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PAIN Diagnostic Signifi

cance, H. W. Yates-86b, May, p. 237. Abdominal Pain, Significance of, H. A. Whitmarsh-147, May, p. 193. Alimentary Tract, Complete Practical and Brief Examination of, W. H. Enders86b, May, p. 232.

Anæmia, Classification and Treatment of, W.
L. Bierring-119, May, p. 199.
Anæmia, Pernicious, J. E. Greiwe-45, May
23, p. 593.

Aneurysms, Aortic; Sudden Deaths; The Capacity of the Pericardium, H. A. Smith95, May 9, p. 1337.

Aneurysm of Aorta, Desiccating, Course and
Treatment of (Verlauf und Heilung des
Aneurysma dissecans der Aorta), Schede
-201a, Apr. 11, p. 52.
Aneurysm of Hepatic Artery, Clinical and
Pathological Notes of a Case, with Re-
view of Previously Recorded Views, W.
Rolland-66a, May, p. 342.
Aortic Regurgitation, Misleading Factors in,
C. L. Greene-23c, Apr., p. 124.
Arteriosclerosis, Age in Relation to, and
Death from Arteriosclerosis, W. H. Smith
-28, May 7, p. 701.
Arteriosclerosis of the Nervous System, H.
T. Patrick-73c, May, p. 535.
Arthritis Deformans, W. B. Church-62, May,
p. 260.
Arthritis Urica, Megalosplenia and Leucope-
nia (Arthritis urica, Megalosplenie und
Leucopenie), v. Jaksch-58a, Apr. 9, p.

634. Asystole, Relation of, to Cardiac and Pericardiac Lesions in Infancy (Les rapports de systolie dans les lésions cardiaques et pericardiaques de l'enfance), Leuret64f, Apr. 12, p. 171. Autointoxication After Injuries, H. B. Hem

enway-178, May, p. 350.

Beri-beri, An Outbreak of, on Board a Merchant Vessel, S. Roach-29, May 9, p. 1099.

Beri-beri Without a Definite Rice Factor, J.
N. Force-79, May 30, p. 1785.
Blastomycosis, Ninth Indiana Case of, A. W.
Brayton-75, May, p. 443.
Blood, Clinical Study of Alkalinity of, S.
Strouse-34, May, p. 137.

Blood Pressure, Human, Measurement of, L. F. Bishop-23c, Apr., p. 136. Blood, Résumé of Coagulation of, with Especial Reference to Therapeutic Efficacy of Alleged Coagulants, Robertson, Illman and Duncan-79, May 16, p. 1583. Bronchial Catarrh, Treatment of, by Alkalies, A. Haig-29, May 9, p. 1100. Bronchiectasis and Abscess of Brain (Bronchiektasie und Hirnabszess), Grünberger -174b, Apr. 2, p. 171.

Calculi, Intestinal; Case, J. Boeck-127, May, p. 242.

Cardiohepatic Angle, W. J. Calvert-34, May, p. 143. Cardiospasm A

Functional Stenosis of Esophagus at the Cardia, O. R. Bryant-82b, May 1, p. 177. Cardiospasm, Treatment of (Zur Behandlung des Kardiospasmus), Geissler 143a, Mar. 31, p. 673.

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Chest Expansion, Value of Measurements of, Goodall & Belknap-28, May 14, p. 761. Cholecystitis, Chronic, Diagnosis of, H. W. Bettman-23c, Apr., p. 143.

Cholelithiasis and Typhoid Fever (Lithiase biliaire et fièvre typhoïde), Launois – 64a, Mar. 19, p. 387. Circulation, Defective; Symptoms and Cure, L. F. Bishop-111, May, p. 248. Circulatory Conditions, Diagnosis of, by Temperature Measurements, T. J. Eastman28, May 7, p. 639. Colo-proctitis, V. L. Fitzgerald-174f, May, p. 80.

Constipation, Lavage of Stomach and Dry Tubage in (Lavage de l'estomac et tubage à sec contre la constipation), Lebeaupin-64g, Apr. 11, p. 290. Consumption, Curability of, C. H. Newth182, May, p. 192. Consumption, Pulmonary, Different Classes and Causes of, H. Montgomery — 111, May, p. 258. Consumption, Treatment of, from a Sanatorium Viewpoint, T. H. Hay-207b, Apr., p. 624. Consumptives, Mattapan Day Camp for, Boston, Mass., Townsend, McCarthy & Houghton-28, Apr. 30, p. 575.

Diabetes, Clinical Value of Estimation of
Ammonia in, Goodall and Joslin - 28,
May 7, p. 646.

Diabetes, Causation and Treatment of, A.
Lorand-66a, May, p. 321.
Diabetes, Darwinism and, R. G. Eccles-123,
May 9, p. 757.

Diabetes Insipidus, The Question of (Zur Frage des Diabetes Insipidus), Kolossow -58d, Apr. 15, p. 169.

Diabetes Mellitus, Occurrence of Epileptiform Attacks in, L. A. Conner-123, May 16, p. 801.

Diabetes Mellitus, Scientific Treatment of, W. R. Tyndale-58, May, p. 207. Diabetic Urine from the Standpoint of Tolerance-estimation (Die Eigenschaften des Harns der Diabetiker vom Gesichtspunkte der Toleranzbestimmung), Matrai-169a, Mar. 29, p. 297. Diagnosis, Methods of, in Some of the Clinics of Germany, L. A. Nippert-82b, May 15, p. 197. Diarrhoea, Case, Complicated by Pyloric Insufficiency, E. Palier-150, May 16, p. 946.

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Fat-splitting in the Stomach, Present Condition of Discussion Concerning, J. P. Sedg. wick-82b, May 15, p. 209. Fever, J. K. Sen-170, May, p. 81. Fever, Ephemeral, H. C. Sarcar-111, May, p. 275.

Fevers, Ephemeral (Les fièvres ephémières), Sacquépée-34a, Mar. 25, p. 271.

Fevers, Simple and Double Continued, of the Philippines, H. J. Nichols-79b, May, p. 358. Filariasis, Administration of Atoxyl Endovenously in, R. A. O'Brien-87a, May 15, p. 150.

Gallstone Disease, Treatment of (Zur Therapie der Gallensteinkrankheit), von Renvers-196c, Mar., p. 97.

Gastric Diagnosis, Sources of Error in, C. S. Fischer-123, May 23, p. 851.

Gastric Diagnosis, X-ray in, H. W. Soper77a, May, p. 448.

Gastric Function, Sahli's Butyrometric Test for, F. W. Palfrey-28, May 7, p. 681. Gastric Insufficiency Due to Stenosis and That Caused by Fatigued Muscle, Points in Differential Diagnosis Between, F. B. Turck-23c, Apr., p. 139.

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Hæmophilia, V. Rawson-52, May, p. 287. Hæmatology, Notes on, from Clinic and Laboratory, L. H. Warner-118, Apr. 25, p. 206.

Heart Beat, Relation of Salts to the, W. W. Duke-85c, May, p. 666.

Heart Disease, Sudden Death in (Ueber Mors subita der Herzkranken), Kisch-143a, Apr. 7, p. 721.

Heart Diseases, Treatment of (Zur Therapie
der Herzkrankheiten), Freund 143a,
Apr. 14, p. 798.
Heart, Gallop Rhythm of, G. C. Robinson-8,
May, p. 670.

Heart, Recent Methods of Exploration of

(Les méthodes récentes d'exploration du cœur), Baudouin-174d, Apr. 18, p. 180.

Heart, Points of Practice in Maladies of, J.
Sawyer-27a, Apr., p. 182.

Heart Sound, The Early Diastolic, W. S.
Thayer-28, May 7, p. 713.
Hepatoptosis (Hepatoptose), Poncel -104a,

Apr. 15, p. 238.

Hodgkin's Disease with Eosinophilia; Case, with Autopsy, M. Lincoln-28, May 7, p. 677.

Hydatid Disease, Precipitin Reaction in, Welsh and Chapman-95, May 9, p. 1338. Immunization per Os (Zur Frage der Immunisierung per Os), Chvostek-208, Apr. 2, p. 453.

Indicanuria, N. Klein-33, Apr., p. 399. Indicanuria, Its Diagnostic Value, W. H. Porter-23c, Apr., p. 173.

Inebriety, Its Causation and Control, W. Branthwaite-177, XXX, 1, p. 1. Infectious Diseases, Growth of Our Knowledge of, J. H. M. Knox, Jr.-104, May, p. 175.

Influenza, W. C. Abbott-192, Apr., p. 16. Influenza, J. L. Kimball-123a, May, p. 105. Influenza, Complications and Treatment of, T. A. Parker-202, May 22, p. 91. Intermittent Lameness, With Case, J. A. Kolmer-199, May, p. 80.

Intestinal Toxemias, Psychic Phenomena of, and Their Treatment, J. C. DeVries150, May 2, p. 826.

Intestine, Large, Case of Idiopathic Dilatation of (Un cas de dilatation idiopathique du gros intestin), Bureau-64g, Apr. 18, p. 301.

Joint Diseases, Mechanotherapy in (Bemerkungen zur Mechanotherapie, etc.), Laqueur-216, Apr. 11, p. 38. Kala-azar in the Royal Navy, With Cases, P. W. Bassett-Smith-29, May 2, p. 1043. Kidney, Determination of Excretory Efficiency of, H. J. Howard-199, May, p. 67. Kidney, The, in Acute Infections, J. B. Huber -150, May 30, p. 1030.

La Grippe, T. E. Sanders-73, Apr., p. 393.
Laboratory Methods, Diagnostic Value of,
M. A. Royal-174g, May, 152.
Laboratory Methods, Modern, Value of, for
the Practitioner, F. C. Wood-86a, May,
p. 443.

Leucemia, Atypical, Two Cases of, W. W.
Barker-28, May 7, p. 609.
Leucemia, X-ray Treatment, A. E. Taussig-
77a, May, p. 439.

Liver, Acute Yellow Atrophy of, F. W. White
-28, May 7, p. 729.
Liver, Medical Aspects of Diseases of, F. M.
Cleveland-131, May, p. 77.

Liver, Torpid-Phosphate of Sodium, A. J.
Mann-182, May, p. 179.
Lunger, An Unwelcome, W. F. Waugh-165,
May, p. 279.


Malaria, Are There Valid Objections to Qul-
nine Prophylaxis of? E. R. Stitt
May 23, p. 1682.
Medical Expert, The, G. G. Burdick-207a,
May, p. 145.

Mediterranean Fever (Etude sur la fièvre méditerranéenne), Sergent, Gillot and Lemaire-18i, Mar., p. 209.


Milk sickness of Trembles, Cause of, Jordan and Harris-79, May 23, p. 1665. Morphine Disease, Nature of, C. W. Carter45, May 2, p. 500.

Myxedema, Incomplete, A. R. Elliott - 79, May 30, p. 1763.

Nephralgia; Clinical, Pathologic and Therapeutic Considerations (Nefralgia, considerazioni cliniche, pathologiche e terapeutiche), Luccarelli-74b, Mar., p. 133. Nephritis, Chronic Interstitial and Chronic Parenchymatous, Differential Diagnosis Between, by Means of Examination of Urine, L. Heitzmann-23c, Apr., p. 149. Nephritis, Chronic Interstitial, and Its Relation to Recurring Paralysis, B. A. Shepard-86b, May, p. 244. Nephritis, Some Recent Work on-113a, May, p. 82.

Nitrogen Equilibrium, R. Wernigk-197, May, p. 179.

Obesity, Simple and Complicated (Obésité simple et obésité compliquée), Labbé174c, Mar. 28, p. 202.

Obstipation of the Bowels, J. R. Borland182, May, p. 197.

Ophthalmo-reaction, Calmette's (Zur Ophthalmoreaktion nach Calmette), Burckhardt-56a, Apr. 15, p. 233. Ophthalmo-reaction for Tuberculosis, 50 Cases Tested by, C. Graef-123, May 9, p. 772. Ophthalmo-reaction, Its Significance for the Practitioner (Die Bedeutung der Konjunctivalreaktion für den praktischen Arzt), Sbotta-63b, Mar. 30, p. 257. Ophthalmo-reaction, Practical Value of (Valeur pratique de l'ophtalmo;réaction), Van Ryn-174e, Mar. 22, p. 270. Ophthalmo-reaction, The, Mills and Cock

burn-91a, Apr., p. 113. Ophthalmo-tuberculin Reaction, Observations on, T. B. Sachs-123, May 30, p. 902. Opsonic Estimations, Accuracy of, Noon and Fleming-95, Apr. 25, p. 1203.

Opsonic Index, Statistical Considerations Relative to, M. Greenwood, Jr.-174a, May, p. 641.

Opsonic Index, The, with Special Reference

to Accuracy and Sources of Error, A. Fleming-174a, May, p. 607.

Opsonin, Practical Significance of (Ueber die praktische Bedeutung der Opsonine), Jürgens-93, Mar. 30, p. 637.

Opsonins and Opsonic Index, A. R. Charlton

-143, May, p. 354.

Pancreas, Benign and Malignant Diseases of, C. E. Zerfing-185, May, p. 193. Pancreas, Relation of Gastro-intestinal Diseases to, L. G. Visscher-185, May, p. 208. Pancreatic Insufficiency, Diagnosis of (Diagnostique de l'insuffisance pancréatique), Lépine-184a, Apr. 1, p. 157.

Paravertebral Triangle in Pleuritic Effusions and Pneumonias of One Side (Il triangolo paravertebrale opposto nei versamenti pleurici unilaterali e nella pneumonite franca unilaterale della base), Clerico-74c, Apr. 5, p. 421. Pathognomonic Signs, So-called, Fallaciousness of, C. M. Cooper-35a, May, p. 172. Pellagra in Algeria (La pellagre en Algérie), Brault-64a, Apr. 14, p. 519.

Pellagra, Mental Symptoms of, M. H. Morrow-50, Apr., p. 129.

Phthisis, Early Diagnosis of, W. Meyer-152,
May, p. 239.

Plague in India, Etiology of, with Account
of Work of the Plague Commission,
Showing that the Rat-flea Is the Cause of
Plague Epidemics in that Country, W. B.
Bannerman-62a, May, p. 417.
Plague, Protective Inoculation Against, R. P.
Strong-80a, May, p. 325.

Pleura, Primary Sarcoma of, W. B. Robbins -28, May 7, p. 691.

Pleurisy, Purulent Recurrent, Treatment of, by Gas Injections (Contribution à l'étude du traitement des pleurésies purulents recidivants par les injections gazeuses), Kuss-34a, Apr. 8, p. 320.

Pneumonia, R. C. Fisher-57, May, p. 161. Pneumonia, C. G. Polk-111, May, p. 267. Pneumonia, Has It a Treatment? G. B. H. Swayze-151, May, p. 132.

Pneumonia in the Aged (Pneumonie des vieillards), Rimbaud-64a, Apr. 18, p. 543. Pneumonia, Syphilitic Lobar, J. A. Heuske118, May 11, p. 243.


Case Following Puerperal Septicemia, J. B. Elliott, Jr.-149, May, p. 901.

Poison Tolerance, Questions of, M. Kassowitz-177, XXX, 1, p. 13. Poisoning, Acute Phosphorus, Degeneration of Liver in (Recerche chimiche sui processi degenerativi del fegato nell' avvelenamento acuto da fosforo), Vicarelli64d, Mar. 16, p. 99.

Poisons, Antagonism of (Ueber den Antagonismus der Gifte), Meyer-208, Apr. 23, p. 607. Polycythemia, Chronic, E. Cantley-95, Apr.

25, p. 1204.

Proteids, Relations of Vegetables to Toxic, in Medicine, J. Burke-15a, May, p. 162. Purpura, Abdominal (Die Purpura abdominalis), Döbeli-56a, Apr. 1, p. 201. Rattlesnake Sting, Recovery from, H. Crutcher-15a, May, p. 164. Rheumatism, Acute, The Evidence in Support of Bacterial Origin, J. M. Beattie62a, May, p. 391.

Rheumatism, Common Errors in Differentia

tion of, J. A. McDonald-75, May, p. 440. Saccharobutyric Putrefaction, R. O. Beard

82b, May 15, p. 210.

Sarcoma, Thoracic, Treating, F. G. DeStone

4, May, p. 653. Schistomomiasis, Diagnosis and Treatment of, F. C. Wellman-6, May, p. 183.

Self-limited Disease, Management of, W. B. Konkle-150, May 30, p. 1019.

Sleeping Sickness (La maladie du sommeil), Martin-78b, Apr. 18, p. 245.

Specialist and Laboratory Worker, Relation of General Practitioner to, R. H. Irish2, May, p. 403. Sphygmomanometry, Clinical (La sphygmomanométrie clinique), Huchard and Bergouignan-78b, Apr. 4, p. 212.

Sputum Cup, A Substitute for the, H. Greeley -152, May, p. 259.

Steatorrhoea, Occurrence of, Unassociated with Jaundice or Demonstrable Pancreatic Disease, Pratt and Hatch-28, May 7, p. 686.

Stomach and Duodenum, Benign Stenosis of,
A. T. Bristow-100c, May, p. 165.
Stomach and Duodenum, Chronic Ulcer of,
W. J. Mayo-57a, May, p. 153.
Stomach and Duodenum, Hæmorrhage from,
W. J. Mayo-190b, May, p. 451.
Stomach, Arteriosclerosis of (Zur Lehre von
der Arteriosklerosie des Magens), von
Lewin-25b, XIV, 2, p. 114.

Stomach, Carcinoma of, H. B. Delatour 100c, May, p. 171.

Stomach, Dilatation of (La dilatation de l'estomac), Martmeau-78a, Mar. 28, p. 123.

Stomach, Symptoms of Cancer of (Zur
Symptomatologie des Magenkrebses),
Przewalski-40a, Apr. 18, p. 489.
Strongyloides Intestinalis; Rhabdonema; An-
guillula Intestinalis, B. F. Cline 174,
May, p. 451.
Toxæmia from the Standpoint of Perverted
Metabolism, R. W. Webster-8, May, p.

688. Trichinosis, Pathology and Diagnosis of, with Special Reference to Eosinophilia, S. M. White-183a, May, p. 242.

Trichinosis, with 11 Cases; History, Prognosis and Treatment, Schuldt and Bacon183a, May, p. 231.

Tropical Medicine, Review of a Year's Work in, J. M. Anders-150, May 2, p. 815. Tsutsugamushi Disease and Spotted or Tick

Fever of Montana, Comparative Study of, Ashburn and Craig-28, May 14, p. 749.

Tuberculo-opsonic Index of Blood, Experi mental Error in Method of Determining, A. H. White-174a, May, p. 639. Tuberculosis, Diagnosis and Treatment of, M. J. O'Neil-174f, May, p. 96. Tuberculosis, Dissemination of, W. D. Springer-127, May, p. 226.

Tuberculosis, Importance of Early Examination of Those Exposed to, J. H. Pryor152, May, p. 230. Tuberculosis, Incipient, Diagnosis of, by Roentgen Method, A. Holding-152, May, p. 237. Tuberculosis of Lungs, Association of, with Diabetes Mellitus, H. L. Shively-150, May 16, p. 933.

Tuberculosis Patients, Sexual Desire in, L. P. Barbour-58, May, p. 432. Tuberculous Patient, What Should Be the Attitude of the Physician Toward? F. M. Pottenger-155b, May, p. 180. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, and Ichthyosis Serpentina; Two Cases, R. Abrahams-174, May, p. 449.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Early Diagnosis of, L. Brown-152, May p. 234. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Early Diagnosis of, E. H. Butterfield-73c, May, p. 529. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Early Symptoms of, G. S. Bel-149, May, p. 906. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Home Treatment of, J. B. Elliott, Jr.-140b, May, p. 1. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Kuhn's Suction Mask for Treatment of, G. J. Williams202, May 8, p. 67.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Medicinal Treatment of, G. L. Haefele-196, May, p. 320. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Tuberculin in, P. H. Ringer-79, May 2, p. 1396. Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Value of Opsonic Index in Treatment of, A. C. Inman174a, May, p. 661.

Tuberculosis, Specific Therapy in, J. Perkins

-174f, May, p. 87. Tuberculosis, The Early Signs of, W. T. Marrs -165, May, p. 283. Typhoid Fever, J. H. Landis-79, May 9, p. 1498. Typhoid Fever, Blood Cultures in, with Comments Upon Hospital Treatment, Joslin and Overlander-28, May 7, p. 667. Typhoid Fever, Diet in, D. W. Reed - 114, May, p. 163.

Typhoid Fever During Pregnancy, B. A. Cohoe-36, May, p. 663.

Plastic Repair in Case of Old

Gunshot Wound of, J. K. Marden-190b, May, p. 529. Abdominal Adhesions, Post-operative, C. W. Hibbitt-101, May, p. 360. Abdominal Fistula, Post-operative, M. D. Delaney-202, May 8, p. 65.

Abdominal Tumors Simulating Cancer, and Their Treatment (Tumeurs abdominales simulant le cancer, et leur traitement), Mayo-Robson-64a, Apr. 7, p. 483. Abdominal Wounds, Non-penetrating, Further Contribution to, J. L. Wiggins-45, May 30, p. 634.

Abscesses, Acute, Method of Obtaining Rapid
Healing of, J. Phillips-29, May 16, p.
Abscesses, Multilocular, Treatment of Wide-
spread Suppuration and, W. G. Spencer
-29, May 2, 1036.
Amputation, Double, of Lower Leg; Case
with Unusual Features, J. L. Crook-178,
May, p. 354.

Anæsthesia by the H.-M.-C. Method, S. N.
Miller-106, Apr., p. 135.
Anæsthesia, General, J. E. Bell-144, Apr., p.
Anæsthesia, General, Clinical Study of, A. W.
Blain, Jr.-150, May 9, p. 888.

Typhoid Fever, Fact and Speculation Concerning Nature of, M. W. Richardson28, May 7, p. 688.

Typhoid Fever, Recent Progress in Study of,
L. F. Barker-41, May, p. 247.
Typhoid Fever, Something More About, C. D.
R. Kirk-182, May, p. 178.

Typhoid Fever, Use of Human Milk in, to
Increase Bacteriolytic Power of Blood,
F. P. Denny-28, May 7, p. 625.

Uræmia, Pathogenesis of (Zur Pathogenese der Urämie), Lenk-142a, II, 4, p. 354. Uræmia, Therapeutics of, R. J. Smith-182, May, p. 193.

Uric Acid Conditions and the Treatment, R. Bell-59, May, p. 261.

Urinary Cast, Origin of—An Experimental Study, R. M. Smith-28, May 7, p. 696. Urine, Human, Nitrogenous, Constituents of; Acidity and Acidosis Based on Original Investigation, C. H. Hoffman-33, Mar., p. 357.

Urine, Normal, Rotation to Left of (Ueber die Linksdrehung des normalen Harns), Takayasu-40c, Apr. 4, p. 337.

Vaccinal Diseases, Prevention of (Die Verhütung vaccinaler Erkrankungen), Groth -63b, Mar. 20, p. 225.

Vaccinal Pus, Action of Radium on (Azione

del radium sul pus vaccinico), Sereni74c, XV-M, 4, p. 145.

Visceral Reflexes, Diagnosis and Treatment Based on, M. A. Murray-199, May, p. 71.


Anæsthesia, Medullary (Die meduläre Anisthesie), Müller-58d, Apr. 1, p. 145. Anæsthetic Mixture, The C.-E., R. L. Wood68, May, p. 340.

Anæsthetics, C. M. Linehan-78, May, p. 580. Anæsthetization, A. W. Abbott-122, May, p. 160. Anastomosis, Rapid and Aseptic, of Hollow Viscera by a New Method, E. W. Andrews-79, May 16, p. 1602. Aneurysm, Traumatic, of Anterior Tibial Artery; Femoral Ligature (Anévrisme traumatique de la tibiale antérieur, ligature de la fémorale), Prévost-64a, Apr. 9, p. 496.

Aneurysms, Arterio-venous, Operative Treat

ment of (Zur operativen Behandlung der arterio-venösen Aneurysmen), von Oppel --25c, LXXXVI, 1, p. 31. Antiseptics, Country Physician and, J. G. Bryant-105, May, p. 178. Appendicitis, Clinical Aspects, W. W. Golden -206a, May, p. 338.

Appendicitis Complicated by Hepatic Abscesses, G. P. Bletchley-29, May 16, p. 1164. Appendicitis, Inflammatory Conditions in Abdomen and Thorax Differentiated from, C. J. Whalen-73c, May, p. 543.

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