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Appendicitis, Persistent, Ileus as a Late Result of (Ileus als Spätfolge einer ueberstandenen Appendizitis), v. Slek-91c, Mar. 23, p. 323.

Appendix, Primary Colloid Carcinoma of, E.
H. White-8, May, p. 702.
Appendix, False Diverticula of, H. Upcott-
190b, May, p. 454.

Appendix, Primary Carcinoma of, Garrow and Keenan-143, May, p. 340.

Appendix, Primary Carcinoma of (Primiires Carcinom des Processus vermiformis), Isaac-93, Apr. 20, p. 776.

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Bowel, New Method for Restoring Continuity of, in Excision of Growth Low in Sigmoid Flexure, J. P. L. Mummery - 95, May 16, p. 1403.

Branchial Cysts of Pharyngo-salivary Structure (Les kystes branchiaux à structure pharyngo-salivaire), Chevassu-179i, Apr. 10, p. 411.

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Burns and Scalds, Treatment of, T. A. O'Brien -178, May, p. 341.

Burns, Treatment of, at Minnequa Hospital,
Pueblo, Col.-178, Apr., p. 297.
Cancer, Internal, Treatment of, E. Lanphear
-192, Apr., p. 12.

Choledochus, Calculous Obstruction of (Obstruction calculeuse du cholédoque), Debove-197a, Apr. 4, p. 197.

Cholelithiasis, C. E. Kahlke-52, May, p. 268. 'Cholelithiasis and Surgery of Pancreas, Relation Between, W. A. Edwards - 185, May, p. 214.

Cholelithiasis; Hepatic Colic; Obstruction

of Choledochus (Lithiase biliaire; Coliques hépatiques; Obstruction du cholédoque), Halipré and Monpeurt 179 I, Mar. 10, p. 90. Coxalgia, Diagnosis and Treatment of, R. Osterhaus-202, May 22, p. 77.

Coxalgia, Treatment of (Le traitement de la coxalgie), Calot-78b, Mar. 14, p. 161. Crushes of Extremities, T. H. Hancock-26, May, p. 77.

Diabetic Patients, Effect of Surgical Operation on, L. T. Riesmeyer-85c, May, p. 670.

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Dislocation, Atlo-occipital; Case of Fracture of Atlas and Axis and Forward Disloca. tion of Occiput; Maintenance of Life for 34 Hours and 40 Minutes by Artificial Respiration, During Which Laminectomy Was Performed, N. J. Blackwood-23, May, p. 654.

Dislocation of Hip, Congenital, J. B. Richardson, Jr.-91d, May, p. 253.

Dislocation of Hip, Congenital; 31 Cases Reduced by Manipulation, E. G. Abbott123, May 23, p. 848.

Dislocation of Semilunar Bone, With Case, J. Bissell-76, May, p. 152.

Dislocation of Shoulder Complicated by Fracture of Upper Extremity of Humerus, Treatment of, with 63 Cases with Fracture at Neck of Humerus and 21 Cases of Fracture of Greater Tuberosity Reported Since 1894, J. M. Mason-23, May, p. 672. Dislocation of Shoulder, With Case, I. D. Steffen-178, Apr., p. 311.

Dislocations of Hip, Congenital, Reduction of (La reduction des luxations congénitales de la hanche), Badin-78a, Apr. 4, p. 133. Dislocations of Patella, Congenital or in

Early Infancy (Luxations rotuliennes congénitales ou de la première enfance), Beaurain-179 I, Mar. 25, p. 101.

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Fracture, Compound, of Skull; Case, S. F. Vaughan--123a, May, p. 109.

Fracture of Carpal Scaphoid, Nine Cases of, L. W. Ely-123, May 9, p. 766.

Fracture of Neck of Femur, H. C. Windel-91a, Apr., p. 122.

Fracture of Patella Treated by Mobilizing Lower Fragment, J. L. Thomas-29, May 16, p. 1161. Fracture of Skull, F. K. Boland-113b, Apr., p. 123.

Fracture of Spine, Treatment of, J. T. Dunn
-91d, May, p. 284.
Fracture, Sub-condylar of Humerus in In-
fancy and Its Complications (Fracture
sus-condylienne de l'humérus chez l'en-
fant et ses complications), Broca-197a,
Mar. 21, p. 165.

Fracture Through Anatomical Neck of Hu-
merus, with Dislocation of the Head, J.
J. Buchanan-23, May, p. 659.
Fractured Patella, Treatment of, L. Sexton-

178, Apr., p. 302.

Fractured Skull, Two Cases, with Recovery, L. A. Sanders-76, May, p. 166. Fractures, C. B. Fry-178, Apr., p. 323. Fractures, Certain, Anatomy of Long Bones Relative to, R. Thompson-95, Apr. 25, p. 1195.

Fractures, Closed, Gangrene in (Gangrènes dans les fractures fermées), Billon 104a, Apr. 1, p. 209.

Fractures, Observations on 300 Consecutive Cases of Severe Traumatism, with Especial Reference to, A. Holding-2, May, p. 416.

Fractures of Patella, O. Fordyce-178, Apr., p. 298.

Fractures of Shaft of Femur, H. C. Mitchell -178, May, p. 361.

Fractures of Skull, Bursting, Subtemporal Decompressive Operations for Intracranial Complications of, H. Cushing-23, May, p. 641.

Fractures of Thigh or Other Painful Affec-
tions of Leg, Improved Hodgen Splint
for, G. S. Brown-190b, May, p. 531.
Fractures of Upper Extremity, Treatment
of, S. N. Smith, Jr.-174f, May, p. 74.
Gall-duct, Obstruction of; Thyro-glossal Cyst;
Goitre; Rupture of Kidney, J. A. Blake-
76, May, p. 162.

Gall-stones, S. Libe-202, May 22, p. 73.
Gall-stones, Removal from Second and Third
Portions of Common Bile-duct, F. G.
Connell-207b, Apr., p. 611.
Gall-stones, When to Operate for; Cases, W.
T. McCurry-33, Apr., p. 399.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Perforating, Surgical Treatment of, G. Torrance 187a, Apr., p. 152.

Gastritis, Suppurative Phlegmonous, with Report of Successful Laparotomy in the Treatment of a Case, J. W. Bovée-8, May, p. CC2.

Gastroenterostomy and After, B. G. A. Moy

nihan-29, May 9, p. 1092. Gastroenterostomy, Technique in, J R. Eastman-401, May, 195.

Gastro-intestinal Hæmorrhages, Post-operative (Beitrag zu den postoperativen Magendarmblutungen), Thelemann-58b, XVIII, 1, p. 80.

Gastrostomy, Method of Administering Solids in Cases of, A. E. Maylard-95, May 16, p. 1407.

Goitre, Exophthalmic, A. P. Heineck 90, May, p. 157.

Gonorrheal Arthritis, Opsonic Treatment of, A. Ravogli-45, May 9, p. 530. Hæmorrhoids, Palliative Treatment of, B. W. Patrick-12, May, p. 99.

Hare-lip and Cleft Palate, A. H. Ferguson79, May 9, p. 1517.

Hare-lip Operation by a New Method; Case, W. W. Carter-98, Apr., p. 303.

Heart Suture, Another Case of (Un altro caso di sutura al cuore), Musumeci — 94d, Feb. 29, p. 292.

Hepatic Ducts, Primary Carcinoma of; Case, with Autopsy, C. L. Scudder-23, May, p. 728.


Hernia and Anesthesia, G. E. Doty

May, p. 459. Hernia as the Result of Accident (Hernien als Unfallfolgen), Aderholt and Silberstein-218, XX, p. 1. Hernia, Epigastric (Zur Lehre von der Hernia epigastrica), Lindenstein-26a, LVII, 2, p. 293.

Hernia, Inguinal, in Children, Pathology and Treatment of, C. H. Fagge-95, May 2, p. 1270.

Hernia, Femoral and Inguinal, of Same Side, Radical Operation of, at One Sitting (Radikaloperation von Schenkel- und Leistenbruch dersellen Seite in einem Akt), Berndt-40a, Mar. 28, p. 393. Hernia, Lumbar, of a Voluminous Cyst of Kidney (Hernie lombaire d'un volumineux kyste du rein), Monpeurt — 179 1, Apr. 25, p. 149.

Hernia, Strangulated, Case Complicated by Prolapse of Cœcum and Adhesion of Appendix to Sac, D. V. Maxwell-Adams-29, May 2, p. 1040.

Hernia, Sliding, J. D. Singley-168, May, p.


Hernial Tumors, Epiploic (Sui i tumori epiploici erniiari), Arcoleo-64c, Mar. 22, p. 368.

Hip-joint Disease, R. G. Moore-91a, Apr., p. 136.

Hip-joint Tuberculosis; Its Earlier Symptoms and Treatment, W. T. Berry-79, May 23, p. 1677.

Humerus, Two Cases of Gunshot Wounds of Upper End of, Requiring Incision of Head of Humerus, J. G. Johnson-143, May, p. 333.

Hydrops Articulorum Intermittens, W. Healy -190b, May, p. 466. Hyperemia, Local, U. N. Mellette-62, May, p. 262.

Ileus, Clinical Manifestations, A. F. Jonas206, May, p. 231. Ileus, Treatment of, B. B. Davis-206, May, p. 237.

Intestinal Anastomosis by Means of Basting Stitches Without Open Incisions, Parker and Kerr-34, May, p. 132. Intestinal Invagination, Six Cases of (Sechs Fälle von Darminvagination), Haeberlin -56a, Apr. 1, p. 211. Intestinal Obstruction, Acute, Value of Enterostomy and Conservative Operative Methods in Surgical Treatment of, with Remarks on Importance of Operations in Two Stages, C. A. Elsberg-23, May, p. 738.

Intestinal Obstruction and Ascariasis (Occlusion intestinale et ascaridiose), Poisot-34a, Apr. 18, p. 355.

Joints, Diseases of, Following Injuries, Es⚫pecially in Hip and Knee, H. Woodbridge -178, Apr., p. 305.

Knee-joint, Injuries to, E. B. Gilbert-178, May, p. 349.

Knee-joint, The Relaxed, A. H. Freiberg-8, May, p. 676.

Laparotomy, Exploratory, in Diagnosis of Diseases of Upper Abdominal Digestive Tract, L. S. Pilcher-100c, May, p. 185. Lipoma Arising from Brachial Plexus; A Review of Rare Forms of this Tumor, W. P. Coues-28, May 14, p. 766.

Liver, Case of Abscess of, Due to B. Coli (Un caso di ascesso del fegato da bacterium coli), Cipollino-64c, Apr. 12, p. 461. Lividity, Inflammatory, Contribution to Study of (Contribution à l'étude de la livedo inflammatoire), Balzer and Merle-136a, Jan. 26, p. 203. Lymphosarcomatosis (Beitrag zur Kasuistik der Lymphosarkomatose), Barcsai-137, Apr. 11, p. 804.

Mayo's Clinic, A Visit to the, W. F. Church4, May, p. 649.

Meckel's Diverticulum, Note on Two New Cases of (Note sur deux cas nouveaux de diverticule de Meckel), Rives-158a, Apr. 5, p. 313.

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Pancreas, Resection of (Ueber Resektionen am Pankreas), Ehrhardt-58a, Apr. 2, p. 595.

Pancreas, Surgery of, R. P. McReynolds-185, May, p. 200.

Pancreatic Diseases, Early Surgical Intervention in, A. S. Lobingier-185, May, p. 211. Pancreatic Diseases, Operations in, W. C. Wood-100c, May, p. 181. Papilloma; Adenoma, B. M. Ricketts 6, May, p. 187.

Paravertebral Triangle of Dullness in Case of Abdominal Multiple Cystadenoma, F. Smithies-79, May 9, p. 1491. Parotiditis, Septic, Treatment of, W. Lambert-4, May, p. 658.

Peritoneal Tuberculosis, J. D. Seba - 85c, May, p. 674.

Peritonitis, Diffuse Acute, Following Appendicitis, Treatment of, O. W. Holcomb183a, May, p. 255.

Peritonitis, Diplococcal, Diagnosis and Treatment of (Zur Diagnose und Therapie der Diplokokkenperitonitis), Salzer


Mar. 28, p. 665. Peritonitis, Post-operative Complications of, R. Winslow-104, May, p. 182. Peritonitis, General, Diagnosis and Treatment of, M. Ballin-57a, May, p. 159. Peritonitis, Tuberculous, A. K. Stone — 28, May 7, p. 705.

Peritonitis, Tuberculous, Inunction of Iodoform in, S. F. Wilcox-123, May 2, p. 735. Peritonitis, When to Operate in, C. Graeve76, May, p. 145.

Plaster Jacket, a "Figure of Eight," Observations on a, J. D. Adams-28, Apr. 30, p. 583. Plaster-of-Paris Bar, or Rope, R. Soutter28, Apr. 30, p. 581. Pneumothorax and Posture; The Importance of Abdominal Posture in Operations on Pleura and Lungs, C. A. Elsberg-123, May 23, p. 846.

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Pott's Disease, Treatment of (Cura del male di Pott), Runge-64d, Apr. 6, p. 129. Pulmonary Embolism, Occluding, W. Bartlett-23, May, p. 717.

Rectum, 34 Cases of Excision of a Portion of, for Carcinoma, C. A. Morton 29, May 2, p. 1038.

Sacral Tumor, Case of (Referat über einen Fall von Kreuzbeintumor), Sokolowsky -183b, Mar. 22, p. 115.

Scoliosis, A. R. Mitchell-178, May, p. 337. Scoliosis, Klapp's Treatment of, and Its Prac

tical Application (Die Klapp'sche Skoliosisbehandlung und ihre Anwendung von seiten praktischen Arztes), Bittner 174b, Mar. 26, p. 159.

Shock; Mechanism of Acute Diseases of Pancreas, J. T. Fisher-185, May, p. 211.

Shoulder-joint, Adhesions About; Fracture at Elbow; Appendicitis; Double Inguinal and Femoral Hernia, R. T. Morris-76, May, p. 140.

Sigmoid, Angulation of the, B. Spence-150, May 2, p. 832.

Sigmoid Flexure and Rectum, Surgical Treatment of, B. G. A. Moynihan-190b, May, p. 463.

Skull, Osteoplastic Resection of, with Description of a Modification of Stellwagen's Instrument for This Operation, A. C. Wood-23, May, p. 645.

Spina Bifida, With Case, W. L. Post-167, May, p. 296.

Spinal Sprain; Its Complications and Conse-
quences, P. LeBreton-79, May 23, p.
Spondylitis Deformans, With Five Cases,
Diller and Wright-79, May 30, p. 1768.
Sprains, Treatment of, T. Toepel-26, May,
p. 74.
Stomach, Diagnosis and Operative Treat-
ment of Diseases of, B. Dawson - 29,
May 9, p. 1089.

Stomach, Indications for Surgical Treat-
ment in, J. B. Bell-147, May, p. 210.
Streptococcus Infection, General, Through
Unrecognized Channels; Two Cases, W.
A. Sawyer-28, May 7, p. 693.
Subluxation of Humerus, Traumatic, F. P.
Vale-23, May, p. 709.
Subphrenic Abscess, J. D. MacIntyre 106,
Apr., p. 138.

Suppurative Conditions in Neck, Bier-Klapp
Suction Method as Aid to Treatment of,
J. M. Berry-2, May, p. 399.
Surgery, A Plea for Honest and Conservative
(Continued), G. M. Blech-182, May, p.



Surgery, Conservative, H. M. Dean
May, p. 348.
Surgery, Plastic, Application of Principles
of, in Exposed Cutaneous Surfaces, C. C.
Miller-207a, May, p. 156.


and Miscarriage, Surgical Treatment of, H. A. Davidson; Prophylaxis and Medical Treatment of, W. B. Doherty-91d, May, p. 272.

Abortion and Miscarriage, Etiology and Symptomatology of, O. W. Doyle-91d, May, p. 270.

Abortion, Criminal (De l'avortement criminel), Boissard-78b, Mar. 21, p. 177. Amenorrhoea, Thoughts on, G. A. Landes-182, May, p. 184. Amniotic Fluid-Its Origin, Composition and Function (Liquido amniotico-Ricerche sperimentali sulla genesi, composizione chimica e funzione), Aloisio-25r, Feb., p. 97.

Surgical Clinic, The, Mayo's Notes on, A. L. Smith-143, May, p. 323.

Surgical Clinics, Saturday, for Students at German Hospital of Philadelphia, 1906 and 1907, Report of, J. B. Deaver-23, May, p. 761.

Appendicitis; Case Complicating Pregnancy in Eighth Month; Operation; Miscarriage; Recovery, C. O. Cooke-209, May, p. 299.

Suture and Ligature, The Non-absorbable, O. H. Allis-23, May, p. 758.

Synovial Fringes of Knee-joint, Hypertrophy of, E. G. Abbott-79, May 23, p. 1675. Transfusion: History, Development, Present

Status and Technique of Operation, Dorrance and Ginsburg-150, May 16, p. 941. Traumatic Inflammation, D. D. Rose - 182, May, p. 187. Tuberculosis, Localized, Use of Tuberculin in Treatment of, R. I. Lee-28, May 7, p. 671. Tuberculosis of Bones and Joints, Opsonic Therapy in, H. B. Miller-199, May, p. 64. Tuberculosis, Surgical Aspects of, J. T. Bux

ton-202, May 8, p. 61.

Tuberculous Enteritis, Intestinal Perforation with General Peritonitis in (Perforation intestinale avec peritonite généralisée au cours de l'entérite tuberculeuse), Chalier-34a, Apr. 15, p. 343.

Vessels of Neck, Surgery of (Contributo

clinico alla chirurgia dei grossi vasi del collo), Bernabai-74c, Apr. 19, p. 485. Vessels, Suture of (Sur la suture des vaisseaux), Frouin-174c, Apr. 11, p. 233. Vomiting, Intractable, Not Due to Pyloric Obstruction; Neurosis of Stomach, Operative Treatment of, W. Meyer 23, May, p. 730.

Wrist, Injuries to, C. Harris-192, Apr., p. 18. X-ray Equipment, A Practical, for Army Field Service, J. A. Metzger-79b, May, p. 390.

X-rays, Advantages of, in Surgery, J. W. Reynolds-178, May, p. 377.


Yeld Sore; Supposed Case in Federated Malay States, Orme and Macleod-87a, May 15, p. 149.

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Cervix Uteri, Squamous-celled Carcinoma of, With Cases, A. J. Bower-47, May, p. 282. Cervix Uteri, Treatment of Abnormal Rigidity of, by Deep Incisions; Two Cases, N. R. Mason-28, Apr. 30, p. 571. Chloroform in Obstetrics, C. W. Gordon182, May, p. 194.

Chloroform in Obstetrics, W. H. Gore-62, May, p. 275.

Confinement, Estimation of Date of, G. L.
Brodhead-174, May, p. 434.
Dysmenorrhea, Treatment of, by Forcible
Dilatation of Cervical Canal and Appli-
cation of Wylie Drain, H. D. Beyea-168,
May, p. 618.

Dystocia and Abnormal Labor, B. W. M.
Alter-131, May, p. 75.
Eclampsia, Etiology and Treatment, A. S.
Burns-106, Apr., p. 142.

Eclampsia and Its Treatment (Die Eklampsie und ihre Behandlung), Leipmann-196b, Apr., p. 183.

Eclampsia, Blood Pressure in, R. C. Davis-
199, May, p. 75.
Eclampsia, Blood Pressure Observations in,
G. S. C. Badger-28, May 7, p. 607.
Eclampsia, Cold Rubbing Sheet in, O. M.
Hayward-142, Mar., p. 60.

Eclampsia; Case of Renal Decapsulation in (Ein Fall von Nierendekapsulation bei Eklampsie), Essen-Müller-40b, Apr. 4, p. 449.

Eclampsia, Puerperal, E. B. Mann-114, May, p. 165.


Eclampsia, Puerperal, W. S. Moore
May, p. 169.

Eclampsia, Puerperal, with Special Refer-
ence to Treatment with Nitroglycerine,
J. M. McCarthy-27a, Apr., p. 167.
Eclampsia, The Toxin of, W. F. Boos-28,

May 7, p. 612.

Eclampsia, Threatened Puerperal, Immediate Delivery for, O. C. Wellbourn-35, May, p. 36.

Eclampsia, Treatment of, J. C. Applegate-
168, May, p. 608.
Eclampsia, Treatment of, J. F. Moran-79,
May 2, p. 1411.

Ectopic Gestation, Advanced, Associated

with Fibromyomata; Case Operated Upon, S. E. Tracy-150, May 30, p. 1037. Ectopic Gestation; Case with Unusually Early Symptoms, E. A. Searle-29, May 16, p. 1162.

Endometritis, Chronic Gonorrhoeal, Successful Treatment of, G. Kolischer-190b, May, p. 527.

Endometritis, Chronic, Treatment of (Zur Behandlung der chronischen Endometritis), Menge-196c, Mar., p. 145. Endometritis, Simple, K. James-52, May, p. 299. Endometrium, Histological Changes in, Incidental to Menstrual Cycle, G. L. DeWald -199, May, p. 91.

Epilepsy and Pregnancy (Epilessia e gravidanza), Sendziak-64d, Mar. 23, p. 109. Fecundity After Castration and Double Oophorectomy, Green and Hunter-151, May, p. 136.

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Forceps and Version from Standpoint of the Child; Remarks on Cæsarean Section and Hebotomy, S. W. Bandler-76, May, p. 142.

Fracture of Humerus in the New-born, Treatment of (Zur Behandlung der Oberarm. brüche Neugeborener), Brewitt 40b, Mar. 28, p. 431.

Genital Tract, Female, Bacteriology of, with Special Reference to Detection of the Gonococcus, F. B. Gurd-80a, May, p. 291. Gonorrhoea in Female Children, Vaccine Treatment of, Butler and Long - 73c, May, p. 538.

Gynecology and Obstetrics, Facts in (Quelques faits de gynécologie et obsté trique), Keiffer-174e, Apr. 5, p. 317. Gynæcology, The Crime of, C. W. Barrett9, May, p. 617.

Hydrocele in Women. (Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Hydrokele muliebris), Finsterer-208, Apr. 9, p. 525. Hydrocephalus, Diagnosis and Treatment of (Ueber Diagnosis und Therapie des Hydrocephalus), Hammerschlag-142e, Apr., p. 415. Hysterectomy of Five Months' Gravid Uterus for Carcinoma; Recovery, W. H. Dukeman-150, May 2, p. 831. Hysterectomy, Simple, in Simple Cases, A. H. Ferguson-190b, May, p. 543. Hysterectomy, Supravaginal, Simplified Technique for, W. Bartlett-190b, May, p. 530. Insanities of Pregnancy and Puerperium, E. A. Sickles-52, May, p. 284. Labor, Care of the Mother Before, M. B. Morey-62, May, p. 271. Maternal Impressions, T. M. Hood-206, May, p. 348.

Membranes, Treatment of Retention of (Zur Behandlung der Eihautretention), Engelhorn-40b, Apr. 18, p. 509.

Menorrhagia and Metrorrhagia, T. Kubo-9,

May, p. 675.

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Metritis and False Metritis (Métrites et fausses métrites), Sylvaire - 64e, Mar. 15, p. 2. Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy, Repertory of, P. W. Shedd-147, May, p. 199. Obstetrical Cases in Tenement-house Practice, Plea for Stricter Prophylaxis and More Scientific Management of, E. K. Brown-123, May 16, p. 810. Obstetrical Service for the Laboring Classes and the Relation of Midwife to It in This State (Michigan), C. M. Davis 86b. May, p. 213.

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