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Chap. LI.- Struggle for the Appointment of Sunderland to the Secretary-

ship of State, in the room of Sir Charles Hedges. Correspondence

on the Subject between the Queen, Godolphin, and Marlborough.

Resolution of Godolphin to resign deprecated by Marlborough.

Firmness of the Queen in her position to the Transfer of the


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LII. — Interposition of the Duchess of Marlborough in favour of Sun-

derland. Contention between her and the Queen. Suspicions enter-

tained of the Fidelity of Harley. Arrival of Marlborough in England.

Obtains the Appointment of Sunderland


LIII. — Thanks to the Duke of Marlborough from both Houses of

Parliament. Removal of the Colours taken at the Battle of Rami.

lies to Westminster Hall. Extension of the Ducal Title to the Female

Line, and Entail of Blenheim, with the Pension of 50001. Settlement

of the Union with Scotland. Address for the Appointment of Prince

Eugene to the Command in Spain


LIV. Character and Victories of Charles XII. of Sweden. His irrup-

tion into Saxony. Attention of Marlborough to the Designs of the

Swedish Monarch. Departs for the Continent


LV. – Journey of Marlborough to the Swedish Camp at Alt Ranstadt.

Visits the Elector of Hanover. His Interview with Count Piper.

Audiences of the King of Sweden. Extracts from bis Correspondence.

Conclusion of his Proceedings at Alt Ranstadt. Visits the Court of

Prussia. Arrival at the Hague. Effects of his Success. Curious

Account of his first Audience with Charles XII., transmitted by

Besenval to Louis XIV.


LVI. — Plans of Marlborough for the Reduction of Toulon Project of

the Imperial Court for the Conquest of Naples. Fatal Defeat of the

Allies at the Battle of Almanza. Letters from Lord Galway. Appeal

of Charles for Reinforcements. Military Movements and Correspond-


LVII. — Marlborough remains stationary at Meldert. Death of the

Prince of Baden. Irruption of Villars into the Empire. Marlborough
obtains the Transfer of the Command in Germany to the Elector of
Hanover. March of the King of Sweden into Muscovy Embarrass.

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ments from the Intrigues of Lord Peterborough. Correspondence at

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LVIII. — Intrigues in the Cabinet. Whig Bickerings with Marlbo-

rough and Godolphin. Imprudent Conduct of Admiral Churchill.
Decline of the Influence of the Duchess with the Queen. Rise of
Mrs. Masham. Cabals of Harley. Impolitic Conduct of Marlborough
and the Treasurer. They offend both the Queen and the Whigs.
Correspondence from Meldert


LIX. - Success of the Expedition against Naples. Secret Views of the

Dutch for a Peace with France. Proposal of Godolphin. Prudent

Sentiments of Marlborough. Coldness between the Electoral Family

and the Queen. Intrigues of the Tories with the Electress Sophia 111

LX. — Marlborough moves to Genappe, and compels the Enemy to

quit their Position at Gemblours. Advance of the Confederates to

Nivelle, and Preparations for a Battle. March of Marlborough to

Soignies. Correspondence from Soignies. Visit of Lord Peterbo-



LXI. — Movement of Marlborough to Helchin, and Retreat of the

French to Lille. Failure of the Enterprise against Toulon. Disputes

between the Courts of Vienna and Turin. Correspondence on that

Subject, on the Domestic Affairs of England, on the Plan for the suc-

ceeding Campaign, and on the Proposal for Eugene to command in



LXII. Domestic Affairs. Pertinacity of the Queen in the Nomina-

tion of the two Tory Bishops. Jealousy of the Whigs of Marlborough

and Godolphin. Continuation of the Correspondence


LXIII. – Journey of Marlborough to the Hague. Distributes his

Troops into Quarters. Meets the Elector of Hanover and Count

Wratislaw at Frankfort. Increasing Difficulties with the Queen.

Cabals and Letters of Harley


LXIV. Coalition of the Whigs and Tories. Censures of Admiral

Churchill. Speech of Marlborough on the Conduct of the Earl of

Peterborough. Address to the Queen, against the Conclusion of

Peace. Harley suspected of conniving at the Treasonable Practices

of Gregg. Resignation of Harley and his Adherents. Ascendency

of the Whigs


LXV. - Projected Invasion in favour of the Pretender. Activity of

Marlborough in defeating the Attempt. Change in the Character of

the Administration. Design of the Duchess of Marlborough to retire

from Court. Extorts a Promise from the Queen to confer her Offices

on her two Daughters


LXVI. Arrival

of Marlborough at the Hague. Political and Mili-

tary Arrangements with Eugene. Feuds in the British Cabinet

relative to the Promotion of Lord Somers. Journey of Marlborough

to Hanover. Complaints of his Friends on his refusal to revisit

England. Correspondence


LXVII. — Increasing Aversion of the Queen to the Whigs. Fruitless

Efforts of Marlborough and Godolphin to overcome her Repugnance.
Cabals of the Whigs with the Jacobites, to ensure the Majority in the

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