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The Finance Commission is constituted under the Amended Charter of 1909. It consists of five commissioners appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Executive Council, the term of each being five years. The chairman of the Commission is named by the Governor. The members of the Commission, other than the chairman, serve without pay.

It is the duty of the Commission to investigate, at its discretion, all matters relating to appropriations, loans, expenditures, accounts and methods of administration affecting the City of Boston or the County of Suffolk, or any of their departments, and to report upon its investigations from time to time to the Mayor, the City Council, the Governor or the General Court.

The Commission is required to make an annual report, in January, to the General Court. It is also the duty of the Commission to report to the Mayor, the City Auditor or the City Treasurer as to the validity or proper amount of any doubtful pay-roll, bill or claim referred to it by them.

County Commissioners for the County of Suffolk.- The City COUNCIL of

County Audiior.— RUPERT S. CARVEN.
County Treasurer.— JOHN J. CURLEY.


Room 218, Court House. (Gen. Laws, Chap. 12, sec. 12, etc.; Stat. 1910, Chaps. 373, 439; Stat.

1912, Chap. 576; Stat. 1913, Chap. 602; Gen. Stat. 1919, Chap. 269; Stat. 1920, Chap. 451; Stat. 1922, Chap. 277; Stat. 1923, Chaps. 398,

485.) District Attorney.- Thomas C. O'BRIEN. Elected by the people in 1922

for term of four years ending January, 1927.
Assistant. — Maurice Caro.
Assistant. — Frank S. Deland.
Assistant.- George Alpert.
Assistant.- Robert E. McGuire.
Assistant.- Joseph J. Leonard.
Assistant.— Vincent Garro.


Room 408, Court House.
Judge.— Charles Thornton Davis. Appointed by the Governor.
Associate Judge.- Joseph J. Corbett. Appointed by the Governor.

NOTE. - The District Attorney appoints six permanent assistants. All are paid by the State.

Associate Judge. — Clarence C. Smith. Appointed by the Governor. Recorder.— Charles A. Southworth. Appointed by the Governor for

term of five years ending in 1928.

INDEX COMMISSIONERS. Commissioners.- Samuel T. Harris, term ends in 1926. Ralph W. E.

Hopper, term ends in 1927. Ira C. Hersey, term ends in 1928. Clerk.- William J. Kurth.

Appointed in March, one each year, by a majority of the Justices of the Superior Court for the County of Suffolk for a term of three years, beginning April 1, and serve without pay.


(Gen. Laws, Chap. 36; Stat. 1895, Chap. 493; Stat. 1904, Chap. 452; Stat.

1910, Chap. 373; Stat. 1913, Chap. 737; Gen. Stat. 1919, Chap. 269;

Stat. 1920, Chap. 495.) Register of Deeds.- W. T. A. Fitzgerald. Elected by the people in 1922.

Term ends in January, 1929. The Register is ex officio Assistant

Recorder of the Land Court. First Assistant Register.— John J. Attridge. Appointed by the Register Second Assistant Register.- John W. Johnson. Appointed by the Register.


(Gen. Laws, Chap. 37; Stat. 1910, Chap. 373; Gen. Stat. 1919, Chap. 269;

Stat. 1922, Chap. 525.) Sherif.- John A. Keliher. Elected by the people, November 2, 1920.

Term ends in January, 1927. As Jailer he receives additional com

pensation. Deputy Sheriffs for Service of Writs. Daniel A. Whelton, Henry G.

Gallagher, Richard F. Sweeney, Edmund P. Kelly, John J. Casey,

James P. Keliher, Thomas J. Wilson. Paid by fees.
Deputy Sheriffs for Court Duty.— William J. Leonard, Chief Deputy Sheriff.

Peter McCann, William A. McDevitt, Richard J. Murray, Oscar L.
Strout, Willard W. Hibbard, Andrew J. Crotty, Frank C. Pierce, Jere-

miah J. McCarthy, John A. Finley, John F. Glynn, Thomas F. Lally. All debts and expenses of the County of Suffolk are borne by the City of Boston, unless otherwise specified.

Offices in Court House, Pemberton square, except as otherwise specified.


Clerk for the Commonwealth.— Walter F. Frederick. Appointed by the

Court. Clerk for the County of Suffolk.- John F. Cronin. Elected by the people

in 1922. Tcrm ends in january, 1929.

Assistant Clerks.- John H. Flynn, Joseph Riley.
Reporter of Decisions. - Ethelbert V. Grabill. Appointed by Governor.

SUPERIOR COURT FOR CIVIL BUSINESS. Clerk.- Francis A. Campbell. Elected by the people in 1922. Term

ends in January, 1929. Assistant Clerk in Equity.— Henry E. Bellew. Assistant Clerks.- Edmund S. Phinney, George E. Kimball, Allen H.

Bearse, George A. Scheele, Flourence J. Mahoney, Charles J. Hart,
Francis P. Ewing, James F. McDermott, Frank H. Hallett, John L.
Maccubbin, Michael E. Leen, Albert E. Macdonald, D. Pulsifer

SUPERIOR COURT FOR CRIMINAL BUSINESS. Clerk.- John P. Manning. Elected by the people in 1922. Term ends

in January, 1929. Assistant Clerks.— John R. Campbell, Julian Seriack, John P. Manning,

Jr., and Walter A. Murray.


(Gen. Laws, Chap. 217; Stat. 1904, Chap. 455; Stat. 1910, Chap. 374;

Stat. 1912, Chap. 585; Stat. 1913, Chap. 791; Gen. Stat. 1919, Chap. 269; Stat. 1921, Chaps. 486, 487; Stat. 1922, Chap. 532.)

Judge.- Arthur W. Dolan.
Judge. William M. Prest.
Register.— Arthur W. Sullivan.
First Assistant Register.- John R. Nichols.
Second Assistant Register.— Clara L. Power.

The Judges of Probate are appointed by the Governor. They and the three other officials of this Court are paid by the State.


(Gen. Laws, Chap. 218; Stat. 1907, Chap. 179; Stat. 1908, Chap. 191; Stat.

1909, Chaps. 386, 434; Stat. 1911, Chaps. 231, 469, $ 5; Stat. 1912,
Chaps. 648, 649, 660, 672; Stat. 1913, Chaps. 289, 430, 612, 716, 748;
Stat. 1914, Chaps. 35, 409; Gen. Stat. 1915, Chap. 166; Gen. Stat. 1916,
Chaps. 69, 71, 109, 195, 261, 263; Gen. Stat. 1917, Chaps. 262, 330;
Gen. Stat. 1918, Chap. 250; Stat. 1920, Chaps. 553, 614; Stat. 1921,

Chap. 284; Stat. 1922, Chaps. 309, 399, 532.]
Chief Justice.- Wilfred Bolster.

Associate Justices.- John H. Burke, James P. Parmenter, William Sulli

van, Michael J. Murray, John Duff, Michael J. Creed, Thomas H.

Dowd, Joseph T. Zottoli. All judges appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Executive Council. Special Justices.- John A. Bennett, Abraham K. Cohen, John G. Brackett, Joseph A. Sheehan.

Terms of the Court. FOR CIVIL BUSINESS.- Every Saturday at 9 A. M., for trial of civil causes not exceeding $2,000. Clerk.- William F. Donovan. Appointed by the Governor. Assistant Clerks.- Warren C. Travis, Clesson S. Curtice, Volney D.

Caldwell, Michael F. Hart, Arthur W. Ashenden, James F. Tobin,

Louis B. Torrey, Frederick J. Dillon. FOR CRIMINAL BUSINESS.— Every day in the week (Sundays and legal

holidays excepted) at 9 A. M., for the trial of criminal causes. Clerk.- Edward J. Lord. Appointed by the Governor. Assistant Clerks.— Harvey B. Hudson, Charles T. Wil'ock, James G.

Milward, Francis S. A. Hanley, George A. Savage, Paul W. Carey, James F. Hardy, Edward A. Chalmers. Appointed by the Clerk of the Court with the approval of the Justices.


Cambridge street, corner of Henshaw street.
Justice.- Thomas H. Connelly.
Special Justices.- Robert W. Frost and Harry C. Fabyan.
Clerk.- Daniel F. Cunningham. Appointed by the Governor.


New Municipal Building, City square.
Justice.- Charles S. Sullivan.
Special Justices.- Willis W. Stover and Joseph E. Donovan.
Clerk. — Mark E. Smith. Appointed by the Governor.
Assistant Clerk.- James J. Mullen, Jr.
Second Assistant Clerk - Thomas F. Fitzpatrick.


Adams street, corner of Arcadia street.
Justice.- Joseph R. Churchill.
Special Justices.— Michael H. Sullivan and William F. Merritt.
Clerk. — Alpheus Sanford. Appointed by the Governor.
Assistant Clerk.- Frederick E. Simmons.


Court House, corner of Meridian and Paris streets, East Boston.
Justice.- Joseph H. Barnes.
Special Justices. — Charles J. Brown and Patrick J. Lane.
Clerk.- John S. C. Nicholls. Appointed by the Governor.
Assistant Clerk.— Samuel Maylor, Jr.
Second Assistant Clerk.— Grace M. Dalton.


Court House, Roxbury street.
Justice.- Albert F. Hayden.
Special Justices.- Joseph N. Palmer and Timothy J. Ahern.
Clerk.— Maurice J. O'Connell. Appointed by the Governor
First Assistant Clerk.- Fred E. Cruff.
Second Assistant Clerk.— Henry F. Ryder.
Third Assistant Clerk.- Charles A. Moore.


New Municipal Building, East Broadway.
Justice.- Edward L. Logan.
Special Justices.- Josiah S. Dean, William J. Day.
Clerk.— Adrian B. Smith. Appointed by the Governor.
Assistant Clerk.- Harry W. Park.


Court House (new), Morton street, Forest Hills.
Justice.- John Perrins.
Special Justices.— J. Albert Brackett, Bert E. Holland.
Clerk.— George B. Stebbins. Appointed by the Governor.
Assistant Clerk.- Sidney T. Knott.
Second Assistant Clerk.- Caroline M. Adams.


Room 127, Court House. (Chap. 334, Acts of 1903; Chap. 489, Acts of 1906; Gen. Stat. 1919, Chap.

255; Stat. 1922, Chap. 399.]
Justice.- Frederick P. Cabot.
Special Justices.- Frank Leveroni, Philip Rubenstein.
Clerk. — Charles W. M. Williams.

Chapter 489 of the Acts of 1906, establishing a court to be known as the Boston Juvenile Court for the “Care, Custody and Discipline of Juvenile

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