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Granuloma Annulare (Continued), G. Little

-29a, Sept., p. 281.

Hair, Pigmented and Non-pigmented, Comparative Research on (Vergleichende Untersuchungen an pigmentirten und pigmentlosen Kopfhaaren), Schein 169a, Aug. 9, p. 773.

Hair, Superfluous, Removal of, by X-ray, F. A. Bardwell-82, Aug., p. 395. Hermaphroditism, Human (Der Hermaphroditismus beim Menschen)-143a, July 21, p. 1527.

Hydrocele, E. G. Moore-41, Sept., p. 178. Hydronephrosis, Acute, Due to Tumor of Kidney (Hydronephrose aiguë par tumeur du rein), Saint-Jacques-64h, July 15, p. 209.


Clinical Study of, with Pathological Reports, G. E. Beilby 190b, Sept., p. 279. Kidney, Fused, B. Robinson-45, Sept. 5, p. 287.

Kidney or Kidney Pelvis, Analysis of Symptoms in 40 Cases of Suppuration of, A. L. Chute-28, Sept. 17, p. 364. Kidney, Primary Tuberculosis of (Tuberculose rénale primitive), Loumeau-64h, Aug. 15, p. 241.

Kidney, Tuberculosis of, L. W. Bremerman -73c, Sept., p. 309.

Litholopaxy as an Office Operation, With Cases, G. K. Swinburne-11, Sept., p. 277.

Lupus, Case Showing Effects of Treatment by Concentrated White Light, F. Barrett -82, Aug., p. 393.

Lupus Erythematosus, J. P. Kanoky-123, Sept. 12, p. 444.

Molluscum Contagiosum, An Internal Treatment for (Eine innerliche Behandlung des Molluscum contagiosum), Sakurane -58b, Aug., p. 503.

Molluscum Contagiosum of Genitals of Husband and Wife and of Face and Neck of Their Infant Boy, J. R. Goodall-9, Sept., p. 453.

Pellagra and the Pellagrous Syndrome (Contribution à l'étude de la pellagre et du syndrome pellagreux), Nicolas and Jambon-18f, July, p. 385. Pemphigus Vegetans; Case, H. MacCormac -29a, Sept., p. 277.

Pityriasis Rosea, Diagnosis and Treatment of (Diagnose und Therapie der Pityriasis rosea), Halle-196b, Aug., p. 391. Pityriasis Versicolor, Typical Forms of, A. Castellani-81, Sept., p. 393.

Prostatectomy, Suprapubic, New and Rapid Method of Perinæal Drainage in, J. Ransohoff-79, Sept. 12, p. 887.

Prostatic Anomalies (Ueber Prostataanomalien), Mau-183b, June 28, p. 273.

Prostatic Obstruction, Permanent Suprapubic Drainage for, R. W. Stewart168, Sept., p. 956.

Raynaud's Disease, Two Cases, T. D. Woodson-118, Aug. 25, p. 420.

Renal Tuberculosis a Surgical Disease, F. W. Robbins-6, Sept., p. 377.

Seborrhea and Its Sequelæ, E. D. Chipman -35a, Sept., p. 307.

Seborrhoea-Its Relation to Alopecia and Acne, M. B. Jewett-15, Aug., p. 346. Skin, Chemistry of (Zur Chemie der Haut), Golodetz and Unna-142d, Aug. 15, p. 179.

Skin Diseases Among the Dakotah Indians,
P. F. Rice-6, Sept., p. 390.
Skin Diseases, General Hints on Diagnosis
and Treatment of, G. W. Spencer-111,
Sept., p. 510.

Skin Diseases of Minnesota, Common and

Uncommon, W. F. Cobb-6, Sept., p. 371. Skin Pigmentation and Human Races (Hautpigment und Menschenrassen), Ehrmann-208a, July 18, p. 337.

Skin, Treatment of Intractable Diseases of with Euresol, C. H. Powell-138a, Sept., p. 274. Sporotrichosis, H. G. Adamson-29a, Sept., p. 296.

Sporotrichosis, Serodiagnosis of (Le serodiagnostic de la sporotrichose), Widal and Abrami-197a, July 25, p. 455. Strictures, Urethral, Irrigation in Connec

tion with Divulsion in Treatment of, by a New Retrojector, N. Smedley-6, Sept., p. 388.

Syphilis, Experimental, of Eye of Hare (La syphilis expérimentale de l'oeil du lapin), Roussel-174d, Aug. 1, p. 376.

Syphilis, Iodglidine in (Ueber die Verwendung von Jodglidine bei Lues), Imhoff -40j, Aug., p. 323.

Syphilis, Observations on, J. A. Fordyce152, Sept., p. 451.

Syphilis, Serum, Diagnosis of, W. J. Butler79, Sept. 5, p. 824.

Syphilis, Supposititious Relation of Crime with, A. S. Ashmead-6, Sept., p. 384. Syphilis, Symposium on, A. Tilzer


Sept., p. 491. Syphilis, Symptomatology of; Treatment at Hot Springs of Arkansas, H. A. Rob.bins-6, Sept., p. 360. Syphilitic Cornea of Rabbit and Wassermann's Reaction (La cornea sifilitica dell coniglio tella reazione del Wassermann), Simonelli-64c, July 26, p. 937. Testicle, Undescended, Operation for, F. N. G. Starr-23, Sept., p. 351. Testicles, Translocation of, W. W. Golden206a, Sept., p. 82.

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Testis, Undescended or Maldescended, with Inguinal Hernia, Treatment of, W. B. Coley-23, Sept., p. 321.

Tinea Imbricata and Its Treatment, A. Castellani-81, Sept., p. 400. Tinea Intersecta, A. Castellani-81, Sept., p. 404.


BDUCENT NERVE, Paralysis of, with Otitis Media, A. Knapp-24, Sept., p. 552. Conjunctival Cul-de-sac, Restoration of, for Insertion of Artificial Eye, M. Wiener79, Sept. 26, p. 1070.

Conjunctivitis, Acute Catarrhal, M. Black

58, Sept., p. 117.


Corneal Erosion, So-called Recurrent (Ueber sogenannte recidivirende Erosio near), Cuperus-25i, LXI, 1, p. 26. Cyanosis Retina, H. H. Tyson-24, Sept., p. 555. Cyclitis and Irido-cyclitis-72b, Aug. 15, p. 527.

Deviation, Conjugate, of Eyes, Origin of (Zur Entstehung der konjurgierten Deviation der Augen), Rönne-58c, XXXV, 1 and 2, p. 2.

Eye and Ear Departments of St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago-43, Sept., p. 520. Eye Inspection in Schools of Brussels (L'inspection oculaire dans les écoles de la ville de Bruxelles), De Ridder-174e, Aug. 16, p. 773.

Eyeball, Contusion of, with Special Reference to Aniridia and Aphakia, J. Fejer -24, Sept., p. 568.

Eyestrain, Commoner Symptoms of, J. R. Newcomb-75, Sept., p. 89.

Tuberculides of Skin (Zur Frage der Hauttuberkulide), Fabry-25e, XCI, 2 and 3, p. 163.

Ulceration of Lips, Bacteriology of (Contribution à l'étude bactériologique de la perlèche), Auché-78c, May 17, p. 309. Urethral Length, Observations on, W. S. Reynolds-123, Sept. 19, p. 489. Urethrotomy, Internal, Combined with Incision of the Focus in Treatment of Urinary Infiltration, C. Moy-10b, Sept., p. 362.


Eyestrain, General Practitioner's Attitude Toward, R. D. Clippinger-45, Sept. 19, p. 335. Eyestrain, Headache and, L. H. Mettler119, Aug., p. 343.

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Exophthalmos, Pulsating; Case (Sur une cas d'exophtalmos pulsatile), Reclus64a, July 28, p. 1013.

Foreign Bodies in Eye, Diagnosis and Treatment of, C. N. Spratt-82b, Sept. 1, p. 351.

Glasses, Relative Importance of Fitting, in Ophthalmic Practice, L. Emerson-86a, Sept., p. 180. Glaucoma, Chronic Simple, Simple Sclerectomy in (La sclérectomie simple dans le glaucome chronique simple), Lagrange-25g, Aug., p. 481.

Hallucination and Other Nervous Symptoms Coincident with Astigmatism Seen and Corrected 10 Years Previously, J. S. Fernandez-164, Sept., p. 451. Hemeralopes, A Family of, J. Bordley, Jr.34, Sept., p. 278.

Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus and Paralysis of Trochlearis, Caspar-24, Sept., p. 588. Homatropine Hydrobromide, Toxic Symptoms Following Instillation of, C. M. Harris-164, Sept., p. 449. Iridotomy, New Knife Method for, G. B. Jobson, Jr.-164, Sept., p. 448. Keratitis, Interstitial, Diagnostic Value of (Valeur diagnostique de la keratite interstitielle), Trousseau-34a, July 18, p.

649. Keratoplasty, A. H. R. Lesser—123, Sept. 12, p. 447.

Lens, Crystalline, Developmental Deformities of, E. T. Collins-79, Sept. 26, p. 1051.

Meningococcus, A Cultivation of, from Eye

Conditions Complicating Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis, H. McKee - 164, Sept., p. 438.

Myopia, Unusual Degree of, in a Pure Blooded Negro, C. W. Kollock-164, Sept., p. 452.




Consanguinity Cause of, W. H. Dudley-24, Sept., p. 565. Ocular and Mental Overstrain in Education of Children, W. M. Carhart-126, Sept., p. 679.

Ocular Disease, Consanguinity in Relation
to, G. F. Libby-58, Sept., p. 112.
Ophthalmia Neonatorum, J. H. Ball — 115,
Aug., p. 159.

Sympathetic, Clinical Therapeutic Consideration of, C. Abadie-10, Aug., p. 230.

Ophthalmia, Sympathetic, Tendency to (La recherche du critérium de la tendance à optalmie sympathique), Terson - 174d, July 18, p. 352.

Ophthalmology, Progress of, in Third and Fourth Quarters of 1907, Abelsdorff and others-24, Sept., p. 630.

Ophthalmoscope in General Practice, C. M. Jack-73c, Sept., p. 323.

Optic Nerve, Tear of, by a Bullet, C. J. Kipp -10, Aug., p. 225.

Optic Neuritis, Operative Treatment of, V. Horsley-164c, Sept., p. 658.

Orbit, Regional Anesthesia of, A. Lowen

stein-10, Aug., p. 233.

Paraffin, Advantages of, as Embedding Material in Eye Pathology, Pollock-164a, Sept., p. 261.


IR, Hot, Employment of, in Otology (De l'emploi de l'air chaud en otologie), Ferran-179c, Aug. 8, p. 161.

Arteriosclerosis and Affections of Hearing (Arteriosclerosi ed affezioni dell' acustico), Alagna-64d, Aug. 3, p. 301. Aural Disease, Prevention of, in Childhood, H. P. Bellows-155, Sept., p. 435. Epitympanum, Contour and Contents of, in Relation to Suppurative Disease, C. J. Blake-98, Aug., p. 93.

Eye and Ear Departments of St. Luke's Hos-
pital, Chicago-43, Sept., p. 520.
Hearing, Effect of Abnormal Conditions of
Nose on, J. DeKraker-57a, Sept., p. 325.
Influenza in Its Relation to the Ear, T. J.
Harris-174, Sept., p. 806.

Pupillary Membrane, Persistent, Rare Case of, K. Rumschewitsch-24, Sept., p. 595. Pigmented Tissues, Improved Method of Bleaching, Verhoeff and Fisher 24, Sept., p. 561.

Labyrinth Suppuration, Diagnosis and Treatment of, G. W. Mackenzie-70a, Sept., p. 301.


Lateral Sinus Thrombosis and Cerebellar Abscess, J. P. Morton-60, Sept., p. 376.

Reflex Eye Movements, A Differential Sign in Ocular Palsies, F. A. Davis-58, Sept., p. 120. Refraction, Distressing Reflexes from Errors of, P. R. Taylor-91d, Sept., p. 512. Retina, Pigmentation from Vitreous Chamber, Typical Retinitis Pigmentosa, E. V. Knape-24, Sept., p. 574.

Retinal Detachment (Ueber Netzhautablösung), Lauber-214, Aug., p. 118. Semeia, Ocular Observation of, W. G. Post4, Sept., p. 1172.

Siderosis of Right Eye, Case Caused by Piece of Iron Scale which X-rays Failed to Locate, H. Muetze-164, Sept., p. 436. Spectacle Fitting in Ophthalmology, S. L. Ledbetter-140c, Sept., p. 143.

Trachoma, Theory of Etiology, Prevention,
Pathology and Treatment of, F. B. Eaton
-164, Sept., p. 433.
Trachoma, Treatment of 72b, Aug. 29, p.


Tuberculosis, Increasing Importance as a
Cause of Ocular Disease; Newer Meth-
ods of Diagnosis and Treatment, G. S.
Derby-24, Sept., p. 515.
Tuberculosis of Fundus Oculi, Krauss and
Brueckner-24, Sept., p. 544.
Tuberculous Eye Diseases, Therapeutic and
Diagnostic Value of Tuberculin in, E.
Török-24, Sept., p. 531.

Mastoid Abscess; Case, Operation and Results, L. E. Willis-178, Aug., p. 507. Mastoid Disease, Limitation of, by Furuncle

of External Meatus and Peri-auricular Abscess, H. Gradle-98, Aug., p. 599. Mastoiditis, J. L. Adams-76, Sept., p. 276. Mastoiditis, Acute, Unusual Termination of Case of, A. C. Magruder-98, Aug., p. 666.

Mastoiditis, Chronic, Meato-mastoid Opera

tion in; Technique, Rationale and Indications, W. L. Ballenger-79, Sept. 26, p. 1062.

Mastoditis, Two Interesting Cases of, J. H. Crawford-11, Sept., p. 269.

Middle Ear, Acute Inflammation of, F. W. Frankhauser-168, Sept., p. 933.

Middle Ear, Chronic Suppuration of, C. Drew -186, Sept., p. 268.

Otitis Media Complicating Scarlatina and Measles, Treatment of, E. P. Fowler9, Sept., p. 530.

Otitis, Suppurative, Conservation of Function in Surgical Treatment of, B. Haseltine-70a, Sept., p. 313.

Self-insufflation of Vapor Into Middle Ear, Tube for, P. R. Wood-123, Sept., p. 406. Temporal Bone, Treatment of Suppuration of, Other than Surgical, G. F. Keiper— 98, Aug., p. 605.

Laryngeal Affections of Voice Users-72b,
Aug. 15, p. 524.



mos as Complication of, R. H. John-
ston-15, Aug., p. 355.
Adenoid and Tonsil Operations, Results in,
J. P. Clark-28, Sept. 24, p. 403.
Adenoids and Impaired Hearing, Responsi-
bility of the Physician for the Future of
the Child with, L. S. Somers-15, Aug.,
p. 343.

Adenoids, Safe and Rapid Method of Remov-
ing, J. F. Barnhill-45, Sept. 12, p. 313.
Bronchus, Left, Case of Foreign Body in, H.
A. Moffat-95, Sept. 5, p. 718.
Cancer, Primary, of Epipharynx, G. Kaier-
98, Aug., p. 656.

Catarrh Due to Catching Cold, Question of
(Zur Frage des Erkältungskatarrhs),
Winter-91c, Aug. 10, p. 857.

Frontal Sinus, Intranasal Method for Open-
ing, Establishing Largest Possible Drain-
age, R. H. Good-43, Sept., p. 511.
Hay Fever, J. F. Barnhill-401, Sept., p. 363.
Irrigating Apparatus, An, F. Brawley-98,
Aug., p. 664.

Laryngeal Growth, Three Cases Removed by
Direct Laryngoscopy, J. McCoy — 11,
Sept., p. 270.
Laryngostomy and Tracheo-laryngostomy in
Cure of Severe Chronic Stenosis of
Larynx or Trachea, Especially when
Cicatricial (Continued), Sargnon and
Barlatier-84a, Sept., p. 475.
Nasal Conditions, Cerebral Complications of
(Ueber rhinogenen Gehirnkomplika-
tionen), Onodi-137, Aug. 15, p. 1825.
Nasal Fossa, Sarcoma of; Operation; Sur-
vival for Six Years (Sarcome de la
fosse nasale opération; Survie de six
ans), Raoult-179c, July 25, p. 97.
Nasal Septum, 41 Cases of Deflection of,
with Methods of Correction, E. W. Col-
lins-58, Sept., p. 128.

Nose and Face, Non-specific Ulceration of
Bones of, F. H. Welles-55a, Sept., p.
(Esophageal Mucous Membrane, Pathology
of (Zur Pathologie der menschlichen
Oesophagusschleimhaut), Lindemann
201a, Aug. 1, p. 258.

Thrombosis of Superior Longitudinal and
Lateral Sinuses Treated by Opening the
Torcular Herophili, L. C. Deane - 79,
Sept. 19, p. 997.

Tuberculosis of Ear, W. S. Bryant — 123,
Sept. 26, p. 513.

go and Tinnitus, Severe Case; Destruction of Labyrinth; Cure, M. Yearsley95, Sept. 19, p. 871.

(Esophagoscopy, Actual Results of; Foreign
Bodies; Cardiospasm, Guisez-84a, Sept.,
p. 459.
Esophagus, The Mouth of the (La bouche
de l'œsophage), Killian-18d, July, p. 1.


Papilloma, Subglottic, Case of, Cured by Laryngo-tracheal Fissure, T. J. Harris_ 98, Aug., p. 651.

Rhinitis, Hyperæsthetic, and Its Treatment,
C. E. de M. Sajous-200, Aug., p. 407.
Rhinology and Laryngology, Recent Ad-
vances in, G. J. Dennis-33b, Sept., p.
Sarcoma, Intranasal; Case, H. Aufmwasser
-98, Aug., p. 658.

Septal Perforations, Their Closure by Plastic Operation, C. Jackson-168, Sept., p.


Sinusitis, Grippal (Sinusites grippales),
Brindel-179c, Aug. 1, p. 129.
Throat Ailments, R. E. Wrafter-170, Aug..
p. 141.

Throat Congress, The Vienna, D. J. G. Wishart-36, Sept., p. 43.

Tonsil Faucial, the Tuberculous, C. B. Sweeney-114, Sept., p. 332.

Tonsil, Points in Applied Anatomy of, H. A.
Barnes-28, Sept. 24, p. 402.

Tonsil, The Tuberculous Faucial, C. B. Swee-
ney-90, Sept., p. 314.

Tonsillectomy and Its Necessity, F. T. Boyd -195, Sept., p. 124.

Tonsillitis, Close Relationship Between, J.
Buller-105, Sept., p. 337.

Tonsils and Adenoids, Diseased, Removal of,
to Rid the Throat of Diphtheria Bacilli,
J. B. Greene-98, Aug., p. 660.
Tonsils and Adenoids, Surgical Treatment
of, A. H. Brownell-2, Sept., p. 742.
Tonsils, Enlargement of-72b, Aug. 29, p.

Tonsils, Hypertrophied, and Adenoids, Treatment of, from Standpoint of Rational Hahnemannian Therapeutist, R. F. Rabe -57, Sept., p. 304.

Tonsils, Pathology of (Zur Pathologie der Rachentonsille), Nadoleczny-40i, Aug. 1, p. 273.

Tonsils, Streptococcus Infections of, Diagno

sis and Relation to Acute Articular Rheumatism, W. de B. MacNider - 41, Sept., p. 171.

Tuberculosis, Primary, of Upper Respiratory and Alimentary Tracts, with Two Cases of Primary Tuberculosis of Uvula, E. A. Willis-98, Aug., p. 621.

Upper Air Tract, Diagnostic Value of Symp toms of, in Rheumatism, Gout and Diabetes, E. Mayer-98, Aug., p. 610.

Vocal Cords, Origin and Treatment of Cancer of (De l'origin et de la guérison du cancer de la corde vocale), Karl-179c, Aug. 15, p. 186.

Bureau of Health, Should We Have a? J. G. B. Bulloch-202, Sept. 25, p. 269. Contagious Diseases, Disinfection and Prophylaxis in (Désinfection et prophylaxie des maladies contagieuses), Lemoine78b, Aug. 8, p. 497.

Echinococcus, Against Diffusion of (Contro da diffusione degli echinococchi), Perroncito 64d, July 20, p. 286.

Epidemics Due to Wells (Les épidémies de puits), Villard-64g, July 25, p. 581. Eston, Subeston, Formeston and Their Bactericidal Qualifications (Eston, Subeston, Formeston und deren bakterricide Eigenschaften), Blasius-73b, Aug. 15, p. 941.

Expert or Opinion Testimony, F. M. Floyd90, Sept., p. 306.


Work in Grand

Rapids, J. Ihlder-57a, Sept., p. 318. Arkansas Valley of Colorado, L. P. Barbour -59, Sept., p. 525.

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Voice as Affected by General Conditions, W.
A. Wells-202, Sept. 11, p. 241.

Malnutrition and Society, I. C. Philbrick123, Sept. 26, p. 525.

Maritime Quarantine and Hygiene, R. Goode
-76, Sept., p. 290.

Medical Expert Testimony a Delusion, H.
Philler-207b, Aug., p. 149.

Medical Inspection of Schools, H. MacMur-
chy-60, Sept., p. 349.

Medical Legislation as Applied to Arizona,
C. E. Yount-185, Sept., p. 421.
Military Hygiene and Camp Sanitation, P. A.
Adams-185, Sept., p. 414.
Milk, Certified, Report of Committee on In-
spection of Herds and Farms Used for
Production of, L. Pearson-167, Aug., p.

Voice Production, Essentials of, G. Hudson-
Makuen-150, Sept. 5, p. 440.

Milk, Clean, Legislation as Factor in Production of, H. E. Tuley-167, Aug., p. 487. Milk, Clean or Unclean, M. H. Reynolds-82b, Sept. 1, p. 345.

Milk Problem, Encouragements in Present Status of, A. McAlister-86a, Sept., p. 167.

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