National Planning Board of 1935: Hearing, Seventy-fourth Congress, First Session, on S. 2825, a Bill to Provide for the Establishment of a National Planning Board and the Organization and Functions Thereof. June 13, 1935

Front Cover
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1935 - 46 pages
Considers (74) S. 2825.

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Page 1 - ... laws applicable to the employment and compensation of officers and employees of the United States...
Page 26 - Make available large areas of land for purposes of popular recreation. 7. Assemble basic data in regard to mapping, public finance, and population, necessary for national planning. 8. Avoid the extravagance caused by failure to coordinate public works - Federal, State and local; bring about better programming of socially useful public works; prepare Public Works projects suitable, if desired, for use in emergency situations. 9. Provide for continuous long-range planning of land, water, and mineral...
Page 1 - Act of 1923 to fix the compensation of, such employees, and to make such expenditures (including expenditures for personal services and rent at the seat of Government and elsewhere, and for law books, books of reference, and periodicals), as may be necessary efficiently to execute the functions vested in the Board. All expenditures of the Board shall be allowed and paid, out of any moneys appropriated for the purposes of the Board, upon presentation of itemized vouchers therefor signed by the chairman.
Page 3 - Coordination of planning policies between Federal, State, and local jurisdictions. (c) Stimulation and assistance to the planning agencies within the Federal Government and in regions, States, and localities. (d) Fundamental research directed toward the development of basic national policies and programs.
Page 22 - Works Planning 1 . That a permanent Public Works Administration be established, based upon the powers, duties, and functions of the Emergency Administration of Public Works. The Federal Employment Stabilization Office should be merged with the Public Works Administration.
Page 26 - The program indicated in the following sections may be expected, if carried through, t(i 1. Provide for the systematic development of our water resources for purposes of sanitation, power, industrial uses, transportation, recreation, domestic consumption, and other collateral uses on a far higher level than ever before. 2. Remove the recurring menace -of great floods and vast losses to persons and property. 3.
Page 1 - Board to be composed of five members to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The...
Page 20 - Reclamation Policies 1. That in view of the scarcity of water in the arid sections of the country there be developed a wellrounded plan for the use of water, based on technological and economic considerations, and that there be State participation in planning and developing reclamation projects. 2. That the general national policy should be to complete and perfect old developments and to utilize them fully so far as practicable before undertaking new ones. 3. That consideration be given to facilitating...
Page 15 - B. Needed Changes in Use. 1. That a land purchase program, to secure more effective use of areas than is probable under private ownership, be undertaken over a term of years, involving : (a) Continued retirement of submarginal lands at the rate of about 5 million acres per year for a period now estimated at 15 years.
Page 1 - The council may in addition to the meetings above provided for hold such other meetings in Washington, District of Columbia, or elsewhere, as it may deem necessary, may select its own officers and adopt its own methods of procedure, and a majority of its members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Vacancies in the council shall be filled by the respective reserve banks, and members selected to fill vacancies shall serve for the unexpired term.

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