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27, 1908, Dr. Frederick Augustus Burrall, aged 77 years.

CAMP.-In Tahoma, Wash., January 21, 1908, Dr. Herbert M. Camp, aged 47 years.

CATCHINGS.-In Georgetown, Miss., January 12, 1908, Dr. Phillip M. Catchings, aged 59 years.

CHEEK.—In Los Angeles, Cal., January 10, 1908, Dr. Spurgeon Cheek, aged 34 years.

CLEMENTS.-In Dover, Del., January 22, 1908, Dr. Thomas O. Clements, aged 55 years.

COFFEY.-In New York city, January 17, 1908, Dr. Joseph Coffey, aged 48


COLEMAN.-In Mandarin, N. Y., January 6, 1908, Dr. Henry A. Coleman, aged 70 years.

COLLINS.-In Covington, Ky., January 17, 1908, Dr. John D. Collins, aged 84 years.

CRANE.-In Canon City, Col., January 2, 1908, Dr. Thomas H. Crane, aged 70 years.

CRUMB. In Milwaukee, Wis., January 7, 1908, Dr. Gertrude Cornelia Crumb, aged 42 years.

CURTIS.-In Big Rapids, Mich., January 10, 1908, Dr. Andrew Curtis, aged 54 years.

DALE. In Lemont, Pa., January 14, 1908, Dr. Jared F. Dale, aged 67 years.

DEWITT.-In Katsbaan, N. Y., January 7, 1908, Dr. Charles D. DeWitt, aged 80 years.


DUNCAN. In Madisonville, Tenn., January 18, 1908, Dr. Moses C. Duncan, aged 51 years.

DUNN.-In Titusville, Pa., January 14, 1908, Dr. James L. Dunn, aged 85 years. ESKEW. In Lapel, Ind., January 15, 1908, Dr. Howell T. Eskew, aged 65

BURRALL. In New York city, January years.

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JONES. In Keokuk, Iowa, January 17, 1908, Dr. George Washington Jones, aged 32 years.

KELLY.—In Philadelphia, Pa., January 20, 1908, Dr. Patrick M. Kelly, aged 70


KERN. In Kokomo, Ind., January 10, 1908, Dr. Louis Kern, aged 76 years.

KERR.- In Youngstown, Ohio, January 23, 1908, Dr. Robert A. Kerr, aged 65 years.

HUDSON.—In Lafayette, Ind., January 20, 1908, Dr. James B. Hudson, aged 71


KINKLE-In St. Paul, Minn., January 19, 1908, Dr. James C. Kinkle, aged 82 years.

KLOCK.-In St. Johnsville, N. Y., January 17, 1908, Dr. Charles Morris Klock, aged 50 years.

LAW.-In Belton, Texas, January 21, 1908, Dr. Jarrette D. Law, aged 45 years.

LEGRAND.-In Hereford, Texas, January 23, 1908, Dr. George H. LeGrand, aged 76 years.

LIPPINCOTT.—In Brooklyn, N. Y., January 24, 1908, Dr. Henry Lippincott, aged 68 years.

LODER.-In Philadelphia, Pa., January 19, 1908, Dr. Percival C. Loder, aged 54


MCKITTRICH. In Evergreen, Ala., January 18, 1908, Dr. Adam Alexander McKittrich, aged 74 years.

MARSTON.-In Lightfoot, Va., January 26, 1908, Dr. Thomas P. Marston, aged

73 years.

MORRILL.-In Poughkeepsie, N. Y., January 14, 1908, Dr. Joaquin Morrill, aged 66 years.

MOWEN.-In East Liverpool, Ohio, January 23, 1908, Dr. Walter E. Mowen, aged 50 years.

ORDRONAUX.-In Glen Head, N. Y., January 20, 1908, Dr. John Ordronaux, aged 77 years.

PAINTER. In West Haven, Conn., January 9, 1908, Dr. Henry Wheeler Painter, aged 76 years.

PECKE.-In Rotterdam, N. Y., January 27, 1908, Dr. Charles Sample Pecke, aged 43 years.

POMEROY.-In Springfield, Mass., January 11, 1908, Dr. Stephen Franklin Pomeroy, aged 80 years.

PROWELL. In Steelton, Pa., January THOMAS.-In Weeping Water, Neb., 7, 1908, Dr. William Ruser Prowell, aged January 16, 1908, Dr. James White

53 years.

Thomas, aged 65 years.

RAUH.-In Houston, Texas, January 20, 1908, Dr. David Rauh, aged 52 years. REED. In Brookton, N. Y., January 6, 1908, Dr. DeForest A. Reed, aged 59


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STONE. In Richmond, Va., January 9, 1908, Dr. George L. Stone, aged 63


SPARROW.-In Baltimore, Md., January 14, 1908, Dr. Louis Griffith Sparrow, aged 79 years.

STRATHEY.-In Toronto, Ont., January 2, 1908, Dr. Philip John Strathey, aged 44 years.

THOMAS.-In Charleston, W. Va., January 7, 1908, Dr. Frederick S. Thomas, aged 57 years.

TRIMBLE.-In New Vienna, Ohio, January 3, 1908, Dr. Rodney Telfair Trimble, aged 61 years.

TYLER.--In Clinton, Ill., January 25, 1908, Dr. John H. Tyler, aged 80 years. VAN CLEEF.-In Scranton, Pa., January 11, 1908, Dr. Augustus VanCleef, aged 74 years.

VANDERVEER.-In Mineola, N. Y., January 18, 1908, Dr. John C. Vanderveer, aged 46 years.

VARNUM.-In Lowell, Mass., January 21, 1908, Dr. Leavitt R. J. Varnum, aged 30 years.

VICTORIA. In New York city, January 12, 1908, Dr. Jose Lopez de Victoria, aged 42 years.

WARNER.--In Butte, Neb., January 9, 1908, Dr. Albert S. Warner, aged 48


WETMORE.-In Catskill, N. Y., January 12, 1908, Dr. Calvin H. Wetmore, aged 79 years.

WINTERS.-In Silverton, Col., January 7. 1908, Dr. William R. Winters, aged 55 years.

WOODWARD.-In Brandon, Vt., January 9, 1908, Dr. Adrian Thomas Woodward, aged 80 years.

WYGANT.-In Cohocton, N. Y., January 26, 1908, Dr. Frank Asbury Wygant, aged 49 years.


General and Orthopaedic Surgery. SURGERY: ITS PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE. In five volumes. By 66 eminent surgeons. Edited by W. W. Keen, M.D., LL.D., Hon. F.R.C.S., England and Edinburgh; Professor of the Principles of Surgery and of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Volume II. Octavo of 920 pages, with 572 text-illustrations and nine colored plates. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders Company, 1907. Per volume, cloth, $7 net; half morocco, $8 net.

The second volume of this excellent work has been received, and we can only repeat what we said on the plan and scope of the book when speaking of the first volume. This volume opens with a chapter on diseases of the bones, followed by one on fractures and dislocations. The surgery of the joints, contributed by Robert W. Lovett, M.D. (clinical part), pathology by Edward Hall Nichols, is especially complete and valuable to the surgeon. Another extremely practical chapter deals with the surgery of the skin and its appendages, by John A. Fordyce, M.D. The only criticism to be offered is a lack of detail in the directions for treating these various conditions. Dr. William G. Spiller edits that part of the work relating to the surgical disorders of the nervous system, and the closing chapters. upon the surgery of the spine are by Dr. George Woolsey. If the remaining volumes are as carefully prepared as the first two, the entire work will be of very great value to all who are interested in surgical diseases.


THE TREATMENT OF DISEASES IN CHILDREN. By G. A. Sutherland, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to Paddington Green Children's Hospital, to the Northwest London Hospital and to the City Orthopaedic Hospital; late President Section for Diseases of Children, British Medical Association. Second impression. Henry Froude, Oxford University Press, Hodder & Stoughton, Warwick Square, E. C., London, 1907.

This excellent volume of the Oxford medical publications is a very practical and concise description of the treatment of diseases peculiar to infancy and childhood, which will undoubtedly be extremely useful to the young practitioner. It is of convenient size to slip into his pocket. during his daily round of calls, and therefore can be consulted more frequently than larger works. The treatment described is that of the author, without discoursive reference to other writers and other methods, but his practice is, of course, based on the teachings of the great masters of pædiatrics, and as such can be safely followed. W. M. C.

SKIN AFFECTIONS IN CHILDHOOD. By H. G. Adamson, M.D., M.R.C.P., Physician for Diseases of the Skin, Paddington Green Children's Hospital, and the Northeastern Hospital for Children. Illustrated. $2 net. London: Henry Froude, Oxford University Press, Hodder & Stoughton, Warwick Square, E. C., London.

This little book gives a very concise and accurate description of the skin diseases peculiar to childhood. It contains

some illustrations, which add to the value of the text. The treatment advised seems to be modern and sufficient. In prophylaxis and hygiene the book is very valuable. An excellent feature is the convenient size of the book, which can be easily carried about by the busy general practitioner, for whom it is intended. The type is clear and margins adequate. W. M. C. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE INFANT'S STOOL. By Paul Selter, M.D., Solingen, Germany. Translated by Herbert M. Rich, B.L., M.D., Detroit. Twenty-five cents; by mail, 30 cents. The Detroit Medical Journal Co., Detroit, Mich.

This pamphlet of 28 pages is a most comprehensive treatment of the subject from the normal stool through the various gradations caused by the varied diets to which infants are obliged to submit, and the remedy for correcting many abnormalities is clearly given. It is the best paper on the subject in the English language, and we are greatly indebted to Dr. Rich for his admirable translation. FUNCTIONAL NERVOUS DISORDERS IN CHILDHOOD. By Leonard G. Guthrie, M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P., Senior Physician to Paddington Green Children's Hospital; Physician to the Hospital for Epilepsy and Paralytic, Maidavale. Henry Froude, Oxford University Press, Hodder & Stoughton, Warwick Square, E. C., London, 1907. This excellent book emphasizes the truism that the neurotic child is the father of the neurotic adult, many neurotic ailments being the outcome of the so-called emotional temperament, so prevalent in these days. The contents of the volume consist chiefly of the author's lectures and addresses rearranged and and rewritten. They constitute an extremely valuable

addition to the knowledge of diseases of childhood through a study of childhood itself. The chapters on the moral failing of neurotic children and on effects of emotion in childhood are illuminating. The one on mental and educational overstrain is great. W. M. C.

Materia Medica and Therapeutics. PHARMACOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS. By Reynold Webb Wilcox, M.A., M.D.. LL.D., Professor of Medicine at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital; Consulting Physician to the Nassau Hospital; Visiting Physician to St. Mark's Hospital; ExPresident of the American Therapeutic Society; Chairman of the Revision. Committee of the United States Pharmacopoeia, etc. Seventh edition, revised, with Index of Symptoms and Diseases. P. Blakeston's Son & Co., Philadelphia, 1907.

This is a companion book to "Materia Medica and Pharmacy," by the same author and publisher, and together the two volumes form a very complete presentation of the whole subject of materia medica and therapeutics of the present time. The volume under review gives clearly and accurately the action, toxicology and

therapeutics of the drugs in common use.

It is conservative and contains no fads.
W. M. C.

Laryngology and Rhinology.

A MANUAL OF DISEASE OF THE NOSE. THROAT AND EAR. BY E. Baldwin Gleason, M.D., clinical professor of otolgy at the Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia. 12mo. of 556 pages, profusely illustrated. Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders Company, 1907. Flexible leather, $2.50


This manual is primarily intended to supply the essential facts of rhinology,

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