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(Zur Technik der Gaumenspaltenopera-
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tained by Ligation of Parathyroid Glan-
dules in the Dog, Thompson and Leigh-
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Drainage in, B. Pollard-29, July 25, p.
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of Hitherto Undescribed Character, M.
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strations, W. E. Blodgett 57a, July, p.
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Mar., p. 152.

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W. B. Bell-100a, July, p. 388.
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Hysterectomy for Fibroid with Adhe sions, E. T. Hargrave-202, Aug. 7, p. 203.

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from History and Treatment of 100 Cases of, W. H. Stone -147, Aug., p. 358.

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Labor, Induction of, C. W. Pollard


Aug., p. 405. Labor, Premature,

Caused by Croupous Pneumonia (Il parto prematuro provocato nella pneumonite crupale), Maldè — 178b, June, p. 347.

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of, R. C. Turck-43, Aug., p. 460.
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W. Williams-9, Aug., p. 202.
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Aug., p. 439.

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Puerperal Infection, Streptococcic;


Treated with a Vaccine, Crowe and
Wynn-29, Aug. 8, p. 303.

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Clark-52, Aug., p. 463.


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BABIES, Sick, A Summer Camp for Treat

ment of, W. G. Murphy-79, Aug. 29, p. 745.

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phalhydrocèle traumatique des nouris-
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Freund-Wertheim Operation for Complete Prolapse of, J. M. Hundley104, Aug., p. 319.

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Vomiting. Toxæmic Pernicious, of Preg

nancy; Case with Total Nitrogen and Ammonia Estimations, Buhlig and Stowe --190b, Aug., p. 253.

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Burnett-122, Aug., p. 267.
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C. Abbott-4, Aug., p. 1060.
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mers-134, Aug., p. 336.

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(Edema: Case Persisting Since Birth, G. A.
Sutherland-28d, July, p. 290.
Ophthalmo-reaction in Infants (Contribution
à l'étude de l'oculo-réaction chez l'en-
fant), Leenhardt and Gaujoux 158a,
July 19. p. 56.
Paralysis Due to Gastro-intestinal Intoxica-
tion in Children (La paralysie par in-
toxication gastro-intestinale dans l'en-
fance). Longo-18b. June, p. 165.

Pelvic Tumor, Rare: Case in Child of Four
Years, T. Kay-66a, Aug.. p. 112.
Peritonitis, Pneumococcal; Case with Unu-
sual Complication. H. S. Clogg
July, p. 285.


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Rachitis, Late

(Ueber späte Rachitis), Moesowicz-208, July 2, p. 983. Rheumatic Cycle in Children, The, St. G. T. Grinnan-187a. July, p. 268. Rheumatism in Children, E. L. Gates-91d, Aug., p. 416.

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Nose and Throat Conditions on Development of, H. F. True-207a, July, p. 220. Spasmophilia and Calcium (Spasmophilie und Calcium), Risel - 25m, XLVIII, 3 and 4, p. 185. Summer Complaint, Prevention of, Especially in Children, H. P. Foster-105. Aug., p. 295. Vomiting in Childhood. Diagnostic Importance of, A. Stern-86a, Aug., p. 94. Whooping Cough, Treatment of (Zur Therapie des Keuchhustens), Bodenstein 58i, July 6, p. 97.

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Brains and Possibilit

J. Kolmer

Aug., p. 328.

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