AEC Authorizing Legislation, Fiscal Year 1968: Hearings Before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, Congress of the United States, Ninetieth Congress, First Session, Volume 4, Part 3

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1967 - 2045 pages

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Page 1844 - Reasonably Assured Resources (RAR) refers to uranium that occurs in known mineral deposits of such size, grade and configuration that it could be recovered within the given production cost ranges, with currently proven mining and processing technology. Estimates of tonnage and grade are based on specific sample data and measurements of the deposits and on knowledge of deposit characteristics. Reasonably Assured Resources have a high assurance of existence.
Page 1909 - Company is a corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Washington, with its principal place of business in...
Page 1945 - Awards, $80,000. -This covers cash awards to employees in recognition of suggestions, inventions, superior accomplishments and other acts as authorized by the Government Employee's Incentive Awards Act.
Page 1902 - ... million. The production of special nuclear materials begins with the refinement of uranium concentrates for diffusion plants or reactors. The Isotope uranium 235 is extracted in gaseous diffusion plants at Oak Ridge, Tenn., Paducah, Ky., and Portsmouth, Ohio. Plutonium is synthesized In the reactors at Hanford, Wash., and Savannah River, SC...
Page 1873 - We have considered speculation that, because of the long half-lives of the radioactive material contained in the uranium piles, they may become hazardous at some future time. At the present time we find it difficult to conceive of any mechanism whereby the radioactive material which is now so widely dispersed. could become so concentrated as to exceed current applicable standards for protection against radiation. We recognize, however, that in their gross physical aspects the uranium mills piles...
Page 1828 - General plant projects, $12 million The work contemplated under this project consists of many miscellaneous improvements, alterations, and additions, including minor new construction. Similar work is performed annually in order to provide for the continuity of operations, improvements to techniques, and reduction in operating costs in the facilities supporting the research and development program.
Page 1790 - ... cost of providing such services may vary from present levels. (2) The County will make just and reasonable tax efforts and exercise due diligence in availing itself of State and other financial assistance. (3) The County will establish rates and charges for services as specified In Article VI.
Page 1947 - This item includes services performed by contractors, sudi as. maintenance and operation of buildings and grounds ; maintenance of motor vehicles and office equipment, guard services, outside training of employees, and film distribution services.
Page 1543 - Also present: John T. Conway, executive director; Edward J. Bauser, assistant director ; Leonard M.
Page 1764 - ASSISTANCE. a. The Commission is directed to exercise its powers in such manner as to insure the continued conduct of research and development and training activities in the fields specified below, by private or public institutions or persons, and to assist in the acquisition of an ever-expanding fund of theoretical and practical knowledge in such fields.

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