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Kidney, Hypernephroma of, A. A. Eshner79, May 30, p. 1787. Kidneys, Injury to, W. E. Fairfield


Apr., p. 634.

Kidney, Movable, Treatment of, S. Metro-
vitch-10b, May, p. 179.
Kidney, Solitary, with Notes of a Rare Case,
B. J. Ward-29, Apr. 25, p. 978.
Kidney, Sub-parietal Rupture of, J. G. Hay-
den-178, May, p. 368.

Kidney, Traumatic Rupture of, C. A. Grif-
fiths-29, Apr. 25, p. 979.
Kidney, Tuberculosis of, J. M. Taylor-33,
Apr., p. 400.

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Lupus, Treatment of, by Inoculation, Tod
and Western-174a, May, p. 703.
Lupus Vulgaris, Treatment of, with Kromay-
er's Lamp (Zur Behandlung des Lupus
vulgaris mit Kromayer'scher Lampe),
Schmidt-58g, Apr., p. 220.

Milk, Proper Employment of, Especially in
Diseases of Skin, L. D. Bulkley 59,
May, p. 257.
Nephro-ureterectomy for Tuberculosis; Case,
T. A. Erck-200, Apr., p. 156.

Prostate Gland, Surgical Treatment of, E.

Viko-58, May, p. 202.

Prostate, Plea for Early Prostatectomy in Hypertrophy of, M. F. Porter-79, May 23, p. 1673.

Prostate, Senile Enlargement of: Development and Present Status of Treatment, J. H. Blue-122, May, p. 145.

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Renal and Perirenal Suppuration, Chronic (Suppuration chronique rénale et périrénale), Babonneix and Texier 18c, Apr. 15, p. 260.

Renal Mobility, Diagnosis and Treatment of, G. Barling-29, Apr. 25, p. 972.

Renal Tuberculosis, Therapeutics of (Indica

tions thérapeutiques dans la tuberculose rénale), Marion-78b, Apr. 18, p. 209. Rodent Ulcer, Clinical and Pathological Aspects of, G. McConnell-8, May, p. 719. Scalp, Hair and Face, Care and Treatment

of, G. W. Spencer-6, May, p. 195. Scalp, Voluminous Epithelioma of (Vaste épithéliome du cuir chevelu), DuboisHavenith-174e, Mar. 29, p. 293. Scrotum, Phagedenic Ulceration of, Following Eczema (Ulceration phagedénique du scrotum consécutive à un eczéma), Collin-64f, Apr. 19, p. 183.

Semen, Micro-chemical Tests for, Harvey and Pirie-62a, May, p. 410. Sexual Instinct, The Control of, D. Lewis117, Apr., p. 105.

Sexual Power, The Struggles for Preservation of, O. B. Sanders-147, May, p. 217. Skin Diseases, Eclectic Treatment of, W. A. Jamieson-62a, May, p. 399.

Skin Diseases, Treatment of, by Inoculation After the Opsonic Method, A. Whitfield174a, May, p. 697.

Skin, Feigned Diseases of, F. C. Curtis-126. May, p. 354.

Spirochaeta Pallida, B. Erdman-75, May, p 444.

Spirocheta Pallida-Its Relation to Syphilis, R. P. Campbell-143, May, p. 347. Syphilis, Diagnosis and Treatment of, J Pedersen-201, May, p. 105.

Syphilis, Origin of, in Pre-Columbian Amer ica, A. S. Ashmead-6, May, p. 197. Syphilis, Practical Value of Modern Concep tions of, A. Shalek-79, May 2, p. 1409. Syphilis Reaction, Wassermann's (Zur Was sermann'schen Syphilisreaktion), Be neke-93, Apr. 13, p. 730.

Syphilis, Therapeutic Measures in, J. M.

Burke-182, May, p. 186.

Telangiectasis, Bilateral, of Trunk; Case,

with History of Marked Epistaxis ir Childhood and Recent Rectal Hæmor rhage, T. C. Fox-29a, May, p. 145.

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LCOHOL, Action of, on Sight, G. B. Cutlen-177, XXX, 1, p. 17. Amblyopias, Toxic, With 24 Cases, L. Stricker-45, May 2, p. 481. Caruncle, Melanotic Epithelioma of (Epithélioma mélanique de la caroncule), Aurand-179j, Apr. 30, p. 145. Cataract, A Wire Lid-elevator for Prevention of Loss of Vitreous Humor in Operation for Extraction of, E. Moroweck - 164, May, p. 242.

Urethra, Male, Plea for Prompt Use of Ret

rograde Catheterization in Impassable Stricture of, E. Jonas-10b, May, p. 191. Urethra, Rupture of, J. W. Sluss-75, May, p. 435.

Urethritis, Acute Posterior, A. L. Wolbarst76, May, p. 154. Urinary Infections with a Variety of Staphylococcus Albus, A. L. Chute-28, Apr. 30, p. 569.

Cataract, Extraction of, in the Capsule, W. P. Marple-150, May 30, p. 1034. Cataract Extraction, 100 Consecutive Cases of, J. L. Duncan-24, May, p. 285. Cataract, Operation for Extraction of, G. F. Zaun-139, May, p. 147.

Urinary Tract, Certain Infections of, with Special Reference to Tubercle, Gonococcus and B. Coli, G. L. Eastes-29, Apr. 25, p. 980.


Cataract Operations, New Knife for Dividing
Membranes Obstructing Pupil After, M.
H. Post-10, May, p. 129.
Cerebellar Tumor; Case, W. Nobbe


May, p. 137.

Color Sense, The, W. S. Wadsworth - 21,
Jan., p. 43.
Conjunctivitis, Gonorrheal, Prophylaxis and
Treatment of, M. Behrman-45, May 23,
p. 611.

Cornea, Interstitial Unctate Infiltration of,
With Case, F. R. Spencer-55a, May, p.
Corneal Ulcers, C. P. Frantz-118, Apr. 25,
p. 262.
Cylinders, Neutralizing, for Bifocal Lowers,
W. Gribben-70a, May, p. 177.
Dacryocystitis, Trachomatous, Treatment of,
T. H. Butler-95, May 2, p. 1269.
Erythropia (L'érythropie), Ossokine - 179k,
Apr., p. 304.

Eye, External Diseases of, E. B. Dimond173, Mar., p. 107.

Eyestrain and Functional Neuroses, Correlation of, H. E. Smith-123, May 30, p. 894.

Urology, Emergency Cases in, P. Newmark-197, May, p. 177.

Urticaria, J. C. E. King-127, May, p. 229. Varicocele, An Operation for, G. F. Freeman -79b, May, p. 341.

Venereal Patients, Suggestions for Examination of, E. Bishop-209, May, p. 315. Wax Models, Moulages or, J. J. Houwink77a, May, p. 453.

Eyestrain, Remarkable Case of Epilepsy Caused by, G. M. Gould-32, May, p. 559. Fifth Nerve in Relation to Ophthalmic Conditions, S. H. Brown-123, May 2, p. 732. Glaucoma, D. T. Vail-45, May 30, p. 629. Hæmorrhages, Recurrent, Into Vitreous Humor in Adolescence, F. Krauss-21, Jan., p. 58. Hemianopsis, Right Homonymous in Macular Regions; Case, W. C. Posey-164, May, p. 236.

Iritis, So-called Rheumatic, C. Higgens-95, Apr. 25, p. 1200. Lachrymal Gland, Traumatic Hernia of (Hernie traumatique de la glande lachrymale), Constentin-25g, Apr., p. 243. Lachrymal Sac, Technique of Extirpation of

(Zur Technik der Extirpation der Thränensackes), Krauss-25i, LIX, 4, p. 351. Lens, Experiments on Influence of Ultra-violet Light Upon the, C. Hess-24, May, p. 307. Magnet, Removal of Steel from Eye by, J. L. Dickey-206a, May, p. 355.

Motor Oculi, External, Isolated Paralysis During Otitis (La paralysie isolée du moteur oculaire externe au cours des otites), Hédon-158a, Apr. 19, p. 361. Ocular Muscles, Extrinsic, Congenital Deficiency of, J. S. Wyler-45, May 9, p. 537. Ophthalmia, Electric (L'ophtalmie électrique), Fromaget-78c, Apr. 5, p. 215. Ophthalmia, Gonorrheal, Unusual Case of, E. H. Higbee-125, Apr., p. 125. Ophthalmia Neonatorum, An Experiment in Treatment, Walker and Mussen 95, May 2, p. 1267. Ophthalmo-reaction, Cytology of Conjuncti

val Exudate in (Recerche citologiche sull' essudato congiuntivale nell' oftalmoreazione alla tubercolina), Gallenga and Ciuffini-74c, Apr. 26, p. 517.

Ophthalmology, Progress of, in First Quarter of 1907, Abelsdorff and others-24, May, p. 350.

Ophthalmoscopic Picture, A Rare (Ueber ein sehr seltenes ophthalmoskopisches Bild), Ernst-25i, LX, 1, p. 49.

Optic Neuritis Due to Chronic Empyema of Frontal and Anterior Ethmoidal Sinuses, W. R. Murray-82b, May 15, p. 206. Opsonic Method and Vaccine Therapy in Relation to Diseases of Eye, R. W. Allen-174a, May, p. 737.

Opsonin, Ophthalmologic

Significance of (Ueber die Bedeutung der Opsonine für das Auge), zur Nedden-214, XIX, 4, p. 314.

Orbit, Tumor of, Removed Without Enucleation or Loss of Sight, G. Apthomas-29, May 16, p. 1163.

Paralysis of Conjugate Ocular Superduction; Case, L. R. Culbertson-10, May, p. 144. Pituitary Body, Probable Tumor of, with Optic Atrophy Following Premature Menopause, E. R. Wylie-164, May, p. 241.

Case Fall

Cholesteatoma verum des Ohres), Hansen-143a, Mar. 24, p. 624. Cholesteatoma of Accessory Cavities, Origin of (Zur Frage der Genese der Cholesteatome der Nebenhöhle), Kahler—208, Apr. 16, p. 562.

Deafness, Catarrhal, Successful Treatment of, with Especial Reference to Conditions in Fossæ of Rosenmüller, J. W. Jervey-79, May 16, p. 1600.

Deafness, Chronic Catarrhal, Problem which Confronts Otologist in, C. Cobb-123, May 16, p. 818.

Deafness, Differential Diagnosis of Various Forms of, W. S. Bryant-23c, Apr., p. 163.


Deafness, Middle-ear, W. S. Bryant - 150,

May 23, p. 990.

Deafness, Tinnitus and Cerumen, Methodical Re-education (Surdite, bourdonnements et cérumen, rééducation méthodique), Natier-64a, Mar. 24, p. 411.

Herpes Zoster of Ear and Resulting Facial Paralysis (Herpes zoster de l'oreille et paralysie faciale consécutive), Reymond -64e, Apr. 15, p. 1.

Labyrinth, Non-acoustic Lesions of (Lesioni del labirinto non acustico dimostrate con ricerche sperimentali e cliniche), Torretta-74c, XV-C, 4, p. 145.

Quinine Amaurosis; Case, C. Williams-21, Jan., p. 53.

Test-type Charts, Method of Illuminating, with Artificial Light, N. M. Black-142, Mar., p. 217.

Transillumination of Eye, Notes on, P. Fridenberg-24, May, p. 302.

Trichiasis, T. R. Paganelli-86a, May, p. 454.
Tuberculin, Installation of, in the Eye (Die
Einträuflung von Tuberkulin in das
Auge), Fischer-40e, Mar., p. 65.
Visual Deficiency, Serious, Five Additional
Cases Affecting Employes in Marine and
Railway Services, A. R. Galloway-164c,
May, p. 344.

Visual Field, Voluntary Control of Distance
Location of, H. Carr-175, May, p. 139.
Wounds of Eye, Penetrating, Use of Cheap
Hammers as Factor in, S. C. Ayres-10,
May, p. 130.

Xanthelasma Palpebrarum, Cystic Forms of, J. Hutchinson--29, Apr. 25, p. 969. Zonula Ciliaris and Its Relation to Neighboring Structures, M. Salzmann-21, Jan., p. 1.

ADENOIDS, Farly Operation for, A. W.

May, p. 68. Adenoids, Importance of Early Removal, R. H. T. Mann-123a, May, p. 101.

Labyrinth, Suppuration and Hearing (Labyrintheiterung und Gehör), Hinsberg 213, LV, 4, p. 297. Labyrinthitis, Acute (Zur Kenntnis der akuten Labyrinthitis), Alexander - 25j, LXXV, 1 and 2, p. 1. Labyrinthitis, Operative Surgery of, West and Scott-95, May 9, p. 1339. Mastoiditis, Acute; Non-operative, Operative and Post-operative Treatment, W. D. Jones-195, May, p. 14. Mastoiditis, Can We Know When to Operate for? E. H. Cary-195, May, p. 11. Middle-ear Infection After Nasal and Pharyngeal Affections (Ueber Infektion des Mittelohres nach Eingriffen in der Nase und im Nasenrachenraume), Alt-207, Apr. 19, p. 241. Middle-ear Infection, Complications of, G. A. Whitledge-122, May, p. 157. Otitis Media, Chronic Suppurative, Severe Vertigo and Ataxia Complicating; Operation, J. H. Foster-195, May, p. 10. Otitis Media, Epidemic Influenza, Sequelæ and Treatment, C. R. DuFour-202, May 22, p. 85.

Temporal Bone, Suppuration of, in Relation to Life Expectancy, J. F. Barnhill-117, Apr., p. 110.

Tuberculous Disease of Ear, Treatment of, by Inoculation, Tod and Western-174a, May, p. 703.


Air-borne Infections, Their Mode of Entrance; Preventive, Abortive and Ameliorative Treatment, W. S. Bryant-123, May 16, p. 816.

Bronchoscope as an Aid in General Diagno

sis, C. Jackson-23c, Apr., p. 117. Bronchoscopy, Plea for Systematic Use of, in Routine Work, with Description of a Modified Bronchoscope, W. Freudenthal -150, May 23, p. 984.

Frontal Sinus Disease, Conservative Treatment of, G. H. Bicknell-206, May, p. 245.

Frontal Sinus, Intranasal Drainage of, E. F. Ingals-79, May 9, p. 1502. Frontal Sinus, Intranasal Method for Opening, Establishing Largest Possible Drainage, R. H. Good-98, Apr., p. 266. Frontal Sinus, Trephining and Radical Operation Upon (Meine Erfahrungen mit der Trepanation und mit der Radikaloperation der Stirnhöhle), Hajek-137, Apr. 18, p. 864.

Headaches, Nasal, Rôle of Spheno-palatine Ganglion in, G. Sluder-150, May 23, p. 989. Intubation (A propos d'intubation), Renaux -94b, Apr. 18, p. 301.

Laryngeal Papillomata, Histologic Study of (Contributo allo studio istopatologico dei papillomi laringei), Clerc-250, Apr., p. 57. Laryngeal Stenoses, Surgical Treatment of, E. von Navratil-84a, May, p. 238. Laryngeal Tuberculosis, H. Dupuy 149,

May, p. 903. Laryngologist, Rôle of, in Art of Singing (Le rôle du laryngologiste dans l'art du chant), Perretière-179c, Apr. 11, p. 417. Laryngostomy, J. Baratoux-98, Apr., p. 241. Larynx, Amputation of Epiglottis in Tuber

culosis of (L'amputation de l'épiglotte dans la tuberculose du larynx), Möller179c, Apr. 18, p. 449.

Larynx, Fracture of; Case, C. M. Hawes206a, May, p. 351.

Larynx, Pharynx and Nose, Diagnostic Value of Symptoms of, in Nervous Diseases, T. J. Harris-150, May 16, p. 923. Maxilla, Inferior, Enchondroma of (Enchondrome du maxillaire, etc.), Parizeau— 102, May, p. 249.

Maxillary Sinus, Plea for Conservatism in Treatment of Chronic Empyema of, T. W. Moore-98, Apr., p. 275.

Nasal Malformations; Their Surgical Treatment (Les malformations nasales; leur traitement chirurgical), Hicguet - 174e, Apr. 12, p. 341.

Nasal Septum, Observations Concerning Submucous Resection of, I.J. Kerr-47, May, p. 274. Nasal Stenosis, Results of, D. Atkinson192, Apr., p. 13.

Nose and Accessory Sinuses, Diseases of, F. H. Bailey-122, May, p. 148.

ABORTION, Social Hygiene in Relation

May, p. 415.

Air, Contamination of, by Industrial Gases, T. W. Schaeffer-59, May, p. 274.

Nose and Septum, External, Dilated Veinlets on; Their Permanent Closure with Positive Galvanic Needle, O. T. Freer-98, Apr., p. 280.

Nose and Throat, Translation of Clinical De

scriptive Terms Into Histological Equivalents in Diseases of, J. L. Goodale-28, May 7, p. 643.

Nose, Note on Digital Examination of, D. McKenzie-84a, May, p. 248.

Nose, Malignant Disease of, D. J. G. Wishart -38, May, p. 265.

Noses, Construction and Reconstruction of,
H. R. Allen-40 1, May, p. 197.
Esophago-tracheal Carcinoma, J. Z. Sexton
33, Apr., p. 404.

Esophagus, Foreign Body in; Extraction by Esophagoscopy (Corpo étranger de l'œsophage; Extraction par l'œsophagoscopie), Delobel-89e, Apr. 25, p. 385. Ozona, Treatment of, W. H. Tuckerman47, May, p. 280.

Pharynx, New Case of Benign Tumor of (Réflexions au sujet d'un cas nouveau de tumeur bénigne du pharynx inférieur), Magne-179c, Apr. 4, p. 401. Sporotrichosis of Bucco-pharyngeal Mucous Membrane (Sporotrichose de la muqueuse bucco-pharyngée), Letulle-174c, Mar. 18, p. 181. Submucous Window-resection (Die submuköse Fensterresektion), Freer-25t, XX, 3, p. 361.

Thyroid, Accessory at Base of Tongue, C. E. Perkins-98, Apr., p. 203.

Tongue Cases, Interesting, R. H. Johnston98, Apr., p. 286.

Tonsil, Case of Tuberculosis of, with Remarks on Administration of K. I. in Tuberculosis, N. L. Wilson-98, Apr., p. 297. Tonsil, Relation of, to Systemic Infection, J. M. Woodson-195, May, p. 4. Tracheotomies, 30, Report of (Bericht über 50 Tracheotomien), Berwald-40i, Apr., p. 133. Trachea, Fibroma of, W. E. Sauer-98, Apr., p. 252. Tuberculous Disease of Nose and Throat, Treatment of, by Inoculation, Tod and Western-174a, May, p. 703.

Turbinates, Pathologic Results of Operations on the, F. R. Packard-79, May 23, p. 1686.


Turbinectomy, Submucous, H. V. Wurde

mann-98, Apr., p. 284.

"Vaporigene" Apparatus and Its Modes of Employment (Discription et divers modes d'emploie de l'appareil "Vaporigène"), Bousquet-179c, Mar. 28, p. 369. Xanthoma, Supplemental Report of Case of, J. E. Rhodes-43, May, p. 273.

Alcoholic Problem, To American Physicians
Interested in the, T. D. 'Crothers-165,
May, p. 284.
Autan Question, The (Zur Autanfrage),
Christian-73b, Apr. 1, p. 377.

B. Coli, Differentiation of, from Allied Species in Water, D. Rivas-79, May 9, p. 1492.

Cadaveric Rigidity, Instantaneous, E. S. McKee-187a, Apr., p. 149.

Cancer, Prevalence of, in Philippine Islands, F. W. Dudley-79, May 23, p. 1663. Cancer Problem, The, E. C. Savidge-123, May 2, p. 717.

Churches as Medical Free Dispensaries, J. Punton-90, May, p. 152.

City Wastes Disposal and Street Cleaning, P. Hansen--162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 88. Civic Responsibility of the Physician, A. Merill-50, Apr., p. 132.

Civil Service Commission-What It is Accomplishing, W. B. Moulton-73c, May, p. 523.

Cowpox, Interesting Case of, C. S. Nelson-42, May, p. 129. Dairy, Our Back Yard, W. S. Bull-32, May, p. 577.

Diphtheria Antitoxin-Should the State Manufacture and Distribute It Free? E. V. Hug-162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 17. Diphtheria, When Persons Have Been Exposed to, Who Shall Be Immunized and When Shall They Be Released from Quarantine? W. W. Smith 162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 28.

Food Adulteration in Relation to Health, E. C. Hill-55a, May, p. 190.

Food Law, Provisions of the New National, in Relation to Health, H. A. Weber-162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 51.

Fumigation, A. D. MacIntyre-91a, Apr., p.


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Milk Commissions, Medical, American Association of, O. P. Geier-79, May 2, p. 1417.

Milk, Medical Volunteer Inspection and Certification of, B. Stanton-162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 96.

Milk, What Rigid Inspection of, is Doing for New York City, R. Raynor-152, May, p. 252.

Mosquito, Its Relation to Disease and Its Extermination, A. H. Doty-152, May, p.


Mulatto and Morbid Proclivities and Retrogressive Tendencies of His Offspring, A. N. Ellis-45, May 16, p. 574. Operations and Autopsies, Necessity for Consent Before Performing, A. Clum — 47, May, p. 261. Photography, Medico-legal, Importance of, and a Simple Procedure for Same (Ueber die Wichtigkeit gericht-ärztlicher Photographie und ein einfaches Verfahren dafür), Stüler-217, Apr. 5, p. 217. Public Health Work and the Medical Profession, G. H. Kress-185, May, p. 217. Public Health Work, Municipal, Importance

of Co-operation of Medical Profession in, E. C. Levy-202, May, 8, p. 49. Public Hygiene in England (L'hygiène publique en Angleterre), Ensch-94b, Apr. 11, p. 281.

Sanatoria, Popular (Que faut-il penser du sanatorium populaire), Delmotić–173c, Apr. 15, p. 113.

School, When Should a, Be Closed on Account of Contagious Disease? G. R. Conard-162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 105. Schools, Plea for Medical Inspection of, J. C. Reinhart-162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 44. Sewage Purification and the Health Officer, A. E. Kimberly-162, Jan., Feb., Mar., p. 79.

Sex, Teaching Regarding, in Public Schools,
E. Jackson-58, May, p. 409.
Social Evil Among Modern Christian Nations,
C. G. Hickey-58, May, p. 421.
Social Evil in Non-Christian Lands, M. E. V.
Fraser-58, May, p. 418.

Social Evil, The, J. C. Irons-206a, May, p.
Social Health, Colorado Society for, M. E.
Bates-58, May, p. 428.

Social Ill, Etiology, Prophylaxis and Treatment of the, S. A. Knopf-150, May 2, p. 819.

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