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Appendicitis; Methods of Treatment; 206 Cases with Four Deaths, M. Willis-41, June, p. 343.

Appendicitis, Operative Treatment of, J. Rotter-151, June, p. 167. Appendicitis, Severe, After Chronic Epiploitis (Appendicite grave consécutive à une épiploïte chronique), 'Bonamy78a, April 11, p. 143. Appendicitis, Unusual Case of, R. Parker29, June 6, p. 1351.

Appendicitis with Diffuse Peritonitis, 30 Consecutive Cases of, C. A. R. Nitch-95, June 20, p. 1761.

Appendix, Carcinoma of, with Metastasis to
Ileocolic Glands, R. G. LeConte-23,
June, p. 1000.

Appendix, Primary Carcinoma and Sarcoma
of, R. H. Harte-23, June, p. 968.
Appendix Rupturing During Operation and
Analysis of Meaning of the Symptoms,
Bisshopp and Malcolm-95, June 6, p.
Aneurysm, Sacculated, of Right External
Iliac Artery, W. E. Jones-50, May, p.
Arms and Legs, Conservative Surgery of, J.
E. Cannaday-58, June, p. 472.
Arterial Suture and Arterial Function, G. A.
Gibson-62a, June, p. 509.

Arthritis, Chronic, Operative Surgery in Treatment of, C. F. Painter-10a, April, p. 413.

Arthritis Deformans of Hip, Preliminary Report of a New Operation, F. H. Albee79, June 13, p. 1977.

Arthritis, Tubercular, of First and Second
Cervical Vertebre, F. W. Wilcox-76,
June, p. 188.

Bile Duct, Common Melanotic Sarcoma of,
F. J. Shepherd-23, June, p. 948.
Body Cavities, Preliminary Note on Disin-
fection of, by Injection of Suspensions of
Living Non-pathogenic Bacteria, C. E.
North-123, June 13, p. 989.

Bone, Regeneration of, from Periosteum, A.
Thorndyke-10a, April, p. 455.

Bone Tuberculosis, Pathology of, J. P. Runyan-123a, June, p. 127.

Bones, Tuberculosis of the, C. N. Cowden187a, May, p. 179.

Bow-legs, Greater Tendency to Spontaneous Correction Than in Knock-knee, J. T. Rugh-10a, April, p. 471.

Breast, Plastic Resection of, and Its Bearing on Preliminary Incision of Breast Tumors, C. H. Whiteford-29, June 6, p. 1359.

Burns, Treatment of, W. T. Garrett-134,
June, p. 241.

Calcaneo-cavus, Paralytic, An Operation for,
R. Jones-10a, April, p. 371.
Cancer, Inoperable, Treatment of, H. R.
Slack-149, June, p. 987.
Cancer Problem, The, G. W. Crile-79, June
6, p. 1883.
Cancer, Successful Treatment of, by Medi-
cine, E. G. Jones-182, June, p. 230.

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Fracture, Colles', and a New Theory of Its Mechanism, L. W. Ely-79, June 27, p.

2130. Fracture, Compound Comminuted, Removal of Patella for, C. C. Rogers-73c, June, p. 648.

Fracture, Epiphyseal, of Upper End of Humerus, Successfully Treated by a New Method, F. H. Albee-174, June, p. 540. Fracture of Femur, Treatment of, A. R. Shands-76, June, p. 171.

Fracture of Neck of Femur, Synopsis of Whitman Treatment of, W. R. Welch-174g, June, p. 187.

Fracture of Tibial Spine; Case, S. Epstein--11, June, p. 184.

Fractured Patella, Recent Experiments in Treatment of, T. Maddox-41, June, p.. 323.

Fractures of Femur, Treatment of, O. H.
Allis-23, June, p. 1037.
Fractures of Head and Neck of Radius-W.
G. Erving-10a, April, p. 384.
Fractures of Leg, Apparatus for Ambula-
tory Treatment of (Appareil de marche
dans les fractures de jambe), Masini-
104a, May 1, p. 274.

Fractures of Upper Extremities of Femur, C.
Blickensderfer-111, June, p. 302.
Fractures, Treatment of, H. T. Gray-29,
June 13, p. 1414.
Gall-bladder and Ducts, Diseases of, J. B.
Deaver-168, June, p. 687.
Gall-bladder, Congenital Absence of, I. S.
Stone-8, June, p. 889.
Gall-bladder, Drainage of, G. P. O'Roark—
91d, June, p. 316.

Gall-stone Disease, Treatment of, T. C. Kennedy-43, June, p. 331.

Gall-stones, B. L. Hale-122, June, p. 187. Gall-stones; Case, H. O. Mathewson-79b, June, p. 436.

Gall-stone Disease, Treatment of, W. H.
Lawrence-86a, June, p. 8.
Gasserian Ganglion, Surgery of, S. H. Weeks
-190b, June, p. 607.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, A Study of, W. J. Mayo-23, June, p. 885.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Perforating, Surgical Treatment of, G. Torrance140c, May, p. 203.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers Secondary to Wounds of Urinary Bladder, J. B. Roberts-23, June, p. 924.

Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Surgical Treatment of, G. Torrance-1, May, p. 349. Gastric Ulcer, Perforated; Operation; Recovery, R. Manwaring-White-29, June 13, p. 1413.

Gastric Ulcers, How Frequently do They Become Carcinomata? W. L. Rodman190b, June, p. 657. Gastroenterostomy, Intestinal Occlusion After (L'occlusion intestinale apres la gastroenterostomie), Rigollot-Simonnot -197a, May 9, p. 277.

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Genu Valgum, Treatment of (Le traitement du genu valgum), Calot-78b, May 9, p. 289.

Goitre, Surgical Treatment of, W. I. Terry35a, June, p. 188.

Gonococcus Arthritis, Treatment of, by Injections of Dead Gonococci and Reaction which Follows Injections, E. E. Irons-83c, June 4, p. 279.

Graves' Disease, Psychical Aspects of, G. Crile-23, June, p. 864.

Hæmorrhoids, Injection Treatment of, L.
Elliott-202, June 12, p. 109.
Hæmorrhoids, Surgical Treatment of, U. S.
G. Deaton-12, June, p. 123.
Hernia, Curative vs. Palliative Treatment of,
F. B. Walker-86b, June, p. 291.
Hernia, Femoral, Radical Cure of, W. H.

Battle-62a, June, p. 489.

H. G. Marxmiller-185,

Hernia, Inguinal Properitoneal (A proposito dell'ernia inguino-properitoneale), Negroni-64c, April 19, p. 494. Hernia, Ventral, June, p. 270. Herniæ, Strangulated, Treatment of Gangrene in, at St. Thomas' Hospital, 19011905, E. M. Corner-95, June 13, p. 1692. Hip Diseases, Cause of Flexion in, J. T. Rugh-10a, April, p. 471.

Hip, 900 Cases of Tuberculous Disease of, Treated at Alexandria Hospital with Mortality of Less Than 4 per cent., A. A. Bowlby-29, June 20, p. 1465. Hodgkins' Disease, Further Evidence in Support of Theory that It is a Type of Sarcoma, W. B. Coley--190b, June, p. 649. Hydated Cyst, Two Cases of (Note aur deux cas re kystes hydatiques), Verdelet78c, April 26, p. 264.

Hyperthyroidism, Surgical Treatment of, Based Upon 200 Operations, C. H. Mayo--82b, June 1, p. 223.

Infantile Paralysis, Treatment of, C. R. Keppler-150, June 20, p. 1186. Intracranial Tumors in Childhood, Radiology in, and Their Operative Treatment (Die radiologische Topik intrakranieller Tumoren im Kindesolter, zugleich ein Beitrag zur Frage ihre operativen Behandlung), Klose-25m, XLVIII, 1 and 2, p. 19.

Intestinal Canal, Experiments in Flushing Through Multiple Openings, G. H. Monks-23, June, p. 953.

Intestinal Obstruction from Constriction by Elongated Appendix, E. N. Liell-41, June, p. 345.

Intraperitoneal Adhesions, Use of Sterile Oil to Prevent, J. B. Blake-190b, June, p. 667.

Intestine, Large, Traumatic Rupture of; Operation; Recovery, W. H. Battle-29, June 13, p. 1412.

Intussusception, Enteric; Case, F. de H. Hall

-95, May 30, p. 1548. Knee Case-Martin, E. P. Tompkins-202, June 12, p. 114.

Knee-joint Operations, Report of 120, M. Hoke-26, June, p. 132.

Knee, Traumatic Foreign Body, of (Corps etranger traumatique du genou), Broca -78b, May 16, p. 305.

Knot Tying, Surgical, The Art of, C. H. Duncan-123, June 6, p. 937.

Liver, Case of Echinococcus Cyst of (Sopra un caso di cisti da echinococco del fegato), Pesci-64c, May 3, p. 559. Local Applications in Surgery, J. E. Moore79, June 27, p. 2121.

Lymphatic and Portal Infections Following Appendicitis, with Unique Case, R. Hill11, June, p. 171.

Lymph Nodes, Cervical Tuberculosis of, D. N. Eisendrath-163, June, p. 477. Malignant Growths, W. A. Matthews-41, June, p. 323.

Malignant Growths, Superficial, An Efficient Operation for Removal and Cure of, S. Sherwell-152, June, p. 304.

Melanotic Tumors of Skin, Method of Operation in Cases of, J. H. Pringle-62a, June 9, 496.

Mouth, Cancer of, Remarks on, in Southern India, with Analysis of 209 Operations, A. Fells-29, June 6, p. 1357.

Muscle and Tendon Transference in Infantile Paralysis, Use of Silk Ligaments in Addition to, R. Soutter-28, June 4, p. 855. Nerve Suture, Secondary (Secundäre Nervennähte), Levai-169a, April 26, p. 397. Neurasthenic, Surgery in Its Relation to the, W. B. Holden-127, June, p. 284. Neuritis of Ulnar Nerve, Chronic, Due to Deformity in Region of Elbow-joint, J. Sherren-62a, June, p. 500.

Nose, Sunken, An operation for Repair of, J. F. Binnie-190b, June, p. 599. Ochronosis; Case, Harston and Soltau-29, May 23, p. 1230.

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Phelbitis, Post-operative, G. W. Guthrie168, June, p. 712. Peritonitis, Primary Pneumococcic, A. Smith -29, May 30, p. 1245.

Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, Opportunities of, As Seen by a Retiring President, J. B. Roberts-168, June, p. 673. Piles, Easy Method of Excising, A. Don62a, June, p. 522.

Pott's Disease; Early Diagnosis and Treatment, G. K. Logan-149, June, p. 1003. Pseudoperiostitis, Angeoneurotic (Pseudoperiostitis angioneurotica), Lublinski40c, May 2, p. 433.

Psychical End Results Following Major Op-
erations, J. G. Mumford-23, June, p. $53.
Pylorus, Infantile, Hypertrophic Stenosis of,
F. E. Bunts-190b, June, p. 663.
Railway Surgery, Minor Importance of, E.
D. McKenna-76, June, p. 194.
Rheumatoid Disease, Treatment of, by Phy-
sical Therapeutics, F. E. Peckham-10a,
April, p. 405.

Roentgen Ray, Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of Osseous System by Means of, W. Diffenbach-82, June, p. 283.

Sarcoma of Right Os Innominatum Simulating Appendix Abscess, E. H. R. Harries -95, June 20, p. 1770.

Scoliosis and Cervical Ribs, Relation Be-
tween (Ueber den Zusammenhang
zwischen den Halsrippen und Skoliosen).
Eckstein-174b, April 23, p. 213.
Scoliosis, Simple Methods in Recording. E.
H. Bradford-10a, April, p. 433.
Scoliosis, Studies in Treatment of, E. H.
Bradford-10a, April, p. 440.
Shock, Surgical and Traumatic,

Prophylaxis and Treatment of, F. A.
Carmichael-76, June, p. 180.
Sigmoid. Intussusception of, J. M. Lynch-
150, June 6, p. 1075.

Skin Grafting, with Case, J. F. Pember-178, June, p. 401.

Sphineter Apparatus, General Views in the Deficiency of, B. Robinson-111, June, p. 322.

Spleen, Non-parasitic Cysts of; Case, G. B. Johnston-190b, June, p. 615. Splenectomy in Banti's Disease, J. E. Summers, Jr.-23, June, p. 1006.

Stomach and Duodenum, End-results Following Operation for Benign Diseases of, J. B. Deaver-23, June, p. 894.

Stomach and Duodenum, Late Results After Operations for, B. G. A. Moynihan-23, June, p. 873.

Stomach and Duodenum, Chronic Ulcer of, W. J. Mayo-183a, June, p. 331. Stomach, Cancer of, from Surgeon's Point of View, J. E. Briggs-147, June, p. 250. Stomach. Total and Sub-total Ablation of (Contribution à l'étude d'ablation totale et sub-totale de l'estomac), Delogénière -25d, March, p. 129.

Surgery, Debts which Medical Science Owes to, W. H. Carmalt-190b, June, p. 617. Surgical Clinic, A. R. T. Morris-4, June, p. 791.

Surgical Clinics of Dr. H. O. Walker, R. Permenter-57a, June, p. 208.

Surgical Shock, G. Crile-28, June 25, p. 961.
Symptoms, Objective vs. Subjective, E. J.
Waddey-178, June, p. 408.
Synovial Fluid, Artificial, R. T. Morris-11,
June, p. 183.

Syphilis, Recent Advances in Surgical Treatment of, D'A. Power-29, May 23, p. 1225. Tibia, Case of Giant Celled Medullary Sarcoma of; Amputation, G. M. Gray-90, June, p. 195.

Tongue, Excision of, for Carcinoma, C. E. Ruth-45, June 13, p. 709.


BDOMINAL and Pelvic Operations, Therapeutic Measures of Value in Convalescence from, E. H. Grandin-9, June, p. 815.

Accouchement Forcé, E. M. Lazard · 185,
June, p. 259.
Albuminuria of Pregnancy; Case: Eclampsia
Prevented, O. S. Vinland-174g, June, p.

Analgesia vs. Anesthesia in Obstetrics and Gynecology, W. J. Sinclair-95, May 30, p. 1541.

Tongue, Three Years' Experience of Butlin's Operation for Cancer of, F. F. Paul -29, June 6, p. 1355. Torticollis (Ueber Torticollis), Bienfait-4a, April 7, p. 152.

Transportation of the Injured, D. H. Lake—

Angio-fibroma of Broad Ligament, Large (Angio-fibrome du ligament large, de 15 kilos), Camelot-89e, May 16, p. 457. Backache in Women, W. T. Marrs-186,

June, p. 166.

Cesarean Section. An Unusual Case Requir ing, W. T. Dannreuther-123, June 6, p. 933.

76, June, p. 198.

Trauma, Accidental and Surgical, Use of
Sodium Salicylate in, M. Mone Lesser-
126, June, p. 440.
Traumatic Inflammations, Treatment, D. D.
Rose-182, June, p. 238.


Typhoid Perforation, Surgical Intervention in Case of (A propos d'une intervention chirurgicale pour perforations intestinales dans un cas de fievre typhoïde), Duvergey-64f, April 26, p. 193. Urachus, Patent in Child Four Years Old; Operation; Recovery, J. F. Erdmann167, June, p. 356.

Varicose Ulcers, Traumatism an Exciting Cause, and Their Treatment, H. E. Campbell-178, June, p. 394. Varicose Veins, J. A. Macleod-32, June, p. 621.

Vermiform Appendix, Diverticulum of, With

Case, G. B. Johnston-190b, June, p. 614. Vermiform, Appendix, Primary Carcimona and Endothelioma of, A. O. J. Kelly-8, June, p. 851. Vermiform Appendix, Primary Carcinoma of; A Study of 90 Cases, C. A. McWilliams8, June, p. 822. Volkmann's Ischemic

Paralysis, Simple Method for Dealing With, R. Jones-10a, April, p. 377. Vomiting, Post-operative, Physiology and Treatment of, E. S. Pillsbury-197, June, p. 218.

Wounds, Principles and Practice of Treatment of, J. W. Sluss--75, June, p. 487.

Cesarean Section, Extraperitoneal (Für den extraperitonealen Kaiserschnitt), Fromme-40b, April 25, p. 545.

Cæsarean Section, Indications for: Case with Recovery of Mother and Child, J. Halpenny-9, June, p. 793.

Caesarean Section, Recent Cases of, J. B. Hellier-95, June 6, p. 1618.

Cesarean Section, Three Cases of Two Vaginal and One Abdominal-V. J. Baccus-73c, June, p. 652.

Cæsarean Section, Vaginal, Value and Present Status of, M. Stamm-32, June, p. 644.

Childbed Infections, Prevention of, H. Le Saulnier-73c, June, p. 640.

Childbirth at the Age of Nine, V. I. Pittman4, June, p. 798.

Confinement, Lessons from Eight Fatal Cases of, A. E. Campbell-131, June, p. 111.

Corpus Luteum of Gestation, The, W. M. Chapman-100c, June, p. 218.

Craniotomy, Indications for, R. E. Farr82b, June 15, p. 237.

Decidumoata, Production of, L. Loeb-79, June 6, p. 1897.

Dystocia, Forms of, J. E. Jenkins-1, June, p. 400.

Eclampsia, Ante-partum, Treatment of, J. F. Winn-180, May, p. 114. Eclampsia, Clinical Types of, as Viewed by the Specialist for Benefit of the General Practitioner, E. G. Grandin-15, June, p. 257. Eclampsia, Puerperal, M. L. Rea-202, June 12, p. 101.


Puerperal, J. E. Walsh-202, June 26, p. 131.

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Fracture of Femur in Newly-born, Treatment of, R. Jones-29, June 6, p. 1358. Gonorrhoea and Its Relation to Pelvic Peritonitis in the Female, C. McKane-182, June, p. 242.

Gonorrhea in Females, Treatment of, A. J. Downs-185, June, p. 264. Gynecological Operations, Modern, Development of Technique of, A. Martin-119, June, p. 264. Gynecology, Clinical Lesson in (Le Con clinique gynécologique), de Rouville158a, May 3, p. 409.

Hebosteotomy (Ein Beitrag zur Hebosteotomie), Ehrlich-40b, May 16, p. 651. Hydatidiform Mole, Nature of (Nature de la mole hydatidiforme), Nattan, Larrier and Brindeau-179n, March-April, p. 203.

Hydrocele, Vaginal (Hydrocele vaginale), Horand-102a, May 3, p. 985.

Hymen, The, Poetic, Prosaic, E. S. McKee12, June, p. 135.

Labor and Parturition, Indicated Remedies in, W. T. Marrs-182, June, p. 236. Labor, Prolonged, of First Stage, J. G. Locke 174g, June, p. 188.

Menopause, Management of, N. S. Betts-68, June, p. 424.

Menopause, Neuroses of, W. T. Marrs-192,
May, p. 20.
Monstrosity, An Interesting, J. A. De Moss-
4, June, p. 795.
Multiple Conception, M. J. Karpeles-150,
June 6, p. 1089.

Nausea of Pregnancy, W. J. Hawkes-115,
May, p. 99.

Obstetrical Technique, E. P. Swift-155, June, p. 313.

Ovarian Cyst, Unusual Case of, H. S. MacLean-41, June, p. 338.

Ovary, Large Cyst of, in Patient Aged Seventy-three years (Volumineux cyste de l'ovaire chez une malade de 73 ans), Deletres-174e, May 10, p. 437.

Ovary, Solid Tumor of (Tumeur solide de l'ovaire), Marien-102, June, p. 317. Pelvic Abscess, with Special Reference to Rectal Drainage, A. MacLaren-190b, June, p. 671.

Pelvic Outlet, Neglect of Plastic Surgery About, W. D. Ward-9, June, p. 821. Pelvic Viscera, Female, Supports in Chief of, R. H. Paramore-95, June 20, p. 1760. Perinæorrhaphy, Technique of a New, M.

Casper-91d, June, p. 325.

Placenta, Cause of Premature Separation of, L. Rosenberg-150, June 20, p. 1200. Placenta Previa, M. Doane-122, June, p. 181. Placenta Previa, Treatment of, M. D. Delaney-202, June 26, p. 136.

Placental Detachment in Normal Insertion (Contributo allo studio del distacce di placenta normalmente inserta), Levi178b, April, p. 193.

Placental Transmission of B. Typhosus, with
Case, B. A. Cohoe-9, June, p. 789.
Post-partum Hæmorrhage, H. H. Powell--
111, June, p. 320.

Pregnancy, Ectopic and the General Practi-
tioner, G. E. Gorham-155, June, p. 306.
Pregnancy, Extra-uterine at Term; Case, W.
R. Nicholson-9, June, p. 801.
Pregnancy. Extra-uterine, Diagnosis of, G.
R. Holden-9, June, p. 809.
Pregnancy, Extra-uterine, Early Diagnosis
of, G. Van A. Brown-57a, June, p. 205.
Pregnancy, Extra-uterine, Four Cases Oper-
ated and Cured (Quatre observations de
extra utérine opérés
guéries), Guillet-18b, April, p. 101.
Pregnancy, Hygiene and Management of, A.
Flint, Jr.-150, June 13, p. 1131.

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