Essays in a series of letters to a friend

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Page 199 - For I know that in me, (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing ; for to will is present with me ; but how...
Page 37 - ... omnipresent, unless he is at this moment in every place in the universe, he cannot know but there may be in some place manifestations of a Deity by which even he would be overpowered. If he does not know absolutely every agent in the universe, the one that he does not know may be God. If he is not himself the chief agent in the universe, and does not know what is so, that which is so may be God. If he is not in absolute possession of all the propositions that constitute universal truth, the one...
Page 112 - It implied an inconceivable severity of conviction, that he had one thing to do, and that he who would do some great thing in this short life must apply himself to the work with such a concentration of his forces as, to idle spectators who live only to amuse themselves, looks like insanity.
Page 110 - ... deviation his extreme parsimony, and thus advanced by degrees into larger transactions and incipient wealth. I did not hear, or have forgotten, the continued course of his life ; but the final result was, that he more than recovered his lost possessions, and died an inveterate miser worth £60,000.
Page 134 - ... to entreat his mercy. The king asked to whom he had been writing ; he said it was a letter to his wife, which he had retained the candle these few minutes beyond the time in order to finish. The king coolly ordered him to rise, and write one line more, which he should dictate. This line was to inform his wife, without any explanation, that by such an hour the next day he should be a dead man. The letter was then sealed, and despatched as it had been intended ; and the next day the captain was...
Page 120 - I am called in the name of God to go, and I would go, though I were certain to meet as many devils in Worms as there are tiles on the houses.
Page 114 - I have a baptism to be baptised with, and how am I straitened till it be accomplished.
Page 108 - ... with neglect or contempt. Reduced to absolute want, he one day went out of the house with an intention to put an end to his life ; but wandering awhile almost unconsciously, he came to the brow of an...
Page 110 - ... anything like turbulence or agitation. It was the calmness of an intensity kept uniform by the nature of the human mind forbidding it to be more, and by the character of the individual forbidding it to be less.
Page 110 - The energy of his determination was so great, that if, instead of being habitual, it had been shown only for a short time on particular occasions, it would have appeared a vehement impetuosity; but by being unintermitted, it had an equability of manner which scarcely appeared to exceed the tone of a calm constancy, it was so totally the reverse of any thing like turbulence or agitation.

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