Laws of the State of Wisconsin

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R. A. Bird, printer, 1903

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Page 31 - One member of said board shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years.
Page 75 - ... said appraiser is authorized to issue subpoenas and to compel the attendance of witnesses before him and to take the evidence of such witnesses under oath concerning such property and the value thereof...
Page 560 - Liability of editors and others. Every editor or proprietor of a book, newspaper or serial, and every manager of a partnership or incorporated association, by which a book, newspaper or serial is issued, is chargeable with the publication of any matter contained in such book, newspaper or serial.
Page 66 - Whenever any person or corporation shall exercise a power of appointment derived from any disposition of property made either before or after the passage of this act, such appointment when made shall be deemed a transfer taxable under the provisions of this act in the same manner as though the property to which such appointment relates belonged absolutely to the donee of such power and had been bequeathed or devised by such donee by will...
Page 501 - ... a state tax of one-tenth of one mill for each dollar of the assessed valuation of the taxable property of the state...
Page 74 - ... person taxable at a rate less than the rate imposed and paid, such person or corporation shall be entitled to a return of so much of the tax imposed and paid as is the difference between the amount paid and the amount which said person or corporation should pay under the provisions of this article, with interest thereon at the rate of three per centum per annum from the time of payment.
Page 592 - An act to regulate the treatment and control of dependent, neglected, and delinquent children...
Page 490 - Where any building, which is leased or occupied, is destroyed or so injured by the elements, or any other cause as to be untenantable, and unfit for occupancy, and no express agreement to the contrary has been made in writing...
Page 81 - estate" and "property," as used in this act shall be taken to mean the real and personal property or interest therein of the testator, intestate, grantor, bargainer, vendor, or donor, passing or transferred to individual legatees, devisees, heirs, next of kin, grantees, donees, vendees, or successors, and shall include all personal property within or without the state. The word "transfer...
Page 559 - Prints, publishes, edits, issues or knowingly circulates, sells, distributes or publicly displays any book, paper, document, or written or printed matter in any form, containing or advocating, advising or teaching the doctrine that organized government should be overthrown by force, violence or any unlawful means ; or, 3.

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