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Hogwarts lost its beloved headmaster, Draco lost his nerve and Severus lost his paycheck. Harry and Dumbledore had an incredible last adventure together and it was admittedly scary bordering on horror during a horcrux mission. The school continued to deteriorate and Tom Riddle was given a history and therefore more realism and meaning to his character. There was so much packed into this novel and to be honest I'm quite disappointed. I think it was rushed and this was the one chance Rowling had to delve into the history of the characters, especially without patronising the readers by spelling things out and repeating the relationship between Harry and Voldermort every other page. This book had more adventure than ever before but less authenticity.
Adventure definitely wasn't lacking and it was interesting getting the scoop on the history of Tom Riddle. A little predictable but it encouraged the reader to understand why Dumbledore was such an exceptional wizard in the sense that he actually bothered to admit his mistakes and pushed himself to see the potential and good in people. So as usual there are many morals, good classic storytelling which is always a plus.
Draco Malfoy is one of the most interesting characters in the novel as is Professor Snape so why we were not allowed to delve into their psyche and experience the torment they might have been going through is beyond me. They were both assigned to be wicked and torn between good and evil. Yet the readers got the most basic opinion of them. There is always more to meet the eye which is consistently preached in the book so it is in my opinion annoying and sloppy that Rowling decided to only tell the truth about some of the most deviant characters at the end. At this point it's pretty obvious Rowling is one of the richest women in England so fair enough if she didn't feel it necessary to be a bit more creative. Good but not really my cup of chai tea.

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