised to its utmost extent, and acknowledges no limitations other than are prescribed in the Constitution.
Page 108 - Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (b) of this section, such order shall be effective immediately. Any person to whom such order is directed shall comply therewith immediately, but on application to the Agency shall be afforded a hearing as soon as possible.
Page 64 - Government agency" means any executive department, commission, independent establishment, corporation, wholly or partly owned by the United States of America which is an instrumentality of the United States, or any board, bureau, division, service, office, officer, authority, administration, or other establishment in the executive branch of the Government; (d) "License", except where otherwise specified, means a license issued pursuant to the regulations in this part; (e) "Person...
Page 113 - The sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state treasury in the general fund to the credit of the state purposes fund, not otherwise appropriated, and made available to the mental heaith commission for its expenses in carrying out the provisions of this act.
Page 415 - There can be no question of the authority of the state in the exercise of its police power to regulate the administration, sale, prescription and use of dangerous and habit-forming drugs * * *. The right to exercise this power is so manifest in the interest of the public health and welfare, that it is unnecessary to enter upon a discussion of it beyond saying that it is too firmly established to be successfully called in question.

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