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Chloroform, Fatal Toxæmia After Administration of, M. F. Taylor-95, Sept. 12, p. 799.

Cholecystitis, Acute, in Second Week of Typhoid Fever; Cholecystostomy, J. M. Mason-190b, Sept., p. 362. Coccyx, Excision of, J. R. Irwin-41, Sept., p. 170.

Deformities of Infantile Paralysis, Treatment of, W. Truslow-100c, Sept., p. 328.

Deformities, Postural, H. Moore-147, Sept., p. 385.

Deformities, Treatment of, by Plaster of Paris and Other Mechanical Devices, H. W. Orr-206, Sept., p. 471.

Dislocation of Hip, Dorsal, Practical Suggestion in Reduction of, J. H. Shepard190b, Sept., p. 363.

Ear, External, Plastic Repair of Defects of (Der plastische Ersatz von traumatischen Defekten der Ohrmuschel)-93, Aug. 3, p. 1433.

Elbow-joint Condition of the Parts 62 Years After Excision of, H. A. Moffat-62a, Sept., p. 237.

Empyema, Chronic, Treatment of, by Hy-
peremia and Hypertransudation, J. S.
Dick-29, Aug. 29, p. 547.
Enterectomy for Gangrene, An Extensive, A.
E. J. Barker-95, Sept. 5, p. 706.
Epithelioma of Tongue Cured by Mercuric
Cataphoresis, A. Granger-138a, Sept., p.

273. Erysipelas, Bacterial Treatment of, Duncan and Illman-150, Sept. 19, p. 552. Erysipelas, Three Signs for Diagnosis of (Trois signes pour le diagnostic de l'érysipele), Milian-174d, July 25, p. 361. Erysipelas, Traumatic, Successful Treatment of, with Aronson's Diphtheria Serum, G. K. Schapiro-196a, Sept., p. 102. Exploratory Incision, The, R. J. James

155b, Sept., p. 343.

Fistula in Ano, How to Treat, W. Blunder4, Sept., p. 1202.

Fistula in Ano, Points in Treatment of, J. B. Dawson-72b, Aug. 29, p. 571.

Foot, Flat, R. O. Meisenbach-11, Sept., p. 257.

Fracture, Chauffeur's, G. T. Beatson-66a, Sept., p. 161.

Fracture of Eminentia Capita, C. P. Flint-
190b, Sept., p. 342.
Fracture of Inferior Third of Leg Compli-
cated with Laxation of Foot (Fracture
de jambe au tiers inférieur compliquée
de luxation du pied), Bilhaut-18b, July,
p. 193.

Fracture of Neck of Femur, with Three
Cases, E. S. McDonald-178, Aug., p. 503.
Fracture of Ribs, Rupture of Lung and Pneu-
mohæmothorax; Case, with Autopsy, M.
C. de Garis-95, Sept. 19, p. 874.
Fracture, Supracondyloid, of Humerus, Re-
duction of, W. C. Lusk-23, Sept., p. 432.
Fractured Femur; Case in an Infant, J. J.
Purdy-163a, Sept., p. 195.

[blocks in formation]

Fractures, Delayed Union in, C. Stoltz-45, Sept. 5, p. 273.

Fractures of Femoral Shaft, Operative Treatment of, T. W. Huntington-23, Sept., p. 420.

Fractures of Patella, Transverse, Non-sutured (Fractures transversales de la rotule non suturées), Bégouin-78c, Aug. 9, p. 501. Fractures, X-ray and, F. J. Cotton-28, Sept. 10, p. 327.

Gall-stone Disease, Importance of Early Surgical Treatment of, Based on 42 Cases, G. E. Gavin-11, Sept., p. 272. Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Surgical Treatment of, A. E. Halstead-76, Sept., p. 270. Gastric Ulcer, Perforated, Operation Fortyfour Hours After Perforation; Recovery, A. C. Roper-29, Sept. 19, p. 785, Gastroenterostomy, Medical Aspect of, Based on 128 Operations, E. B. Leech-95, Sept. 19, p. 863. Gastrostomy, The Operation of-72b, Aug.

29, p. 575.

Goitre, Exophthalmic, Observations on Treatment of, A. J. McCosh-123, Sept. 19, p. 476.

Goitre, Exophthalmic, Plus Other Surgical Lesions, V. P. Blair-77a, Sept., p. 723. Gunshot Wounds, Personal Experience with, J. D. Seba-125, Sept., p. 295.

Hæmatoma, Traumatic Subdural; Case Trephined Three Months After Injury, G. H. Hume-95, Sept. 19, p. 866. Hæmorrhoids, Electricity in Treatment of, W. S. Dickinson-201, Sept., p. 218. Hæmorrhoids, Relative Merits of Operations for, J. D. Singley-79, Sept. 19, p. 992. Heart, Resuscitation of, by Subdiaphragmatic Massage; Preliminary Report, C. S. White-104, Sept., p. 380.

Heart, Wounds of, with Three Cases and Conclusions, L. L. Hill-123, Sept. 19, p.

473. Hernia, Congenital Umbilical, With Case, W. E. Magruder-123, Sept. 5, p. 393. Hernia, Inguinal, Anatomic Operation for

Radical Cure of, Under Local Anæsthesia, O. L. Vorsworthy-193, Sept., p. 100. Hernia, Inguinal, Points in Treatment of, R. L. Payne-41, Sept., p. 175. Hernia, Inguinal, Radical Cure of (Cure ra

dical de la hernie inguinale), Chavan-
naz-78c, July 19, p. 453.

Hernia, Injection Treatment of, C. C.
Patchen-182, Sept., p. 384.
Hernia, Internal Strangulated, E. M. Brown
45, Aug. 29, p. 248.

Hernia Operations, Chronic Inflammatory Tumors of Abdominal Wall After (Chronisch entzündlicher Bauchdeckentumor nach Hernien-Operation), Rubritius 174b, July 30, p. 419.

Hernia, Strangulated; Herniotomy; Recov-
ery, W. B. Johnson-140b, Sept., p. 91.
Hernia Through Semi-lunar Line and Direct
Inguinal Hernia, H. B. Robinson-29,
Sept. 19, p. 781.

Hernial Sac, Points in Anatomy and Path-
ology of, E. S. Carmichael-29, Aug. 29,
p. 545.

Herniotomy in Children, Indications for, E.
S. Judd-82b, Sept. 15, p. 374.
Hip Disease-A General Survey, H. O. Feiss
-47, Sept., p. 514.

Hip Disease Responsibilities of Surgeon
and Indications for Treatment, A. B.
Rankin-33b, Sept., p. 51.

Hip Joint, Deceptive Conditions in, R. Ham-
mond-28, Sept. 3, p. 303.
Hyperemia, Passive, and Cupping as Advo-
cated by Bier, Criticism of Treatment of
Acute Suppurative Infections by L.
Wrede-190b, Sept., p. 288.
Ileocolic Arches, The, B. Robinson-17, Sept.,
p. 393.

Ileus, B. L. Hillsman-202, Sept. 11, p. 257.
Ileus, Gall-stone; Two Cases; Operation;
Recovery, G. P. Newbolt-95, Sept. 12,
p. 797.

Ileus, Gastro-mesenteric, Acute and Chronic, with Cure in Chronic Case by Duodenojejunostomy, A. L. Stavely-34, Sept., p.

Injuries Incidental to Athletic Exercises, R.
R. A. Whitelock-72b, Sept. 19, p. 649.
Inosculation Circles; Blood Cures Disease,
B. Robinson-151, Sept., p. 257.
Intestinal Obstruction, E. N. Liell

Sept., p. 270.
Intestinal Obstruction, W. H. Loughead-
32, Sept., p. 65.


Obstruction, Acute, in a Hip-
mophilic; Case, B. H. Kingsford
Aug. 29, p. 545.

Obstruction, Acute, Surgical
Treatment of, W. A. Melick-45, Aug.
29, p. 245.

Intestinal Obstruction, Acute, with Special
Reference to Obstruction, E. W. Peter-
son-123, Sept. 12, p. 438.

Intestinal Obstruction, Acute, with Special
Reference to Post-operative Obstruction,
J. B. Deaver-152, Sept., p. 459.
Intestinal Obstruction, Aspects of 72b,
Aug. 15, p. 523.


Intestinal Obstruction, Pathology of, S. R.
Hopkins-119. Sept., p. 392.
Intestine, Subparietal Rupture of, W. C. Dan-
forth-178, Aug., p. 473.
Intussusception, A Healing, in Case of Mul-
tiple Polypi of Intestine, C. A. Parker-
190b, Sept., p. 358.

Intussusception of Jejunum; Case, W. E.

Lower-47, Sept., p. 511.

[blocks in formation]

Mayo Surgical Clinic at Rochester, Minn., R. B. H. Gradwohl-111, Sept., p. 475. Nerve, Ulnar, Recurrent Dislocation of; Second Case Cured by Operation, F. Cobb23, Sept., p. 409.

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen in Dental and
Major Surgery, F. K. Ream-79, Sept.
12, p. 907.

Obstruction of Bowels; Case Simulating Ap-
pendicitis, J. McFadden Gaston 123,
Sept. 5, p. 400.
(Esophageal Obstruction-72b, Aug. 22, p.

(Esophageal Stenosis, Further Aid in Diagnosis of, M. G. Seelig-190b, Sept., p. 271.

Esophago-cervical Fistula (Ein Fall von
Fistula esophago-cervicalis), Jerusalem
-137, Aug. 1, p. 1737.

Esophagus, Diagnosis of Obstruction of, G.
Dock-86b, Sept., p. 435.

(Esophagus, Malignant Obstruction of, L.
McGavin-174a, Sept., p. 353.
Esophagus, Thoracic, Positive Pressure
Method of Artificial Respiration, with
Its Experimental Application to Surgery
of, Green and Maury-79, Sept. 5, p. 805.
Omentopexy to the Intestine Deprived of Its
Mesentery. C. L. Scudder-28, Sept. 10,
p. 338.
Operations, Apparatus for Providing a Large
Number of Visitors with Complete View
of, and for Securing Photographs and
Moving Pictures of, C. H. Duncan-11,
Sept., p. 274.

Osteomyelitis of Great Trochanter and Cox

algia (Ostéomyélite du grand trochanter et coxalgie), Rivet-64g, Aug. 15, p. 641. Osteoplasty (Ueber Osteoplastik), Barth25c, LXXXVI, 4, p. 859. Pancreatitis, Acute, L. Frank-91d, Sept., p. 516.

Paraffin Prosthesis (Ueber Prosthesenparaffin), Stein-93, Aug. 17, p. 1523. Pathology, Relation of, to Modern Surgery, J. S. Horsley-202, Sept. 25, p. 268. Peritonitis, Acute, W. F. Metcalf-86b, Sept., p. 440.

Peritonitis, Pneumococcal; Case, R. F. Jowers-174a, Sept., p. 462. Phlegmon of Hand, Severe, Systematic Incisions in (Les incisions systématiques dans le phlegmon grave de la main), Duvergey-64f, July 19, p. 340. Pott's Disease, Cervico-dorsal, Incomplete Myelitis (Mal de Pott cervico-dorsal, myélite incomplète), Alquier and Renand -179h, July 30, p. 717.

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Shock, Emergency Operations in, W. H.
Wilder 90, Sept., p. 309.
Shock, Operations in, W. F. Grinstead-178,
Aug., p. 497.

Sigmoid and Rectum, Moynihan's Procedure in Cancer of, T. A. Stoddard-122, Sept., p. 294.

Sigmoiditis, M. L. Bodkin-123, Sept. 5, p. 403.

Sigmoiditis, W. H. Stauffer-77a, Sept., p. 742.

Skull, Injuries of, T. J. Happel-76, Sept., p. 273. Spinal Analgesia, with 50 Cases, J. M. Renton-95, Sept. 5, p. 710. Splenectomy in Banti's Disease, With Case, G. Torrance-140c, Sept., p. 125. Stomach, Acute Post-operative Dilatation of, Report of a Severe Type, with Recovery, C. A. McWilliams-190b, Sept., p. 294. Stomach and Small Intestine, Perforations of, E. O. Smith-45, Sept. 12, p. 309. Stomach, Bilocular, and Its Surgical Treatment (L'estomac biloculaire et son traitement chirurgical), Veyrassat 1791, Aug. 10, p. 269. Stomach, Subacute Perforation of, With Case, M. Kahn-190b, Sept., p. 360. Superior Maxille, Temporary Valve-forma

tion in, According to Kocher (Zur temporären Aufklappung beider Oberkiefer nach Kocher), Reinhardt-40a, May 9, p. 577. Surgery, Ancient, C. W. Wycoff-47, Sept., p. 491.

Surgery, Antiquity of, F. B. Tibbals-57a, Sept., p. 305.

Surgery, Growth and Development of, in Smaller Cities, C. H. Richardson-28, Sept. 10, p. 337.

Surgery, Principles of, S. McGuire 202, Sept. 25, p. 276.

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[blocks in formation]

Thyroglossal Duct, Cyst of, J. F. Hultgen190b, Sept., p. 357.

Thyroid Gland; Case of Malignant Tumor of, H. C. Kloepper-118, Sept. 10, p. 432. Thyroid Gland, Surgery of, with Special Relation to the Psychic Factor in Graves' Disease, G. W. Crile-155b, Sept., p. 327. Traumatic Lesions, Minor, W. H. H. Barker -4, Sept., p. 1207.

Traumatisms, Indications for Immediate Operations Following, A. H. Bogart-100c, Sept., p. 326.

Tuberculous Arthritis, Pathogenesis of (Pathogénie du rhumatisme tuberculeux)64a, Aug. 4, p. 1047. Typhlo-appendicitis, Traumatic; Case (Sur un cas de typhlo-appendicite post-traumatique), Conteaud-64a, July 23, p. 987.

Criminal in Its Broadest

Sense, W. B. Dorsett-79, Sept. 19, p. 957. Adnexia, Physical Therapy of Inflammatory Diseases of (Physicalische Therapie der entzündlichen Adnexerkrankungen), Frankl-137, July 25, p. 1677. Birth Anomaly, L. M. Sackett-163, Sept p. 565.

Birth Stools in Egypt, A. Russell-62a, Sept., p. 198.

Breech Cases, Normal and Complicated, Management of, N. Davie-72b, Aug. 29, p. 581.

Cæsarean Section, Extraperitoneal and Suprapubic (Der extraperitoneale und der suprasymphysäre Kaiserschnitt), Hofmaier-40b, July 18, p. 937.

Cæsarean Section, Sellheim's Extraperitonæeal; Case (Ein Fall von extraperitonealer Kaiserschnitt nach Sellheim), Luchsinger-40b, Aug. 15, p. 1081. Cæsarean Section; Seven Cases, G. H. Dee

rick-62, Sept., p. 465.

Cervix Uteri, Diseases and Injuries of, P. F. Chambers-9, Sept., p. 446.

Childbirth, Unintentional Prevention of, A.
Belitz-139, Sept., p. 297.
Cœcum, Case of Perforation of, Following
Delivery, C. O. Cooke-174f, Sept., p.


141. Delivery According to Müller, Criticism of (Zur Kritik der Extraktion nach A. Mueller), Cukor-183b, July 12, p. 301. Dermoid Cyst Removed Without Interrupting Pregnancy, W. A. Strother - 202, Sept. 11, p. 259. Dysmenorrhoea as a Symptom, O. E. Hunt

105, Sept., p. 343.


Dystocia, Maternal, Management of Labor to Prevent, R. C. Norris-9, Sept., p. 385. Eclampsia, Puerperal, Treatment of, E. Lanphear-4, Sept., p. 1204.

Ectopic Gestation; Case, P. D. McCormack43, Sept., p. 503.

Varicose Veins, Surgical Treatment of, C. G. Cumston-32, Sept., p. 63.

Venous Thrombosis, Traumatic, W. P. Kendall-77a, Sept., p. 728.

Vermiform Appendix, The Function of the, S. L. Corpe-72, Sept., p. 403. Volkmann's Ischemic Paralysis, A. S. Taylor -23, Sept., p. 394.

Wound Healing, Primary, After Operations on Septic Cases (Primäre Wundheilung, etc.), Heckmann-154, Aug., p. 129.

Wry Neck, Treatment of, by Lengthening Sterno-mastoid, R. P. Rowlands-174a, Sept., p. 401.

X-rays in Personal Injuries, G. G. Burdick178, Aug., p. 509.

Ectopic Gestation; Case in which Was Em-
ployed a New Procedure Suitable for
Cases in which Foetus is Living, J. P.
Dougherty-82b, Sept. 1, p. 354.

Ectopic Gestation; Case on the Goldfields,
R. S. Taylor-95, Sept. 5, p. 720.
Ectopic Gestation, Ruptured; Case, T. T.
Sweeney-174, Sept., p. 796.

Ectopic Gestation, with Case that Went Beyond Term, H. W. Lewis-202, Sept. 25, p. 273.

Ectopic Gestation, Two Cases of, H. Robb-
47, Sept., p. 504.
Endometritis Exfoliativa, H. Ehrenfest-9,
Sept., p. 412.

Endometrium, Early Relationship of Oosperm to, J. Oliver-150, Sept. 26, p. 579. Extra-uterine Foetus, Full-term, Carried Six Years, L. Keller-114, Sept., p. 326. Female Reproductive Organs, Relations of, to Internal Diseases, F. Müller-8, Sept., p. 313.

Fibroid, Uterine, Symptomless, The Conservative Surgeon and the, T. B. Eastman-79, Sept. 19, p. 972. Fibromyomata, Vascular System and, S. J. M. Cameron-66a, Sept., p. 177. Forcepts, Some Indications for (A proposito di alcune indicazioni del forcipe), Procopio-25r, May, p. 383. Genital Infection, Diphtheretic, Simulating Puerperal Fever, W. Cuthbertson - 79, Sept. 19, p. 965.

Genital Tuberculosis, A. Martin-79, Sept.

19, p. 968.

Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism in the Pregnant Woman (Rhumatisme blenorragique chez la femme enceinte), Delmas and Roger-64a, Aug. 11, p. 1083. Gout, Five Cases in Pregnancy (Cinque cas di gozzo in gravidanza), Alfredo-25r, Apr., p. 319.

Gynecology at the American Medical Association, E. S. McKee-200, Aug., p. 432.

[blocks in formation]

Labor in Minor Degrees of Pelvic Contraction-72b, Aug. 22, p. 552.

Labor in Scopolamine-Morphine Anæsthesia (Die Geburten im Scopolamin-MorphiumDämmerschlaf), Dietschy-56a, Aug. 1, p. 481.

Labor, Premature, Induction of, and Vaginal Caesarean Section, Indications and Contraindications, R. R. Kime-118, Sept. 10, p. 429.

Labor Under Artificial Anesthesia (Ge-
burten im künstlichen Dämmerschlaf),
Keyserlingk-183b, May 24, p. 217.
Laparotomies During Pregnancy, C. J. Hol-
man-82b, Sept. 1, p. 356.
Maternity Technique, Modern, Evolution of,
E. L. Call-9, Sept., p. 392.
Menstrual Derangements, Electricity in
Treatment of, N. M. Johnston 182,
Sept., p. 377.
Midwifery, Antisepsis in, W. T. Mars-188,
Sept., p. 417.

Midwives, Our (Unsere Hebammen), Angerer-217, Aug. 5, p. 529.

Multiple Fortation, Heredity in, D. H. Richards-401, Sept., p. 362.

Myomectomy, Multiple, During Pregnancy;
Labor at Term, J. T. Hewetson-27a,
Aug., p. 55.

Obstetric Diary of William Hunter, 1762-65,
J. N. Stark-66a, Sept., p. 167.
Obstetrics, Old and New (Alte und neue
Geburtshilfe), Fritsch-58a, Aug. 13, p.

1417. Occiput Posterior Cases, Management of, H. E. Tuley-91d, Sept., p. 500.

Ovarian and Intestinal Tumors of Simultaneous Development (Tumori dell' intestino e delle ovaria a sviluppo contemporaneo), Cimoroni - 74c, Aug. 16, p. 1029.

Ovarian Tumors, Typhoid Suppuration of (Typhusvereiterung des Ovarialtumors), Gans-142e, Aug., p. 163.

Ovaries, Preservation of, Entire or in part,
in Supravaginal or Panhysterectomy, R.
Peterson-73, June, p. 250.
Par-ovarian Cyst; Case, C. Enos-174g, Sept.
8, p. 296.
Parturition Among Alien Races, C. C. Mapes
-122, Sept., p. 289.

Parturition, How to Lessen Suffering in, S.
B. Leslie 182, Sept., p. 379.
Pelvic Cellulitis, J. L. Wolfe-207a, Aug., p.

Pelvic Disturbances, Some, H. F. Biggar, Jr. -15a, Aug., p. 288.

Pelvic Hæmatocele, with Unusual Case 72b, Aug. 15, p. 525.

Pelvis, True and False Myxoma of, G. E. Shoemaker-168, Sept., p. 949.

Peritonitis, Acute General Septic, Treatment of, J. F. W. Ross-9, Sept., p. 404. Peritonitis, Diffuse, in Women; 50 Cases, E. McDonald-190b, Sept., p. 299.

Placenta Prævia, Unsuspected Case of, at Sixth Month, R. W. Johnstone-62a, Sept., p. 232.

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Puerperal and Scarlatinal Infection (Infec

tion puerpérale scarlatineuse), Gresié and Calvé-64g, July 18, p. 561. Puerperal Fever or Septic Infection, S. C. Broadstreet-123a, Sept., p. 225. Puerperal Fever, Relation of Pure Homeopathy to, J. C. Loos-57, Sept., p. 297. Puerperal Fever,, Successful Treatment of, by Aronson's Serum, G. K. Schapiro196a, Sept., p. 101. Puerperal Infection, Collargol in Prognostic of (Du collargol dans le pronostic de l'infection puerpérale), LeCalvé-64g, Aug. 22, p. 663.

Puerperal Infection, Prevention of, with Brief Reference to Treatment, O. and G. A. Grothan-206, Sept., p. 455. Puerperal Sepsis, Treatment of, E. M. Prince -1, Sept., p. 578.

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