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pinx ouvert dans la vessie), Muller and
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sachusetts in 1907, R. W. Lovett-28,
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[blocks in formation]

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hood, F. C. Knowles-150, July 18, p.
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207a, June, p. 187.

Thymus Gland with Three Enlarged Lobes,
Case of Sudden Death in Infant Having,
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Children, Study of, M. Michael 43,
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neous (Zur v. Pirquet'schen kutanen
Tuberkulinreaktion), Streitz-40i, June,

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and Visceral Gigantism

(Acromegalia e gigantismo viscerale), Messedaglia and Tasca-74b, May, p.


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Function in Central Nervous System
After, Pike, Guthrie and Stewart-82a,
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in Syria, H. Thwaites-85b, July, p. 511. Dementia Præcox, 200 Cases, with Blood

Findings in 50, Purdum and Wells-79,
July 4, p. 34.

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Antidiphtheritic Serum of Roux, G. S.
Middleton-95, July 18, p. 156.
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p. 18.

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Crime? J. Punton-90, July, p. 231.
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Premature Physiological Senescence
Localized to Certain Organic Systems,
with Special Reference to Nervous Sys-
tem, F. Raymond-95, June 27, p. 1859.
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Simulating Paresis, F. X. Dercum-86,
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Cerebrospinal, Unusual

Case Treated with Antimeningococcus Serum, H. N. Moeller-123, July 4, p. 19. Meningitis, Epidemic Cerebrospinal, S. Mc

Donald-88a, Apr., p. 442. Meningitis, Epidemic Cerebrospinal, Bacteriological Investigation of, Sherman and Ritchie-88a, Apr., p. 456.

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118, July 10, p. 346.

[blocks in formation]


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Dercum-79, July 11, p. 108.
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Prophylaxis of (Sur les injections préventives de serum antitoxique dans la prophylaxie du tétanos), Vaillard-34a, June 3, p. 509.

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Injections of Magnesium Sulphate, W.
H. Powers-123, July 25, p. 146.

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ment essentiel héréditaire), Raymond34a, May 27, p. 487.

Ventricles, Hemorrhage Into, A. R. Allen

79, July 18, p. 216.

Vision, Binocular, Effect of Structural Changes Connected with Development of, R. H. Clarke-28c, XXXI, 121, p. 138. Word Blindness, Congenital (Ueber kongenitale Wortblindheit), Peters-143a, May 26, p. 1116.


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and Prognosis, V. C. Pedersen - 152, July, p. 343.

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Determination of Renal Function with Aid of, A. G. Jenner-207b, July, p. 79. Dermolysis, an Undescribed Dissolution of the Skin, C. J. White-81, July, p. 295. Drug Eruptions, Vacciniform (Vakziniformes Arzneiexanthem), Vörner 58g, June,

p. 350.

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