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Dystrophy, Hereditary Bullous, Macular Type of (Typus maculatus der bullösen hereditären Dystrophie), da Costa and van den Valk-25e, XCI, 1, p. 3. Eczema,

Etiology and Treatment of, L. Kesteven-29, June 27, p. 1564. Erythrodermia Desquamativa, C. Leiner 28d, June, p. 244.

Epithelioma Developed on a Mucous Leucoplakia (Epithéliomas en surface, dével oppés sur une muqueuse leucoplasique), Reclus-64a, June 4, p. 759. Funiculitis, Endemic, A. Castellani-95, July 4, p. 15.

Glanders, Human, J. M. Edwards-6, July, p. 280.

Gonorrhoea, Acute, Complications of, A. L. Wolbarst-76, July, p. 209. Gonorrhoea, Acute, Penis Clamp in Treatment of, J. W. Miller-45, July 18, p. 91. Gonorrhoea Conveyer, A Rare (Ueber seltene Tripperübertragung), Geissler 207, May 24, p. 325.

Gonorrhea, Management of Early Stages of, E. S. Potter-111, July, p. 395. Gonorrhoeal After-catarrh (Der gonorrhoische Nachkatarrh), Orlowski - 142d, XLVI, 11, p. 542.

Granuloma Annulare, G. Little-29a, July, p. 213.

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Hair, Mental Nerve Area and Its Relation to Grayness of, G. L. Cheatte--29, July 4, p. 20.

Hair, Nutritive and Neurotic Disturbances of, Bulkley and Janeway-79, July 25, p. 279.

Hydrocele and Spermatocele, With Cases,
W. L. Champion-41, July, p. 30.
Ichthyosis or Acanthosis-Which? W. W.
Roblee-81, July, p. 306.
Impotentia Sexualis, Modern Treatment of,
T. W. Williams-114, July, p. 247.
Initial Lesion of Lid, Two Cases, E. M. Alger
-6, July, p. 295.

Kidney, Diagnosis and Prognosis of Tuberculous and Septic Conditions of, G. E. Armstrong-23, July, p. 88.

Kidney, Horseshoe, Bilateral Suppurating, Intraligamentous Cysts, C. B. Spalding -91d, July, p. 325.

Kidney, Movable, When to Operate, A. C. Stokes-206, July, p. 357.

Kidneys, Two Cases of Edebohl's Operation of Decapsulation of, for Bright's Disease, H. Terry-174f, July, p. 120. Leprosy, Repressive Measures Against, in Egypt, Engel Bey-6, July, p. 284. Lithotomy, Perineal, Indications for, A. C. Stokes-6, July, p. 275.

Moles, Pigmented, and Their Treatment, J.
M. Griffin-115, July, p. 124.
Molluscum Contagiosum, Etiology of (Zur
Aetiologie der Molluscum contagiosum),
Pick-208, June 4, p. 828.

Nephrolithiasis, Aseptic, Two Cases of (Sur deux cas de néphrolithiase aseptique), Nicolich-18k, I, 10, p. 721.

Pemphygus, Vegetating; Case, W. Fox-29a, June, p. 181.

Phimosis, Its Treatment by a New Technique, V. P. Lespinasse-163, July, p. 499. Pompholyx; Case, J. C. Whitacre-6, July, p. 274. Prostatectomy, Device for Prolonged Irrigation and Drainage After, J. S. Chenowith-91d, July, p. 313. Prostatectomy, Suprapubic, A. I. McKinnon -6, July, p. 278. Prostatectomy, Perineal, Preceded by Su

prapubic Cystotomy in Complete Retention and Grave Infection (Prostatectomia perineale preceduta da cistomia soprapubica, etc.), Cassanello-74c, May 31, p. 677.

Prostatic Abscess, Etiology of (Contributo alla etiologia dell' ascesso prostatico), Sertoli 180a, Mar. 16, p. 281.

Prostatic Hypertrophy in the Aged, C. E.
Bowers-11, July, p. 205.
Prostatitis, G. H. Day-41, July, p. 21.
Prostatitis, Simple Chronic and Tubercu

lous, Symptomatology, Diagnosis and
Treatment of, C. G. Cumston-10b, July,
p. 255.

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Syphilis, Cutaneous, Remarks on Diagnosis of, F. E. Simpson-43, July, p. 404. Syphilis, Neurasthenia and Arteriosclerosis;

Etiologic and Therapeutic Considerations (Sifilide, neurastenia ed arteriosclerosi; Considerazioni etiologiche e curative), Galli-180a, Apr. 20, p. 421. Syphilis, Prophylaxis of, in the Army (Pro

phylaxis de la syphilis dans l'armée), Lemoine 174c, May 23, p. 329.

Syphilis, Recent, Primary and Generalized, Atoxyl in (Verwertung des Atoxyls, etc.), G. Nobl-154, June, p. 76. Syphilis, Serum Diagnosis of (Sulla siero diagnosi della sifilide)-64d, June 1, p. 209.

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Blindness in Egypt, Causes of, A. Osborne

24, July, p. 443.

Blindness, Violet, from Clinical and Physiological Standpoint (Die erworbene Violettblindheit vom klinischen und physiologischen Gesichtspunkte), Köllner 214, XIX, Ergänzungsheft, p. 1.

Cataract, Complicated, Rare Form of, W. Zentmayer-164b, July, p. 628. Cavernous Sinus, Septic Thrombosis of, With Case, W. L. Simpson-24, July, p. 379.

Testicle, Endothelioma of, Simulating Tuberculosis of Epididymis (Endotelioma del testicolo simulante la tubercolosi dell' epididimo), Pieri-74c, XV-C, 5, 193.

Chorioid, Probable Congenital Defect in, with Anomalous Pigment and Vascular Arrangement, W. Reber-21, Apr., p.

222. Chorioid, Sarcoma of, With Three Cases, C. W. LeFever-164b, July, p. 593.

Testicle, Specimens of Faulty Descent of, D. E. Wheeler-10b, July, p. 279. Testicle, Tuberculosis of, S. P. Delaup149, July, p. 26.

Ureterostomy, Bilateral, Value of, in Advanced Cancer of Bladder or Prostate and as Adjunct to Removal of Bladder in Uncontrollable Localized Disease, E. H. Fenwick-29, July 4, p. 23. Urinary Discharge per Urethram, Means of Observing and Recording Efficiency of, With Cases, A. N. McGregor-66a, June, p. 401. Urogenital System, Congenital Unilateral Absence of, and Its Relation to Development of Wolffian and Müllerian Ducts, H. E. Radasch-8, July, p. 111. Venereal Diseases, Conquest of the, H. Ellis -123, July 11, p. 45.

Venereal Diseases, Reason for Enormous

Spread of, and Suggestion of Remedial Measures, W. F. Bernart-6, July, p. 270. Wheeler Rubber Tip and Shield, C. L. Wheeler-10b, July, p. 287.


Yaws, Tertiary, R. Howard-87a, July 1, 197.

Cicatrices, Operations for Filtering, H. Herbert-164c, July, p. 482.

Ciliary Body, Small Sarcoma of, Showing
Unusual Manifestations of Malignancy,
F. H. Verhoeft-164b, July, p. 605.
Conjunctiva, Dermoid Tumor of; Case, M.
J. Levitt-150, July 18, p. 119.
Conjunctiva, Normal, True Papillæ in, J.
Nakagawa-24, July, p. 429.
Cornea, Opacification of, Following Cata-
ract, V. H. Hulen-79, July 25, p. 296.
Cornea, Zonular Opacity of, F. C. Heath-
79, July 18, p. 220.
Dacryocystitis Due to



Lauckton-24, July, p. 401. Diaphanoscopy of Eye, H. V. Würdemann

164b, July, p. 645.

Dyspeptic Symptoms Due to Eye Strain45, July 18, p. 85. Ectropium, Cicatricial, of Lower Lid, Principles on Which Is Based My Operation for, F. C. Hotz-21, Apr., p. 204. Enophthalmos, Traumatic; Case (Ein Fall von Enophthalmus traumaticus), Nicolai-25i, LX, 2 and 3, p. 261.

Eye, Commoner Injuries to, and Their Treat

ment, D. T. Atkinson-131, July, p. 133. Eye Department of Northwestern Univer

sity Medical School and St. Luke's Hospital, Operations in, C. A. Wood-43, July, p. 389.

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Eyeball, Double Puncture of, with Pocket Knife (Doppelte Durchborung des Augapfels mit einem Taschenmesser), Warnecke-40e, June, p. 161. Eyelids, Streptococcus Infection of, Treated with Antistreptococcus Serum; Subsequent Removal of Sebaceous Cyst, S. Snell 29, July 4, p. 22.

Glaucoma; Case Treated by Lagrange's Operation of Sclero-iridectomy, R. W. Doyne-164c, June, p. 416. Glaucoma, Spontaneous Rupture of Eyeball in (Sur les ruptures spontanées du globe oculaire dans le glaucome), Coppez-173c, May 15, p. 145. Hypermetropia, Marked; Case, with Optic Measurements (Note sur un cas d'hypermétropie forte avec mensurations optiques), Chavasse-179j, May 31, p. 193.

Iridectomy, Value of, Deduced from 1200 Operations, O. Hallauer 24, July, p. 436. Irideræmia, Partial Bilateral; Case, G. Hirsch-24, July, p. 427. Irido-cyclitis, Prenatal; Bupthalmos; Inherited Syphilis, S. D. Risley-164b, July, p. 617.

Irido-cyclitis, Sympathetic, Suggestion as to Treatment of, Pathology of Uvea, E. Borghetti-21, Apr., p. 210.

Iris, Gummatous Syphilis of (La syphilis gommeuse de l'iris), Rollet-102a, May 31, p. 1181.

Iritis, Hypopion, Associated with Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis, F. Tooke164b, July, p. 620.

Iritis, with Special Reference to Gonorrheal Iritis, W. M. Beaumont-29, July 18, p. 138.

Keratitis, Diffuse Interstitial, in Acquired Syphilis, A. E. Davis-79, July 25, p. 292. Lachrymal Gland, Case of Primary Tumor of, O. Pes-24, July, p. 435.

Lachrymal Obstruction, Results, Dangers and Treatment, C. Goulden-28a, June, p. 143. Lachrymal Sac, Case of Serum and Vaccine Treatment of, D. S. Willson-91d, July, p. 327.

Lachrymal Sac, Case of Unilateral Congenital Cyst of, with Review of Literature, H. H. Tyson-24, July, p. 396.

Lachrymal Sac, Extirpation of, O. J. Currie -95, July 4, p. 23.

Lachrymal Sac, Necessity of Radical Intervention in Extirpation of (De la néces sité d'une intervention radicale dans l'extirpation du sac lachrymal), Wibo-174e, June 21, p. 581. Lachrymo-nasal Duct, Imperforation of, in the New-born and Its Clinical Manifestations, W. Zentmayer-79, July 18, p. 188. Melano-sarcoma of Orbit; Case, McConnell and Burman-28, July 23, p. 108. Multiple Sclerosis, Optic Nerve Changes in, with Remarks on Causation of Nontoxic Retrobulbar Neuritis in General, W. A. Holden-79, July 11, p. 120. Muscular Advancement, Clinical Results of

(Resultat cliniques de l'avancement musculaire), Landolt-25g, May, p. 257. Neuro- and Chorio-retinitis, Cases of, F. B. Seitz-70a, July, p. 236.

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Optic Nerve Atrophy, An Infrequent Type of, H. F. Hansell-79, July 25, p. 290. Optic Nerve, Indirect Injuries of, E. W. Stevens-55a, July, p. 269. Orbit, Foreign Bodies in, Ridley-164a, July, p. 202.

Orbit, Right, Case of Sarcoma of, H. Muetze -21, Apr., p. 217.

Orbital Cellulitis, Bilateral; Case, J. L. Moffat-70a, July, p. 233.

Orbital Complications in Diseases of Nasal Accessory Sinuses, Surgical Treatment of, A. Knapp-79, July 25, p. 299. Phlyctenular Conditions, Treatment of (Zur Phlyktänbehandlung), Reh-63b, May 20, p. 417.

Pterygion, New Operation for (Nouveau procédé opératoire du ptérygion), Cabannes-78c, May 24, p. 326. Ptosis, Partial; Case with Exaggerated Involuntary Movement of Affected Eyelid; The "Jaw-winking" Phenomenon, Sym-164a, July, p. 197.

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Deafness, Remarks on, A. Blitz-127, July, p. 360.

Deafness, Removal of Faucial Tonsils as Means of Relieving, R. C. Myles-11, July, p. 193.

Sockets, Contracted, Restoration of, W.
Zentmayer-21, Apr., p. 227.
Sporotrichosis, Palpebral (La sporotrichose
palpébrale), Morax and Carlotti - 18e,
June, p. 418.
Spud, An Illuminated, A. C. Snell-164b,
July, p. 642.

Deafness, Unilateral, Noise Apparatus for Detection of, R. Barany 84a, July, p 363. Ear, Points of Interest in Surgery of, Turner and Fraser-62a, July, p. 23. Intracranial Lesions of Otitic Origin, J. J. Kyle-11, July, p. 195.

Lateral Sinus, and Internal Jujular, Thrombosis of, Following Mastoiditis Caused by Purulent Otitis Media; Operation; Recovery, J. L. Adams-11, July, p. 214. Lateral Sinus Thrombosis, Two Cases of, E. Harrison-29, June 27, p. 1563.

Massage, Aural, Soft Rubber Vibratodes in, H. P. Bellows-70a, July, p. 240. Mastoid Operation, Indications for, H. Hastings-35a, July, p. 224. Mastoid Operations, Unusual, in Children, T. A. Burke-47, July, p. 407. Ménière's Syndrome, Clinical Forms of (Formes cliniques du syndrome de Ménière), Lannois and Chavanne May, p. 473.



Squint in Adults, Treatment of, Without Operation, A. Garrow-164c, July, p. 485. Squint, Management of, A. A. Bradburne-164b, July, p. 632.

Stereoscopic Vision, Depth Measurements by Means of, S. Czapski-24, July, p. 434.


Suum Cuique, E. Hegg-24, July, p. 434. Trachoma, Investigations on Origin and Development of, Greeff, Frosch and Clausen-24, July, p. 406.

Trichiasis, Treatment of, T. H. Butler-24, July, p. 388.

Vibratory Massage in Eye Diseases, L. Connor-164b, July, p. 654.

Zona, Ophthalmic (Le zona ophtalmique), Debove-78b, June 6, p. 352.

Zonula Ciliaris and Its Relation to Neighboring Structures, M. Salzmann - 21, Apr., p. 240.

Ménière Symptom-complex, The, S. P. Goodhart-126, July, p. 515.

Mastoiditis, Primary, With Case, C. E. Cooper-55a, July, p. 287.

Middle-ear Suppuration, Acute, Intracranial Involvement in, B. H. Potts-168, July, p. 781.

Otitis Media, Acute, in Infancy and Childhood, H. B. Ellis-35a, July, p. 222. Otitis Media, Acute, Pathology of, With Cases, C. F. Welty-35a, July, p. 230. Otitis Media, Acute, Prophylaxis and Treatment of, W. B. Stephens-35a, July, p. 226. Oto-anthritis, Subperitoneal Abscess; Pseudo-cholesteatomata; Exostosis; Artificial Drum-membrane; Cases, E. Amberg -86b, July, p. 336. Oto-laryngology, Unclassified Conclusions in, F. C. Ewing-85c, July, p. 19. Otology, Electro-diagnosis in (Etat actuel de l'éléctro-diagnostic en otologie), Rouques -179c, June 20, p. 721. Oto-rhino-laryngology, Neuro-cengestive Disorders in (Des troubles neuro-congestifs, etc.), Moure and Bouyer 173c, June 13, p. 689. Otorrhoea, Chronic, Complications of, H. H. B. Cunningham-29, July 18, p. 135. Otorrhoea, Dangers of (Les dangers de

l'otorrhoée), Broca-78b, June 13, p. 376. Sinus Thrombosis, Cavernous; Fatal Case

Following Chronic Purulent Otitis, H. Hanna-84a, July, p. 364. Swimming Tank, The Menace of the, C. M. Cobb-28, July 2, p. 9.



NTRITIS, Suppurative Maxillary, Local Anæsthesia in Radical Treatment of (Application de l'anesthésie local à la cure radicale de l'antrite maxillaire suppurée), Luc-179c, June 6, p. 673. Climate and the Nose, G. Macdonald-174a, July, p. 28.

Empyema of Accessory Sinuses of Nose, H. Farrell-91a, July, p. 153. Gastroscopy, Statistics of 70 Cases of, C. Jackson-8, July, p. 72. Intra-laryngeal Operations, Original Method of Facilitating, With Four Cases of Growths of Cords Removed, C. Horsford-95, July 11, p. 89. Keratosis Laryngis Circumscripta, Remarks on, With Case, W. G. Porter-84a, June, p. 310.

Lactic Acid Bacilli Cultures in Nose, Throat and Ear Work, H. H. Curtis-123, July 11, p. 59. Laryngeal Diphtheria, New Devices in Treatment of; A New Forceps and Probang, E. Rosenthal-168, July, p. 797. Laryngeal Stenosis in a Child After Intubation (Sténose laryngée chez une enfant tubarde canularde), Fournier and Sargnon-179c, May 30, p. 641. Laryngoscopy, Direct, R. H. Johnston-125,

July, p. 220.

Laryngoscopy, Direct, Tracheo-bronchoscopy
and Esophagoscopy, with Demonstra-
tions, J. H. Abraham-1, July, p. 452.
Laryngoscopy, Direct; Tracheo-bronchosco-
py; Esophagoscopy; Gastroscopy, R. H.
Johnston-45, July 4, p. 11.
Laryngostomy and Tracheo-laryngostomy in
Severe Chronic Stenosis of Larynx or
Trachea, Especially When Cicatricial,
Sargnon and Barlatier-84a, July, p. 365.
Larynx, Recurrent and Abductor Paralysis
of; Anatomy and Physiology; Etiology
of Paralysis of Central Origin, J. W.
Gleitsmann-123, July 4, p. 12.
Larynx, Tuberculosis of, A. B. Thrasher-
45, July 25, p. 105.
Nasal Breathing, Unilateral, Psychic Disor-
ders in Obstruction to (Ueber Störungen
der psychischen Funktion bei einseitiger
Behinderung der Nasenatmung), Anton
-174b, June 4, p. 301.

Nasal Reflex, The (Ueber nasale Reflex),
Koblanck-58a, June 11, p. 1046.
Nasal Obstruction, W. G. Spencer-29, July
18, p. 129.

Nasal Orifice, Abnormalities of, and Their Treatment, C. C. Miller-207a, June, p.


Nose and Throat, Points of Interest in Surgery of, Turner and Fraser-62a, July, p. 23. Esophagoscopy, R. Fullerton-66a, June, p. 408.

(Esophagoscopy and Bronchoscopy, With Six Cases, T. H. Halsted-152, July, p. 369. Esophagoscopy as Means of Diagnosis and Treatment, R. H. Johnston-41, July, p.

23. Esophagoscopy, Technique of (Zur Technique der Oesophagoscopie), Momburg -40b, June 6, p. 699.

Orbital Complications in Diseases of Nasal Accessory Sinuses, Surgical Treatment of, A. Knapp-79, July 25, p. 299. Oto-laryngology, Unclassified Conclusions in, F. C. Ewing-85c, July, p. 19. Oto-rhino-laryngology, Neuro-congestive Dis orders in (Des troubles neuro-congestifs en oto-rhino-laryngologie), Moure and Bouyer-173c, June 13, p. 689. Pharyngeal Parasthesia (Les paresthésies pharyngées), Boulay and Le Marc Hadour-179c, May 23, p. 609.

Recurrent Laryngeal Nerves, Etiology of Paralysis of, of Peripheral Origin, D. B. Delavan-123, July 18, p. 92.

Rhinitis, Hyperæsthetic, Treatment of, with Special Reference to Injections of Alcohol, O. J. Stein-43, July, p. 379. Roentgen Rays in Rhino-laryngology (Die Röntgenstrahlen im Dienste der Rhinolaryngologie), Imhofer-174d, June 11, p. 317. Stomatitis and Ulcero-membranous Angina with Scarlatiniform Eruption (Beitrag zur Stomatitis und Angina ulcero membranacea mit Scharlach-ähnlichem Exanthem), Eisen-40c, June 20, p. 629. Stomatology, Growth of Educational Requirements and Opportunities in, E. A. Bogue-79, July 4, p. 7.

Tonsil, Prophylaxis, The Essential Function

of the, B. H. Orndoff-138a, July, p. 219. Tonsils and Adenoids as an Etiologic Factor in Backward Children, H. B. Ormsby-47, July, p. 395.

Tonsils, Hypertrophied, and Adenoids as Etiologic Factor in Backward Children, H. B. Ormsby-47, July, p. 387. Tracheoscopy, Danger of, in Compression of Air Passages from Behind (Die Gefährlichkeit der Tracheoscopie bei Kompression der Luftröhre von hinten), Körner --213, LVI, 1, p. 1. Tracheo-bronchoscopy, Esophagoscopy and

Gastroscopy, with Demonstrations on Cadaver, J. W. Murphy-45, July 11, p. 49. Tuberculosis of Upper Air Passages, Influence of German Ocean Upon (Der Einfluss der deutschen Meere auf die Tuberkulose der oberen Luftwege), Hennig-91c, May 18, p. 537. Tuberculosis of Upper Air Passages, Treatment of, J. W. Gleitsmann-150, July 4, p. 18. Vaccinia of Mouth and Pharynx (Vaccine der Mund- und Rachenschleimhaut), Marschik-137, May 30, p. 1233.

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